S3RL - Ready For Love Lyrics

Take me away.
Back to the magical day.
When I explode everytime that you call out my name.

Shivers inside.
My heart is aching for you.
The earth is in motion. You color my heaven so blue.

My heart is pounding.
I'm losing my mind.
How can I leave all these feeling behind.
I'm hungry for you and I know I need you tonight.

I'm ready for love.
Who needs tomorrow?
Ready for love,

Ready for love.
No more sorrow.
Ready for love.

Vision of you.
You're spirit of love that I feel.
When we're together I know that our passion is real.

Time on our side,
When we make love through the night.
Open my heart and reveal all my secrets inside.

You light up my fire.
I'm burning inside.
How can I run when there's nowhere to hide?
So no it's your turn to decide if you want me tonight.

I'm ready for love.
Who needs tomorrow?
Ready for love,

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S3RL Ready For Love Comments
  1. Jack Daniels

    Needs to be faster

  2. Joonoel Oz

    ^0^ Ready for love ^U^

  3. Xxstuvi

    Best song from s3rl

  4. Maru Chan


  5. Anime / MV

    I am ready for love because I love this song.....😍😘❤💞

  6. Feeluck

    i don't know.. alot of your songs have a deep sadness in them. viva forever, ready for love.. they're basically great EDM songs, yet i don't feel like partying when i listen to it. i'm rather tearing up :/ (still love it tho!)

  7. Jay Mac

    I love all the new songs, but I do miss the more 'traditional' based songs on the lyric side of things, with more than one verse and chorus. I think it's why I loved cherry pop so much, kinda that vibe, but still with a lot of repetition like the other new ones.

  8. ImGRIM

    2018, i think this was the fist song i heard from you. Either this one or pika girl

  9. ottomansolja

    Anyone know where i can find the slightly slower version of this song?

  10. Tsukiama Shuu

    oh yeah...
    one of my favorite songs

  11. Melvy

    I am ready for love but i cant find it... I guess ill stick to my anime bodypillow full of old cum...


    PyroFreakFriesland lol

  12. YoSONIC

    Soy un friki( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  13. George Bowdler

    Does anyone have any links for other songs that this talented girl sings on? :)


    Sara collaborated a loooot with s3rl
    just search for s3rl feat Sara

  14. michelle cardona torres

    Take me away
    Back to the magical day
    When I explode everytime that you call out my name
    Shivers inside
    My heart is aching for you
    The earth is in motion. You color my heaven so blue

    My heart is pounding
    I'm losing my mind
    How can I leave all these feeling behind
    I'm hungry for you and I know I need you tonight

    I'm ready for love, who needs tomorrow?
    Ready for love, tonight
    Ready for love, no more sorrow
    Ready for love, tonight
    I'm ready
    I'm ready
    Ready for love

    I'm ready

    I'm ready for love, who needs tomorrow?
    Ready for love, tonight
    Ready for love, no more sorrow
    Ready for love, tonight

    Vision of you
    Your spirit of love that I feel
    When we're together I know that our passion is real
    Time on our side
    When we make love through the night
    Open my heart and reveal all my secrets inside

    You light up my fire
    I'm burning inside
    How can I run when there's nowhere to hide?
    So now it's your turn to decide if you want me tonight

    I'm ready for love, who needs tomorrow?
    Ready for love, tonight
    Ready for love, no more sorrow
    Ready for love, tonight

    I'm ready I'm ready for love, who needs tomorrow?
    Ready for love, tonight
    Ready for love, no more sorrow
    Ready for love, tonight

    I'm ready

    Lorenzo Patricio

    Ah thanks man

    luv jotwani

    Amazing copy paste skills

    Pascual Smith Valdés

    michelle cardona torres should be top coment

  15. DragonStriker

    I'm in love with this song it soothes the mind and heart

  16. Yova Rodz

    u dont need to love someone , love music love sounds that makes ur heart bounce like u love everything else...

  17. Yova Rodz

    ready for love baby thats it loves music love rave love dancing in vaynes heart pure sound love rithms letsssssss roul

  18. dethavel odlas

    82% of teens are ready for LOVE <3 :)

  19. Yannis Madu

    Reminds me of Toradora :D

  20. MemesNshitLOL


    This happens to be.........

    MTC1.5 :)

  21. Abby C

    This is FUCKING Awesome!

