Sabaton - Sparta Lyrics

Many many years ago, when Persia came ashore
Heeding Leonidas' call the Spartans went to war

Joined by their brothers, a few against the fateful horde
Hellenic hearts are set aflame, the hot gate calls their name

A final stand, stop the Persians, spear in hand
Form a wall, live to fall, and live forever

Sparta! Hellas!
Then, and again, sing of three hundred men
Slaughter! Persians!
Glory and death, Spartans will never surrender

Morning has broken, today they're fighting in the shade
When arrows blocked the sun they fell, tonight they dine in hell

By traitor's hand, secret passage, to their land
Know his name, know his shame will last forever

Sparta! Hellas!
Then, and again, sing of three hundred men
Slaughter! Persians!
Glory and death, Spartans will never surrender

Sparta! Hellas!
Then, and again, sing of three hundred men
Slaughter! Persians!
Glory and death, Spartans will never surrender

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Sabaton Sparta Comments
  1. Warden97

    To those saying things like the spartans would of won if not for Ephialtes, you are missing the point of the battle. Leonidas was aware he was marching into a battle he could not win. The entire goal of the battle was to hold the persians so the Greek states had time to mobilise their forces. And he succeeded in this regard, against all odds. The battle however, was a terrible defeat. Heck, the real victory is the PR. Now, i am not disputing the bravery of these spartans, but it should be noted: This was a crushing defeat. It was always going to be a crushing defeat. Whilst the Spartans could of held out for longer had Ephialtes not shown the persians the pass, we are talking days. Which, once again, is impressive. Further more, there was more than 300 spartans. People estimate there was about 7000 greeks here. Which, still a comparatively small number.

    Point being, to say the spartans had any hope, or even entertained any hope for victory here is doing them a great disservice. They went there knowing they were going to die. Thats bravery.

  2. mister lister the sister fister

    Molon labe

  3. darkjannn

    Loving the song, as I do all things Sabaton, but shouldn't they have bronze in hand rather than steel?

  4. James Ricker

    Whatever you think of the Spartans they were what they were and they did not deny it.

  5. Alex Mclean

    When ur boss goes were doing 10hrs SPARTA HELLES

  6. Cameron Caws

    Listening to this while writing my essay... on Sparta

  7. Grant Mackey

    If I'm not mistaken the Spartans had like little to no fear in war which is what made them a powerhouse of pure bloodshed

  8. Phantom Aviator

    This song makes me want to aggressively row a canoe across a lake to the beat of the HOO HAH HOO HAH HOO HAH

  9. The crow

    Molon labe

  10. gelastoliontari

    θαυμαζοντας τους πολιτισμους του κοσμου που θαυμαζουν τον ελληνικο

  11. Katharine Alford


  12. lucifer morningstar

    fun fact: Spartan training was so intense that actual war seemed child play to them

  13. sw0ll3n17

    Just finding these guys, do they just make music about hardcore men?

  14. Safety Doggo

    Wait... Sabaton has a sing about sparta? Holy shit...

  15. xX NightLord Xx

    *Persians left the chat*

  16. Phil Mar

    Hellas is the name of Greece. The name Greece comes from the greek word 'Γραικός' graikos, which the Romans took and made it into to Greece eventually. But Graikos is older and then they changed it into Hellas and the Greeks are callen Hellenes. Awesome song by the way but let us not forget the Thespians (who also died) the Thebans(some surrendered) and some other Greeks from other parts as well who fought with the 300.
    Can't wait to see the live this summer in Athens!!

  17. Θάνος Αλε

    Whrite a new song from now for future Greece that will destroy Erdogans facist Turkey


    U.s government: listen we need you to hand over your firearms so we can embrace totalitarianism

    Me and the boys who have been waiting patiently for the great boogaloo: 0:27

  19. Piotr JANKOWSKI

    Someone: * cheats at exam *
    Teacher: 2:29

  20. clone trooper Shiro


  21. Viktor Silva

    *_Form a wall_*
    *_Live to fall_*
    *_And live forever_*

  22. Lucky Charms

    why does this song go so hard man

  23. TheMRCJG

    In 2020 America should have its own version of this song.

  24. OMEGA ALEX 01

    Greece was always the one that kept asians in general from invading europe
    First with Persia and then the ottomans


    Honestly I just feel like the beginning was kinda sus but the singing was great

  26. leon katsouginopoulos

    Go tell the spartans passerby that here obedient to their laws we lie

  27. Ramona FlowersReplica 9063

    Omw to iran playing this

  28. BrickBuilder Infinity

    where is the Sparta remix of this

  29. EYEPlaster eyeLad

    Hey Mate what about Arcadia and Athens and allop of Hellas?
    Yes them too... Then soon the World...

