S3RL - BFF Lyrics

My BFF will need to prove that they can party
And when this is over I will have found my new BFF
Game on bitches

Molly is a friend of mine.
She is so pure, she is divine.
Just don't let her get too cut
When shes cut she is no fun.

B-F-F [x3]
Friends forever.

Lucy is my travel friend
We go on trips to Neverland
Gone for days at a time
Having the time of our lives.

B-F-F [x3]
Friends forever

Charlie is my friend alright
We party party every night
Hard and fast then shes gone
She never lasts very long

Friends forever

Mary Jane my old friend still
We just like to hang and chill
Take a break relax and eat
Then laugh and laugh til we can't breathe

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S3RL BFF Comments
  1. JAS

    Don’t worry Charlie, I don’t last long either.

  2. BroadTeamFaba

    Cannabis sativa

  3. nicopro345

    Nice meeeeeeeeeeeen

  4. c0mpu73rguy

    I can't stop listening to this, I really like this track for some reason (you could say that I'm... Addicted to it).

  5. lieco the husky

    2019 still killer song

  6. Ona Alert

    I guess I have no friends :(
    Don't take drugs

  7. Davibes TV

    The title is something I never had since I was born

  8. Jesse Migwans

    Its funny because i know a molly lucy charlie (carly but we call her Charlie to tease her because shes so aggressive) and mary in real life... all of them have different vibes so this song is perfect


    Molly: 1.25
    Lucy: Variable Speed
    Charlie: 1.75
    Mary Jane: Normal

  10. Li Mi

    which girls are which?

  11. rat


  12. Athanasius

    Лучший код автора: BRFF

  13. OyaBinchanTV

    Press F to respect to all the BFFs that never made it... TTYN Kappa

  14. Shaggy Rogers

    Lucy and Mary Jane are 2 good friends together if you ask me ;)

  15. Return of Slavia

    666th view ^_^


    I can only have one true bff

    Yep an that's weed

  17. Dicky Nurhaque

    speed 1,25x 😂

  18. durst

    about five years later and i have a fond appreciation of this style of s3rl's. i grew to like it a few years back. my comment is still around here somewhere.

  19. oops i dropped my uwus

    Mary Jane

  20. Murasaki Balker

    Understand it’s about drugs is not hard, but I never thought about it, I must admit

  21. trashposter xo

    game on *bitches*

  22. Obviously Obvious

    It’s kinda sad that marijuana is now a legal drug.

    the dinkster

    Obviously Obvious how is that sad my dude?

  23. Godintheskys

    BFF = best friends forever :(


    Drugs.....?Wait..what?This song is about drugs?


    My bff is named Siri

    *Crying in the corner while eating ice crean*

  26. Carter I

    iTavux brought me here RIP iTavux .

  27. _Idiomas Entusiásticas_

    “She’s so pure, she is divine. Just don’t let her get too cut. When she is cut, she is no fun.”

    I just got it

  28. Coach

    Everlasting summer accepted

  29. Matthew Hull M

    i used to love this song when i was like 12 and had no idea it was all about drugs lol

  30. GasMaster

    He who has no BBF's still enjoys listening to this song.

  31. Yeshua Lawson

    Weres Tina?

  32. feathero3

    The Beavis and Butt-head scene was perfect!

  33. MadNut321

    1:06 I listen to fucking Dream Theater and I don't even know what this time-signature change is!!!
    Sounds like 17/16 to me

  34. Levin AE85/Itsuki

    i play this in my summer car :D


    I don´t know why but I´m gonna try as well :D Could be fun while splitting firewood :D

  35. 0 0

    MTV i found your guy

  36. Kizana Grey

    I vote for mary jane

  37. Ne Hado

    Ooooooooh yes, DRUGS!!!!!!

  38. Vee

    I’m just going to pretend this song isn’t about drugs

  39. HossSwayerpr

    My best friend never fails to persuade, always cheers me up when I'm down, and is always there wherever I go. Meet Al, last name Chohol



    Andis Antonovičs

    Tbh there probably is a person named Albert Cohol


    Andis Antonovičs Could work with Alphonse and Alfred too.

  40. Next friend would be named Ron or someone who would have the nickname panda

  41. CasualBlitz

    I love this song !! Even more for the meaning lol

  42. That Man From Earth

    New S3RL is just as good as old S3RL..

    *gets ready in my bunkers for the shit-nukes people will throw at me*

  43. Christopher Reichert

    Let's play a game:
    Which one would you smash?

  44. Josh Breitbarth

    now I can just see somebody waking up a little that desert going lucy you have some splainin to do

  45. BigL5001

    No wonder mary jane looked like my kind cause she's pot she's chill and looks like she listen's to edm a good amount of the time

  46. Gold_The_Eevee

    Molly = MDMA/XTC
    Lucy = LSD
    Charlie = Cocaine
    Mary Jane = Marijuana/Cannabis

  47. Gold_The_Eevee

    1:28 ... gabe the dog is that you?

  48. Maasai Msp

    Nice ;)!

  49. Animarkzero ‍ ‎‎

    To have fun, you dont need any drug (alcohol included)

  50. Sam Taylor

    Wrong song!

  51. J4M J4MS

    Sick beat

  52. The Winking Shiba of Good Luck


  53. TheFess

    Would a good name for Ecstasy be just stacy?

  54. Bruna Neptune

    Everyone: This song is about drugs! Me: I thought it was about some popular chick who went around and had a bunch of girls who wanted to be her BFF but in the end................she always ends up murdering them in different ways! :D :I Yea...


    The best music <3

  56. Sylvester Bunch

    What is this, a S3rl i missed.

