S3RL - Nightcore This Lyrics

When I'm bored at home and I'm on the Internet
I'm searching for my favourite songs to listen next
But all I see on the screen is Nightcore's
It sort of sounds the same but it just isn't quite right

It sounds like it's sped up and the pitch is up too high
What have they done to my song, tell me why?

Welcome to Nightcore

Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this song for me now
Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this if you know how

I'll show you how
This is how to Nightcore
Listen up
And I'll tell you all
Step 1: Take the pitch control
Push it up
And that's basically it

Nightcore this!

Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this song for me now
Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this if you know how

Now when I'm looking for my songs on the Internet
I'm searching for the Nightcore's
'Cause now they're my favourite
I can't believe now I think they're the best

I like them 'cause they're faster
I like them 'cause they're high
I like the chipmunk voices, they always make me smile
And now I know why they go making Nightcore

And when this part gets Nightcore'd
It almost sounds normal
But what's the point at all?

(Nightcore [3x])
Nightcore this!

Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this song for me now
Nightcore [4x]
Nightcore this if you know how

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S3RL Nightcore This Comments
  1. what 2

    it's a reason for watching this video on repeat

  2. Boop Bity

    yah know i'll do it i accept your challenge good sir



  4. Adam Pitt

    Problem is: If you just increase the Pitch then it isn't Nightcore, it's pretty close but not quite the same. The easiest way to get Nightcore is to take a song into any program that can alter sounds, and condense the song length (I normally do about 10% up to but not exceeding 25%) so you can get the increase of the BPM(BeatsPerMinute) or the pace of the song. Doing so will also increase the Pitch naturally because when sound waves are condensed or sped up, the sound coming out would be Higher. And the opposite is true as well, take a song and increase the length of it for Anti-Nightcore and the sound will be lower pitch because you are stretching the sound waves out. It's simple Acoustics and Cymatics.


    1:49, 3:25

  6. Alaric79

    This is brilliant. Please more, s3rl.

  7. FrosT ღ

    I wonder if there is a nightcore version of this

  8. Lemon James

    S3rl : nigtcore this
    Me with my sound extension on google : challenge accepted

  9. rj frame

    so someone needs to vaporwave this just as a clap back

  10. MKmiki

    Am I the only one still listening to this?

  11. Lafiel Abriel

    challenge accepted,and here it is:


  12. zpuddy

    too good but too relatable

  13. Birdlookedatme likeIamstupid

    Haha fuck you! https://youtu.be/iMOns9jrlzo

  14. Wafflez

    how many anime characters am i gonna see
    my poor young eyes oof

  15. SighKick

    Makes a dawncore version.

  16. PokemonMaster Pyro

    _and that's basically it_

  17. Phillipinus UrAnus

    whats the originallll?.???

  18. Luke N. W.

    1:23 I love the way his voice sounds

  19. Ethan's Typhlosion

    Nightcores in a Nutshell

  20. F 24


  21. Spydiscr Game

    This song is legit the evolution of every person who ever listened to a nightcore song

  22. Ярослав махциев

    what the blood are doing here?


    Speedcore this

  24. Putin's Armchair

    This is gonna be cringy but anyone in 2019???

  25. Hot Icy

    When in doubt robot kangaroo 👍

  26. Super whatever gamin'

    That Kangaroo-bot tho. Cute.

  27. Toby Dominus

    I saw some small text saying hidden message

  28. Satō Matsuzaka

    Attention, all Nightcorers
    You should Nightcore the video not the music

  29. Jupiter LMP

    How did I just discover this 😭 it's beautiful I love Nightcore. .

  30. Zero Nightcore

    I might. Keyword MIGHT

  31. Mimsi L3rs

    I make nightcores this song about me ❣️💕💞😊😍☺️

  32. Adzitude

    Better at 1.15% speed IMO

  33. OwO-tism

    Robot Kangoroo made me nearly die of laughter

  34. Dubnatrix

    you know faster tempo is down on the slider, right? xD

  35. A R T S Y

    *insert the apandah video of how to make nightcore*

  36. Coelhinha Blox

    ❤🌌❤🌌I Love you S3Rl❤🌌❤🌌

  37. Monster Tears

    i got goosebumps on the bassdrop

  38. Jesse Ben-Emu

    It's like an anthem. I like it.

  39. Pikachu Diaz


  40. CherryBombzzz

    How to Nightcore:
    Step 1: Take the pitch control and push up

    thats it

  41. JustASnell

    Now do a daycore/anti-nightcore of this song

  42. Lucas Dollar

    So what's your favorite Nightcore song :D

  43. Satō Matsuzaka

    Now daycore it

  44. Nightcore Of Myth

    Check out my Nightcore of this at:

  45. Michael Sy


  46. Marisol Lorenzo

    the bass dropped so hard japan hid under tables

  47. Dylan Blue

    *Video of a Robot Kangaroo*

  48. Male Lapis

    The nightcore version sounds better god I love being a weeb

  49. GaliX

    Has anyone noticed the secret message, because I found it. It is in the entire video

  50. Savannah Molina


  51. Ashlyn Gillan

    🎶 Nightcore, Nightcore, Nightcore, Nightcore, Nightcore this if you know how!🎶

  52. Blizzard Swirl

    This is great :)

  53. anne caroline

    *Ich liebe dieses lied!* 😍❤️❤️

  54. bobawatch

    2:13 to 2:35 Basically what happened to me after hearing this song and deciding to see what nightcore was XDXDXD

  55. EnderNator10

    added this to a wikiepdia article found it suiting for it

    Thomas Thurman

    CPU Renny Heart // CPU Yellow Heart Neptunia FTW and that is why Wikis are not reliable sources for essays. Especially a term paper.

