S3RL - You're My Superhero Lyrics

Up in the sky, look!
It's a bird!
It's a plane!

You're my superhero

I can be your Louis Lane
I can be your Mary Jane
If you were the Joker
I can be you Harley Quinn
I'll be the one for you
You're my superhero (superhero)

We can take it slowly, nice and easy
We can go fast like it might not last long
I can be the one for you
You're my superhero (superhero)

You're my superhero

I can be your Pepper Potts
I can be your Betty Ross
And if you were Batman
I could even be Robin
I'll be the one for you
You're my superhero (superhero)

We can take it slowly, nice and easy
We can go fast like it might not last long
I'll be the one for you
You're my superhero (superhero)


I can be your Louis Lane
I can be your Mary Jane
If you were the Joker
I can be your Harley Quinn
I'll be the one for you
You're my superhero (superhero)

I can be your Pepper Potts
I can be your Betty Ross
And if you were Batman
I could even be Robin
I'll be the one for you
You're my superhero

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S3RL You're My Superhero Comments
  1. Fla_m

    0:19 waldo!

  2. ricardas moroz

    this hits more than my dad with a belt

  3. Valeria Galaz Zepeda

    I love s3rl forever 😍❤ 5 de noviembre del 2019❤

  4. Sambob 16

    Me and my kids love listing to this song

  5. #Sonu_sharma

    Irritating and addictive at same time

  6. Loco Baxter

    Instagram of mary Jane? 😍

  7. whatever name

    needs me a gf after this vid

  8. Andris Lauber

    This song is strangely beautiful

  9. first ever

    They are all crackheads in costumes

  10. Biggestfan S3RL

    My name is good :)

  11. Johnny Doe

    I know I’m necroing the comment section but did no one notice that S3rl is implying that the Batman - Robin relationship is the same as the Pepper Pots - Tony relationship or the Betsy Ross - Bruce Banner relationship?

  12. Bergwacht

    is the guy in taht video s3rl? :)

  13. xlank04

    S3rl you get me through my day I swear 💋💋💋💗💗💗

  14. xTheLostSinner

    They're all hot af.

  15. Actiminium


  16. first ever

    That's not the avengers!

  17. OwO-tism

    I can be your Mary Jane (Insert Thonk emoji)

  18. Neige Kennedy

    I am Ironman

  19. Lest4r

    Do you think it would be bad if a kid listened to this song? After all, this is music is generally associated with heavy drug use... Regardless, I have been wondering.

    4 legged Blue

    I think this song in particular is ok for kids. Maybe don't show them songs like "Hentai" and they'll be good :D


    @4 legged Blue Are they wanna listen to hentai after listening to this though? Are they wanna go to a rave? ☺️Just curious

  20. looser ninja

    Fuck is this


    Se le nota todo el auto tune ! Estaría mejor sin auto tune...

  22. DTU - Darkness the umbreon [AKA LimictheZorgoia]

    Did anyone notice Odlaw at 0:19

    DTU - Darkness the umbreon [AKA LimictheZorgoia]

    And waldo at 0:29

  23. PikaVisual Jp

    S3RL good , but her Cosplays in this song so bad! D:

  24. ddssddsd

    S3RL is my Superhero

  25. Kitten SNova

    0:19 is this fake waldo?

  26. Matt Visibilty.

    Man the Harley and Joker are cringe.

  27. red

    0:18 or 0:19 look at the black shirt guy but look more closely in the shoulder u will see yellow guy on there

  28. Ed Felipe

    2018 my best playlist ever

  29. Ajax_Stormwing

    Just realized that they were saying Batman is probably gay. And possibly pedo.
    Is there a female Robin over the age of 18?

  30. HandsUpHereWeGO

    1:44 hidden message

  31. Vannii

    It's 2018, And I'm Still Your Super Hero.

  32. Elegit

    Great song but super cringey video

  33. TheDannyAdventures

    i think serl appeals to the type of people i dont like.

  34. TheDannyAdventures

    its just so secular

  35. ItsPat

    Holy shit dude! Those girls are so fucking CUTE!!!!

  36. Carefulleek93 !

    I love how goofy he is. Favorite DJ honestly.

  37. RainbowRocketWolf

    Ah S3rl you're such a nerd...i love it!!

  38. Evil Paragon 2

    Okay, now how do I sing this in Moonbase Alpha?

  39. Nico

    Maybe I'm late but there's waldo at 0:19

  40. Jesus Desu

    Pls more songs with Zoe these are epic.

  41. Avenida Zoeira

    Mtc nessa mary Jane porra

    Fap fap fap

    Naruto Extreme

    Avenida Zoeira hehehe

    Luiza Rodrigues

    Hehehehe safadãum kakakka

  42. Rowan Sullivan

    Waldo's @ 0:19

  43. Rúben Diogo


  44. petacreepers23

    who is the one in 0:33 =?

