SadBoyProlific - Heartbreak Lyrics

They say talk about your problems
Okay, where do I begin?
Lately I've been chilling
And sipping on a few Heinekens
Wishing I could kill myself
Revive and then just die again
I'm looking at the stars
And thinking I wish I could fly with them
Grab a swisher, tuck and roll
Huff it in my lungs and nose
Keep on puffing up the smoke
And watch as all my problems blow
To the winners
They get scattered like the ashes
I've been tripping over bitches
Like I'm tripping off some acid
I gotta keep it passive
Hit the blunt and then I pass it
Wishing I could grip the pen
And slay my problems like a dragon
Demons been demanding
This depression got me manic
Keep puffing the herbs
Until I'm lost just like Atlantis
I don't really sleep much
Cause my nights are filled with panic
Lay me down inside the grave
I can no longer stand this
Life is like a card game
And I hate what I've been dealt
So fuck all my emotions
I'ma place them all on a shelf

[Keegan Hayes:]
I know I need to quit these drugs
And I will eventually
And when I do I just hope
You don't hold this shit against me
Even when I'm feeling fine
I know this shit could tempt me
I just learned to turn to you
When I was feeling empty
And every time I do it
I feel suicidal
I never thought I had a problem
Till they killed my idols
I'm just trying to stay sober
But it's been awhile
And you can see my dirty habits
And a yellow smile
I ain't ever go out
Cause I ain't in the mood
I just roll another blunt
And try to hide up in my room
I'm just trapped in this cocoon
Penning my incoming doom
And I always feel depressed
So I'll just sing another tune
I pack my bags, I'm saying Adios
I'm never seeking help
Cause I ain't ready for that diagnose
Eyes closed slowed
That's comatose
And it runs in my family
So I guess it's time to overdose

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SadBoyProlific Heartbreak Comments
  1. Zaints

    am i the only one that cried?

  2. Fruchtsaft

    My crush likes me 😁

  3. Magic

    m a lovit melodia asta mai rau decat mama

  4. Water . Boi

    he background music for this is "my song"" by Charles goose, if your curious!!

  5. Lemmy

    i have a somewhat different story: i fell in loge with that one girl thats just joking with everybody and unbelievable friendly... to everybody. welp shes just that kind of girl that doesnt want a boyfriend or anything like that and now i just feel bad whenever i have to think of her cause it just wont be. i would just like to leave her alone but i cant

  6. Benjamin Skinner

    *I wish I didn't love you*


    I’m not depressed.
    I have nothing to be depressed about I just like listening to this kind of music

  8. StolidCoyote73

    Kodama boy vibes over here

  9. NoFearGaming

    I was in a happy relationship with my gf and then we broke up in december. Kept sending her messages and she just cut me off, started by shortening conversations to straight up leaving me on seen. I still wanna be friends with her, i mean i still love her but i want to at least talk to her. We had a lot of fights but it still felt like i was in heaven with her. Break ups are always hard, especially cause she was the person id come to for everything that happened to me, she knows everything about me

  10. Thicc Mami

    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well
    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well
    Everyday I'm waiting for a text
    Let me hear the rest
    Started out of a four letter word
    But now I just forget
    And everytime I try to hit you up
    You leaving me on read
    Where did I go wrong is this the end?
    Is it dead?
    I started falling hard for you
    A comet rushing down
    Leave me or I'm coming thru
    Did you just play around?
    Feeling kinda glad that I didn't hit the ground
    How come I see you in every town? And I been feeling numb
    Starting to come over
    The thought of having you I'm thinking that its dumb
    Cause what we had is gone
    You left me on the run
    Chasing you ain't fun
    I'm tired of this
    I'm done
    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well
    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well
    Yo, you cut me off just like an amputation
    Said I stressed you out
    And that you couldn't take it
    Left broken and feeling basic
    Now its 6 am
    And I'm fucking wasted
    Its just a cycle and its just a piece
    Lately my demons been coming for me
    Slipped in my coffin so comfortability
    Death is all that's been comforting me
    Got a couple problems and all they do is add
    So every single day I hide behind the mask
    Avoiding every question that they ask
    My mind been raced
    And it's run a few lap
    I know that she ain't fucking come back
    Took my heart and then dashed like a runner back
    Put the blade on my wrist
    And then cut'em back
    I think its time that I faced the facts
    Gotta move on and cut the ties burn my mask
    And then shed a disguise
    I just smoke a blunt
    And keep on getting high
    I hate when I trapped inside of my mind
    I hate all the thoughts that I think
    I know that I'm crazy and I just need to shrink
    Our love was a ship and it started to shrink
    But thanks to the memories that you give to me
    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well
    I mind that you leaving me behind, why?
    Cut me of the feelings dry, lie
    Tell me that we're doing fine, cry
    Oh well

