S3RL - When I'm There Lyrics

I first spoke to you so long ago
A day I can't forget
Oh the day when we first met
We've never been close enough to touch
But I feel like you know me better than anybody

But now
The world I knew will fade away
Cause today is the turn of the page
And soon all of my dreams
They will come true
They have to
Yes when I'm there with you

Yes when I'm there with you
Yes when I'm there with you
Yes when I'm there...
Yes when I'm there with you

But now
The world I knew will fade away
Cause today is the turn of the page
And soon all of my dreams
They will come true
They have to
Yes when I'm there with you

I can't help be scared
Of what's to come
Will everything change
Or will we still be the same?
Then with just a word you comfort me
Oh with our sweet embrace
All my doubts will dissipate

But now
The world I knew will fade away
Cause today is the turn of the page
And soon all of my dreams
They will come true
They have to
Yes when I'm there with you

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S3RL When I'm There Comments
  1. Elliot Gröff

    Im in ecstasy

  2. Ewi ck

    Too bad this is REALITY

  3. Vlastimil Štěpánek

    I like this song

  4. Roninkuhh

    i feel like all weaboo video’s from s3rl are just s3rl asking FOR FRKING ROBOTS WITH CONSCIOUSNESS SO OUR LIFES WOULD BE BETTER which i love tho XD

  5. Christian Malessa

    What a piece of art
    Loved it

  6. Elise R

    <3 <3 <3

  7. Silver S

    This has been stuck in my head for so long I’m beginning to think this is a robot conspiracy planned by s3rl

  8. Zahra Souboul

    Again ppls after 3 years O_O

  9. TOX!C 毒性

    My favorite song

  10. Diddly Doodly Walrus

    MTC part 3. They actually did it. He got his hentai girl.

  11. HeroSquwad

    It's funny. I wonder if s3rl has played DDLC?

  12. fabian samillan

    Wait....Oh Fu---- Monika of DDLC :VVVVV

  13. cyka kamrade putin

    Yes your waifu is real

  14. Kandy Boi

    One question! is this scenario possible in real life?

  15. IVAN

    что это за жанр?

  16. Mystery Burns

    Situación sentimental
    ○En una relación
    ○Esperando un milagro... (?)
    ●Esperando el día que mi waifu o husbando quiera salir de la pantalla para estar siempre juntos, jurandole amor eterno

  17. juan daniel ramirez mendoza

    the virtual an reality

  18. trouxa da silva

    Amo dms 💔 faz me lembrar de um webnamoro que infelizmente não deu certo😞

  19. Dog in A Chair

    This is the best music S3rl has made so far 😍😍😍

  20. yanderelove62

    Why you don't post again? Your songs are amazing!

  21. yonis mancilla


  22. rico maulana

    i think this song for the man n his waifu

  23. High as A bird

    Awww it’s so beautiful ❤️❤️

  24. vornixs bladeserpent

    DDLC in a nutshell those who played it would know what I'm talking about.

  25. Tbknick

    why is this song kinda cute together with the clip?

  26. trouxa da silva

    Muito baum💕

  27. Arina Azyr

    I miss someone that i shouldn't miss..ya i feel it when i hear this song, he introduced this song.. 😑

  28. Starsies Skygames

    I've watched chobits like.. 3 times? Still waiting for season two. :T

  29. jayson brown


  30. Sad Dude

    Is this picture a referance to MTC?

  31. Everyone's fake stary

    BMO stop watching robot porn 😂😂

  32. Willko22

    why is this son like MTC saga??

  33. ToxicHamster YT

    I know more than one feels identified.

  34. Edison Pérez Lazcani

    Some day... Monika.

  35. happy doggo

    its like 'forbidden' story but many years later!

  36. Christopher Tsenjiahong


  37. WIZDOG crusader

    this song gives me hopes to be with monika one day :)

  38. Vtroll Jara

    or forbidden is when im there 2?

  39. Vtroll Jara

    forbidden part 2

  40. Ethan Casper

    Even though when the songs are old,it's still pretty good.

