Sabaton - Metal Ripper Lyrics

You're in for surprise, you're in for a shock
In London town streets when there's darkness and fog
I'm going down, all the way down
I'm on the highway to hell from here

Blessed by the night, holy and bright
Called by the toll of the bell
Oh Mr. Crowley did you talk to the dead
Sleep with the devil and then you must pay

Abandoned land come on in child take my hand
Hear a rising force
Watch the damned they're gonna break their chains
Through the night you can hear them

Twisting you mind and smashing your dreams
Blinded by me you can't see a thing
Torches blazed and sacred chants were praised
Blood on your face you big disgrace

A strand of silver hanging through the sky
Touching more than you can see
Appears like a wonder without any move
Gonna get close, closer to you

Abandoned land come on in child take my hand
Hear a rising force
Watch the damned they're gonna break their chains
Through the night you

ALL ABOARD, Hahahahaha

Abandoned land come on in child take my hand
Hear a rising force
Watch the damned they're gonna break their chains
Through the night...

Abandoned land come on in child take my hand
Hear a rising force
Watch the damned they're gonna break their chains
Through the night you can hear them

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Sabaton Metal Ripper Comments
  1. AGiLE-EaGLE1994

    I listened to this. I am now a Terminator.

  2. Komrade BigTex sucks

    I love this song. Fucking amazing music paying homage to other amazing music.

  3. Zeski1999

    Try to get through a metal detector while this song is playing in the background.

  4. Darkness Nighthingale

    I just realized why North Korea keeps sending missles to Japan. They're trying to exchange metal.

  5. Wortilus

    Sabaton in a nutshell is just "we know you can make songs, but we can mash songs to make a better song"

  6. Dawid Wojacki

    When you have many favourite metal songs and you want to hear all of them at once.

  7. Southern Railway

    Did anyone hear the drum sticks fall to the ground at the end

  8. Daniel Cardozo

    Solo un comentario en español

  9. Jarred Ingersoll

    Disney: Infinity war is the most ambitious cross over

  10. OpticalDuck2

    It’s funny how many references they put into this song

  11. Finnish Nationalist

    0:00 I bet i have heard that same tune in a Children of Bodom song.....

  12. President Roosevelt II

    The best mashup ever

  13. Yato (read bio)

    Damn....first timer listening to this....I'm shocked I'm a metal head die hard and this is fucking awesome greatest metal tribute ever

    -the machinist

  14. AsikRambo

    Is the text mixed of another bands' fragments of lyrics? Creatively, something like Metal Crew, another Sabaton's song. I am keen on them so much.

  15. Liberators Gameria

    Metal Ripper, sounds like boss of gypsy gang

  16. Robert P.

    This song gives me goose bumps!

  17. Matt Giesler

    I listen to this to become a Metal Machine at work.

  18. Harrison Nellestein

    The best metal I've listened to in ages. Also, watch the damned, their gonna break their chains.

  19. Harrison Nellestein


  20. manic mechanic

    I'm the priest that killed the maidens in the metal church, with guns and burning roses.🔫🥀🤘

  21. marcus O

    Weirdly, Pandora gave me the instrumental version of this? There. That's something you needed to know.

  22. Foxtoned

    I played this to my car, now it's a tank.

  23. McChicken

    You missed highway to hell in the description

  24. the best noise marine

    Ah who doesn't like to blast metal at 3:44 am. Man I love this shit.

    Darkness Nighthingale

    4:53 am for me.
    Continue to blast it!

  25. Jeffy 1234

    Omg. My phone felt like 500 lbs of metal when listening to the song

  26. Noe' Brown

    Metal ripper or metal crüe?
    I like metal crüe better.

  27. Seth Eiken

    My bones are now obsidian

  28. dstroyer11

    I've listened to both this song, and Metal Machine, many times, and I've only just found out that they are tributes to multiple songs, mainly metal...

  29. Axel Bacquet

    crazy train hommage

  30. Nathan

    Wasn’t expecting to ever hear We Will Rock You like that

  31. Michał M

    Judas Priest The Ripper intro!!

  32. Travis Toor

    I listen to the song A Thousand Times that I just realized the intro to this song is the intro to the Ripper by Judas Priest I feel stupid

  33. John Waugh

    That was... interesting. Not their best song by any means, but actually not that bad.

  34. husarz1444


    Darkness Nighthingale


  35. GiantButterKnife

    "You know what would look great for text? Dark blue on black." - no one ever.

    Darkness Nighthingale

    But it does look nice.

  36. Józef Piłsudski

    That guitar entry is 1 in 1 the same as the on in Judas Priests "The Ripper". Even the title is nearly the same. Love Sabaton with all my heart but that's just uncool.

    Darkness Nighthingale

    But that's kinda the whole point.

  37. Doggo With Anxiety

    I'm only commenting because I just noticed that very first small riff is Judas Priest. Figured y'all should know that, okay bye I'm going back to 2019

  38. Emperor Mark Hayes

    The metal ripper shall go tear apart pop and rap and turn it all into mulch


    Metal Machine was cool because I really liked Two Minutes to Midnight, this one was cool because I liked Master of Puppets

  40. Game Smile

    0:50 Come on Ninja take my hand

  41. Riley Lamas

    They even use Judas Priest's opening riff from their song Ripper off of Sad Wings of Destiny.

  42. manic mechanic

    That couldn't be any more perfect.🤘

  43. Lockrime Channel

    "This song should be considered as a historical work". I agree.

  44. Captain Zao

    wtf is going on

    SouthernGhost 1865

    *shrug* Glitch I guess

  45. Good Guy Gary

    Come on ninja, take my hand...