  11. Emalie Limbrick

    if you need a pick me up while listening, captions on at 2:29

  12. You're a twink

    this hit different after u find out they don’t like you like you like them :(

  13. Walter Moore

    Im here because this song reminds me of my ex

  14. Ryan Bussineau

    That moment you get left behind by the one you love and forgotten so you just cry and ask why then say oh well.......

  15. Mack's Life

    Ok I cried ima baby but he did me wrong took all my shit to leave me with nothing but a broken heart but I'm better now yay

  16. Avery Mott

    Does anyone else have a day where they feel so shitty and then you feel worse because there are others who have it so much worse than you?

  17. T Banzzz

    The hook thooo

  18. sleep is irrelevAnT

    i’ve learned to push away a lot of my crushes. my crushes always go away at some point. i might as well keep myself from getting hurt

  19. W. A.K.

    She was so perfect. Knew I couldn't keep her happy for forever.

  20. Heidi Flannery

    I feel like I’m lost because I like this girl who I can’t like. We’re toxic for eachother but I just can’t loose feelings. And my family is homophobic so I don’t even like being at home and I just wish I could loose feelings because I know she’ll never be mine again and she provaly already lost feelings. It’s tearing me apart each day but I can’t show my friends cause they’ll be really mad if I still like her cause she’s hurt my heart so much and I still ignore that. Need advice🥺😭

  21. Edison Rivera

    My gf: This isnt workin out
    Me: Wyd
    My gf: I dont love you anymore
    Me: Why?
    My gf: I never did

  22. Edison Rivera

    Crush: Hi
    Me: Hi
    Crush: Wanna be freinds
    My heart:💔

  23. Julia 777

    I heard the 1st second of this and added it to my playlist

  24. Just_Another_La_Beebo_Tea

    Who else is here because you nutted so hard your left leg is so numb you can't feel it

  25. claudia

    What’s the point of life? we have a plan that we will find the one and fall in love and start a family. Then those kids have kids and we grow old and pass away. that’s it. we go through heartbreak and lose people

  26. Reden Filoteo

    Im here because im broken and the story why i'm broken is my girlfriend got inloved on my friend and my gf dicide to break with me and choose my friend im so sad fu*k😞😢

  27. Halil Gökyar

    Müyesser benim karım

  28. Zylo

    Am I the only person here just coz the beat slaps

  29. Sierra Lopez

    This hits different 🙃

  30. Smurf Cat

    🥀To All The Depressed People And Broken💔 People::

    Hello, I Understand Your not Ok And No Im Not Going To Ask Cause I Don't Want You To Lie To Me Or Yourself But You Know We All Have Been There And To The People Who Haven't You Will, Im Sorry Its just the truth But, You Have To Break Out Its Ok If You Don't Feel Like You Can But you Have To..I've Been In A Toxic Relation, Had Fake Friends , Had Fake Love But Recently Found. Someone Else, His name Is Joseph If He Is Reading this- Thank You, Your Always Going To Be My Most Loved Person Ever But Anyways Back To This, Your Gonna Be Ok Everything Will get Better Even if Its On Your Last Day On Earth, Tough times Come Yes , Yes They Do But They Leave As Well As I Say :: Fake Nails Hide Broken Pieces :: But You Have to Tell Them, Your Not Ok , Smile If You Mean It Not For Nobody DON'T fake Smile For Nobody They Dont Deserve it Give Them A Real Smile If They Do Do Thing Like Listen To Music And memes Sounds Dumb But I Find it Might Help, Do The Things You Love, Your Amazing , Your Beautiful, Your Worth It , You Deserve Everything , You Will Never Be Anything More Than Amazing..Well Have The Best day You Can, Don't Hurt Yourself, Something Great Could Happen You Never Know Please Stay Safe I Am Always Here To. Talk If You Need To Just Tell Me Down Below 
    P.s No Im Not Asking Or Wanting Likes I Want To Make You Feel Better And Tell You If You Need To Talk Im Here. Stay Safe.

