SadBoyProlific - Dead And Cold Lyrics

Wake up every day and it just feels repetitive
Think I need to chill, I think I need a sedative
I think depression's hittin' me
I think it's finally setting in
Drifting to my feet and settling just like sediment

Constantly walking down this road called life blindly
Foolishly hoping for purpose to come and find me
In the depths of depressions is where I've been residing
That or in my room under my covers just hiding

Put me in the grave today
Black suit, red bouquet
Too scared to leave, but too tired to stay
Bullet in the chamber will stop all the pain
Blood on the wall drips, just like red rain

Feel my soul seep out from each line from the blade
No one sings along to the songs that I have made
Deep in thought like Socrates
I am not your property
Treated like a mockery
Glad no one is stopping me
Not why you should idolize, this is my final goodbye
But if I ever hurt you, I truly apologize

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SadBoyProlific Dead And Cold Comments
  1. Wolfboy_9183 Smith

    Scared to leave but tired of relationships

  2. PerspectivE

    this is weak

  3. Gnav.editss

    Off topic but is that my buddy Rin 😕

  4. Radio Draco

    No matter how many problems you try to fix 2 more just pop out of each one I fix

  5. Nymid Artist

    We don't sing along...we're too busy LISTENING TO YOUR LYRICS😢😢😢😭😭!!!!

  6. randoot thicc

    Relate to this song a bit too much i think

  7. RS Summers RS Summers

    Kill me

  8. Bethany Anthony

    i fucking love you

  9. Panda Panpan

    I wish I was dead and cold too bro.

  10. asif karim

    This song hits differently when you really wanna die

  11. itscast frtho

    how much i can relate

  12. rexlex tm

    "feel my soul seep out with each line from the blade" :/...

  13. 6lue Already Dead


  14. G_Lxl P

    I can never make the right choice in life.

  15. abyssx

    They won’t find us lads

  16. cymz

    fucking love this guy's music. emotion 💯

  17. Damian Francisco


  18. POWERRR!!!

    RIP reverend fujimoto. Also suicide is gay dont do it

  19. nicole Woody

    I sing along to your songs😁

  20. Whoops my gayness slipped out

    Some of the people who commented here are gone now.. if anyone needs to talk I’m always here and I love you. You’re amazing and worth affection and love and feeling happy, things will get better. Life gives you challenges because life knows you’re strong enough for them. I love you, stay strong

  21. Sadboyyoungan Music

    why the fuck isn't sadboyprolific viral. you got idiots like pump and blueface that are obnoxious and retarded, then you have true fucking talent like this 💕 also when he does go viral at least i can say i was there before people were riding his dick.
    positive vibes only. sadboyprolific for life.

  22. Double A battery

    We never get better we get use to the pain

  23. Leonardo costa


  24. Gamer ArmyCz

    This song is talking about my feelings😢😔

  25. Tigger Rain

    Yo I understand that your sad and might be depressed and I want you to know I’ve gone through that and it sucks. I get it you need someone to listen...anyone. So I’m here to listen. Reply or sum thing to this comment and I got you I’ll read it so you know someone cares cause I do ok 🤗

  26. JAK V.

    First song i ever found by prolific yo, came in clutch.

  27. Im Adopted


  28. theyhatefear

    “I wish was dead” *I felt that*

  29. anime_potatoes black

    If anyone here ever needs me please just reply to this and we can talk or if you want my phone number, i will always be here

  30. white

    I wish I was dead❤️

  31. mistedシ

    this is real music.

  32. Peyton Eddins

    Hey sorry to text you like this but I just started to listen to your stuff and it’s amazing

  33. Aaralyn Martin

    I literally have a whole playlist of just SadBoyProlific for when I’m on the bus 🚌 I love you SadBoyProlific and I miss you X 🥺💔🤕✌🏼

  34. Uh Reverse

    I felt this song with every fiber in my body

  35. NSD Xorry

    Anime pic: Blue exorcist / Ao no exorcist

  36. AblindTroLl

    behold the song of my life

  37. lodydody

    Why is it that the girls I really like I can never get. But the girls that like me I dont like.

  38. the incognito tab

    i was rewatching blue exorcist and then i saw this in the anime and i was like wait a minute...

  39. Javolc

    anyone else not depressed they just love the music or does that make me depressed idk anymore

  40. Free Me

    Why am I sad lol

  41. abyssx

    Who else feels like they don’t have a purpose

  42. Christopher Cole

    Ur music keeps me together and love the blue exorcist

  43. EddyB

    Anybody has the chords?

