Sade - In Another Time Lyrics

You'd be suprised girl
Soon they'll mean nothing to you
They'll fall into their brew
And take down some of the boys with them too
There's nothing
Nothing that you have to do
In another time girl
Your tears won't leave a trace
In another time girl
In another place
You've been down girl
Their whispers are hailstones in your face
You're so tired of waiting
For something to change
They don't know what to do with
Something so good
That you wouldn't hurt them
You wouldn't hurt them if you could
One of these days
They're gonna fall into their brew
And they'll know exactly what they did to you
Darling I just want you to know
Your tears won't leave a trace
In another time girl
In another time girl
In another place
Darling I just want you to know
Your tears won't leave a trace
In another time girl
In another time girl

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Sade In Another Time Comments
  1. Leslie Jones

    Well I be dam I stuck right now somebody tell me how the hell I'm I to get out of it he got me but I will fly up for 2020

  2. Ley H


  3. Terence Holmes

    There are many great performance today only Sade with her silky accent her smooth slow make me feel so good inside out she makes it seem so effortless just like anything else you have to work at it perfect it twerk it to maximum performance she does very well she keeps me in touch with reality that love still exist and it's okay to feel like that it's a seat like that because when love fail to exist in our minds and in our hearts the world becomes an awful place and that is somewhere I don't want anyone to be love you Sade

  4. Shesoo Pwetty

    One of my favorites 💕

  5. Marija Dabanovic

    This words. This feeling. I couldn’t explain it to no one. But this song. Says everything.


    😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪11/24/19 I feel like I'm misplaced...


    I hate you for not choosing to be born in my TIME...11/24/19

  8. Irene camarena

    Wow! I really needed to hear this,now I'll pick myself up dry my eyes and move on...

    Let the healing begin!

  9. Liz Griego

    When this song came out I was going through drama and trauma with family. I cried when I heard the words, thinking it could never happen. I have purged out a lifetime of toxic people since then, and now I decide who gets to be my family. It took years, but sure enough it's another time and I'm in a better place. Not a trace of tears over the former peeps. They mean nothing to me. I'm free!!!

  10. Compost Wise

    You can't paint perfection until you've known failure, hurt and loss. Upon this twisted path of destiny there is more often a wise lesson from each hurt and lost love, travelling us closer each time... toward the one.

    Irene camarena


  11. FD30

    Anyone know if she is ever going to do some type of Concert ? I will drop what ever the F im doing to go .

  12. Eneias Chalmes de Lima

    Amo..Linda demais. ..😃😃😃

  13. Valerie Brown Cheers

    Sade is the sexiest performer of all time with class, style & charisma!

  14. Ms. Jackson

    I feel like she is talking to me every time I hear this . Love you sade . ❤

  15. alya hamzah

    Its not because I was angry at you..its because it was an impossible situation with no way out except by causing pain at so many way to explain it, no words to make it better.
    I rmmber u in my prayers, though that may mean nothing to you.

  16. Jeff Eibling

    This woman is fawless. Her vioce respents heaven

  17. Joy Gill

    This song is ageless. Has gotten me through a lot of hurt. Karma is real and swift.

  18. David Castillo

    The most elegant and beautiful music to my ears ! Sade will always touch your heart

  19. ConsejosDeAmiguis

    Soundtrack for the next matriarchy to be. 💚

  20. Yunior Noboa

    Hey k casio mas hermosa

  21. Tereza Cristina Meira Faria

    🌟👏💎🌷🍷 espetacular!!

  22. Sol Art


  23. Mike Bailey

    A Sade Classic... This album wouldn't have been complete without it...

  24. Marie McIntosh

    Yes it’s been a long day

  25. Dolly srb74

    In another time, maybe 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸❤❤❤

  26. Teheheh Hehehe

    Her voice is amazing... and this song really gets to me

  27. Leslie Jones

    WOW!! What would we do without SADE her music is Magnificent and soothing in 2019

  28. yuki

    By starlight Smashing Pumpkins?

  29. Noriana Barrios

    I love this song. I sleep to it ❤️

  30. Varienne Cloete

    This is absolutely beautiful. 😍

  31. Dimensionally Free

    My dad sent me this ..<33

  32. Marey L

    Wow!! Beautiful 😭

  33. Jill Heppy

    In a nother time 💃🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🔥❣⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘😉👍💋amazing clip love this vibes she stunning babe beautiful voice rewind 👍💋

  34. Pee You

    Darling how can you forget me?😞❤

  35. Star J

    Soon they will mean nothing to you.

  36. Karen Galvez

    No words more true...

