Sabaton - Blood Of Bannockburn Lyrics

Now that our time has come to fight
Scotland must unite
We'll make a stand on Stirling ground
To put a challenge to the crown
We are one, we have come
We're here to break and end the occupation
We have our nation's fate in hand
It's time we make our final stand

Rally all the clans
Englishmen advance
Blood of Bannockburn
Point of no return

Join the Scottish revolution
Freedom must be won by blood
Now we call for revolution
Play the pipes and cry out loud

We need a king to rule our land
Bruce is in command
It is the crown that's in his sight
And it's the reason we will fight
To attack, send them back
And then we'll see to Bruce's coronation
We are the Scots with pikes in hand
And we will die to claim our land

Rallied all the clans
Halted English plans
Charge of Bannockburn
Freedom we shall earn

Join the Scottish revolution
Freedom must be won by blood
Now we call for revolution
Play the pipes and cry out loud

And as the Hammer lost its crown
And a weak heir to succeed it
Play the tunes of victory
Play them higher and higher tonight

Wallace showed the way
Led us to this day
Here at Bannockburn
Freedom we have earned

Join the Scottish revolution
Freedom must be won by blood
Now we call for revolution
Play the pipes and cry out loud

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Sabaton Blood Of Bannockburn Comments
  1. Karel Seidl

    Another (czech) version: Asonance: Bannocburn
    less metal, more historic. :-)

  2. Filip Nässén

    If Scotland decides to revolt against thee english, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland will stand by the scots. The North remembers

  3. novra hadi

    The Scottish, Gaul Celtic descendants VS The English, Germanic Saxon offspring.

  4. Tucher97

    English sends their best, finest troops with great equipment
    English Soldier:Why do I hear bagpipes?

  5. _coolman_

    Still true now

  6. Lukas

    Makes me a proud Scottish! And I'm not even Scottish...

  7. Captain Dildoface

    Wee Jimmy Sturgeon missed a trick by not using this for the indyref campaign song. What was that alba gu brath shit?

  8. Andrei Cristi Moga


  9. Elite Mangudai

    im not scottish but after hearing this song i want an independent scotland

  10. Akali is Life, Akali is Love

    the pipes make this sound verу cheerу, Scottish spirit indeed!

  11. Knackers Jewels

    So, uh, where do I sign up to join the Scottish Revolution?

  12. Prussia For life

    all i here is that ear rape

  13. Spartan 228

    2:46 "Play the pipes and cry out lou-IN THE NAME OF GOD!"

  14. undead9999


  15. Dmitri Malgov Laui

    You know you've messed up when you hear bagpipes blasting in the distance.

  16. Commander Orca O'Connor

    *Earrape Bagpipes*

  17. Dan

    Scottish people on their way to vote for independence (2019, Colourized.)

  18. klein weich

    give those Englishers Sabaton every time

  19. otaku pizza

    Scotexit anime opening.

    P.s.: go scotland! We Europeans are waiting for you brothers! Give that damn englishmen a taste of their own medicine!

    Dod o

    otaku pizza Britain was scottlands idea


    @Dod o that was realy bad idea

    Dod o

    Nenad Scotland benefits immensely from Britain

    otaku pizza

    @Dod o they benefit more from Europe and they're starting to realize that the real oppressor was england all along

    Dod o

    otaku pizza good luck then, kiss goodbye to those free degrees, not that it would affect you or any of your offspring

  20. gary barr

    Hay is everybody stupid theses days I'm wondering I think so yes yes

  21. A regular frontiersmen

    The last stand album really wanted fans to bare arms I mean last stand practically turned all of us Christian and Shiroyama made us all weebs and by God the last battalion tore apart my German and American ancestors of ww1

  22. Renma

    Indyref2 boys, let's go!

  23. Silvera

    hell ye

  24. Jay Montanez

    This meme was brought to you by SNP gang

  25. Murdoch Quintland Rochefeller

    No joke I got a Guinness ad for this

  26. Geralt of Rivia

    Douglas. DOUGLAS. *DOUGLASSSS* .

  27. Lucious


  28. Adrian Mihaljević

    Hippity hoppity, the comment section is scottish property

  29. Kuro Azrem

    1,1 K English didn´t like the song

  30. Alan Bell

    Proud Scot here. 55% of Scots need to be listening to this and not Westminster bullshit.

