Sabaton - Poltava Lyrics

[Swedish version:]

Tiden tärt den här som gått
Vandrat många mil
Knektar tröttna slitna var
20 000 man

Tsaren bränt sin egna jord
Ingenting fanns kvar
Hungern rev och döden stod
Redo för ett slag

Hör upp, led väck din armé
Ge dig, och lämna min mark

Genom rök och damm de red
Slogs för livet led för led
Tappra män til himmelen steg

Svenska härens ledarskap
Lidit nederlag
Konung kan ej strida mer
Skadad stod han bi

Rehnskiöld uti striden red
Värja sträckt för vind
Slog som våg mot härdat berg
Tvingad till reträtt

Lyssna, Du Karolus Rex
Frukta, ty din tid är här

Bragd om livet, eld och död
20 000 man i nöd
Så fäkta på
Gul och blå
Karoliners sista slag
Mötte döden, ödets dag
Guds vilja ske

[English version:]

Time has worn the soldiers down
Marched for many miles
In the eastern lands so cursed
Time to make a stand

Tsar has scorched his nation's land
Nothing to be found
Hunger grasp the soldiers heart
20 000 men strong

Listen, excuse for a king
Trust me, this fight you can't win

Rode to certain death and pain
Swedish soldiers met their bane
Sacrificed their lives in vain

In the shade of morning mist
Advancing on their foe
Bullets break the silent air
Wasted battleplan

Swedish forces stand alone
King has left command
Rule is left to lesser men
Waiting for their chance

Listen, obey my command
Hear me, or die by my hand

Russian armies blocked their way
20 000 lost that day
They bled the ground
Peace they found
There's no sign of victory
King Carolus had to flee
And leave the land
Leave command

Madness, curse your feeble horde
Fear me, you'll die by my sword

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Sabaton Poltava Comments
  1. Umbruhh

    I get serious Warhammer 40k vibes from this song. Like I imagine the battle between The Emperor vs Horus at the end of The Horus Heresy

  2. NovaPraetor


    *E X C U S E F O R A K I N G*

  3. Rad Bones

    1:03 Is that Arin from Game Grumps in the 1700s?

  4. Vlad Prus

    "Time to make a stand"
    - Araki after Battle Tendency ended

  5. Major Petrov

    When you are so patriotic, that you tell not only about your victories, but also about your defeats... It leads respect

  6. Jim Roberts

    Sweden--once a great empire, now being destroyed from within by traitors and migrants.

    IJN Yamato

    Well said.

  7. Jim Roberts

    What if global warming is just an attempt by the world to level the playing field when it comes to invading Russia?

  8. Charlie Martin

    Depression: Deleted
    Anxiety: Yeeted

  9. PolandBall

    20,000 -lost- stackwiped that day

  10. MrRenegadeshinobi


  11. Najo

    Russia Entered the Chat
    Carolus Entered the Chat
    Russia Left the Chat

    Sometime later...

    Carolus Left the Chat
    Russians Entered the Chat and Closed the Door Behind Them

  12. Oleg Gnatenko

    Шануйте край де народились,
    щоб у житті не помилились.
    Щастить усім хто віру має,
    та той кохання відчуває-
    хто рідний край не забуває.

  13. Athanasius Contra Marxism

    Orthodoxy > Protestantism

  14. Athanasius Contra Marxism

    One does not simply walk into Moscow.

  15. Athanasius Contra Marxism

    *Charles XII of Sweden has entered the chat*
    *Swedish Kingdom has entered the chat*
    *Peter the Great has entered the chat*
    *Tzardom of Russia has entered the chat*
    *Our Lady of Kazan Icon has entered the chat*
    *Mother of God has entered the chat*
    *Charles XII of Sweden has left the chat*
    *Swedish Empire has left the chat*

