Sade - Immigrant Lyrics

[1] - Coming from where he did
He was turned away from every door like Joseph
To even the toughest among us
That would be too much

He didn't know what it was to be black
'Till they gave him his change
But didn't want to touch his hand
To even the toughest among us
That would be too much

[2] - Isn't it just enough
How hard it is to live
Isn't it hard enough
Just to make it through a day

The secret of their fear and their suspicion
Standing there looking like an angel
In his brown shoes, his short suit
His white shirt and his cuffs a little frayed

Coming from where he did
He was such a dignified child
To even the toughest among us
That would be too much

[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 1]

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Sade Immigrant Comments
  1. King Keelo13

    I ❤️ Sade.

  2. Kris C

    relevant still in 2019

  3. Devonte C

    This should have millions of views!!

  4. MC_Uniboob

    There’s no chorus and it doesn’t go anywhere, this song is shit.

  5. Anthony B

    She was aware a long time ago that we were the original Hebrew Israelites..

  6. Chantal Corleone


  7. Mz. G

    Oh my people, stop the 'self hate'.  Luv UR 'swag'; you're a true "BOSS" in 'the business'.  Kudos.

  8. 64214Jose

    Tiene tantos anuncios que no merece la pena escucharlo. 😡


    I love her like my mother and lover in the same sense god bless her and her family

  10. Nikolay Grozdanov

    Black or white, I know the pain,
    I am too an immigrant,
    Had to sell the grams, in vein
    for the money, waiting on the corner
    No supporters, no friends, no corder to share
    coming from behind the border and scared
    I know how it feels, it's so painful, it's ill
    They leave us homeless, depressed, drilled
    until we make clowns of ourselves, feel with no skill
    I make this confession, with no aggression,
    not for recognition, but because I know the immolation
    it's in every nation, every state, leads to degradation
    it becomes worse, like it's a curse, that's why
    only words are left for our gospel to fly
    and we try and we try and we try and we try

    Don't worry the savior is waiting
    Believe and never stop praying
    Sometime the skies feels gray
    But stay away from the dark way
    Don't let it grab you and surround you
    Don't let it fraud you with it's warmness
    sometimes you need to have boldness
    continue in the darkness, but be the light
    even if you are frightened, never stop to fight


  11. Ben Wherlock

    She just turned 60! Mind blown!

  12. Neo Geo

    I don't use my Shade of this content to ever be a crutch , But all in all its so Difficult being this Hue, the looks and remarks, The nervousness of Just liveing. And yet I can't hate the other Colors of the Human family. Its not easy living in this skin sute.

  13. Michael Moulton

    Very powerful song

  14. Audery Breadfort

    Janet Jackson

  15. fresshipie Agatha


  16. Alyssa Ocampo

    Such a sexy song

  17. Victor K

    On this line it feels like : "To even the toughest among".... us as man

  18. Henry Appiah

    So much promise is embedded in her music; that's part of the reason for it's success 💙💙💙💙🙏💙💙💙💙

  19. K. R.

    what is Black?

    Henry Appiah

    K. R. Not a soul's heart that's what 💝

  20. fresshipie Agatha


  21. Brian Sykes

    " Isn't it hard enough, just to make it through the day".
    I just walked out of a store and the man dropped the change in my hand with a look of discuss...the struggle continues.

  22. nancy Vega

    "A Dream is the fullfillment of a Wish".

  23. Riga T.

    Lemme think, don't let her faint get Ishmael
    A shot of Jack got her back it's not an act stack
    Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka...

  24. Deuzel

    Wouannh.. Direct ça part sur le sampler ça !

  25. Mathews Samla

    good to make sex

  26. steam steam

    Whites have done more for Blacks in America than you ever did for yourselves in Africa.

    steam steam

    The sad part is that it's a beautiful song in composition and execution. The message is just vulgar and sad.

    Pull over! it's da popo's!

    Shut up no one cares. You've done abosolutley nothing for me but give me a headache. And this is not ur land. There's black people's who's ancestors have been here before the Asian looking native Americans. It belongs to none of y'all. Stop whining.