  22. Kiara Adams

    Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. _kawaii chan_

    17 people are not ready for love XD


    Its almost double now XD


    31 now ;)

  24. MeblubsIsANerd

    10 more likes will get 1337

    Yevgeniy Dupuis

    @MeblubsIsANerd lol

  25. Sarah khairi

    What kind of song is this and who made the song I kind of like it but what is the meaning of this why are there anime written on comment's I'm curious what kind of people listen to this song and I love this song

    Robert Hocker

    @Xiumin Baozi All types of people listen to these songs. I am 60 and very conservative; but, I like the beat and melody.


    +Sarah khairi most of DJ S3rl's fanbase is ravers and anime fans, and there is a lot of crossover between them.

    Kamix Aka Dio

    late reply. He does present his music live. atm he is doing a tour in America. i dont know which states. he also does some live at his home country, Australia


    @Mickey Lolicon hey. Remember me from anitwitter?


    @Kamix he hit Illinois, I saw his Chicago area concert at foreverlanf..

  26. rainbowdubstep kats

    No fuck love I prefer video games

    Bobthegeldog Dog sin of Baka

    @rainbowdubstep kats would you say you love video games?

    Edgar Ortiz

    I'm ready for respawn- S3RL

  27. Réti

    Love the music starting at 3:05. Mainly the background music, not the main tune.

  28. Jacob101

    this song is so underrated

  29. pope tyshaun

    I luv this song

  30. henry7k7k

    who's the singer??

  31. Keelee Dunlap

    I want this song on my phone... I can't find it 😭😭😭

    Yevgeniy Dupuis

    @Keelee Dunlap isn't that bad

    Nicest Pancake

    Try 'youtube to mp3'.

    Yevgeniy Dupuis

    Try downloading 4shared then type it in though u won't get the video of course

  32. Aluquens

    Lyric chain go!
    Take me away, back to the magical day

    Aaron Schmidt

    when I explode every time that you call out my name

    Edwin Dubridge

    darude - sandstorm

    Noah Brayman

    @Edwin Dubridge ftw

  33. Benjamin Martin

    *Error**Error* Does not have a lover *Error*Error*

    Jessiemessie cx

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 frfr

  34. El_Mero _Mero

    I have wondered who is sara? Does she have a youtube channel?

  35. Adam Clashes

    This reminds me of anime

    V the Wizard

    @*****  just any romance anime...

  36. Adam Clashes

    Is this supposed to remind me of anime? Cause' is IS!!!!😎😃😏😄😀😏

  37. Tyler Cook

    those 11 people need to have their hearing checked because damn this is amazing :)

  38. xKarma _

    When will you upgrade computer s3rl.

    Pascual Smith Valdés

    xKarma _ old school baby

  39. Clancy Taserface

    I'm ready for love just can't seem to find it

    The Lp Web Show

    @Ethan LeaVesseur
    lol, I'm just saying though. :/

    Jesse Chu

    im ready unpopular with girls T_T even know there just judging me by the cover T_T

    Kirito On Point

    XD same bro

    Jessica Villalobos

    It happens :/

  40. Amir Mrkonjic

    Why the hell does this remind me of SAO so much!!!!


    @Amir Mrkonjic You might as well fall in love with Rosario + Vampire, another precious series :)

    Also, they're making an SAO 3. You're gonna miss it since you grew out of it...

    Amir Mrkonjic

    @SWEGTOWER1337 WOAH, WOAH... slow down there. I know the making UGO if I grew out of something doesn't mean I'm not gonna watch it. Also is Rosario + Vampire by any chance... ecchi?

    Kaza IA

    @SWEGTOWER1337 hehe i liked that one xD! But there are many better ones out there xD.. 
    The anime Manyuu hikenchou is probably the most perverted anime i did ever watch xD It is simply about oppais.. nothing else, you will only find oppais here... also a bit of comedy xD

    Daniel Armstrong

    Very Asuna-Esk...


    @Amir Mrkonjic ...yes

  41. never mind

    I'm too addicted. S3RL just made my life amazing. I'm so glad I came across this

  42. Chu-Raya

    Error 404: love not found

    Go Ku Ku

    Need a lover? On fb theres is alot people date them :D i dont do that

    Go Ku Ku

    @***** do u date? Heheeh
    On fb

    Go Ku Ku

    @***** nope xD


    @TheBanjomoviesfan  Error 404: Love not found (there was never any love)


    It is very sad ;-;

  43. Dj Septimus


  44. Denied1213

    The voice is just so good, sad this one isn't as popular.

  45. Maou - Sama

    Love this.