  16. Помик Ломик

    This war began because the Swedes took away significant territories of the Grand Duchy of Moscow in the time of troubles. 1700-1721 years. The Polish-Lithuanian, Denmark,Russia, Prussia , and Saxony participated in this war . Russia sought to regain the lost territories that Sweden had taken from Russia . Denmark, Polish-Lithuanian declared peace after a few defeats and Russia was left alone to fight against Sweden and defeated the Swedes even with the participation of the British fleet . Then Prussia joined the union and together with Denmark and Polish-Lithuanian returned to the union . Then there were the battles in the Baltic sea where the Russian fleet won many victories over the Swedes and the angles . Charles the twelfth fled to the Ottoman Empire at Poltava and was returned to Sweden on one peace treaty .To retell in my own words for a very long time , I can write so much more . I said it briefly

  17. Michael Kec

    One of the most important wars in European history. Saw the end of the powerful Swedish Empire when they could have interfered in the Spanish Civil war and gain more power. Russia asserts itself as the dominant northern and Easter European country. The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth declines in power leading to its partition. Conflicts with Cossacks became more relevant as time goes on. Denmark decreases in power as well. A lot changes and a lot could have changed if this war went differently.

  18. JuvoII

    As a Scandinavian, I find it chuckleworthy, that the Caroleans are so regarded by the Heavy Metal scene, the Caroleans were not "fiercely loyal", they were "fiercely religious", even having their priests walking with them in their assaults. Being taught by the bible, that running away would do no good, if it was your day to die, you would die regardless of running away. So the bravest and most deadly army in the north since Viking times, was also the most fanatically Christian army in Scandinavian history.


    they did make an song about that it call The Carolean's Prayer

  19. avitor avitar

    The swedish king is responsible about that defeat, he could have went to the ottoman sultan and suggest alliance with him.


    2:17 2:35 best part of the song

  21. Petr Sacher

    Just saw the movie The Sovereign's Servant and I can tell you that the battle of Poltava is the only part that isn't absolutely terrible

  22. galaxy_crush

    В Полтаве заебись галушки

  23. Panagiotis Kostas Theoktistou Hollowed be my name

    Trust me I already did your fictional life has not been updated yet seek the living bible for your future

  24. Марина Воронова

    I live in Poltava )))

  25. Семён Семёнов


    Just a silly rhyme, MAKE PISS, NOT WAR :3

  26. Семён Семёнов

    If batte between Sweden and Russia will occur in XXI century:
    - Surrender, infidels, Inshallah!
    - Ahmatu Abkar! Kadyrov takbir!

  27. breathe woody

    russians were just vibe checking the swedes

  28. Uzbagoitel 777

    I really wasn't expecting to see Russian words there D: *Полтава!* Road to certain death and pain! *Полтава!* Swedish soldiers met their bane!

    IJN Yamato

    Poltava is a name of a town.....

  29. Serbian Dragon

    *Carolus* *Rex* *left* *the* *chat*

    Swedish army-stack wipe

  30. AGiLE-EaGLE1994

    You fixed it! It's not Ruina Imperii anymore!

  31. John Kubiak

    Peter the great: I may have beat the shit out of a teenager

  32. Katkovb587

    А нам после этих махачей оправляться... И где тут справедливость?

  33. Kaiser Wilhelm II

    Sabaton and Paradox, the Champions of History

  34. West coast renegade

    Even the sweeds are no match for Slavs in winter time!

  35. Noobjo.mp4

    when you get stackwiped in eu4

  36. Hashtagrex

    lot of memes about the russian winter, but lets not forget in the first battle between russia and sweden the russians lost because it was snowing too heavily

    Dod o

    Hashtagrex to be fair it was more the fact the swedes took advantage of a small window in which they’d have the advantage

  37. War God Jayce 969

    Huge respect from Britain to our Scandinavian cousins!

  38. Октавиан Август

    Many people talk about Russia and Sweden... But... Many Ukrainian Cossacks died when they fight with Russians. And from this moment Ukraine start be part of Russian from 1709 to 1991.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇸🇪🇸🇪

  39. NeZhit

    I cryed tears of sadness

    Finnish Nationalist

    Yes because you are a swede and swedes cry very easily

  40. it's just me

    quick tip for any military strategist: DON`T INVADE RUSSIA IN THE WINTER! Wait for global warming to do its work a bit longer XD

  41. ItzzYellow

    Everybody gangsta till the King leaves command.

