S3RL - Public Service Announcement Lyrics

This is your brain
This is your brain on drugs

Any questions?

When you take drugs
You alter your brain
You change thinking patterns
You distort perception
And eventually
Your brain just won't be the same


The smoke from this plant causes a brief state of euphoria
Immediately followed by permanent insanity
Users are prone to unpredictable behavior including
Junk food binges, joyrides
And a sudden urge to wear sunglasses at night
You there, stop laughing
Laughing is a symptom caused by blowing pot
Plus, they look flat out crazy
Take a good look at yourself
Are you addicted?
Are your eyes half shut and blood shot?
Do you recognize that person in the mirror?
Then blame it all on Marijuana

Weed, Grass, Ganja, Joint
Dooby, Doob, Chronic, Pace
Lobo, Loco, Love Boat, Bud
Buda, Blunt, Pot
Four-two-zero and Hashish
It'll get you really high

I'm inside you

- Hey Mike, want some?
- No way man, that stuff's illegal

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