Sade - It's Only Love That Gets You Through Lyrics

Girl you are rich even with nothing
And you know tenderness comes from pain
It's amazing how you love
And love is kind and love can give
And get no gain

[1] - It's down a rugged road you've come
Though you had every reason
You didn't come undone
Somehow you made it to the other side
You didn't suffer in vain

You forgive those who have trespassed against you
And you know tenderness comes from pain
It's amazing how you love
And love is kind and love can give
And love needs no gain

[Repeat 1]

You didn't suffer in vain
You know it's only love
That gets you through
Only love, it's only love
It's only love that gets you through

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Sade It's Only Love That Gets You Through Comments
  1. Life ona Ave with Glep & Dace

    All men do is lie & cheat ... like this

  2. Deahra Shelton

    Real Talk.

  3. Stepp cole

    Love is the only Emotion that is stronger than any other.😍😍😍😍

  4. Saint_LK

    Tenderness comes from pain. Profound

  5. Peter Macias

    It's only LOVE that gets us through cause LOVE never fails. 👍💪

  6. DJ Aerodynamics

    Love you mom r.i.p see you when I get there

  7. Frank Mertens

    It was a great honour for me, darling!

  8. Ms Makubutu Nonkululeko Kgothalo Lekota

    I forgive them Sade. I never suffered in vain. The God Lord Bless your soul. Thank you for these words.

  9. MzTanjaX

    I made it to the other side. It was only Love that brought me through. Amen!

  10. DauntlessTruth

    Thanks T.I. for putting me on to this... The Amazing Mr. F Up

  11. nana z

    Verse 1]
    Girl you are rich even with nothing
    And you know tenderness comes from pain
    It's amazing how you love
    And love is kind and love can give
    And get no gain

    It's down a rugged road you've come
    Though you had every reason
    You didn't come undone
    Somehow you made it to the other side
    You didn't suffer in vain

    [Verse 2]
    You forgive those who have trespassed against you
    And you know tenderness comes from pain
    It's amazing how you love
    And love is kind and love can give
    And love needs no gain

    It's down a rugged road you've come
    Though you had every reason
    You didn't come undone
    Somehow you made it to the other side
    You didn't suffer in vain

    [Verse 3]
    You didn't suffer in vain
    You know it's only love that gets you through
    Only love, it's only love
    It's only love that gets you through

  12. Hoss man

    its cool to see that T.I put a good twist to this beautiful song

    J Dot S

    Agreed. As soon as I heard his track, I thought about Sade's original. It's a great update.

  13. Semper Decorus

    It's only love that gets you through.....

  14. Les Barnes

    All I gotta say is this song is powerful. Its beautiful. It's unapologetic, and its 100 percent REAL! I love this woman! I'm here because of T.I. but I'm staying because of the message.

  15. Dotun Adebayo

    Sade is just GREAT!

  16. Miss Randle

    (1)Play this at my funeral. Because it was my higher power,LOVE, & Helen a.k.a "Sade" that got me through. (2)Rest in peace granny. You no longer have to suffer. You had the love of God shining so bright through you. I'll NEVER meet another person like you. I've accepted that. I love you. 12.22.2017
    (3)To my ex boyfriend's, I thank you all for breaking me in some way. W/O you guys I wouldn't have found the beauty in Sade's music.

  17. Semper Decorus

    The truest story of my life.....

  18. Dennis Menace

    Are u sure cuz id take your word 4 it

  19. marizcona

    Love Sade! ; {

  20. MC Hilmy

    this song is always one of my fav from her. simply beautiful. she's from other planet ✈✈✈

  21. Henry Appiah

    Glad I gave this song a couple spins today.

  22. Semper Decorus

    Thank you Sade....

  23. Gege Andersen

    Some things are unforgivable but love is the only thing that can sustain you. It sustained me.

    Janel Sara

    Nothing is unforgivable....otherwise God could never forgive any of us.

  24. Jeniva Rimon

    My mom told me to look up this song...said it reminded her of me. I'm balling but I am smiling!

  25. Tracey Pointer


    Miss Randle

    Tracey Pointer 💯💯

  26. Mesaan Senrab

    a nice description of Love.

  27. Kimmy

    I absolutely love Sade's Music... Her music is soooo soothing and peaceful.

  28. Awurama Croffet

    Play this at my funeral


    Same to me!


    I will throw all the roses :* but if i die first - will you throw for me - it's only love that gets us through


    I agree so sweet and so full of truth. 🖤

    Peter Macias

    Very good song

  29. Charne Spies

    Beautifully Haunting Song.........

