Sade - Flower Of The Universe (No I.D. Remix) Lyrics

Oooo ooo ooo
Oooo ooo ooo

They come to see the fire burning in your heart
They want to witness, this love from the start

They hear you when you cry
This love is far and wide
When you smile the stars align
Flower of the universe
And child of mine

Oooo ooo ooo

When you sleep softly the angels come
Like diamonds, like my love
They want to know it's true
There's someone in the world, lovely as you

They hear you when you cry
This love is far and wide
When you smile the stars align
Flower of the universe
And child of mine

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Sade Flower Of The Universe (No I.D. Remix) Comments
  1. lotusalivelight24

    How could they ever not believe, the ‘child in us, of the universe,’ deserves to really smile, inside & out 💝🥰🐳🌎🌍🌠✌️👋🙏

  2. Pablo Sergio Rivera

    The choice to make her voice echo at 1:58, EXTRAORDINARY.


    Yes Sade

  4. Terrance Scott

    I didn't care for the movie. But this song made me stop from walking out of the theater. It captivated me.......

  5. DR kd

    Man that girl is a legend

    DR kd

    Yes she need her hall of fame induction please

  6. Freedchild23

    The Goddess, Helen Fola Sade. Luv her.

  7. Robert Tinsley

    I can't wait to hear that sultry voice.from my Nigerian far my favorite performer of all time.timeless,timeless,music

  8. Baby Irene

    File under Pointless

    And No IDs hearing is obviously shot
    Snare is stupid loud

  9. David J

    Sound track better than the movie



  11. naya Zinobia

    should've kept beginning beats.

  12. Angel R. Diaz

    This is a good version of this great song (: And a great remix approach too it the snare drum is okay it could be a little better but still great for that perfect sound and great chilling mood it brings (: great job (: Sade would be proud (: And yes The Queen needs too launch a new album and tour (: She is greatly and massively missed (: Lol U Sade (:

  13. KeTwanna Walker

    I found this song on the 'A Wrinkle In Time Soundtrack. Once I heard this song at the theaters, I fell in love immediately!

  14. charity peters


  15. Maria Villarreal

    check out my new cover :))

  16. Chris Harris

    Sade =G.O.A.T.

  17. Doug Speight

    Heard at the movies. I was chilling watching the end credits and this came on. I google it and downloaded it. Sade is a beast! 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌

  18. daburn2013

    Welcome Back I love you so much I've been worried about you you just made my day Sade

  19. Tony parra

    I didn't know much of Sade, I discovered her from the song, Smooth Operator.

  20. Makaveli Killuminati


  21. Jr Ch

    Beautiful movie 😁 WOW beautiful remix , thanks for sharing God bless 😍

  22. Diahann Stevens

    So LOVELY,

  23. Brenee French

    love this song

  24. Walkerwayz

    No ID killed this version, I like the acoustic original but it needed this back beat to make it soar

    Pablo Sergio Rivera

    It’s absolutely amazing.

  25. NatalieFariasScreams!

    Sade my loveeee💯💯💯🗣🗣🗣

  26. Ronin Hollins


  27. 2lemonades

    Capricorn Goddess
    Earth Angel

  28. Peter Macias

    The queen of all music is back. We missed you.

  29. Najiduta Lohnes

    she can continue to sing as long as she records it for us who will never make a concert, so sweet of a style musically,! the Queen of love songs,!!

  30. NES GOD

    Honestly Timbaland should have remix this song but I like it!!!!

  31. David Langston

    Sade fan since 85 but I'm having a hard time liking this . .. something sounds off 🤔

    Peter Macias

    David Langston....Everything Sade does sounds good. 👍

    David Langston

    Peter Macias yes your right Peter , I just have to get use to it .

    Jason Ordonez

    Its the snare! No id shouldve aproched this diffrently

  32. Tina Mata

    Sade Sade Sade! My girl is back. It's been way too long but this makes up for it. I really really really hope you go on tour so everyone can enjoy your true talent. Its beautiful, soulful, deep, poetry, life, you and us. Sade don't let your fans down. You have a real gift use it don't let it go into hiding like this last run. PLEASE!! Everyone needs some Sade in their everyday life. YES YES YES..AMEN

    Pablo Sergio Rivera

    New album almost finished.

  33. IndustryPlay360

    Dion is my man, but this ain't it. Track does not fit the Sade musical aesthetic.

  34. Malcolm X

    Sade!!!! ✊💯

  35. Luis Centeno

    I love it

  36. PharaohsKingdom

    Both versions are great. The Acoustic version is for when you're with your significant other, but this version is for the streets to vibe with.


    Doesn't scream streets to me.. maybe the streets of Somalia

  37. Angelo Carter

    Sade i'm waiting on a new album from you.And usa tour dates please!!!!!

  38. Will C.

    not a fan of that snare.

    nice song, though.

    J Clark

    Yeah, I really prefer this version over the other one except for that snare being way too loud, too far forward in the mix.

  39. Bleed PRPL&GOLD

    Sade is the real queen

  40. Izaak Miller

    She never cease to grab a hold of me and take me there.
    Loved it!!!

  41. Jason Ordonez

    He needs to change that snare

    Shaunn Holden

    Just lower it

    J Clark

    And maybe pull some of the low/middle out of it, let it be a little noisier. Keep it out of the way of other sounds in that range.

    Jason Ordonez

    J Clark no just change that trap snare im gonna remix this one day and do it better

    Pablo Sergio Rivera

    Why? This is clearly the better version.

    Tim Vent

    That is an 808 snare. It sounded great in the movie theater. Sounds great on my home system. I like it on this remix.

  42. Rob Jordan

    Mesmerizing, indeed!