  45. ColdHazard

    It's a bird
    It's a plane
    It's an ICBM

  46. Luka Vojinovic

    1:46 hidden message

    Naruto Extreme

    Luka Vojinovic não achei ;-;

  47. Daily Dose of Mank Demes

    Goddamn is it just me or is every black widow I see fucking hot?

  48. Dustpanda Music

    S3RL gives me the most depressing nostalgia ever.

  49. T3CHN0PU55Y

    I WANT A FUKING VIDEO with u :D omg, u cosplay girls are so fuking cute :D

    maybe u want a video with video games from lol or another bro :)

    with love from germany :)

  50. HLS273

    1:45 to 1:46 Hidden Message?

  51. Rasmus Kock

    S3rl looks like the kind og guy you could have some good banter with in the weekend.

  52. Bo Pedersen

    Dj s3rly

  53. Juzimaster

    0:19 waldo if anyone did not notice yet.

  54. Gyrox

    boi zoe is ugly af

  55. Dj s3rl You're me super hero!!

  56. J purple ramen

    I was just at comic con yesterday good time.

  57. YaBoiYudi

    If I only had apps that could download music and listen offline for free


    Sorry it took a while to reply but is it on iOS or on an android

    Pedro Carnitas

    Steve Cabrera Its a website, I just Google loudtronix, type the song that I want, find the correct video, and download the MP3 of it and it saves to my music :)


    Pedro Carnitas were so you go to find the music after you download the music

    Pedro Carnitas

    Steve Cabrera It should be under audio/music if not go to your downloads


    Pedro Carnitas ok thx

  58. Totham

    This song makes me feel happy as hell :)

  59. Kиttø PrøDucTCÍØNS/2017 failer boy

    wow kyleaaron nightcore I subscribe to your channel

  60. 123098man

    Black Widow 😍
    Mary Jane 😍
    Betty Ross 😍
    Agent Carter? 😍

  61. Biggle Pop

    I don't know why people are hating on the Harley cosplayer. I think she looks like Harley from the Injustice series. Or is it because she's not slender and with a tiny waist? A lot worse cosplays out there and at least it isn't one of the many thousand Suicide Squad Harley's. Ech.

  62. Ghoul Music

    this is so great

  63. Mauro Prosseti

    Whats the name of the black widow cosplayer????


    Jessica Blais

  64. Rorikkuma


    Pedro Carnitas


  65. GH00STIE

    ill let the joker being a superhero bit slide cuz i love this song

  66. Mauro Prosseti

    Someone knows the name of the blacl widow cosplay girl???


    sry for being late
    Name is Jessica Blais

  67. Jelfasa

    5 bucks to anyone who tells me the black widow rangas name

    Mauro Prosseti

    Jelfasa im lockin for it too bro


    hello. is name is Jessica Blais

  68. -DGGB-

    The vocalist (Zoe VanWest I guess?) looks like a kandi raver marilyn manson. And that's awesome

  69. NAMELESS AOI あおい

    im about to do something thats forbidden on the internet and thats share my opinion but..
    i cant help but get a lindsey stirling vibe from zoe

  70. valenesco45

    LINZOR :*

  71. Hateful

    S3RL Is My Supehero

  72. Sasha Bmw

    at 2:35 Dj S3RL

  73. Matt Larsen

    Can't stop listening to this someone help me

    Braden Fontaine

    Matt Larsen lol

  74. Vale Kan

    I Fucking Love This Song But I Hate The Osu Map [is So Fucking Hard]

  75. Aaron Reitor

    another freaking mix that goes up up and away

    Braden Fontaine


  76. Chill lyrics

    #hailgrasa :v ???

  77. Braden Fontaine

    Am I the only one who thinks that the black widow girl looks like Tara Babcock


    idk, but if you're searching for his name, it's Jessica Blais

  78. LUFFY N3KO

    mil resperct bro mexico for ever <3

  79. Bounty Hunters' Guild

    I should be asleep but instead I'm listening to this at full blast. 😅

  80. Randy Van den broek

    what are the names of the girls that play pepper and betty 🤔

  81. Shinobi Sakura

    I've got to admit, I'm a recent fan of s3rl and I got to say, love this song. it's amazing

  82. CB-Designs

    Whos the Ginger cosplaying I cant for the life of me remember what she is from??? 1:26

  83. SteirT

    best music, I love S3RL <3.....

  84. Federico Rosenfeld

    DJ S3RL is my superhero (no homo)

  85. Ellie Colon

    I was at the convention this video was filmed. Zoe is such a sweetheart and s3rl is really nice. Love you guys!

  86. Abraxas

    omfg im just fell in love with the girl

    Thomas O Toole

    Abraxas same here

  87. josue rodrigues


  88. Sakitowea Sama

    amanzing <3

  89. Hairyurinal

    Black widow is hot as hell

  90. Sambob 16

    love this song

  91. Fernando Seker

    great song

  92. Petrus Rauhala

    is Zoe intentionally so cringy?


    You're definitely the best in this genre.!!!