  30. Buster Hymen

    I just came out of a long hard storm in my life that lasted for a month. I mean, one terrible heartbreak after another and back to back disappointment. Almost unbearablely intense emotional pain. the one thing that helped through it and see clearly, besides relying on my Creator was Sade's beautiful music. the words spoke to me and the music was soothing like a warm salve on an open festering wound. this song actually came to me after I had learned the lesson I was supposed to learn. every word of this song spoke to me as an affirmation after the fact. that love is all need to get you through. never give in to to anger and bitterness and resist the temptation to seek revenge on those who hurt you, cheat on you or disown you. rely on love and allow tenderness to develope through this pain instead of hardness of heart and you'll come out of the other side of the shit storm smelling like a rose.

    Canzater Crowder

    Kilo Whiskey I'm counting on it😓

    J Dot S

    @william archer king
    Damn man. This is fate. I have just dealt with the worst tragedy in my life in losing a young, loved one, and I'm still searching for answers. I'm in my kitchen and I open the YT app, which automatically opened to this song.

    And your comment was on of the first that I read. I needed to read your comment and sit with this song to help cope, to help move forward, to be strong. This YT so I'm not gonna belabor the point but your words are extremely helpful in a time of emotional distress. Thank you for sharing kind stranger. You have helped at least one soul tonight.

    Miss Randle

    Amen. Sade has a song for every journey in life.

    Natasha Yaroma

    Amen! Took the words from my mind n soul... LOVE yourself, LOVE your children..

  31. Johnson Artez


  32. Ana Hu

    Tears running down my face....

    Miss Randle

    Ana Hu Amen! I heard this song one day. And I HAVE to listen to it EVERY week!!

  33. Jaimee Powell

    I've always, from the first day I heard this... wanted this played at my funeral. 😔😌

  34. David Jones

    this song make me wish that I can find my true natural soulmate

    Savage 100

    David Jones if you try looking for your soulmate you will it takes time but you will man #realshit #muchlove

    Miss Randle

    David Jones Keep the faith. It will come.

    Peter Macias

    GOD is the perfect matchmaker.

  35. SuperBeachbum74

    sade is a classy lady singing calypso funk

  36. Daniel Ramirez

    Less is more.

  37. Corina Reyes

    I love you safe you are bless to have wonder beautiful voice God bless you and everything you do keep up the great music you write. Your songs reminds me of my life ....

  38. Lateshia byas-dean

    Sade is the greatest. I love her!!!

  39. TheAmazingTruth

    What the flip with these stupid ADDS??? You should go to settings and turn OFF adds. They are stupid and have nothing to do with anything. Just youtube making money. You aren't making any money I'm sure of it.

  40. inca guaya

    Rest in peace Papa

  41. AMarie Sampson-Burgess

    I think she made this song in honor of her daughter....

  42. Shauna Holung

    My heart is hurting so bad right now....thank you Sade xx

  43. Saran Ajanaku

    Dedicated to Gloria Downey Robinson


    Who is she?

  44. Marie

    this song will forever be in my you Miss Rainbow 

  45. brokencameo

    As human beings, we tend to be extremely harsh and judgemental towards ourselves. It is very important to check your inner talk and the things you say to yourself. If it is neither polite nor acceptable to be mean to others, why are we ok with being mean or unforgiving towards ourselves? This is what this song is about for me. 

    Tmom m

    perfectly said, I needed to read this. thank you

    Miss Randle

    Amen. Thank you.

  46. Gregor Collins

    Sade pretty much summed up life in 7 words: "It's only love that gets you through."

    Soilder of Love

    This quote brought me back to her and I'm just truly realizing that her whole theme is about this. #solideroflove

  47. mary moreno

    this song always makes me cry.. so, so true and beautiful

  48. Ms Bee

    this whole CD is dedicated to the process I shared with my husband, as I cared for him in our home, and the cancer finally took too much and he surrendered into that surrender.  Ross Stuart Ward.... an absolutely honorable man and devoted husband.... Love never dies.... Thank you for the experience we shared together as one.

    Ms Bee

    I am grateful and recognize how blessed I am...

    Randy Pipman

    God Bless...

    Be Free

    Debra Ward

    Carisa tyler

    I'm sorry for your loss 💔


    Love it sets you. Free

  50. Qett Chutlashvili

    როგორ მომწონს ♥♥

  51. JoyChaos

    makes me cry alittle listening to this.
    "Somehow you made it to the other side
    You didn't suffer in vain"
    We will make it thru somehow, and it wont all be for nothing

    Miss Randle

    JoyChaos amen

  52. Imran Simmins

    One of the most profound homage to women; especially mothers!

  53. Dew Jareanvai

    9 people are spineless

  54. Happie

    Someday, I'll find a man...

  55. Colette Houghton-Gillrup

    It is so sweet .props to dear mother or to all we have lost and learned from.