    Finnish Nationalist

    Everybody Gangsta till Tsar Alexander stands in the gates of Paris

  42. Luutalais Autisti

    If Carolus would have played his cards better and listened his generals(just like Hitler)

    Jake Shatrau

    But nope, the kid was too cocky. These invasions of Russia seem to always come after a series of victories against others, and after Russia itself loses in near their enemy's border a few times. Only Napoleon has actually made it to Moscow.

    Luutalais Autisti

    @Jake Shatrau Carolus should have invaded St. Petesburg and not Moscow

  43. Echo

    Did Sweden just make a diss track on themselves?

  44. Raem G

    Napoleon and Hitler waited for the winter to stop. Charles straight up invaded it during the coldest recorded winter in history

  45. Swaminathan Balakrishnan

    Russian campaign...

  46. Viniethepooh_993 Kahar

    Um why have I never heard of this war and why is this song so fucken good

  47. chronovac

    If only Charles had listened to his generals and common sense and had marched on St. Petersburg while the Russian army was still reeling instead of attempting to march to Moscow like a fucking idiot


    Such a pity that military genius Chronovac wasn't born 330 years earlier, who knows, maybe he would have subdued the Russians once and for all? After that, perhaps he would march on Berlin, London, Paris or even Rome itself? A pity indeed.

  48. Karol Waszkiewicz

    You know, invading Russia gets more brutal with every new conqueror:
    Mongols - Conquered russian states but eventually lost their power there
    Poles - Marched into Moscow and won some land, but did not manage to stay there for a long time
    Swedes - Lost the war and eventually their empire status
    French - Only found a scorched and deserted land with huge attrition + russian guerilla tactics made them weak enough to not be able to stand a proper battle, thus french empire fell apart to the borders from before the French Revolution
    Germans - Attero Dominatus

    Zenator Slurp

    @Red Panda PLAYZ mmany countries have nukes now
    btw i think there wouldn't be a nuclear war, most of the countries know we would just fuck the continent.


    Why attero dominatus

    IJN Yamato

    Czechoslovak legionaires roamed free through Russia and caused havoc there for commies.
    Noone could stop them.


    @ĐELE Because the Russians attero dominated the Germans to kingdom come, somewhat changed DNA, two states and few hundred klicks to the west.
    Also, if you had listen to the words of Attero Dominatus even loosely you would get it why.

  49. Finnish Nationalist

    One mistake in Description! They didn't March toward Moscow! St Petersburgh was the capital back then (Petrograd).

  50. Emperor Ardox

    Why did I only discover this amazing song today!?

  51. Andrew Varney

    Charles XII: Why do I hear Boss Music?
    Peter the Great: "Trust me, this fight you Can't Win!!!"

  52. Kulsprutejojjo

    Carolus Rex: Alright, our conquests have gone extremely well so far, we've crushed the Danes and the Poles, and are kicking some major Russian ass, so let's take it to their home to finish this once and for all!
    Peter the Great: I'm about to ruin this man's entire career.

  53. Jared Consul

    "Tsar has scorched the nation's land, nothing to be found"

    Any invasion of Russia in a nutshell

    Помик Ломик

    @Barry Allen I know if that , but we have king it's tsar. as a prince this is knyaz.

    Martin ocampo

    Ah the uses of scorched earth tactics.


    @Помик Ломик чувак не неси хуйню,не сравнивай князей с принцами,аналогами князей,были графы и герцоги,и слово царь по происхожбению сходо с кайзером,аля цезарем и равно императорскому званию,смысл один и тот же

    Помик Ломик

    @Emperor Чувак....Я имею ввиду то , что у нас это так и будет называться князь , царь . А на английском prince king. Какой аналог?Князь — глава феодального монархического государства или отдельного политического образования (удельный князь) в IX-XVI веках у славян и некоторых др. народов; представитель феодальной аристократии; позднее — высший дворянский титул, в зависимости от важности приравниваемый к принцу или к герцогу в Западной и Южной Европе, в Центральной Европе (бывшей Священной Римской империи) , этот титул именуется фюрст, а в Северной — конунг. Термин «князь» используется для передачи западноевропейских титулов, восходящих к princeps и Fürst, также иногда dux (обычно герцог) .

