S3RL - Through The Years Lyrics

"Hello? Is, is anybody there? I'm so lonely..."

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades

Hello little star
Are you doing fine?
I'm lonely as
Everything in birth

If I could fly
across this night
faster than the speed of light
I would spread these wings of mine

Through the years and far away
Far beyond the milky way
See the shine that never blinks
The shine that never fades

"You have no messages"

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S3RL Through The Years Comments
  1. Rom Y

    0:09 qwq

  2. Trainboy1EJR

    It's always fun to look at communication technology of a far future anime, especially when it is using tech that is currently super outdated.

  3. Jaime Ranera

    Just, god

  4. Deivid Grandpa

    0:12 wtf

  5. DJ Doty Official

    0:12 Found Waldo!

  6. Sofia :3

    Anime name?

  7. WaLaLa

    Me Encantan Tus Mesclas weeeee <3

  8. -77 淫夢でGO


  9. daniel villanueva aparicio

    AMAZING <3

  10. Grey_RaiN

    Damn. Somebody, give me original version, but with vocal like this!

  11. Spyros Filippopoulos

    more like 2004

  12. CrysMusic

    0:12 waldo

  13. Kotori Sunny

    wow so beauty and inspiring. <3

  14. Games 4 YT

    x1.25 is good!!😘

  15. Isi The Fox

    I love how S3rl honored "Voices of a Distant Star" by not speeding up the song. It's still as slow as the original. If he sped it up it can't be much. And i appreciate that very much!
    <3 Much love from old school Q-Base Ravers!

  16. Tashin Tasu


  17. Xezioh

    love this song <3

  18. The singaporean Guys

    Late but this music makes me wanna say this. One to the person i am fated to.

    A thousand years
    A thousand promises
    A thousand generations
    A thousand deaths
    No matter the distance
    No matter the time
    Through the thousand years
    Will i search
    Will i long for
    Will i believe
    And long for that time with you
    No matter the obstacle
    Nor the challenges faced
    Shall dissuade me
    To spend that time with you
    A promise i must keep
    A promise i bleed to uphold
    A will that surpasses my path
    I will find you
    Forever more shall i long for you
    With this resolve
    I shall endure all obstacles
    All hardships
    Just to be with you
    Just to protect you
    To comfort you.............

    I love you............. for as long as i live..........

  19. Technoreabit

    DIGIMON SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Fireteam Delta

    0:11 was that Waldo

  21. authentic lotion

    And yet another year has passed

  22. Kenneth Solano

    What's the anime in the video ?

  23. Nicolas Roman

    T^T Beautiful

  24. Flailing cheese

    I dont understand what is happening in the vid. I'm... confused. I like the animation, just confused on what's happening.

  25. Dysphoria

    that glitch part <3

  26. paynut

    Bruh, i listened to this for the first time on spotify
    I never clicked the favorite button that fast.
    Insane song. Literally my favorite

  27. Corporal Wagstaff

    0:12 Waldo

  28. Rias Gremory

    Waiting for version 3 to come out in 2022 😂😂😂

  29. Conor Maguire

    I dont know how I forget how much of a weeb he is

  30. Hannah Ashton

    This song is good and sad I was lonely once now my life is kind of back on track I feel so much anger inside me but I never show my anger letting my calmness in check music keeps me happy and calm I love christain whole heartly 😄😜😊😘

  31. Feeluck

    i love this. you should do more of this style, it really suits you :)

  32. ClockworkGalaxy

    Already a year since this was posted and I listened to it throughout 2018. It gives me a sad feeling every time I listen to this as my mother passed away the day after it was posted. I am grateful for such an amazing song from S3RL. All of his older songs are like childhood to me. ;-;

  33. ThatHuman

    S3rl should be a genre all on his own.

  34. Zante Ghoul

    2018 S3RL, and I still here.

  35. a pikachu

    this better be in every s3rl fan mix from now on. top quality!

  36. SPNGY_Demigod

    yo, if ur taking requests, how about the opening to Black Lagoon, Red Fraction by MELL? already a good song, and ur already the BEST fucking Rave DJ out there. two rights cant really make a wrong in this situation

  37. Alex Wöl.

    0:11 Waldo behind the Train lul.

  38. Nightcore Trance

    This has been out for 11 months and I only just now came to the realization that the song was based on an anime, which I had just finished watching. If you enjoy this song you should really check out Voices of a Distant Star, it only has one episode but it was really good.

  39. SF2 gaming

    awesome, I am crying

  40. Tong Cy

    You are wrong S3RL, you have fans ,friends and everyone that saw you. Both youtube and real life. So, live strong to all!

  41. Shining Dragon

    This song cool reminds me of dr who all ways alone in space saveing us all from the alien kind lol keep up the great work 😎

  42. Rudy Sanchez

    Your Amazing awesome 😎

  43. Bauwie

    this has to be my favorite song from S3RL... The fast happy hardcore and slower piano pieces make this an amazing song!!!