  56. Absollute

    Here am. 2018. This was my first S3rl song and started me addicted to Happy Hardcore so many years ago. And I have finally found it again! Thanks S3rl m8

  57. Medea Agapishvili

    OOH! This songs explains Nightcore and uses Nightcore as the song's main genre!

  58. Christopher Sosnowski

    For many years ive told people nightcore isnt a artist and i could never find the orignal songs i liked back then only nightcore trash


    Siema. Ktos tu z polski?

  60. EM .M.

    So true!

  61. ThatHuman

    Am I the only one who thought for the longest time, who hears
    "All I see, on the screen
    Is Night Whores"


    Yes. You are the only one

  62. 《Auntie Sardonyx》

    Nightcore this song too !!! S3RL FOR LIFE☆

  63. Alexander Carter

    they nightcored it

  64. うんあ うん

    sso much weeaboos

  65. Alfonso Palacios

    Lol bro u be snapping

  66. daviskyLV

    i expected the pitch changer in background to rise when the tutorial said "take the pitch control and push it up"


    daviskyLV Me too lol

  67. Vally

    Oh my god this comment section is DENSE. DO YOU NOT GET IT?????


    I know. It's pretty sad, honestly. So many music artists get negatively affected because of nightcore...

  68. N3rdlord9000

    THE END does sound like normal S3RL when nightcore’d
    I don’t like nightcore at all but I checked and wow he knew XD

  69. Elokyos

    xD the kangoroo video :'D

  70. Jennifer Garandel

    I love nighcore...music is my galaxy 😍

  71. Star face

    I got an Idea, how about make an ANTI-nightcore version of this song?

  72. That One Kid

    When you are good at making music and are sick of everyone making nightcore "remixes" of your song, you publish a song making fun of nightcore.
    Then scream in frustration as you see a nightcore remix of the song.
    will you mental delinquents EVER LEARN?!

  73. max the rat

    this person just sounds devastated

  74. Rogue X-Rated

    this song makes me want to drag the pitch down and call it daycore for the lols xD

  75. feathero3

    Robot kangaroo for the win!

  76. Star face

    If I change it's early lyrics, they would be:
    "Clod-core, Spaghetti-core
    Ice-core, Dam-core
    CLOD-core this song for me now" XD (Peridot from S.U. included)

    And other lyrics (those who hate "Nightcore's"):
    "I'm NOT searching for Nightcore's
    Cause they're THE WORST
    I can't believe
    Now I think
    They're the WORST!
    I HATE them cause they're STUPID
    I HATE them cause they TASTE 'BAD'
    I HATE the chipmunk voices
    They always make me MAD"
    ehh.... well That WHAT would the Nightcore HATER sing!
    To be Hones, I'm NOT a Nightcore HATER, I'm just Neutral with it!

  77. Hexcate

    Challenge Accepted. Sub and click the little Bell to be notified when I upload ;)

  78. Crusader

    Kangaroo fact:
    female Kangaroos have 3 vaginas

    Have fun with this piece of Information :)

  79. Ninjasr 16

    wow The non-nightcore version of this song is weird

  80. ECO


  81. Lab Rat

    Nice robot kangaroo dude

  82. arbusto :3

    Este "vídeo musical" esta un poco fumado en la parte del canguro

  83. Deirdre McManus

    ...guys look how far nightcore has come as a community...I don't know if this is good or bad...*shrugs*

  84. Vera Bakker

    this song sounds way better if nightcored

  85. Dominic Surette

    Who nightcored this song

  86. Shipping 101μ

    Mettazuki OMG I WAS JUST SAYING THAT TO MY SELF!!!! (Actually) I kinda said that to myself hehe...

  87. Shigeo

    Im not sure wether S3RL is disliking nightcore or liking it.... im confused. Also I wont lie some songs are actually better in nightcore other..... well..... its just ..... .... um.... wrong either that or amateurish but thats my opinion

  88. Riddelek King

    I listened to the nightcore and watched this after... slow AF

  89. Fluttery Empress

    i really love nightcore a lot

  90. GuardianDash

    Nightcore Anthem!

  91. Manjari Aravinda

    nightcore nightcore 😀😀😀😀😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😉😉😉😉😉😉😍😍😍😍😍😍 I LOVE NIGHTCORE!

  92. Oreoro

    Nightcore anthem!