    Принц — один из высших титулов представителей аристократии, который имеет несколько значений.
    =В английском, французском, итальянском и ряде других языков под словом prince понимаются князья (фюрсты) . Например, именно так звучит титул монарха в Монако. В западноевропейских языках часто употребляется в обобщенно-абстрактном смысле («принцепс» , «государь» , «монарх» , ср. название работы Макиавелли «Государь» — итал. il Principe).
    =В русском, как и во многих европейских языках, принцем называется представитель прямых потомков монархов. В Австро-Венгрии наследник престола назывался «коронным принцем» , или кронпринцем. В настоящее время кронпринцами титулуются наследники престола в скандинавских монархиях — Швеции, Норвегии, Дании. Также принцами именуются наследники глав некоторых владетельных домов Европы (например, принц Гессенский,

    Помик Ломик

    @Emperor Принципиальной разницы между царем и королем нет. У них, по сути, одинаковый статус и схожие функции. Однако, русская традиция воспринимает царя как непосредственного выразителя божественной воли. Король же иногда выступает как божий слуга. К тому же понятие «царь» стало достоянием истории, а короли и сегодня принимают активное участие в государственной жизни ряда стран.

  54. Byzantine Mapper

    "Sir, you are the first to try the time machine."
    *prepares his 200K MK-18 guns and 100K MP3 players filled with Sabaton songs ready*
    To Poltava, 1709.

    Byzantine Mapper

    @Perfectly Fine I mean the rest of the equipment were reinforcements just in case so.

    Perfectly Fine

    @Byzantine Mapper Damn, that's a lot of reinforcements.

    Byzantine Mapper

    @Perfectly Fine I know right. Hungry soldiers need everything

    Perfectly Fine

    @Byzantine Mapper eating hot lead was just taken to a new level.


    Don't forget tons of food!

  55. Gage Prince

    Rip my boi Charles

  56. Kaiser Wilhelm the second

    Excellent use of the Sneeki Breeki Corp by Tsar Peter there

  57. Turbofuss

    sounds strange if you first heard the swedish version xD

  58. Sigurd Torvaldsson

    When you restart the game


    From "An army of Swedes performing God's deed" to "Swedish soldiers sacrificed their lives in vain".

  60. Cannabis

    310 after the battle, on that day, the Swedish empire lost the battle, PRAISE Carolus

  61. bo mg

    What's that movie?

  62. NeroXX

    Sweden still stronk!

  63. Женя Тимошенко

    То чувство когда живешь в Полтаве, в 5 минутах ходьбы от поля битвы

    Paul Serdiuk

    Мне добираться час :D

  64. ItzzYellow

    When you’re playing HOI4 and Russia is advancing towards Helsinki so you advance towards Poltova (it is a city in HOI4 so everytime I play Sweden I try to occupy it to get the last laugh)

  65. Franz Jozef

    I want Carolus back

  66. Angelo Vertulfo

    Expected a sorrowful song about Swedish defeat, got an upbeat tune for Russian victory

    Zeit Scar

    Well, they do have a song about the Carolean death march after Charles XII died.


    In the end this is all about people who are both dead and buried for over 200 years, no Swede today could claim defeat at Poltava and no Russian today could claim victory there.. glad that Sabaton takes a step back from it all and keeps it from becoming too personal, certainly makes for better content.

  67. caleb clayton

    has Sabaton ever made a bad song?

    IJN Yamato

    No, but few that are very boring and/or not interesting in any way, but not necesserealy bad.
    Swedish Pagans, Price of a Mile, 40:1 and few others.
    But mostly their songs are above average to f*cking excellent.