  44. Airil Helmy Ishak

    Anyone see waldo when train passing by hahaha... 😂😂😂

    Serge Pavlov

    lol just noticed

  45. Josh Mz Er

    The king of the Melody

  46. TheMrl1001

    Now that I see it again, it looks like Evangelion xd

  47. Delete ElDiablo

    10 days before darling in the franxx but zero two was already a thing... Rip your search results :(

  48. GR-2

    I finally found the Japanese translation

  49. Zdeněk Šlahůnek

    Best song and perfect sad anime

  50. Blue Sap

    Your music is some of the most emotional stuff that I’ve found it’s still as good as back then.

  51. Wladd

    0:11 :D

  52. Lance Cates

    I’m the only one who seen Waldo @ 0:12 ?
    Where’s my award

  53. ALTER-J

    Why so gud

  54. Anonymous A

    Wie heißt der Anime?

  55. Anonymous A

    Gänsehaut! ich liebe es!!!

  56. BlackAries 可樂

    Wally found at 0:12

  57. Василий Теркин

    the shine that never fades

  58. C Correction

    wut s3rl still posts.

  59. Controverze

    I get "What if God was one of us" vibes from this. Me gusta

  60. Ryan Cruz

    aww this song is beautiful!

  61. Iman Sol

    (°.°) I just noticed WALDO at the Beginning!!!!!!!

  62. Yesenia Arizmendi

    Cómo se llama el anime? Alguien me podría decir porfa

  63. Tiny Doge

    The face at 0:07 somehow made me want to jump off a building

  64. Jaiho Jr

    still raping my ear . ughh ~

  65. Peca Jumper

    Oh come one, that said i was so obvious, behind the train as it passes

  66. Thị Hoàng Yến Trần

    This song is feeling! 😀🎶♩♫

  67. Edmond Tangyan

    what kind of anime?

  68. KTM Dude

    this is one hela of a song

  69. GameReapbot Edin

    Man. Brings Back Memories When I Used To Play Games And Hear Some Of Your Musics Or Other Things I Do😊😢😊

  70. Aram K

    Evangelion anyone?

  71. Jacopo Quirini

    I can't believe this is 4 month olds now, just how fast life goes to hell

  72. scott solis

    So many feels in so little time

  73. Lisian Darabas

    Oh my god beautiful music 😭❤️

  74. juliuxsasuke21

    k sad :'v

  75. juliuxsasuke21

    donde esta la gente k le gusta nightcore

  76. Octavius Nightingale

    There seems to be a story to this....
    Girl goes to fight battles in space. Leaves her home. Finally goes back. Dies in the end....?

  77. Lightningmonky 7

    I'm more of a heavy metal type of guy but good music is good music. So this is lit 😎

  78. MoDF 14

    I was thinking...if s3rl is an otaku or a weaboe😅

  79. magi _19

    Pregunta,como se llama el anime????

  80. bajolio

    One of you best songs s3rl keep up!!

  81. Emilandeela

    This song actually made me tear up! I have been going through some stuff, and have been pretty sad for a while now. I want this year to be a really positive year for me, and it isn’t what I was hoping for, so far. I am tired of feeling this way. I just want to be more happy! In the meantime, thank you SO much for making such catchy and even inspirational music! Keep up the good work, S3RL! :)

  82. Emilandeela

    This is beautiful!! :)

  83. Ribeiro Enola

    I'ts beautiful song ! I love !❤️😍

  84. NtR [Music]

    Wow ,😮😍cool

  85. LaCexxNeCrO

    Anime? Pls

  86. Hoagie Zwiebel

    Lol so apparently it took me like 4 months just to realize that at 0:55 a Pikachu can be seen for a split second in the bottom right corner

  87. Xavierpony

    Finally got around to watching the ova. It's heartbreaking. Now I want to do well in school to pilot a space mech.

    Fuck, I thought it would look dated and it kinda does but they are style is perfect and memorable as well as the music.

  88. ADM [KB]

    Hell yeah! I keep listening to it and it never gets old :)

  89. Amelia

    OMG YOU ARE SUPER AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Deathless729

    Your music is one of the few things that makes me come back to reality and stop watching my own life though a screen

  91. Trevor 007

    the anime looks interesting but from wut I know it only has 1 ep and its 30 mins so its a little weird how that worked out and the anime is called voice of a distant star if u r wondering

  92. ADM [KB]

    Please, I have a Facebook stalker. Facebook isn’t the problem. People are the problem. Only trust people who are trustWORTHY!

  93. ADM [KB]

    The name is Kirby btw

  94. ADM [KB]

    THANK YOU!!! I F’n love your music. KEEP AT IT NO MATTER WHAT. You got a friend in me even though I don’t know you

  95. Eddy Munier

    Tellement de souvenir

  96. Collapse

    The only sad song in S3RL's libary

  97. ommes pommes

    help me which anime is that ;(