S3RL - Next Time Lyrics

It was just a month ago
Can't forget and won't let go
It's in my mind all the time

I don't know if I will see
The one I never got to meet
I don't know but I can hope

Will I see you again?
At the next cosplay event
And will I recognise you next time?
Our eyes met across the room
We were in matching costumes
Then I knew I just had to meet you

Will we meet again?
I hope so
Will we meet again?
Next Time
Will I see you again?
At the next cosplay event
And will I recognise you next time?
Our eyes met across the room
We were in matching costumes
Then I knew I just had to meet you

I was cosplaying as Chi
There you were as Hideki
Not by chance but destiny
Tried to find you after then
But the day was at an end
Maybe next we'll meet again

Will I see you again?
At the next cosplay event
And will I recognise you next time?
Our eyes met across the room
We were in matching costumes
Then I knew I just had to meet you

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S3RL Next Time Comments
  1. Ale Nuñez


  2. BroadTeamFaba

    Narcissus pseudonarcissus

  3. Connor Thornton

    I FOUND WALDO!!!!!

  4. Rifqie schenedrer

    lol, am I always cosplay as HIDEKI

  5. 陈.

    I just like :(*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ)

  6. Koe No Katachi


  7. ForestImp529

    Did they meet??

  8. Laura Ashley

    .... that was some really dumb weaboo shit.... I couldnt even make it all the way through...

    Sexless Sexiness

    way to be open-minded

  9. Red Paradox

    Hear this in 0,75 speed, it's better at this pace tbh

  10. Wedan The Great

    I think i saw this shit in corner somewhere before... God forgive me for i have sinned

  11. SIR. V3X

    Waldo 0:52

  12. Feeluck

    i never saw a good chobits cosplay tho :( chi+hideki <3 one of my first manga. damn.. thats so long ago. the memories. the feels *-*

  13. Raider Fuantos



    2018 - still awesome

  15. Kitten SNova

    0:52 is this a waldo cosplay?

  16. Max Max

    0.52 Waldo

  17. Ge To

    What the hell is with the Chobits influences in the art?! They are like in every video!

    Edit: Sorry about this... But before you correct me, this video is actually about Chobits costumes... now I realize that...

  18. Josh Blue

    Fkn weebs

  19. Alex Boliuk

    I was at Comic-con in Ukrane. This song makes me cry.

  20. Nuka Anthony

    I'm trying hard to find the original footage of these cosplay cons , help ?

  21. KevinLucas

    Usaré esta canción dentro de 3 años en un video collage de mi promoción, lo prometo.

  22. Ryan Cruz

    this guy's got a Chi obsession ;)

  23. Mifune Katsura

    0:29 I dunno!

    0:33 I dunno!

  24. Star face

    0:11-0:14 and 1:50-1:53 "CHINA!" (Donald trump reference!)

  25. Star face

    "HIDEKI"!! but well that actually a GOOD song!

  26. andrew Hero


  27. aton1012

    Awesome great track and great video S3RL Rocks🤘

  28. Purple Apples

    He found the perfect spooder men

  29. Darlight 2017 COC

    @wesome !! yo with the video

  30. killer100ghost

    S3RL should do a part 2 to this song... Follow the trend of mtc haha 😁

  31. Fernando Seker


  32. Fernando Seker

    Esta genial

  33. dragonkillerking

    a cosplay of waldo at 0:52

  34. Kevin Schoonhagen

    2:27 I'm sitting here just screaming DEMACIAAAAA at my pc

  35. martian73

    I’m going to Comic Con this weekend. This is gonna be the Mood™ after it’s over.

  36. Kanrah A


  37. Mc Chaotic Neutral & Rusty Shackleford & Company


  38. αβγ - Abc



  39. Артём Баранов

    Чёбиты еееххууу

  40. Michael Mueller

    It's so weird hearing this back to back with superhero and how Zoe sounds unrecognizable between the two

  41. Kawaii Neko

    lol i found waldo running away from the s3rl fans finding him XD hes at 0:52

  42. UrutoraTatsujin

    Less than two months until NDK... hurry and get here September!!!

  43. Caleb Bright

    dat SakuraCon footage at 0:47 tho!!!

  44. catsfavor

    i watched chobits and it was amazing only wish there where more episodes

  45. Andele Swierstra

    Have only been to one cosplay event: Dutch Comic Con, only once.. Somehow this song still feels really nostalgic!

  46. Pinhook Meiosis

    This iso weebish xD BUT ITS HILARIOUS

  47. Fuyuno Hinotori

    did you ever meet again? D: i must know!

  48. DHIRAL

    saw hidden message in description!!!