  68. Biggay

    *Sad Swedish noises*

  69. 57badarse

    Man....what a battle in a war I had never heard of (as an amateur history fanatic, or so i thought) you could make a movie about 20 things that went on this day. Imagine Redoubt 3, or the surrender of Roos, or that final tragic charge of the Thin Blue Line. What a day in history

  70. Zeit Scar

    The Russian bias in this movie was so obvious, my eyes were bleeding lmao

    Aneesh Sahu

    Well they did win

    Zeit Scar

    @Aneesh Sahu true. Still very painful to watch though

    Zeit Scar

    @tuc rin not necessarily every movie. Some are actually historically correct

    Titina de Cassovia

    I doubt you watched the movie

    Definitely A Kremlin-funded Russian Troll Farm Bot

    This movie is not meant to portray a historically accurate picture of the Great Northern War in any way. It is a biographical movie about Peter the Great. His greatness, by the way, stems not from him being a tactical military genius like Napoleon or Charles XII but for transforming Russia politically & culturally in such a short time from a European borderland backwater to a modern European state. The guy went to Holland incognito to learn how to build ships for crying out loud. Fun fact: he "worked" for the VoC, the largest international conglomerate to date. He built our first navy, encouraged trade and foreign investment, recruited Europeans to serve and settle in Russia and so on. He set the precedent and became the golden standard as to what a Russian Tsar should be. The Russian army at that point was definitely not as professional and battle-hardened as the Swedish Caroleans, but regardless it was transformed massively. The only reason Peter even went to war with Sweden was the need for warm water ports which the Swedes took from us in the chaos of 1612 during our succession crisis when the last Rurikid ruler died with no heir. This whole war triangle between the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Tsardom of Russia, and the Kingdom of Sweden actually goes way back in history with most people not realizing that there is much more depth behind the reasons for this specific war.

  71. Bexspace

    Back in times when Sweden wasn't just a bunch of soyboy pussies.

  72. God Almighty

    Don't you dare shoot at my son!

  73. Patrick Robbie

    France, germany, sweden; These three countries have one thing in common. What is it and how did it turn out?

    Titina de Cassovia

    Germans (and shortly before before them Swedes) tried their luck even sooner, in 1242.

  74. PJ Hussar

    Not even Sweden can invade Russia....

  75. A NOOB

    From "crowned by God" to "excuse for a king"

    Dod o

    FAT CUNT the voice isn’t Charles, it’s the Swedish commander who lead the battle and wasn’t a king, charles was wounded and left command before the battle begun

    Gustav Odvik

    Dod o, the Swedish army was much smaller than the Russian army, therefor feeble horde?

    Dod o

    Gustav Odvik which is the point I made

    Dod o

    In the Swedish version it’s from the tsar s perspective though

    IJN Yamato

    That happens when you claim "you were crowned by god"
    A nonexistent being.
    I was destined to be a next US president, because my head voices said so.
    Deal with it or you will go to hell.
    Religion is a bloody (literally) joke and a threat to humanity.
    Anyone saying they "got something from god" are insane.

  76. Yes

    That face at 5:52-5:56 be like
    We are fucced

  77. Spencer Borg

    Where is this footage from?

    Lord Inquisitor Shadowlord


  78. Jun Co Ent

    First time I listen to this kind of music, honestly I could get into this 😏🔥

  79. rate eightx

    If Only The Winged Hussars Had Arrived.


    sweden fought against the winged hussars during the great northern war though

    Vlad Prus

    @RenderError Some of nobles supported Sweden. Great Northern War was basicly giant civil war for Poland-Lithuania where king Augustus supported Russia and pretender Stanisław Leszczyński supported Sweden.

  80. Андрей Кравченко

    Слава королю Карлу XII, союзнику Мазепы и Украины сражавшийся против русских.

  81. Joisah Ahern

    Thank you for posting information about the song that is being sung in context. It makes the song more then just listening.

