S3RL - Request Lyrics

Mr DJ,
Listen to what I say,
I've got a track, a request I want you to play

Alright lady,
Give me a track name,
If I've got it then spin it for you okay

Didn't expect that,
For you to say okay,
The last DJ told me to get *&#$$ and go away
I'm not prepared,
I don't know the name
Only how it goes...

Play me the song that goes...

Oh oh I love this song,
I can't help but sing along,
When I hear it being played,
I just wanna dance all day,
Oh oh my favourite song,
I can't help but sing along,
Even the words I don't know,
I still sing them, I just go...

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na

Oh oh I love this song,
I can't help but sing along,
When I hear it being played,
I just wanna dance all day,
Oh oh my favourite song,
I can't help but sing along,
Even the words I don't know,
I still sing them, I just go...

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na

Mr DJ,
I just wanna say,
Thank you so much for playing my request today.

Yeah that's ok,
What kinda DJ,
Would I be if I didn't take requests anyway?

Why can't all DJ's,
Just take the damn requests?
Not just play for themselves and then go ignore the rest
If they have got the song,
Then they should play along,
Play it again for me.

I'm not playing it again bitch.

Oh oh I love this song,
I can't help but sing along,
When I hear it being played,
I just wanna dance all day,
Oh oh my favourite song,
I can't help but sing along,
Even the words I don't know,
I still sing them, I just go...

Na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na

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S3RL Request Comments
  1. Feraffe

    i love S3RL so much hsbdjwbdjsb 😵

  2. Kazu

    Need this once a day.

  3. Savorski

    We're near of the end of 2010 decade, and this song is still being listened! ❤️

  4. Micha play [michaelfx7]


  5. Avagoden

    This song need the 1M clicks

  6. HiPeople MC

    So basically radio stations 30 years ago when you could call them and request a song?

  7. Rooboo

    oh when music was actually good...

  8. TheLittleThing0w0


    I still love it <3


    ok xD how old are you

  9. Em Hanson

    Haha I love this song

  10. Nintengirl15

    I’m so curious about the vocal plug-ins

  11. A.Q. S.

    My friend really loves this song... Im going to give him a floppy drive and a floppy disk with this song on it.

  12. autism 23

    Why do I feel like this actually happened

  13. Nura mura

    I love this song...

    Play it again for me


    I'm not playing it again bitch



  14. Vannii

    2019 BOIS!!!

  15. Silence Jak

    I love it when the beat stopped for a moment ❤

  16. Mari :3

    Here before 6 years, i miss this kind of music

  17. ISebah_HD :v

    Oh god!!! happy hardcore 4ever !!!

  18. taylor harvey

    so i was on discord and i see my crush playing this some cuz it shows wat he is playin and i look it up and i see why he didn't want me to play his music baci in class ya this not my type of music but i like it it had me moving my head up and down i think its a bop

  19. Felipe Mancilla

    esa melodíaaaa y esa voz <3

  20. Kaitsuml

    Any 2018????

  21. Funtime RobotFan42

    I love the beat to this.....

  22. W0Y4K

    Should've edited the 'Tandy" to "Kandy."

  23. TnTXplode Gaming

    2018 :3

  24. Rex1289 aj

    Im addicted

  25. A E S T H E T I C S H I T L I F E

    Damn, that is so Fuckin nostalgic...

  26. Jacopo Quirini

    S3RL music is extra t h i c c

  27. Jacob

    At 0:24 does anybody else hear oh, oh, when I get slumped? I slowed it down and still heard that.

  28. Cupido chan

    s3rl usted se merece millones de suscriptores!!! No miles!! MILLONES!!! Amo su música!!! Le deseo suerte para seguir haciendo la MEJOR MÚSICA DEL MUNDO, 💖💖💖

  29. Grob83

    Came back after a long time to respect the classics of S3RL’s music.everyone thus far has given chills

  30. dinga thangza

    ''I'm not playing again bitch''

  31. Chris The Hedgehog

    I haven’t heard this song in so long I listen to this when I was like in third grade man I missed this song

  32. sieve5

    damn I can't believe this came out after I graduated high school. This is my favorite dj s3rl track.

  33. Bo Pedersen

    I'm stealin', your girl's

  34. sieve5

    Here from the future, this song is fuckin' sick!!!!