  27. steam steam

    If people supposedly mistreat you so badly why don't you return to your own country, continent? You have one. At this point we don't and it will bring war untill we have it back. This is just a ridiculous and vile song. Look at what's wrong in your own countries, communities and what you do to others before you continue this vile onesided victimism about colonizing others and getting rejected.

    Quiet Storm

    steam steam so your reaction to people getting mistreated because of their skin color is for them to leave instead of maybe... not being a piece of shit and stop condoning discrimination?? wow, shows a lot about you.

    V J

    you are a dangerous and vile hateful person

  28. steam steam

    You are disgusting. This song is disgusting. It's one big self-loathing hate speech against Whites. A couple of things. If you hate the "oppression" of Whites so much why do you insist on migrating to their countries? No "colonisation" in Africa, the Middle East happened in the same magnitude or way of immigration towards European countries. We settled and erected our own nations. We didn't pretend to be part of a Zulu kingdom and "integrate" where each form of self-determination or even self-identification of you was regarded as "racist" and the massively disruptive, anti-social criminality and depravity of our presence there was "excused" with the idea of "eternal oppression" by "evil anti-White racist Blacks keeping us downe. Here's the thing. You should never migrate to another people's country. You have no right. This is only allowed by the criminal elites repression over Europeans trying to destroy, divide them. We need ethno-states because everything else is a struggle for power by the natural ethnic groups. You immigration is a crime towards people. Not a right. Maybe people didn't want to touch your hand because it was fucking dirty. Maybe you weren't shaking hands with every bum in the street yourself. If the actions of some vendor are the worst you have to deal with in a day and can't handle maybe you should seek therapy. You have a continent to yourself. Allow others to have theirs and stop pretending this "White racism" while really it's your people massively insulting and abusing Whites in THEIR countries. Including this song. Historical slavery has nothing to do with the current situation. Nor are "Whites" responsible for it. All people including your own did it for millenia and ALL people fell prey to the practice. Including the ones you want to demonize and illegitimize the heritage of as "racist", "evil" and unrightful for existing as an ethnic, racial, social group. It's Whites who pushed for the abolition of slavery. It STILL IS practised in Africa you don't care in the slightest. You care about attacking Whites while colonizing, replacing them in their own homelands.

  29. Henry Appiah

    I wish I had given this song a chance sooner. I remember overlooking it because I was expecting something else from the title. Henry you messed up 😅😂😥

  30. dyonomite reacher

    dyonomite reacher+Jo Dunk Born in amerikkka , strong Black man , and you would not believe how many Brothers from The Continent come from home thinking the same whites who destroy Afrika are different here . Then after a while they want to talk about racism . Yet when they first get here they sound like clarence thomas with scalias p-ick down his throat . They say , " all you have to do is work hard , blah , blah . Then they face reality . The enslaved Blacks worked harder than any human ever had to . Their reward ; average death age 14 , 100% rape of ALL females , before puberty , 70% rape of all males , 100% all $$$ goes to enslavers family ( who do no work ) . Then the Brothers from Home want to know ,how did we let a democracy get like this . I just told two , one from Nigeria and one from Kenya ," Please show me when amerikkka has ever been a democracy ? "
    I made this comment 2 years ago and have learned so much more . I posted it again , as it is relevant.

  31. biggreglikewhat

    USA 2017

  32. lying to the moon


  33. Agnieszka Rańcia

    Cudne !

  34. Jonas Kgomo

    this is so relevent in the current political atmosphere

    steam steam

    No. Whites aren't the ones kidnapping and torturing Black kids screaming "fuck Hillary Clinton".

    Kris C

    2019 we need Hilary at least..FUCK TRUMP

  35. Amos Hicks

    Damn baby I love you everything about shy beautiful simply.

  36. Imani M

    listened to this yesterday at focus group in Job Corps. The goal was one of our staff members wants to introduce us to different kinds of music besides trap

    Henry Appiah

    Imani M Great job choosing this 🙂

  37. Creole Natchitoches

    Her finest song.