  49. Luis Tuxtla

    what a great song <3 . cant wait to see this dude on june :D

  50. Itachi Uchiha


  51. てつおモジ

    pretty cool..


    maybe it is only s3rl's normal song

  53. Im_Stnn

    When hablas español y sabes que s3rl nunca vendrá a america latina :,v

  54. Fahad

    تستهبل يا سعلر وش هالكلمات الركيكية والغبية ؟


    Gakusen Toshi Asterisk ^^


    @ToxicSenpai تنصحني اتابعه ؟


    عشان اكون صريح معك انا في عالم والانميات في عالم ثاني ما نظرت الا 7 انميات قصيرة و هنتر في الحلقة 80


    يب اكيد , فكرته خرافية الانمي هذا
    + حتى انا ما اشوف انميات كثيرة


    @ToxicSenpai ياخي انت اسطورة ❤

  55. meh :c

    2:27 DEMACIAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Fernando Seker

    fuck is fantastic

  57. IsntItButter

    That nightingale costume on POINT

  58. Thomas Giblin

    1:51 best costume ever lol

  59. NepD3stiny

    that warmachine costume was super awesome ^ω^

  60. Giancarlos Ocasio

    deh ironman arnir doh

    Giancarlos Ocasio

    armor XD

  61. thehardestpart

    1:21 Link 😍😍❤

  62. GHOSTSTORM1.8.0

    found waldo

  63. Katherene Nelson


    Waldo is trying to hide from us. xP

  64. EviMoon

    Plot twist: It was a boy cosplaying as Chii.

  65. Ronny Alfaro

    Cosplay 😻
    Anime 😻

  66. Guro God


  67. iExotic Sadness

    STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. UltimateRecords

    The Beginn of this Video is soooo awesome i love IT

  69. Zero Galaxy

    I found the hidden message S3RL just has to give me the time for I can make sure XD

  70. krizzy090

    is it just me that that girls are hot in cosplay costumes


    as a female cosplayer I can confirm that girls are hot in cosplay costumes

  71. AgentFluffy

    I don't really get why this video has so few views compared to your other videos, the footage and the song itself are astonishing :D

  72. Joey Bossé


  73. jeff manington

    wtf y is a nightingale there

  74. MinniMoose1

    it's my song :)

    I like it!

    My friend sent me this song several weeks or months after I did an android 18 cosplay and told me that the song is for me 😄. It was a long time, but I will always remember this song as my own personal theme song now.

  75. Xxx_Hentai_Lover_2000_xxX Kiyomasa

    is she dutch?

  76. El YoloSkuack desunee

    1:52 Kung Fury detected

  77. luv jotwani

    0:52 found Waldo 👍

  78. luv jotwani

    0:52 found Waldo 👍

  79. Milk

    Jeah AHAHAH totally like the song when i first met her .
    I was Cosplaying as Yuki , she was Yuno

  80. alfonso may ramirez

    Bravo aplausos bravo :)(:

  81. Zis is Berd

    I want a nightingale costume.. that looks badass xD

  82. ReaderAve

    This hit me in the feels. Oh man. Talk to people! You might never get a next time. Cosplay rocks! Take a chance; say hi.

  83. Anon Account

    "Our eyes met across the room, we were in matching costumes."
    "I was cosplaying as Chii, there you were as Hideki."

  84. Tesla Haxz

    i swear, s3rl is the nerdiest dj ever, and i love it

    Tyler St. Peter

    and perviest


    +Tyler St. Peter what do you expect he has a song called masturbate to cartoons


    I was about to write the same exact thing.


    deadmau5 is up there too, but he doesn't have a ton of tracks revolving around nerdy concepts. Whether in title or lyrics.

  85. Xeno- Sama

    I legit cried because it reminded me of past friends and also just the voice edit it just makes it sad

    Paulus Kivelä

    Feel ya

    Kitten SNova

    me too :(


    All the events when the cosplay community was small like a hidden cult and it was rare to find someone who loves anime... Ze good old times...

  86. Aeroxima

    Ok, I'm sold on cosplay. I wasn't sure before because of the bad ones, but I get it now.

  87. NGC1566 චᆽච

    Cons are so fucking fun bro xD
    I love going to them but I don't usually cosplay as anyone

  88. Omegaborman

    Huh.. Chobits, the only anime I've watched outside of Naruto. 10/10

  89. Kamix Aka Dio


    so Hideki is John cena?

    Kiki Sparkle


    Asriel Dreemurr

    S-Seems like it.

    A.A Nightcraft

    +kami your right

  90. Adam The Wolf

    not bad but love to put this in my car tho :)

  91. Tyler St. Peter

    Found Waldo at 0:51

  92. Xerphr

    Holy that costume at 1:25

  93. Shalterra

    Did S3RL go to Metro and DJ? Or just use footage from it?

  94. charlotte hollins


  95. Warsie

    Man, this song certainly sums up some of the con lyfe brah.

  96. Stu Pot

    preparing for acen as i listen to this


    +Stu Pot early prep for the con lyfe

  97. Red Reble

    I went to a cosplay event, It was amazing! I can't wait till next time!