  35. L33T 1337

    S3RL is bae

  36. Chomete Yamete

    and im not going to play it again bitch.

  37. Utamate

    This song brings up a great tip for DJ's: Don't play the same god damn song twice in a row.

  38. Sensei Senseix

    This song is awesome, it's the first s3rl song I heard

  39. VariableFool27

    play me the song that goes.

  40. Timomo222

    Request = It went 2

  41. gilvana viana

    Mds q música fodahhhh

  42. gilvana viana


  43. Fernando Duran


  44. Danil Colin

    still my favorite song

  45. Mr Skysen Games

    Every so often, I feel the urge to listen to this song.
    I always end up hunting for it, because I can never remember the words.

  46. Nira Katsumi

    "I'm not playing it again BItCH" I love that song soo much :D

    High as A bird

    Nira Katsumi 😂😂😂

  47. Mattias Ljungblad

    Huh. So SCP-079 likes S3RL and Mixie Moon. Who knew.

    Spoopi Boi

    Mattias Ljungblad HA!
    I get the reference.

    all the SCPs are after the D class. and the outbreak was caused by listening to the song

  48. William Salas

    love your music

  49. Frank Múzquiz

    naaaáaara na naaaa... nanana nanana

  50. Camilla

    nyaah nyaah nya nyaaaaah~

    Buttsmatoten Matoten

    Caah Eyyy Tomoko.

  51. PizzaJeez

    Don't know why but I imagined the girl as Midori Gurin.


    I don't agree! It's THE GIRL from ME! ME! ME! By Daoko :3


    +K3ks Cr4fter Appearance of Me! Me! Me! But have a bit of Midori's personality. So maybe their daughter? That's how I seen it now.

    Slightly Baked

    whenever I hear 'midori' I think of Midori Days...

  52. Arooph Hambone

    There's a study, that if a song is really good, and the listener really likes it they get goose bumps. Well, I have goose bumps from this song I really love it!

  53. ghmjgf AJ

    a song talking about a song in a song thats talking about a song XD


    omg the matrix

  54. Timothy Sharrocks

    deserves waaaay more subs

    Arthur Kirkland

    Especially sense his songs are everywhere.


    IKR.... PLUR 4Ever...


    been listening to S3rl since forever, honestly didn't expect him to still be making music these days but im really happy he does


    Hell yea

  55. Autumn Daugherty

    Wow this is cool!

  56. John Bechle

    awesome and I feeeeeel it

  57. Pynkydo

    This song is how I met you. It was on streaming and now I can't stop listening to you! If anyone knows a site where I can find out how to get to one of S3rl's concerts please comment!

  58. Erika Ortiz

    I loveee this song so much!

  59. Gi Gi


  60. Lance Faltinsky

    "i'm not playing it again bitch"
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  61. Sugarskull 1234

    This. Song . Won't . Get . Outta . My . Head

  62. Sunrise Surprise

    God dammit I remember playing Pokemon in my room all day while listening to this specific song, 2 years feels more like 10 years lol.


    +I AM HUNGRY I saw your comment and was like "2 years, this guy is fucking wro... shit" I feel like time has gone flying by now.

  63. DemonPlayer Playz

    i gotta edit this in my dj stuff!!! :3

  64. YukiGames

    :P Awesome :3 O

  65. Napraznicul Elias

    I thought he said "I'm not playing a game bitch", so i didn't understood, then i checked the lyrics aand laughed as hell

  66. Anissa Valle

    S3rL is literally the only thing that's made me dance and in public before 😂😳

  67. Droid5767

    Freaking love this song!

  68. Jayden Woodie


  69. Jayden Woodie

    I had my phone in my pocket and it liked this vid 4 me so now I think I have a connection with my pants so im marrying them next week

    Rejoda Rune

    +Haxing Haxorus omfg the puns are real

    Juul de win


    tyler rodney

    Taliyah you mean interwoven

    Literal Trash

    So how's the marriage?


    Omg best love story ever.

  70. Uncle Chivo

    Mixie Moon has a very hot voice. I bet she looks just as hot. :3

  71. Ibarbuen

    s3rl best dj ever .w.

  72. nate torrez

    im NOT playing it agian bitch

  73. J Kim

    S3RL is love S3RL is....