    Henry Appiah

    Natchitoches Levi Perhaps :P

  38. desertflwrs

    Never fails to bring to tears, this is ART and TRUTH.

  39. Steff Steff

    "the secret of their fear n the suspicion"

  40. angel ramon diaz

    You see this new world order this ulluminiti crap all bent have one universal order or religion with everyone around the world joining it all these very crappy singers and stars putting there support to it even maddona how lame (: All in all not even aware or maybe they are aware this garbage is just in praise of the guy downstairs the devil or Satan if like (: I call him the dad of lies (: because there no bigger deciever than him (: Hell it even saids this world order group was gonna happen one religion too unite all religions as a tactical tool by the daddy of lies (: Now this part where this wonder beautiful singer comes into play (: This were god puts his card on the table (: She comes out of no where like a Angel (: and god know she probably is one for real (: I wouldn't doubt it (: She comes singing these perfect songs of love with perfect messages of love and for humanity too love there brothers and sisters too love each other no matter the color or culture (: No trying too be successful by showing your flesh or preaching sexual fornication in there music at its worse denominator (: Where as Sade does sexuality in a more sensual but loving or love atmosphere (: Meanwhile Sade is spreading her message of love in hers songs in her album (: every time her message growing and growing more young and old people from different generations following the Angel (: as spreads her message of love of equality and of humility and of self awareness and mutual respect as well as self respect (: she shows us God and she show us ourselves through her music and how we should as human beings (: too embrace love and our souls as well as our Hearts (: Her full name was follsade helen adu (: with the exception of Helen (: it mean glory were a crown or gains a crown (: eitherway powerful name too have for normal person? She lives with children and boyfriend or husband in the country side I think London or england (: She rarely does any interviews and hardly ever is in any social media or mainstream event (: Her voice sounds gentle soft smooth and heavenly (: when she sings its like heaven (: She is the complete opposite her opposition artist like Beyonce flyer swift katty perry Nikki manaj. lady ga ga and rhiana and lame Maddona who once a long time ago had the world in her hands but now is a big joke (: and just a huge list of artist who have take off there clothes show nudity too cover for there huge lack of talent in singing (: among other things (: doing devil acts and shows and dialbolic operas in there performances (: and just preaching stuff that nobody who has real heart and soul would like or even want too see or hear (: because there's no heart or soul in it its all about money sex and drugs. Sade on the other hand can singing like a Angel she is beautiful like an Angel (: She has endless talent and abilities like a Angel (: and her spirit and heart is of a Angel She beautiful inside and out (: She's remain this over 3decades never aging (: and in her voice and talent she can kick the asses of those lame ass singing demons (: not one of them want a part of Sade out of fear and respect (: and Sade wants nothing too do with them because they are so beneath her (: You think this is by accident that what iam saying isn't real look around its real and its already happening (: and whether you believe me or believe it period its happening (: the devil has chips on the field and god has his card or Angel on the field as well (: and love the battle of the odds one spiritual beauty with her following against those demons and there following. Only real love can conquer evil (: and god has and continues too use his Angel (: the most beautiful and most powerful voice too win humanity from darkness with her love her soul which comes from the man himself the big j. Jesus Christ our savior and the true fountain of life itself (: through him we don't die but live forever and through her Sade and her songs we hear and feel his love (: which is forever (:

    Brian Sykes

    angel ramon diaz Thank you... I haven't read a novel in a long time.

    Pull over! it's da popo's!

    @tonelover15 Dude shut up shes looking down she barely has any views on her videos and doesnt get any radio play. No one really knows who she is. Famous people are apart of it.