  31. Joyce Auger

    he’s fake he’s gone he said he loved me he didn’t mean it he went to someone else..fuck him..he’s not worth it..but at the same time i’m like he’s the one he’s gonna be mine again he’s gonna come back i just gotta be patient..i’ll be waiting for you..even thou u might never come back..u cut me of just like that u blocked me just like that u left me like that..for her..fuck me..ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....i wanna leave i wanna go i wanna leave i wanna go..i don’t wanna be here with u..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....leave me alone......ughhhh. thanks bye

  32. moe lester

    low key thinkin bout my ex

  33. Nam tidies

    12 year old act like they relate to this song so bad

    That guy over there!

    well children are developing their brains which means things can get influenced easily meaning if they been a victim child abuse they will feel this way sir.

    Nam tidies

    @That guy over there! whoah I was just joking lol

  34. Cris Sacatani

    listening to this while looking at depressing quotes hits me so different

  35. Mellow Leo

    My name is mellow! :D and this is sad.. :(

    Fehler Nugget

    "My name is mellow! :D and this is sad.. :("

    Ur frickin cute-

    Mellow Leo




    Mellow Leo

    Tilt ur phone to ze right

  36. Catarina Jose Miguel

    I here cuz I feel dead and evertime i hear his music i feel something thinkin about why my life so hard I dont know if I have reason to be alive because I feel like I dont


    i'm being forgotten....💔😔

    Fehler Nugget

    Aw well it's okay right? I can remember you eh? o^o

  38. Shiro

    2020 new decade, still the same pain.

  39. intentionally__offensive

    you wanted me to talk to you about my problems but when i did.. you werent there😭💔

  40. DisquietedArrøw

    Damn, I really want the chord progression for the song on guitar, i'd absolutely love to play this on guitar

  41. L L

    😪💔 if anyone wants to talk my snap is : ivyghosteyes

  42. imsadngl

    _My girlfriend left me on read two days in a row. So I gave her space for 4 days to see if she texts me first but no :/ so I just texted her but I think I'm going to end things for the better and this song is my exact situation ...and it's how I'm feeling when it comes to her like so much..._

  43. 13nathaan

    i didn’t wanna come back to this playlist...

  44. Haley Borczyk

    I fell in love with the wrong person 😨 but now I'm better! 😝

  45. Nobody Special

    You didn’t want me to leave you like everybody else but you left me like everybody else

  46. Emma

    Ever fall in love twice at the same time, Then lose them both?.... no?....oh okay....

  47. Ronik Kejriwal

    loved the right one but she jumped off her building leaving no explanation.

    Rage Gamer

    damn bro

  48. Zoey Dougherty

    Been a year we’ve been on and off so I’m used to it but it hurts

  49. javier jedrick

    I never wanna have a gf they make me suicide golddiggers noooo cheater noooo hoe noooooo dont love us nooooooooooooo :(💀💀💀☠☠☠

  50. Lost Lover

    **Me letting my love go**

    Me now: *I'm so stupid -_-*

  51. Grace :/

    I always tell myself I don’t need people. Then I realised people don’t need me😔

  52. xSxFTx xBxYx

    Who else is here bc your boy/girl thinking’s your cheating.?

  53. Ayang Entera

    Whose here because their boyfriend just broke up with them?