  82. Aleksandar Stojanovic

    2:16 ;)

  83. I am dogge

    Sounds like untitled from doom 1993 lol

  84. Vincent Drummond

    Carolus was No fool nor an excuse for a king, this is such a disrespect, and not even what the Caroleans would have said. He was simply wise, he was able to do the impossible many times, he would always roll the dice, and always got the impossible. Him believing he could win does NOT make him foolish, if he was not shot in the foot, he'd likely have won the battle. In no way is this swedish boy king an 'excuse' or a fool. He's been at war since age 15, right as he took the crown practically, he right away did the impossible, even when they said 'trust me, this fight you can't win'. Long live Carolus Rex!!!

  85. Crimson Phoenix

    History class: [takes weeks to talk about one historical event]
    Sabaton: [takes 5 minutes and gives WAY more information retention in the form of a badass song]

    I think we know which one is better.

    Jakov Grbelja

    @Perfectly Fine Same. We spent a week studying ww2 and didn't even mention the 30 years war or similiar important events. But we spent the rest of the year studying irrelevant Croatian history.

    tristhan dijkstra

    @Perfectly Fine my history teacher literally used oversimplified

    Sejn Hu

    @Perfectly Fine Same, just it was Serbian history.

    Citizen Snips

    @Perfectly Fine Same here in the US of A.

    Alexis Thibodeau

    The best: the comment section in every Sabaton song😜

  86. Patrick Robbie


  87. why should i give my name to a computer

    when that Swedish kid steals your notebook

  88. Julka Z.

    Here I am in 2019 learning to my history exams, thank you Sabaton

  89. Акани

    То что про место где я живу поёт даже Sabaton невероятно радует мою душу)

  90. Mustafa Furkan Fenni

    Carolus defeated by russia and flee to ottomans and ottoman attacked russia. Almost all of the russian army stacked by ottomans but the Baltacı pasha released them for money end he executed by the sultan.

  91. Xx_Dank_Lord_xX gr

    Why do I have a feeling to go on eu4 and beat up the russians as sweden

  92. Thor Odinson

    Invading Russia is the turning point of every ruler's career.

  93. Alejandro Kaplan

    They should do a song on Tannenberg

  94. Петр Петрович

    Read the description and understand what.

  95. Cheeseburger Freedom Man


  96. pablo giustiniani

    Gopnik vs Sabaton in *insert music award here*
    Gopnik wins!

    *this plays*

  97. ParakRS

    If only there was a version of this thats about the Elder Scrolls games and the Civil War in Skyrim! So i made my own song and lyrics based on this song below 😄

    Im calling it *Whiterun* based on this song.

    Time has worn the Stormcloaks down

    Marched for many miles

    In the western lands so cursed

    Time to make a stand!

    Jarl Ulfric sent armies through his lands

    Nothing to be found

    Hunger grasps the soldiers hearts

    Many Nord soldiers strooong!

    Listen! Excuse for a jarl!

    Trust me! This fight you cant win!


    Charged to certain death and pain


    Stormcloak soldiers met their bane


    Sacrificed their lives in vain


    In the haze and cold northern wind

    Charging at their foe

    Arrows break the silent air

    Wasted battle plan

    Stormcloak forces stand alone

    Jarl has left command

    rule is left to Galmar Stone-Fist

    Waiting for their chance

    Listen! Obey my command

    Hear me, or die by my hand


    Charged to certain death and pain


    Stormcloak soldiers met their bane


    Sacrificed their lives in vain


    Imperial Armies blocked their way

    20,000 lost that day

    They bled the ground

    Sovngarde they found

    There’s no sign of victory

    Ulfric Stormcloak had to flee

    And leave the land

    Leave command

    Madness, curse your feeble horde!

    Fear me, or you’ll die by my sword



    Charged to certain death and pain


    Stormcloak soldiers met their bane


    Sacrificed their lives in vain


    If only someone could make a cover of this song with theese Lyrics and have a music video about the Battle of Whiterun😄😄😄

    Gaming Bythesea

    Good stuff man

  98. Nekokun

    I live in Poltava. it is not good town

  99. Zackary Platt

    when you get knocked unconscious in mount and blade warband and send your men to keep fighting

    The_Drop Bear

    I don't understand that, when you fight no one dies. But when your army fights without you half of them die, it makes no sense.

  100. Piscator