    Angel R. Diaz

    @Pull over! it's da popo's! That's just sad I ain't even gonna answer that stupid lame response (: If you don't know who she is what she did for music and still is doing for it (:. Even at almost 60 and looking more Dope than half the crap musical bitches of today (:. Who can't sing where she actually can (:. Dummies like you or like you said famous people don't have any say or any way of stopping this Beyond Beatiful Angel from doing what she wants in music or other wise (: And I mean nobody (:

  41. Bruno Dos Reis

    I love this song put me thinking to much over my life

    Elpida Kalatzi

    Ours too .. 💚❤

  42. Skylar Callen

    For all the Immigrants trying to find sanctuary x


    Skylar Callen All AFRICAN immigrants

    An Ar

    As long as they come in legally, or fix their status as soon as possible. (no welfare, no WIK, no free schooling)

    Astuteous Maximus

    The US is a massive country but allot of the European countries have either hit or are close to hitting the limit to the amount of people their countries can sustain. Most people have no idea of the true size of the countries/continents and it's because they think what they were shown at school is true. Europe shouldn't even be classed as a continent:

    Regardless of the wrongs and rights of the immigration debate (and there are rights and wrongs on all sides ofc), there just isn't the space in Europe

  43. Jo Dunk

    I sit on the train bopping my head blasting this song. The trip-hop beat is so dope. This song has such a powerful message about racism and what black immigrants have to face when coming to America, "the land of freedom and equality".

    Jerome Anderson

    @dyonomite reacher troll with 4 likes

  44. lilly jozinovic

    What can I  say ,, I love you Shade

  45. Milan Reynaldo Huayta Aguilar


  46. Ahmed Salahud-Din

    this song is so deep.


    I love this song


    People are persecuted all over the world. many in there own countries of origin. if anyone in the world is being systematically persecuted. no one is safe

  47. Blacky

    You just got to love Sade. She is a real talented singer, her voice is so smooth, her songs mean so much, it just makes you feel out of this world. 

    Chi-Hsiang Wu

    Thank you for the Sharing.

    Jiang Hongrie

    I love you

  48. Narmin Aliyeva

    interesting and very very very nice music......grasyas...


    real music

  49. Bárb

    é linda a musica!

  50. Harold Johnson

    Knockout "game."  Blacks attacking whites.


    sounds like some dumb shit. stop with the hate


    +H20595 word

    Henry Appiah

    Harold Johnson Nobody needs to attack nobody

  51. Cielo Blu

    among us....sorry I'm from around the way.

  52. Cielo Blu

    Man, I'm not joking you I wrote the same comment the exact same way. The only way I knew this was not me was you wrote (don't you know) in this format. My expression exactly....."To even the toughest amongst us...."

  53. Gigi P

    Hugs you <3

  54. Mahkel Forte


    Henry Appiah

    Mahkel Forte Mhm bruther

  55. Author G D Grace

    Isn't it hard enough... Just to make it through the day?

  56. angelfish43

    Racism.This is a learned reaction and it can be unlearned. But it takes everyone. Peace.

    Henry Appiah

    angelfish43 That's right.

  57. Smi X

    im not black, but i love all people . dont let the people hurt you , try and understand their lack of knowlage and lack of kindness. People are good deep down, but many of them got corupted. there will alweys be hate among people. But knowing there is some good left, and the ones that can truly love should keep us going. im not trying to be a wise guy, i just dont like seeing people get hurt for no reason. Peace , i hope we can all just get along one day <3

    Henry Appiah

    Smi X Hate can be overcome in others and ourselves. Don't you think so?

  58. Les Plus Belle Choses Dans Le Monde

    This song came to my mind as I was watching a BBC documentary called 'Windrush,' named after the boat that brought the first Caribbean immigrants to the UK after WWII. It's definately worth watching.

  59. MGD

    One day prejudice will not exist, just like sickness and death won't my brothers!

  60. Fardowza Ahmed

    A story of my life. A Muslim woman in America.You never know prejudice until strangers feel they know everything about you without speaking a word to you. It hurts to not be seen as human for doing what makes you happy.

    David Keck

    Fardowza Ahmed We are not all so ignorant, unfortunately many are....try to ignore the bigots. ❤

    Henry Appiah

    David Keck II Your "clean heart" is showing :P

  61. Aske Benjamin Eriksen


  62. gofoward202

    i think she's speaking on her father who migrated to europe from nigeria....

  63. Lindelwa

    She is the Queen

  64. MzShaybutta

    I thought of Trayvon when I listened to this song...Good Call....