  31. RonSommar

    Brexit anthem

  32. daniel Ocean Smith

    I love how upbeat this is...
    It’s like the scots are rebelling against the hopeless defiant feeling and making it more of a “FUCK YOU WE ARE DEFYING JUST CUS WE WANT TO!!! WE DONT CARE ABOUT THE END WE JUST LOVE MAKING YOU LOOK THE FOOL!!!”

  33. Destructerator

    Whoever does the lyric videos for Nuclear Blast definitely has the most fun with the Sabaton lyrics

  34. Pedro Lopes

    Portuguese and scotish people are brothers, a history of earning/protecting our freedoom and motherland agains our neighbours, agains all odds with our warrior hearts! Respect to you from Portugal!

    Dod o

    Pedro Lopes you meant to be Britain in generals brothers

  35. Kyle Brooks


  36. Drew Walker

    Well Fucking A. I just spontaneously made a kilt out of my bed sheet.

  37. Alin Alexandru

    "Play the pipes and cry out loud! ... IN THE NAME OF GOD!" That was so good, even though not intended.

  38. Kamil Kołek

    Greetings from Poland. William Wallace fought for the freedom of his countrymen, I understand this because I come from Poland as I wrote earlier.

    P.S. Great britain (I only mean native British) Unfortunately, I am sad to say this, but WB has shown in history more than once that he likes to cheat on buddies, they would like to rule all at the same time while overstating the opinion about himself that there is nothing in the world only the island of Queen, Ireland, betrayals, intrigues, breach of the Alliance's commitments (1939), short moments of lustful England, colonization of territorial expansion (Africa, Europe, America) Scotland, etc. It was so from 793 so I think that England rose from its knees in the late 1970s and 1980s. However, without Poles we would all probably be dead (fighter pilots: Czechoslovakian squadron 310 and 303 also Poland 303 squadron, and all other foreign squadrons that fought in the Battle of England and were incorporated very late into the RAFU, despite this, still British buffons, of course, not all of them were in charge of radio communication, but for a long time we were the lower one for them, we wouldn't exist for them but that they didn't have pilots, so the British they fought a lot earlier in the air but lost in the race of shooting down German planes. Regards all the good I was not meant to offend anyone but I did it in part, once again I'm sorry if someone was offended by my text I am not a radical but I am a right-winger and I try my country evaluate everything as far as Fr. It is a pity that you will not teach an old dog new tricks, especially if he is stubborn. best regards

    klein weich

    the British did not fight two worldwars to be told of by a Pole

    Dod o

    klein weich ignore him, the polish education system is worse than their corner shops

  39. Leszy

    english troops walking into a forest: Why do we hear boss music?
    Scottish warriors: 0:06

  40. Mini Meme

    pike wielding units

  41. WONG

    In the name of GOOOOOOOD...

  42. Exodus

    Someone give this song to the people of hong kong.

    Bess Chan

    That's my instant thought when I first found out this song 2 months ago, and I'm from Hong Kong


    For once in my life im actually for English imperialism in this case. Hong Kong was much, much better off and the people happier under British rule

    Take On Kek

    @Legitpenguins69 ruuuLEEEEE BRITTANIA

  43. Peter Křesťan

    so is this Scotland ofi anthem ?

  44. eNji

    such an awesome song! way too underrated!!!!

  45. King Draconias

    Literally the only time Bagpipes have not made me want to rip my ears off. :P

  46. MC Fox

    Here's something that I want done by Sabaton if they haven't done it already; either the Battle of Tippecanoe or Tecumseh's life

  47. kurt Knispel



    Why I feel this is more of a propaganda film then a sabaton song

  49. Captain Tbone

    1.1k are th english invaders

  50. Nightmare Bat

    William Wallace was convinced of treason against the English crown yet he never was an English subject

  51. HSmarc

    1121 Brexitmen already disliked this video :D

  52. TheTaintedWisdom

    "Only two things ya gotta know about the Scotts:"

  53. Richard Shaw

    I’m English and I love this. Then again, I love anything by Sabaton.

  54. Kevin Kopinski


  55. Tank

    I'm related to William Wallace :picardia:

  56. David Tinkle

    The song is fitting. It helps symbolizes the importance of that battle and how it shaped British history

  57. Camden Beahan-Smith

    History Matters brought me here

  58. DatManYdocris

    Why do I have a sudden urge to don a kilt and grab the nearest claymore?