  54. Nini Panini

    My best friend has a boyfriend for two days and we’re already basically nothing 😔✊🏻

  55. Max Ellery

    “The thought of having you I’m thinking that it’s dumb”

  56. _glxtchii _

    i wonder if tik tok is gonna hijack this, it sounds like the type tik tok would take

  57. Emanuel 12

    Loved a girl didnt get over her for 3 years im afraid it dosent happen again with this girl

  58. Ceecee Key

    Bruh this matches my situation atm

  59. Swazo


  60. Johana MaldonadoAlvarado

    Your music makes me think about alot

  61. Linden Kusserow

    My boyfriend is trying to rape me even though I’m ace/asexual (if ya don’t know look it up cause I will probably just confuse u)

  62. M O.


    you’ll find the right one.

  63. brandon strange

    Still listening in 2019 and gonna take it into 2020 with me 💯

  64. Max Nathan

    i remember falling in love with this girl in class.
    We were Perfect.
    I do her art projects she does my math.
    We have lots of time for each other.
    I remember how my friend helped me to make her mine.
    It was fun we talk a lot in class. My first Kiss with her.

    There was this time i had to do all my stuff for school. She avoid talking to me. Avoid Eye contacts most of the time she is just talking to my friend.
    I though they were just close friends. Well i didn't think of it too much because i really think School is way important i don't want to stress myself out.
    Graduation day
    She left me. Even talked shit about me on facebook and twitter. Now she's with my friend. Yes, the guy who helped me with her.
    now i'm 5 months single and listening to this songs it helped me move on.

    Really glad this kind of music exist.

  65. MZI_ 132

    Who else here is broken

  66. Cute Potato

    Am i the only one who doesn’t try to like people so they don’t get hurt😕

    Dead Face

    I do that after my parents divorce and my freinds heart being broken cuz there gf and bf do whatever they do I have crushes and dumb stuff like that but I dont want it to happen to me and anyway
    I'm the youngest of all my freinds I'm 11 my freinds are like 13 to 16 so in like a two or three years there all gonna be like "yo dude go and get a girlfriend"
    Idk why I'm pouring all my worries into this comment ur probly not gonna read this but anyway have a good day or night :)

  67. lexa

    im in a relationship and I'm SUPER happy, I just like this song :)

  68. Mariposa Luke

    Who wanted too love but couldn't?

  69. __mourtz__

    Am I the only one who is here cause his gf left him for another guy..

  70. Heaven S

    Here before tiktok

  71. Haikura

    i loved him. very much. but.. he has a girlfriend. he was my best friend, he was there for me, and we hung out all the time. my parents like him, and let me invite him over to parties, my house, and to the mall. we’d always call and facetime, and when he told me he had a girlfriend.. it hurt me so much. i still love him, because we’re so close. but i’m just sad i could never have him. i did confess. my feelings but..he said i was too good for him. i don’t believe that. he said that he was too quiet, and i was too pretty for him. he is the exact detention of love, not like, but love.

  72. rearmostspy Tejeda

    you can hear the pain his voice

  73. let’s yeet this wheat

    school started and within that week i began to hang out with this boy. we were paired up in a table with each other. i knew him through middle school but we never talked. he hung out with my cousin occasionally, but i never talked to him until this year. we immediately clicked and our friendship grew and grew. overtime i developed feelings for him. my best friend told me to tell him. i did. he replied “i have feelings for you too.” numerous days he ignored me. soon those days became weeks. i asked him “are you mad at me?” he left me on read. a month has passed by and my best friend and him have been talking a lot. they’ve been getting closer and closer just like me and him. it got to the point where they facetimed every night. then one day after school i caught them hugging. not once did my best friend talk to him until...until i told her i liked him. so yeah i’ve been backstabbed. to make matters worse he was just playing with my feelings.

  74. cho lie

    I wouldn't mind if my crush didn't like me back like that, but I thought we could have been genuine friends, at least, but he was playing with that too.

  75. Sam Patel

    2 years of being together 1 year of engagment, our own apartment. Life barely starting for us, then life has to take a dump on everything youve built up in two years. She left no warning no notice, and honestly im getting high on xo's and weed just to numb the pain ive tried more drugs since shes been gone and im losing myself

  76. Sophia Zhang

    You have your friends with benefits, you don’t really physically need me. That’s why I feel unwanted from you.