  46. jacob kennedy

    It's 02:09
    I could sleep, or
    I could more S3RL :D

    Hayate Itsumi

    same here

    GER_Streams HsG

    1 year latet still same here (it's 1:43)

  47. patrick smith

    this song brings my Feeling for a sertain Girl out

  48. Kyla

    LOL only 5 dislikes


    7 o.o


    @xSH4D0WLP You forget that was posted in 2013


    @Kenji Tomika oh yeah, you`re right! ;)

    Go Ku Ku

    Haterz! Bet ur one of em


    @Go Ku Ku im not a freaking hater i like thi ssong -.-

  49. Federico Rosenfeld

    Who needs tomorrow when listening to music like this... <3

  50. Cherry Tree


  51. Ama

    Another SAO pic :3 Great anime.

  52. Ama

    SAO <3 I have that pic as wallpaper

  53. GotMikk

    s3rl and sara decerves al lot more views AND likes so MASH THAT BUTTON TO THE BITS.!!! :D

  54. Grek hurr durr

    I'm ready for luv too.just hold my steroids for a sec

  55. Shaustwin

    I know right? Sara's my favourite to feature in his songs.

  56. Mr.Steve Blazer

    Truely Sara is the best

  57. DerGGino

    All Songs with with Sara are simply Epic.

  58. Mahima Kumar

    They're married now.

  59. Zehark

    Happy Hardcore

  60. gabay gay

    HH artist?

  61. Blake SinBad

    My freakin God!! S3rl you rock my world!!!!

  62. pat045666

    I love alot of your songs another great one, and i think alot of peoples brains would fcking explode if you did a song with Charlie Scene or Johny 3 Tears, or and of the guys from hollywood undead

    Mac Ch

    I used to listen both ;p

  63. angelfire01

    s3rl and jodie are engaged, last I heard. maybe married now. from the song don't stop.

  64. Mr Christofski

    Screw darren styles and breeze. come on s3rl! give clubland x-treme hardcore its credibility back and do the mixes instead!!!!!

  65. Crazymandarinorange

    I lhave every one of S3RL's albums, starting from "720 Suicide" back in '07....
    ... Best use of my money ever...
    ... And this song is a testamet to why I love his music so much...
    Keep on making these awesome tracks, S3RL!

  66. Hank Hill

    This is beautiful :)

  67. Saralyn Lockwood

    I just recently discovered your music and I have to say, I regret not knowing about it sooner! Your beats and music are so beautiful! <333

  68. Lil Kitten Tiffany

    what's that??

  69. Bornvibe

    Great Song Jole and Sara!!!! you guys rock!!! Reppin us Aussie Producers from brissy!! keen to catch up with yas soon!! <3 big vibes!!

  70. Errol O'Conner

    Was expecting an epic remix instead get an epic original.
    I'm happily surprised about this, you never disappoint :D

  71. Dylan Warren

    Dj S3rl, have you ever gone to South Carolina to entertain?

  72. Dakota Tucker

    what is this imaginationland i keep hearing of? when i look it up i get a whole bunch of south park websites.

  73. tishthetwigjk p

    IM READY ha

  74. ariefairy95

    MY BABE <3

  75. trozzle

    How can you simply reply with "no" to something I clearly stated was MY OPINION? Your comment doesn't even make sense. Goddamn.

  76. Ace of Spades


    no offense s3l, but gammer dougal scott brown, darren styles, breeze,hixxy, sly , unknown and team rocket for any of u underground old australian ravers ;)

  77. neurologicalguy

    another amazing song from the great S3rl! i cant wait to see you again and Hixxy for the first time at imaginationland. already have my tix

  78. Taylor Evans

    this song is so catchy. it's impossible not to sing it.

  79. Mudsoic

    Wow love it, good job S3rl :)

  80. Svetlana89

    Indeed keep it up :)

  81. Dany Sanchez


  82. TheDjTeee

    fuckin awesome (: jole is the fuckin god of happy/uk hardcore !! holy shit

  83. Alexxanches

    yes! This new vocal realy amazing. Melody and track - something new in Jole's stuff. And... I like it so much!))

  84. heartofaura

    dont you ever even dare to stop making music<3

  85. Powers Pink

    Banging tune Jole!
    Love it!!!
    Keep em coming!!!
    <3 <3 <3

  86. Daemi Ax

    @trozzle1 he already is #1 on my list of HHC dj's
    Than comes hixxy :P

  87. ckPUNISHER1992


  88. ImAnOtter

    Keep up the good work bro

  89. trozzle

    Second. Such a good track, as expected. S3rl you will quite possibly be (in my opinion) the greatest HH artist of all time. Shit just makes me happy.

  90. Curtisjennette54

    like if you heard this on close to the edge!

  91. Ryan W

    great song, great music, great artist!! If it's s3rl it's always good music.

  92. Daemi Ax

    Love it