  30. Not your Business

    Beat back the asiatic hordes!

  31. Алексей Волков

    Σπαρτα! Ηελλασ!

  32. charlene belit

    This... Is... SPARTA!!..

  33. Sam 2000

    300 is a historical lie. Pre-Islamic Persia will rise again and the world will see Cyrus II

    ايمن المغامر

    yeah just no , Persians will never rise again

  34. MeatusBeatus

    Back when Europe had a border patrol

  35. Michael Sanchez

    Me in Iran

  36. Arsenal BTW

    Fun fact the sacrifice of Leonidas and his 300 is stil the record holder of bravest stand ever

  37. Alexandru

    Time for my workout! The journey of becoming a Spartan is at hand

  38. ITS A BANE BLADE!!!!!!!!

    why do i c ROMANS

    A Demolay Boi

    You dont

  39. Peki Smele

    No matter how many times hear the song . when it comes SLAUGHTER , PERSIANS . lost voice

  40. Mithridates

    Me and the boys rolling WW3 like:

  41. Artimas The one

    The hot gates calls there name, tonight they dine in hell

  42. danielos17x17

    who would love song about the Ghost of Sparta?

  43. Andrew YT

    Trump after Iran's missile attack : Looks like Persians are back on the menu boys!

  44. Trebreh _

    1:40 when we go to war with iran

  45. Mike Daniel Espeja


    Mike Daniel Espeja

    Lemme like myself.

  46. Parmenion Krateros

    HELLAS !!!!!.....FUCK PERSIA !!!!

  47. _ OGtma

    Good music

  48. Scottish MetalHead 2019

    Stop the Persians stealing ham

  49. Endeav

    *fireworks going off*
    me: 1:50

  50. lucas felipe

    *1400 persians dislike it*

  51. Kenneth Massey

    Inb4 america goes to war with iran

  52. Marin

    "Let's storm Greece, they can't stop all of us"


    They can.

  53. J.K Gaming Gods

    +1 an eisai Elinnas🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  54. Samuel Johansson

    Teacher: We will have an exchange student from Iran in our class this week!
    Girls: Oh, i hope he is handsome!

    Grant Mackey

    Wouldn't it make sense if he was from Greece? (If it's still called greece. I don't pay attention to geography anymore)

    Samuel Johansson

    @Grant Mackey Iran used to be the persian empire

  55. Korinna Dévald


  56. Marco Reus

    Every time i listen SABATOn i get hyped

  57. phoenix21studios

    Yeah well....Persians didnt have slaves?

  58. RedGrox

    Spartans anime opening


    Staring leonidas-san and Herodot-san


    @mechanizedorca lol

  59. H3R0_ 0FWORLDZ

    A+ for those who get it.

  60. Isabella Playz

    I love this song. i listen to this a lot

  61. Zer0

    When shall a song be written for the glory of rome???

  62. FloSch_the_OldSchoolGeek

    Heared this song now for the first time.... (mae culpa yeah i know its 2019 ;) ) but instant goose bumps or like we here in Germany would say.... Gänsehaut pur

  63. Connor Valentine

    Bassicaly the Spartans were killing people from the same place some of their ancestors came from cause the Persians spread throughout Europe and combined theire cultures with the natives but wiped out the entirety of the original natives of Britain who built Stonehenge without meaning too with deceases they brought with them like the Europeans did in the americas but fortunately the natives there weren’t completely wiped out

  64. alex recrem

    Me n the boys playing halo after 6 years

  65. Commander 1187 Ferin

    What is thé music in thé end ?

  66. Guest the Robloxian gamer

    In my thought during the italo-greek war the greeks had the spirit of 2 gods of war and king Leonidas