  59. Tyree Cruz

    Muskegon of tartan

  60. Platriani

    Fucking brilliant. Wish Wales had a song like this :)

    klein weich

    yessssss Men of Harlech Sabaton Style

  61. Dirk Meatwhistle

    This makes one side of me want to fight the other side of me, good times

  62. john smith

    I swear if these guys are touring in USA next year I will grow my hair out dye it red wear a kilt and bring my claymore just to hear this song

  63. Mathias Retzlik

    Everyone, stand for the ACTUAL anthem of Scottland

  64. Clarence Baskerville

    When mountains start to speak gaelic

  65. LittleMohawk

    Girls Locker Room: Sara u're a bitch
    Boys Locker Room:

  66. Dmitri Malgov Laui

    This song is a BIG morale booster a BIG one

  67. Gerhard Van der Merwe

    We are all Scottish tonight!

  68. M D

    The japanese have tin foil swords the europeans have giant pieces of metal with wood but we have CLAYMORES


    This single song and lyric video pays so much more respect to the Scottish revolution than the entirety of that trash, Braveheart. Thank you, Sabaton.

  70. Rebel Infarnape

    Demoman to the English:
    "Ohhh they are gonna have to glue you back together.... In HELL"

  71. Le Fruitcup


  72. Hilversumborn

    That transition from Bannockburn to The Last Stand is hilarious

  73. Roky Boky

    Play this in 1.5 speed

  74. Ben Healy

    I'd love to see them make a song about the Siege of Jadotville or the troubles of northern Ireland

  75. Daniel Acheson

    Maybe the anthem of Scotland's next independence referendum. Esp. with the disaster of Brexit looming.

  76. Sebastian Castellanos


  77. Abadlynamed turtle

    who needs swords when you have bagpipe firing lines

  78. Jonny Setzler

    Did not expect heavy metal bagpipes but I’m totally here for it

  79. Donovan Klier

    Hey everyone, I am starting a revolution in America, and I need people. Reply to join

  80. SovietBritain

    I feel good because it's a song about the area I was born

  81. Achintya Naithani

    The most TRIUMPHANT Sabaton song ever. They usually talk about how much war sucks or how bitterly they will fight for a doomed cause.....
    But here? All they talk about is how many hells the English are going to go through!!!

  82. Alexander Kolchak

    The force that defended stirling disliked this video.

  83. James Lynn

  84. Robi_CK

    Scotland in a nutshell:
    1314 - Yeah, we finally got rid of those Englishmen!
    1603 - oh yeah, sure England, you can borrow our king...
    1707 - what do you mean by "Great Britain"?!

    Hawf Cut

    Well, it was Scotland that set up the Union, but sure.

    The Big Man 03

    Technically the first king of Great Britain was Scottish

  85. Arthur Morgan

    Wallace: is killed.


  86. Dabigboom

    Guy: Yeah I'm in a metal band!
    Girl: what do you play?
    Guy: Bagpipes

    Sorcha the raven

    Dabigboom There's nothing as metal as bagpipes, lad ;)

  87. UltraIsHere

    Just curious why don't people like this song?

  88. rwplm

    I still say it needs more bagpipes

  89. lucas darroch

    Damn man wish people would fight for freedom now like our families did back then

  90. Francis Friesen

    My favorite Brexit song

  91. Papa Johns


  92. coco138

    Longue vie à nos frères écossais !

  93. Nikolai Orr

    Proud to be part Scottish very proud there is no victory without sacrifice

  94. The Official Jedi Order

    1K tories disliked the vid

  95. Arthur Morgan

    Producer's: how much bagpipe do you want? Sabaton: yes

  96. RG Ashe

    If anyone in your life wants to see Braveheart, slap them in the face, then show them this video. It's more historically accurate, doesn't have Mel Gibsons influence anywhere within it, and yet achieves the same patriotic feeling, guess you don't need to make the english into discount medieval Nazis or just lie about history.. Looking at you The Patriot ):(

  97. GamersOnVideos

    a by youtube auto generated version got blocked in my country, wot.

  98. grimSleeper59

    I didn't believe Scotland should have independence a while ago. Then i heard this song.

  99. TheGodEmperorofMankind

    William Wallace is one of the greatest heroes of all time. We had such a proud history once and say what you will about the Bruce he won us our independence.