    Orkney Rose

    Why do I keep thinking of "shrek is love shrek is life"?
    My poor perverted mind...

    I love Shine, I watch all of he's videos:3

    J Kim

    im kinda sad when watching shine cause he's changed alot. i understand he's growing up but sadly some of his stuff isnt as good as alot of his older stuff


    He's bae, but does he kno da wae?

    Duda war

    nut wait what

  74. The Teufort Arsonist

    Jole, this will never get old.

    Sutōmī Naito

    @Eat Sleep Rave Game your name is my motto.

    The Teufort Arsonist

    @Sutōmī Naito Yes! My motto is shared by other people.

    Sutōmī Naito

    @Eat Sleep Rave Game VICTORY

  75. Sasha Curran

    Made on my birthday, sweet birthday memories *-* ;u;

  76. simon

    Ear gasums....

  77. PeliChan

    I'm not gay but if I were I'd go crazy for S3RL!

    Photonic Pizza

    +PeliChan I'm not gay, but I'd fuck S3RL if he wanted me to.

    turtle time gaming

    +PeliChan this is the truest comment I have ever heard in my life 8~8 its glorious

    Lotarch Wolfenstein

    +PeliChan So you're gay.

    sam antha

    +PeliChan i get to see him on july 16th i cant wait

  78. XxCutiePiexX AJ

    I'm not playing it again bitch XD

  79. Max Dodd Wilson

    Oh oh I love this song

  80. Luiz Alex Phoenix

    HAHAHAHA! S3RL really has talent to make some catchy melodies with funny lyrics...

  81. Jamie Owns

    \o\\o//o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ Awesome mix :)


    Nostalgia :D


    yup... I'm even on the same account I used to jam with back in the day.


    yup... I'm even on the same account I used to jam with back in the day.

    gilvana viana

    Andstyggð brasill

  83. ••Mitsuki Akira••

    I really Live this song :3

  84. dιrecтor cleғ

    I like this song it acauly made me dance XD

  85. Maximilien Robespierre


    Yes 'm

    @I'll take a potato chip.... And eat it! ......


    @Vidar GaMing シャドー Aw, why the silent treatment? are you shy? being banged ain't so bad, seein' as dis is ur 1st time. come on.... impress me! u can do better :)

    Yes 'm

    @I'll take a potato chip.... And eat it! Go away I'm 11.


    @Vidar GaMing シャドー grow up then....

    Yes 'm

    @I'll take a potato chip.... And eat it! If you didn't already know, kids can't grow up in a few seconds

  86. alfonso may ramirez

    buena muy buena.

  87. Carbz

    stop refering to anime through this music ! 

    Tsuboshi Hatsune

    really? Dang.


     True, well he probably likes anime to an extent, but it seems to be mainly the kind of anime he would have watched as a kid. But I highly doubt he's a serious otaku that spends hours watching anime every day. Lol.


    Cool. I live in Melbourne so...


    Oh right. Yes I know about the Neko Nation stuff. I thought you were just advertising to me for some reason :P

    At his first Neko Nation they played "S3RL - Big in Japan"

  88. ismail ismail

    sadece ilk başı güzel

  89. João Arthur

    Music of POWER

  90. Claudio Gomes

    Vocaloid or Reason?

  91. That Man From Earth

    darn after soo long forgot this awesome song~~ stoopid me

    That Man From Earth

    Of course i do~~

    Tsuboshi Hatsune

    ^D^ Yayy!


    What about now?

    NiNjA ?

    @Yinguki he has forgot :(


    Well shit he forgot again

  92. Iqwan Fadly

    i like tha beats XD

  93. Catherine Dickens

    This makes me wanna jump up and down all day long <3

  94. MetalGearSolidAMV

    This is not weeaboooo music people stop associating it with anime characters and vocaloids for jessus fucking hell


    @Zerker161 its not really making fun of them he doesn't say anything insulting or bad about them


    @jenny lane The images selected for the songs speak for themselves


    @Zerker161 first off there are more then 2 songs second hes not making fun of weebs because of a pic plus if somebody going around calling them self a weeb hes not offending them there offending themselves 


    @jenny lane yep, the cover image and lyrics for MTC totally dont make fun of weeaboos


    @Zerker161 how do the lyrics make fun of them the pic yeah sure but who cares your thinking way to much about this and just nitpicking into an argument