  56. SegunCCMABM

    My favorite song by this queen.

  57. Blue moon

    Sade my angel of love :)

  58. Moe Ferr

    Thank you Sade. This song has made me so strong over the years.

  59. Mikkia Zanders

    This song brings chills down my spin....Hurts to hear for past memories sake but uplifting at the same time.... It gets me through the hurt process

  60. Kevin Gonzales

    I cry to this song, you just can relate to what she sings in this track. Thank you sade.

  61. PianistlavFastlovsky

    Who dares to dislike this song ?

  62. Missdark Matter

    You know tenderness comes from pain.

  63. Terrance Thompson

    Beautiful song, life is like a vapor, it's here then it's a distant memory

  64. Bluzme


  65. Jeff Romain

    Love is innate and is within all of us. This is just a downright heart-stirring tune with heavenly vibrations.

  66. jeanaee blount

    To the listener who said that love never ends I hear you. Things that are eternal will never end, this love, and getting to the other side represent forever. Thanks again to everyone who created this masterpiece.

  67. jeanaee blount

    I am humbled almost still, mystified yet reassured because someone finally put what I have longed to to feel in a song. I listened to this song riding down a long winding road, and I felt the burden of life's woes lift off of me. Not since Prince wrote "God" have I experienced this peace in a song. To every who knows Harvey Harrington, you don't know me unless you hear the love in the words, the piano, and the pure emotion from which this was created. Thank you so much Sade for being you

  68. greazegirl

    Seeing little to no real world examples of Love in my life from any avenue at all- what it is, how to give and receive it, how to process its absence...I took console and lessons from this, what is to me one her most profound pieces. There isn't another song in creation that comforts me as this one does.

    Miss Randle

    greazegirl Amen

  69. vicky


  70. MariannaNYC09

    She sung this at her 8/13/2001 concert at Madison Square Garden. The concert was finished, she came out on stage by herself, sat down, her legs dangling from the stage and in the total silence, no musical background, she started singing this as if she was talking to herself and each of us in the public. I thought I would never stop crying. One of the most amazing moments in my 22 years in NYC. Will never forget ad I still thank her for that.

    Miss Randle

    I would give one of my pay checks to see her in concert. Please do one more for the younger generation Sade.

  71. MariannaNYC09

    This is really a prayer and a poem. It melts something inside. One of the best songs ever.

  72. Lechuzafeliz

    LOve this song. Tears. Lechuza

  73. M4K4V3L188

    absolutely breathtaking!

  74. Blauqkween

    My life in song.

  75. DJTripleThreat78

    It would have been my mom's birthday today. I miss you mom. Heard this today and thought of you.

  76. Olivia Ogberega

    only ღ all|ways always...♥

  77. MrImtooshy

    To jazzijo2009 regarding your post 3mths ago. What you've gained from pain is true unconditional love, that you give and yeah sometimes you get no gain. Once you were down almost destroyed. But your higher power re-built you and now you've been re-stored. In your life anew. I honor your struggle and you are inspiration reminding me to live in faith, exercise humility and walk in humbleness with everlasting grace. Keep smiling, I know you're just beautiful when you do.

  78. butafly612

    This song has got me through some difficult times ! Thx u Sade

  79. mrholland04

    this song always hits me...

  80. shawnwiggidy

    this song speaks to your soul

  81. brownsista777

    it brings me tears of a lot you don't know ....

  82. jazzi jo

    tenderness comes from pain its amazing how you looove love is kind and love can give and get no reminds me of the struggle of a strong woman who has been raped, beaten, had a child too young and is still smiling to this day! This person is me and I will forever smile just because I survived and when I hold my little baby boy I see the love in his eyes and I see true love...

  83. denis lavoie


  84. kewtee2713

    Such an anthem. Timeless truths and encouragement. Ms. Sade - thank you. You have reached millions with your ability to just simply be honest, in a world where it seems dishonesty is the norm. Thank you sister.

  85. Ten Sui

    I need to cry.. i don't have tears to go away with the pain...
    People in life sometimes don't love other's...
    Life as teach me one thing... When you're sad nobody will clean your tears..

    this is my though.. today.. tomorrow i will change...i hope.. today.. no


  86. GoreyGirl007

    Thank you for writing such a beautiful song.

  87. OutSpokenGamer

    It seems women have forgotten about such love

  88. cizzla1

    man...this song is just so beautifully true.

  89. TheTiffanylaura

    Girl you are rich, even with nothing....;)

  90. Geniusmind14

    im a man who luvs dis song

  91. isambay

    I am in love with this song...

  92. caiahinstyle

    Sony has announced new Sade album to be released 2009!!!