    Darkness Nighthingale

    Come on nii-chan, take my hand.

  46. Varian Wrynn


  47. Luka Stanojevic

    Come on in child?
    I taught it was come on Nii-chan!

  48. Derek Henschel

    So basically what they did with metal machine. Got it

  49. Wriggle Night

    Honestly in keeping with the World War 2 theme I thought this was about the Blackout Ripper

  50. the Iron wolverine

    Top 10 anami crossovers

  51. Vampire Slayer

    What has happened to my body my heart is now made of tungsten- my blood made of molten steel and my skin is iron.

  52. Warbird 1243

    gotta say queen seemed a little out of place lol

  53. Francesco Menna

    A genius!!!!!!


    Here is enough metal to repair twin tovers

  55. E_Fitz_216 • 69 years ago

    The intro is from Judas Priest’s The Ripper.

  56. Hunter wolfe

    I'm not even a metal head, I mostly listen to Johnny cash, hank williams, etc. But his is definitely one of the best songs ever by one of the best bands

  57. ThibautVDP

    i cried. tears of lava.

  58. AllHandsOnDik

    This is the best thing I’ve ever heard, the biggest love letter to all metal ever, and it still sounds fucking amazing and seems to fit perfectly, just badass

  59. Ghost Stalker

    in an abandoned land ,a common ninja take my hand :D

    Darkness Nighthingale


  60. kurt knispel.


  61. Lauri Törni

    come on in child take my hand!

  62. Cass

    Jesus fuck, the intro

  63. Soo Line

    Takes a lot of talent to take all these fragmented lyrics and turn them into one song

    Darkness Nighthingale

    Well, he did also write a song in 25 minutes on toilet paper because he forgot a song for the album.

  64. Mark Hawryluk

    This made mii HAV SEX

    Phoenix Wyvern35

    Mark Hawryluk
    Was it hard for her.

  65. kurt knispel.


    Phoenix Wyvern35

    kurt knispel.
    Metal is Metal none of them are that different, but they different categories of metal.

  66. Pat


  67. Adam Wróblewski

    Intro borrowed from The Ripper - Judas Priest.. ;)

  68. Jesse B

    This is the best * starts uncontrollably crying

  69. Pedro Barbosa Duarte

    1:47 - last quote from a ss officer before the train leaves

    the vammaiset

    Pedro Barbosa Duarte i feel horrible of laughing to this

    Pedro Barbosa Duarte

    Juippi why? How doesnt like seeibg some jews havinh fun? 😂

    obligatory username

    Pedro Barbosa Duarte, not funny.

  70. Evan Walker


    tiger tank gaming


  71. tiger tank gaming

    who's Mr Crowley?

  72. Travis Toor

    It's a fucking talent to use songs as lyrics but sabaton has done it 3 times that's a fucking gift

  73. CometTamer

    Dunno why, but hearing this i picture some big brute of a man just ripping a huge piece of sheet metal in two with his bare hands.

    Also, shame they didnt throw at least one KISS reference in...oh well.

  74. Reilly moorhouse

    I just came

  75. zeppelin led

    heavy metal will never die indeed! well i think so anyway... because i will be loong loooooong dead before it happens

  76. CrazeDiamonds

    The intro kinda sounds like Megadeth angry again

  77. Noah whitehouse

    So much metal, I built an entire squadron of fully-functional jet fighters!

    Malo Cuillandre

    99 luftballons...

  78. tiger tank gaming

    come on in child, take my hand

  79. Ellef Henry Rasmussen

    Sabaton will never die - in my mind .

  80. Lots Of Squats

    love how you support rock by giving names of bands and one of there good songs with each slide

  81. cropathfinder

    Someone needs to make a playlist with all the songs used in this song in the correct order as they appear that would just be so metal

  82. Ellef Henry Rasmussen

    Only one time AC/DC ?

  83. Nathan Harwood

    Met bruce dickinson yesterday and made so many metal friends, this songs dedicated to all my metal brothers

  84. Okruma

    Ÿ thø

  85. The SaltySailor

    What song are they tributing at 1:54?

  86. Noodleboy N

    Is there other songs like this apart from Metal Crue and metal machine.And Rammsteins Ramm4


    Neil Taylor Man Of War by Sabaton again is a tribute to Manowar. A bonus track on their album Heroes

  87. Николай Иванов

    Клип охуенее и пиздат, звуковой ряд идеально наложен на зрительный образ. Тема песни полностью раскрыта в данном клипе. Но объясните нахуя это сделано?!

  88. Darek \m/

    Judas Priest The Ripper -> intro

  89. Denise Lisboa

    Why do I love Sabaton so much?

  90. Tucher97

    i am sure doom guy approves
    unfortunately this song is bound to suffer from unjust copy right, captain sparkles made minecraft parody songs, he gave the name of hte original songs, writers and singers, as well under copy protection but unfortunately he had to butcher them

  91. Zeldatag123

    I have every song by Sabaton on my mp3 player.
    The fire department is called when I play them.

  92. War Thunder damienx6ox Xbox one

    Yeah yeah. yeah yeah

  93. Kopsu

    "Oh Mr. Crowley did you talk to the dead?"

  94. Gene Stevens

    heavy metal went down when rap came

  95. Solrod

    I was listening to this without earphones while it was raining... and the rain is getting louder, faster... one window is opened it is louder and some of it actually spills on me... and the music makes it awesome! Now it's the solo, I just need a thunder bolt to make it more awesome

  96. Aleksa1000

    i dunno if this is power metal or heavy metal only know its a badass metal

  97. Ricky May Get well soon

    If Beckett wins this plagiarism case against Maiden over stealing their song lyrics, will Sabaton be next?