  67. A Poor Hockey puck

    This song could put chest hair on a baby

  68. Spirits - SFD

    *This needs to be added as the final credits music in 300*
    Make it happen

  69. A Hardener

    my bench press pr music

  70. amarildo xhelaj

    la vera storia dei balcani di grecia non e cosi facile da determinare,chi erano gli veri grecci,chi sono i grecci,perche si chiama penisola balcanica ,fino s 1870 si chiamava penisola ilirica,chi sono gli iliri chi sono gli epiriotes ,chi sono gli grecci ,quale la veria storia della antichita greca,tutti gli scienciati gli studiosi ,politichi lo sano la verita ,quando princ otto della germania e arrivato in greccia in 1815 ,e andato in atene in quello epoca tutto atene parlavo arvanites albanese , che una sola risposta noi siamo la veria storia della antichita gli albanesi di oggi la nostra lingua anno parlato tutti i dei ,anche i suo nomi derivano della nostra lingua zeus ,afrodite ,atena,era,apollonio,poseidon ,etc,,exempi afrodite si chiama mia mamma in lingua albanese significa arriva afro,giorno dita ,quindi fa afrodite🇦🇱🇦🇱,we are the only greeks ,the true storie 🇦🇱🇦🇱 greeks are albanian ,

  71. Bad Trigger

    2 and a half millennia have passed, and the Persians are still invading, except neither Hellenistic nor Romans are there to fight

  72. Jatin Pal

    Don't know why whenever I am about to quit at something I listen to this masterpiece and I get it done. Amazing song👍

  73. XxHohenloherxX

    Defend Europe

  74. Gabriel Salas Holgado

    1461 persians hate this song because is this time he's will humiliated

  75. Skull Army

    why isn't there more spartan music like this? this fits the 300 theme very spartan song ever

  76. Jacob Turner

    We shall fight in the shade.

  77. Guy frattini


  78. Ris Raid

    You know it's Sabaton when the Comment Section both as funny and as epic as the Song itself

  79. Aris YellowRaven

    Respect to SABATON from The Greek in Canada

  80. CVL Ryuujou

    Stab by a spear*
    *wakes up in a carriage*
    *a man once said to me*
    You're finally awake
    Trying to cross the border right? Same as us and that thief over there

  81. Australia Isn’t reAl

    When you bully terrorists online and they come to your house, and you blast this song while fighting them with your kopesh

  82. Armored Titan

    basically europe 50 years into the future....dont let migrants or refugees in your country....come on germany, you have experience with gas , so use it!!!!

  83. SwagnLag

    Oh hey! Its annoying Greek dude here! I found mistakes!

    1# Spartans had Square sheilds (opening)
    2# it was 300 Spartans and 700 Thespians in the battle the song is refering to, Thermopylae
    3# Term "Hellas" was rarely used, since at that time Greece wasnt a unified empire or kingdom, but many independant cities, often waging war against each other, though had many common intrests

    yes i will be that kind of guy.

  84. riski rahmadhani

    thermopylae enomotia...!!!

    Gabriel Ignacio

    I see you are a man of chaldea as well

    riski rahmadhani

    @Gabriel Ignacio yeah are you a FGO player

    Gabriel Ignacio

    @riski rahmadhani Ye

  85. Dorkfish

    Better depiction of Iranians than the movie 300


  86. d4tInsurgent


  87. Zebulan Caudill

    This makes me want to play dark souls with a guitar hero controller BLINDFOLDED.

  88. Legitpenguins69

    My mom says Sabaton sounds cheesy. Yet all she listens to is the homogenized trash on the radio

  89. Hunter Skattebo

    Thos gonna be me in basic training and infantry

  90. Hunter Skattebo

    I have a spartan mindset glory in dying in battle thats how i wanna go

  91. Lucas Barbosa

    Música de cabra macho com 300% de testosterona

  92. AH-64Apache3

    If you replaced the “ooh ah” with the voice of a Japanese girl you get a completely different song

  93. Yasu RW Yoshii

    After 2000 years and some wise words of Socrates via his students and fans, it seems that our civilization is up to the Spartan ethos to defend it. Barbarians care not about our dialectic reasoning or the concept of rights, except to turn them against us. Sparta!! Thedas!! Banzai!! ;)

  94. Celt of Canaan Esurix

    They should do a song about the one group in history that absolutely kicked the Spartan’s ass, the Gauls

    Darth Revan

    Whats that story? Google seems to be hiding it from me

    Darth Revan

    Whats that story? Google seems to be hiding it from me

  95. Derpman1

    Spartans never retreat, Spartans never surrender

  96. smnoy23

    “Just there the barbarians huddle, sheer terror gripping tight their hearts with icy fingers, knowing full well what merciless horrors they suffered at the swords and spears of the Three Hundred. Yet they stare now across the plain at ten thousand Spartans commanding thirty thousand free Greeks! The enemy outnumber us a paltry three to one: good odds for any Greek!”

  97. Help me reach 420 Subscribers

    Persians: alright so a couple Spartan’s are holding the path at Thermopile, ha! This will be...why am I hearing boss music?