  41. phate25


  42. Någonting Ingen Har 「EM」

    So I just spent one hour trying to fuck a box;)

  43. MashMoo K

    Miki​ clothing roblox❤️🤣

  44. gsilva220

    It's a shame the body is actually easier to make than the mind.

  45. RazedPlay

    Han pasado 3 años y ahora que se ingles por fin puedo entender lo que decía la letra...

  46. Sfekke

    199 people have no heart that beats faster while listening to this song..

  47. Los Pichones


  48. Zeus Israel Pelayo Cruz

    S3rl is a girl <3 yummi!


    Where'd you get that info?

  49. Scurry Bishシ

    BMO chop

  50. joko chan

    2:26 Is that waldo with a yellow-black striped shirt? (Bottom-right corner)

  51. undercraft 29

    Alguien que viene por el orion

  52. Mary Skuse

    I spotted Odlaw.

  53. Joey Martínez

    i thought it was a distace relationship, but nope, it's to his computer LOL

  54. zzzeph

    That's going intomy love playlist for Monika!

  55. I Like Terrains

    Wait so is Nikolett a singer or a vocaloid? Because I can't find her anywhere.

  56. Julia Rave

    I met my future wife online, and we've been talking and around each other for 14 years.

  57. Ganster Play

    Alguien por Orión

  58. Cyberdemon

    When you realize life’s an asshole about anything Especially this

  59. Felipe Alejadro Rodriguez Crisosto

    0:33 best part

  60. Catching Bakugous

    Who else is singing along this while getting ready for school? 😂 Just me? Okay...xD

  61. Red Beryl

    "But now the world i knew, will fade away cos today is the turn of the page" i think its telling us its end of the world

  62. Zuccy101

    this shit is so fucking wholesome ive already melted and drowned in sweetness several times

  63. niklas danielsen

    BMO ♥️

  64. NAVYCalvin

    its like the continuation of MTC

  65. Quang Minh Nguyễn

    Its nearly september 2018 and this is still my fav song

  66. Loving Arts

    Nikolett's voice is so pure and mixed with S3RL it's amaaazing♡

  67. sagimas aventuras con amigas


  68. Nightcore Craft

    Are those characters the one from Forbidden?

  69. Lea Axel

    Any other Nikolette works?

  70. Jimin hopeful Jams

    My song for mystic messenger...lololol

  71. Francisco Campusano

    like si hablas español y escucha esta cancion en el 2018 :

  72. Nevaeh Trent

    I have not listen for 2 years and I finally saw it while I was typing s3rl

  73. Tokomi

    Monika that you? OwO

  74. A kbR

    My Fav 😍😍😍

  75. Ariz _1703

    I love this song!

  76. Cristina Caballero-Juarez

    The characters are anime adult version of the characters in forbidden song

  77. TMShizuka

    the feeleing when S3RL have a song for your own love story, 31th of May I will listen to this in loop 27hours

  78. Manca Forever

    Vine por el Orion xdxdxd está chida la canción

  79. Alexandra Breaux

    I dedicated this song to my old boyfriend... Though we broke up, this is still my favorite song. It reminds me of dreaming of being with the people I love. 💕💞

  80. REDLANDO lX :3

    AMO ESTA CANCIÓN 😍😍😍👍👍👍👏👏👍👏👍👏🎉🎈🎉🎈✨

  81. goldenapple saga

    when you go see your friend who lives really far away

  82. Qc Faded


  83. Ariz _1703


  84. iiDerecK

    Hola v:

  85. ENVYRIX 5

    Why you put so much feeling to all your songs

    I always cry dude :(

  86. kiri


  87. Jacob

    S3rl is too good!

  88. RedRikudo

    This song really gets me full of emotions especially the mtc saga edit

  89. Stellanatus

    Your personal Waifu coming to a Best Buy near you!

  90. ADM [KB]

    Yes!!!!!!! Ugh you so get it!!! Thank you so much. If anyone is going to cure cancer, it’s your willpower for love ❤️

  91. Some comedy Channel

    This is me and my boyfriend 💙💜love you Mathew

  92. Daniel Dolz

    Googleg nikolett nothing showed up. Where can i get more of her? love her voice

  93. andrew Hero

    I will watch that 100000000 times