  77. Potato chips

    thank you for the memories that made me happy while it lasted 😌💖

  78. Save the turtles Sksksk

    I like it

  79. ii_ bxbyy0

    who else is here cause of heartbreak 💔

    I cried in the middle of the song 🙊

  80. weird cereal

    Is this song on Spotify? if so what is the name because this song is amazing

  81. Lucky Charmed

    my boyfriend broke up with me last weekend. countless nights have been all cried out. my friends keep telling me i don’t need him and i’m worth more than that but i can’t help but wish he come back. the relationship wasn’t even toxic, he just never talked to me. He used to tell me he was scared i would leave him but then he left me? He gave the scrunchies i gave to him back and when i got them they smelled just like the cologne he put on every morning before going to school. he used to spray it on his wrists, and i cried right there on the spot. i used to look at him and be like that’s mine but now i look at him and i’m like that’s him. that’s the guy who doesn’t live me anymore. i don’t know what i did wrong but i want to know if i could’ve fixed it. he said he loved me but i feel like it was a lie. supposedly there’s another girl now, he told my bestfriend that he thinks he has feelings for someone, and that he doesn’t know because he only feels it when he talks to them and ofc dumb me thinks it could still possibly be me he’s still liking, deep down i know it’s not but i can’t help but think he still has a little more feelings for me. him breaking up with me was one more thing added to the list of wrong going on in my life. he was the only thing going good and he got up and left.

  82. hellgirlfiona

    who else is here cause your ex got a new girl and the problem is that you still in love with him?

    yes, me too boo, your not alone :)

  83. Anonymous Doorknob

    Anyone else here because they fell for their best friend?
    I can't afford to lose him or put him through dating me

  84. Ameer Jaffery

    lmao why does this sound like a song that would play in my hero academia if it was made in America lmao

  85. Farheen Choudhury

    I fell in love with him, but I wish I never did, he would just break my heart again.
    I wish I could go back and tell him earlier, before that other girl got him.
    And now they're in love, I can never have my chance again.
    I would have been scared, it would have ruined our friendship if he said no.

    But now is the moment.
    If this gets 50 likes or more, I'm going to ask him out.


    why do you need 50 likes? also if your crush is in love with someone else, dont interfere with that. wait until he's actually single. wtf

  86. iasmina

    im still not over him and its been like 1yr

  87. danish zuhri

    there once a girl which had a crush on me. she was older than me by one year and she eventually, with the help of her friends, confessed to me. i was actually really confused on what i was feeling. after some time, i got together with her. she was my first and to me, it was a magical experience. i have never been in that situation before and was overwhelmed. i loved her but maybe didnt really showed it to her enough i guess. eventually as time passed by, we broke up. i feel so sad that i didnt even go out of my room sometimes. i would just stay in bed pouring my eyes out. i have never felt to sad and heartbroken before. i was an experience which i didnt want to relive any longer. she soon started to move on with my best friend. after months, she told me that she is together with my best friend and i could not afford but to be even more sad that i already am. it placed me well over sadness and frustration. she told me that they got together because of "fate" and seeing that hurts me. i see them having so much fun together. my two closest friends were no longer my closest but perhaps, the furthest. they have changed from when i first met them. to me, it is their choice and decisions. even though it might hurt me to see all of this unfold in front of my eyes, it has definitly taught me a lot. as of the time being, i have moved on because it is the right thing to do. there is no point staying on a single person which you know wont look at you the same.

  88. NoobDaily

    Best Collab

  89. Ayanna Arreola

    This is a good song ngl. Just get the 12 year olds outta the comments💀🤦🏽‍♀️

  90. Karen Forest

    Add me on snap alianna622

  91. Karen Forest

    Do you ever think if he misses you or thinks about you ever cause I do and I miss him so much.•́ ‿ ,•̀

  92. Bleach

    *just another one gone.*

  93. The Homies


  94. sbsnns hsjsn

    I broke up with her because of dumb decisions and she ended up getting with someone I've hated for the longest time, and now they're all happy while Im still friends with my ex. Though we fight sometimes I'm just glad I can be friends with her.

  95. tae's future wife

    If only he didn't say hi to me back then.. i wouldn't be like this now