  65. BlackedOutBoy

    Lmao! I died.

  66. Amanda Duffin

    justice for Trayvon Martin...

  67. Sergio Carrasco

    Somebody can translate this in spanish, please? I love this song and I want to know what it means exactly

    David Keck

    Sergio Carrasco

    Viniendo de donde lo hizo

    Fue rechazado de todas las puertas como José

    Hasta el más duro entre nosotros

    Eso sería demasiado

    No sabía lo que era ser negro

    Hasta que le dieron su cambio

    Pero no quería tocar su mano

    Hasta el más duro entre nosotros

    Eso sería demasiado

    No es suficiente

    Que tan dificil vivir

    No es lo suficientemente difícil

    Sólo para pasar un día

    El secreto de su miedo y su sospecha

    De pie, parecía un ángel

    Con sus zapatos marrones, su traje corto

    Su camisa blanca y sus puños un poco deshilachados

    Viniendo de donde lo hizo

    Era un niño tan digno

    Hasta el más duro entre nosotros

    Eso sería demasiado

    No es suficiente

    Que tan dificil vivir

    No es lo suficientemente difícil

    Sólo para pasar un día

    Viniendo de donde lo hizo

    Fue rechazado de todas las puertas como José

    Hasta el más duro entre nosotros

    Eso sería demasiado

    No sabía lo que era ser negro

    Hasta que le dieron su cambio

    Pero no quería tocar su mano

    Hasta el más duro entre nosotros

    Eso sería demasiado

  68. marly1996

    @EclipseOfNite1 Shut up, BlackedOutBoy already said that -.-

  69. Mutha Ninti

    Oh my gawd
    That's beautiful, Powerful, & So MOVING!


    @Leezy21V that be so true ! actually this is one of my best best albums you just put it on n leave it flow n truly this is somthing you cant do with any album just a very few that fall in tha category cheers mate

    Henry Appiah

    KARIM GHAZI I know what you mean this is such a good song.

  71. PawwwPrintzzzBLVD

    @Leezy21V ... real talk ... I agree 100% ...

  72. PawwwPrintzzzBLVD

    @BlackedOutBoy ... it is just disgusting how much prejudice is all around Us ...

    Henry Appiah

    PawwwPrintzzzBLVD Yeah.

  73. BlackedOutBoy

    @PawwwPrintzzzBLVD Word. Anybody who experienced any prejudice can relate I'm sure, I mean I'm just turning 23 and this track hits me hard. As a black man just being followed through stores, havin' old ladies lock their car doors as I walk past them ( to a more expensive vehicle ironically), havin' people cross the street at the site of me...usually I just Kanye shrug it off but when I take time to acknowledge it really does hurt.

  74. BlackedOutBoy

    @EminemLove24 I can't blame you 1 bit, the emotion captured in Sade's music can overflow into anybody at any moment I swear this song makes you feel so many things at once...

  75. PawwwPrintzzzBLVD

    @BlackedOutBoy ... peace ... this song makes me feel like crying & I'm no kid, I'm an O.G. ... real talk ...

  76. hasbey1

    "Standing there looking like an angel
    In his brown shoes, his short suit
    His white shirt and his cuffs a little frayed"

    Henry Appiah

    hasbey1 "Frayed..."

  77. zimmerfurger

    This song means so much to me. It's a sad reminder that time doesn't heal all hate, some people just hate.

  78. BlackedOutBoy

    "He didn't know what it was to be black, until they gave him his change and didn't want to touch his hand.... to even the toughest among us (don't you know) that would be too much." So powerful

  79. qevans03

    "Isn't hard enough just to make it through the day"? This line has always stuck with me. Stop the hate life is hard enough.

  80. qevans03

    What did you think?!? lol I take it you just discovered her. I've been listening to her since I was 5 and I'm 25 now. Shes been the sh*t since forever.

  81. navelgazeing

    sade is better than i thought, i just changed my mind bout her. nice sexy voice too. gr8 beats likin it

    Tye Adams

    To even the toughest among us
    (Don't you know)
    That would be too much

  82. vesy007