  37. paul shury

    Get into it

  38. Hope Springs

    Beautiful song!💖

  39. Lynette Townsend

    When a women's world has been shattered in some way or another
    To recover it seems like a lifetime
    The lifetime is tomorrow and your growth is just beginning
    Grow on long gone those tomorrows you will forget
    Nothing means more than to feel it all in another place and in another time

  40. Daniela Clemente

    2019 anyone?, She’s pure magic🥰🙌🏼

    L Clark

    Daniela Clemente
    She really is. ❤️🙏

  41. Andrea Duncan

    Beautiful song

  42. rose eze

    Soooooo relaxing

  43. smoothdilla

    Absolute beautiful song 💘

  44. 1BrotherMack

    This album/CD was one of the best ever to come from SADE, and I mean best ever 👍. Sade usually comes out with an album every ten years, well in 2020 its 10 years from this album, lets hope for more great music from Sade. June 2019

  45. Craven Music

    In another man's arms! Fix you! while the wild streak runs! I be running too..sada my sister you have this song right on queue 😎

  46. Maria Nichole

    Poetic lyrics+beautiful soothing voice+pure gold= Sade ❤❤

  47. Monique Henley

    Seems like the love from one person to another was not recepricated thus heart break ensued... Far too many selfish people hurt others love is not selfish or self seeking!!!!

  48. bigwaverider

    I'm hoping that in another time and place I have the opportunity to be with SADE.

  49. Paul Newberry

    I can't stop listening to this of the many beautiful songs they have made.

  50. LillianaBMS

    Can't get enough of this...

  51. Daniel Barton

    The violin being played in this song is so beautiful and sad at the same time...


    Great observation..

  52. Jose García

    Hermosa cancion la diosa SADE

  53. Desymber Stelly

    I agree until u have lived it

  54. Angelina Armijo

    Her music is so emotionally mind & soul opening 💞🎶✨ she brings light to ur dark days & i love her for that!


    She's just the best...

  55. Elena Rosa Le Pera


  56. ypsima1

    Jesus Christ! Got music playing cleaning my fish tank, THIS comes on now I'm sittin here crying all in the comment section! 😭😂🤦🏻

  57. A COL


  58. Jonathan Njembe


  59. Drawing FanArt

    I love this song

  60. Bunny Christy

    I love all of Sade music but this one is special though

  61. Rachel Pulido

    You think about the pain and now you concentrate about your happiness💕

  62. Fiona A

    IN ANOTHER TIME SADE.... SUPERB..... 💞❤️💞💋💋😘

  63. Linda Blakeney

    ☹👍shes awesome my favorite song, my life..👨‍💻 💔🖤👣stepping by my baby..

  64. Thomas Turner

    Sade could sing me to sleep anytime love all of her music

  65. Christian Egon Bärnthaler

    super art

  66. snowstorm1956

    "something so good," you wouldn't hurt them...

  67. Karla Carter

    2019 and still so much better than this new music!

    Bunny Christy

    I love this song it's a lil sad

  68. Lady Crystal

    Never heard this one by Sade wow awesome

  69. Elena Gilie

    A great talent

  70. Elena Gilie

    I am in another..universe now!!thank you Sade!!so much talenr!!

  71. Elena Gilie

    I love Sade ,more and more!!this song is a great one,too!!

  72. Your Heavenly Father

    this song is exactly how my life will turn out once my book is finished, who knew that I was the one they called Satan? not too many of you knew that I was the one protecting from them the entire time. all the females whom have used me with intentions to see me hurt, real love comes back around which is why history repeat its self, you are all my queens . praise LOVE

  73. Lil Yan

    Wish i never screwed up with this girl she meant a lot

  74. Evalty GAMERTAG

    Super sa detent de trop

  75. Rachel Pulido

    This was me then.....but im in better place now💞🌺

  76. Joanne Williams

    My heart has been killed twice.
    walls up


    Love is infinite, hope you feel better soon...

  77. Angela Hamlett

    Protected By The Blood Of Jesus! Thank You Sade! ♡

    James Sam

    One of the best around

  78. Drew Lee


  79. Dayana De Leon

    In another time, another place. 🖤

  80. Angela Hamlett

    You grown now...

  81. Snail Law

    I think I connect so deeply to her music because in another time, I went through these emotions and so her music will always speak to me, in another place

  82. Jesus Kelly

    J. Kelly...a beautyful soul to me her voice is medicine to my mind .she put's me in a good place .thank'u girl.

  83. SeñorPlant

    around the time I heard this song there was a insident near where I lived it was a young girl she was raped by two teenage boys they killed her. I always felt so sorry for what had happened this song felt like it was for her. May she rest in peace

  84. Deanna Hill

    I love this from one woman to another. Advice and comfort. So absolutely needed and so beautiful. Thank you Sade.


    So well said

  85. Gordon Ramsay

    Im a metalhead but when it comes to Sade she soothes me to another dimension


    Right on

  86. Tanya Duvall

    Said it !

  87. Hope Springs

    How is it I'm just discovering this song??? Can't stop listening



  89. Empress EA

    How could you dislike this song. 💗 it 🙏👌

  90. John Richardson

    A box of cigars and I can drive anywhere in the country listening to this back and forth

  91. Neshka Virdure

    😢😢😢😊😊😊This Song Reminds me of What my Dad Would Say to me on Bad Days😢😢😢🙂🙂🙂🎶🎶🎶

  92. Fiona A


  93. RLW

    I've been listening to this song for 10years it's still sound like the first time I heard it absolutely a classic music song for all time



  95. Queen Canis Lupus of The Wolf Pack

    In another dimension maybe.