  57. Run to Altar

    In the mind of insanity and delusions.

  58. Redstone68 01

    molly is the blue hair
    lucy is orange hair
    blonde is charile
    brown hair is mary jane

  59. Braden Fontaine

    Just realized this is about drugs

  60. Jones2max

    I literally just noticed what the names stood for because I was staring off into space listening to this and heard the names xD

  61. eric robert

    I like all the clips of friends

  62. Ralph.L

    BFF is Boy Friends Forever

    Pedro Carnitas

    it can also mean best friend forever...

  63. DJ K1RΛ

    Still awesome!! :D

  64. Celline

    The sad thing is, that the Best friends are drugs.

  65. LotusGirl 522

    I'm one of those dumb people who don't know what's going on until they see it in the comments section... I legitimately didn't think the song was about drugs...


    here too

    Mirage Fy

    Same. ;P

    just another follower

    didnt even bother to look in the comment section until i thought about neverland and lucy


    LotusGirl 522 ayyyy I'm one of them

  66. eric robert

    Charlie's arm is up because she's the one you sniff

  67. Ethan Taylor

    if your friends eyes have turned green with a large blood shot ring around them the I can assure you all failed and you let Molly get cut

  68. BeTtErDAnCe132

    Took me along time to figure out that this song was about drugs.


    WHAT?? REALY??


    BeTtErDAnCe132 I just realized it


    To be honest without the picture in the video and listening to just the audio... it could have taken me a long time to figure it out.

  69. Takashin

    This song makes me miss drugs T . T

  70. newns9649

    just realized this is about drugs...

  71. Rose Adams

    Molly reminds me of my girlfriend, Except my girlfriend has brown hair

    Us Live!

    you know all these girls are drugs, right?

  72. Justus Silva

    it would be cool to hear a BFF2 (;

  73. Miro

    This feels soo slow after S3RL Presently presents...

    Ethan Taylor

    This was on "S3RL Presently Presents".....

    Kam Domber

    +Ethan Taylor
    He knows. He was just pointing out that version was sped up compared to this one.


    Agreed man the 175 bpm version is so good, and since i first heard it like that i can't enjoy the original quite as much

  74. Pascal Maahs

    What about Tina? :(

  75. Fernando Seker

    wow me gusto

  76. Bear Daddy

    You got me at when I saw bevus and butthead in the bottom left corner XD

  77. Dank MemeQueen

    Even tho tht this song was about drugs, the ppl look a lot like my irl friendos and Mary Jane looks like me, but in a realistic way not anime-ish

  78. Hoffman Chan

    Press "F" to have "F"riends

  79. Cake

    I have friends named Lucie and Molly ._.


    +Queen Fluffybutt lol

    norbaya omar

    Have you call your friend Molly a Mole?

    Sarah Asgharzadeh

    Queen Fluffybutt are fucking joking because if you aren’t that’s sick

    Slade Wilson

    Bee Eff Eff Beeee Eff Eff Eff


    i dont even have friends

  80. Aurora Rose

    I am sooooo OBSESSED with this song. <3 New faaave

  81. Lamia Snowbunny

    Sounds so creepy

  82. Lamia Snowbunny

    Sounds so creepy

  83. 이루다

    Saw BFF as Battlefield Friends :/


    hahahahah! I got birty legs!birty legs birty legs!

  84. Dark Africa

    When the drugs kick in  2:37 at 0.25 speed


    The hardest drug I ever used was a pill of Advil........Ok maybe some coke mixed in...............*swallows pills with coke but mostly water*

  86. A Ducktor

    This shit's like some of Ken Ashcorp's stuff, makes gurzl wet and gaiz hard.

  87. Crimson Agony

    Don't do drugs

  88. ararlynn !

    This song brings back memories.

  89. PhysKo Gamer

    I want to fuck the second girl.

    Crimson Agony

    That's great, bud

  90. kiri

    this song is so fucking depressing

    John Covers

    i agree

  91. EnderNator10


  92. EnderNator10

    0:06 is that a ripped off limb?

  93. Max Dumont

    lol vagina = cockpit... think about it

  94. Dr Manaos

    The Legend Of The Zelda/korra/aang

    Dr Manaos

    buen comentario hijo de puta

    Dr Manaos

    +Dr Manaos oye tranquilo viejo

    Dr Manaos

    +Dr Manaos para la puta que te pario

  95. Luka Vojinovic

    i hated this song now i cant stop singing it and playing loud wtf @[email protected]

  96. budder hoe

    Molly= the drug molly
    Lucy= Lsd
    Mary Jane= (shouldn't have to explain this one

    koty channell

    Molly isn't it's own drug Molly is ecstasy

    Hoagie Zwiebel

    dssa lol.Marihujana..


    " the drug molly"


    @budder hoe wait did you just replied urself 2x?

    Orrin Hedrick

    Please explain

  97. The Crystal Legion! -Roblox-

    I don't compute, what has drugs got to do with this?


    Each person represents a drug.

    The Crystal Legion! -Roblox-

    +Dynamicraft How?


    +The Crystal Legion! -Roblox- Molly = MDMA/XTC
    Lucy = LSD
    Charlie = Cocaine
    Mary Jane = Marijuana/Cannabis



    Mary Jane can also represent Weed


    IDK about molly


    Lucy takes ger to places like Nederland it has to be LSD or Acid or Mushrooms

    charlie is cocaine

    Mary Jane is Marijuana,Cannabis or Weed

    because it makes you laugh a fuck ton and it makes you hungry and the song says Mary Jane likes to eat with her and laugh alot with her