  44. Fin Lock

    This is so underappreciated i love it

  45. Revision Reviewer

    I wish I was dead

  46. Dominic Horton

    This is low key how I feel rn

  47. Curiously Gayming

    Evannnnnn your music is dope dewd. I didnt even realize you rapped

  48. Noah Hlas

    Why did this get uploaded on my birthday tho :(

  49. SYNUS

    I’m not sad I just really like the song

  50. Ky Stonez


  51. Daxsity

    I thought I heard X in the beginning

  52. Sad Boy Rage

    Rin Okumera :DD

  53. BasicallyKaylah

    If I ever hurt you I truly apologize hit me hard 😪

  54. abyssx

    I wanna go to sleep and never wake up

  55. Slurrr

    I need him to get famous

  56. Łxtt3c0s -Blake-

    Photo is from Blue Exorcist
    Damn ima weeb 😂

    Joshua Booth

    was looking for this comment i wasnt sure

  57. Suds _

    I have probably played this song over and over again about 2,000 times and I still haven’t lost any interest

  58. Gacha._. Eclipse


  59. Callum Bacon

    This needs to be like 2 mins longer!!

  60. rick ramirez

    depths of depression
    that where I've been residing
    or under my covers just hiding

  61. Emely Cruz


  62. MarshmallowMidgets

    This from a Ollie vine hellya

  63. Garrett Douglas

    Fr can relate one of my best friends died on my birthday hours after wishing me happy birthday a couple days ago

  64. Pangpang Batsbak

    Here at 4am, being so depressed

  65. oVerzifyy

    Where can I find the guitar chords cause I wanna do a cover

  66. Psychotic Labz

    This is how i feel 75% of the time

    qTp izaac

    Hey. Have a good day,night,evening

  67. S N

    Too scared to leave, but too tired to stay. Fuck man I’ve never heard something more accurate


    this dude is so underrated. 🔥👀

  69. punya chandna

    Wait that’s rin Okumura in the background right or ami just tripping


    nah you right

  70. Kilian Größler

    Dude great song
    Could you pls tell me the cords

  71. Shanya Baker

    Still listening to this song

  72. Darren Dixon

    anyone know where i can find this beat?

  73. mason :3

    The pic is off blue exorcist

  74. AchyllesBr

    X? Is that you?

  75. Ez Bangers

    Is this xxxtentacion

  76. Nevaeh Caudill

    This is my final goodbye but if I ever hurt you I truly apologize ...

    Lil Shaggy

    Is he still here if you are reading this i hope you have a great life

  77. ButterMilk

    dEAd ANd cold

  78. sanchezanime8

    This track and the pic of Rin from Blue Exorcist blends in so damn well 🎧
    #anime #vibes #blueexorcist

    mason :3

    Damn I luv blue exorcist


    @mason :3 the opening theme, the first one 🎧🔥 fantastic

    mason :3

    @sanchezanime8 same with second


    @mason :3 you're so right 🍻💯

  79. Be Easy

    That feels so good

  80. Frank Larco

    You told me u would love me forever. Just a few days ago we talked about marriage but u left me again also.. I wish u new how much I feel this song. I love u still

  81. dead rat

    Fuck the 122 ppl who disliked

  82. Tumelo Francis


  83. Blue

    Back an begging for someone to help

  84. tristin hernandez

    What anime is that

  85. Blue

    I wake up everyday hoping for a change an everyday nothing im holding but idk how long

  86. Zara and Anna Vlogs

    If u are reading this whoever u are u are an amazing person and someone in this world loves you and u will find someone who will love u and marry u and u will have amazing children and have an amazing life so trust me on this xxxx

    Just thought yous needed an appreciation comment aha xxxxx

    Lucy Emms

    Zara and Anna Vlogs honestly i needed that thankyou x

    thekingjake king

    I'm his bro

  87. sauce chain

    What anime???

  88. Elon Flowers

    Id die to this


    Who else can relate to this or is it just me ?

  90. Christopher Ruiz

    thx for the vibe this song is fully based on my life

  91. Juan Andrade

    Foda de mais,para refletir 💙💙💙

  92. Sevy VII

    this is such a good song, i wish i could find the instrumental

  93. Bounce United

    I love dis dude

  94. JjGarcia028

    the lyrics make u feel when you can relate

  95. Camarada Mexica

    keep your weeb shit away from my music

  96. Wilder Mcwaters

    Bro I’ve been tryna fuck with this and find my flow

  97. Promoting Sounds

    Thought you guys needed to hear these vibes...enjoy

    Erenyntrr -

    We hear it but the most important thing is, We have to feel it

    S&G gaming

    SadBoyProlific absolute legend friend. You help many people through!

    Slim Shady

    Promoting Sounds MCCreed47 plz support. I wan be a emo rapper just like SadBoy.

    Hi Pusan off

    Promoting Sounds thanks bro really helps me

    asif karim

    This song hits differently when you really wanna die