S-X - Lies / Out Of My Mind Interlude Lyrics

Oh they're telling me things 'bout you
I hope they're lies
I live with the truth and plus
I'll never hide
I'm happy with that
I don't have a disguise
I know that you wanna be
Up on this side (Yeah, yeah)

Just give me a minute, ayy
Just give me a sec
I don't neglect (No, no)
Watch and respect (Yeah, yeah)
That's why I'm next
That's why I'm coming for everyone who wanna try test
So please let me know, who is the best (Yeah, yeah)
You only big off your features
You don't make your own beats yeah
I need cheese, no pizza
I eat cheese if it's vegan
We know you didn't get the meaning
I am cooked from a very special cloth of people
I can see your [?] so please don't tell when I'm speaking yeah
You can probably learn a thing or two (Yeah)
If you listen when I speak to you (Yeah)
You can probably learn a thing or two-o-o (Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy)
So tell me who's next in this
I don't punch above my weight
I stay in my deficit
Acting like you can't hear me man
Are you deaf or shit?
I never wanted your girl that's why I just got head and dip

They're telling me things 'bout you
I know they're lies
Your insecurities
They are no surprise
You're lost in yourself man
Just open your eyes
I know that you wanna be
Up on this side (Oh)

Am I out of my mind? (Yeah)
All of these thoughts I fight
24 hours, there ain't enough time
Am I out of my mind?
Am I out of my mind?
Looking at family outside
Am I out of my mind?
Am I out of my mind?
All of these thoughts I fight
Am I out of my mind?

And I was, searching for you
Cause I needed you back (Yeah)
That's the last time
I will ever do that (Yeah)
I don't wanna win nobody over (Nah)
You either with me or you not
That's a fact
Matter of fact
I don't care if you do not follow me
Opinions, no I do not care about
I don't take approval from nobody (Yeah)
I've not heard another apology
Don't get [?]
I know that I might've offended you
But that's not what I intended to
And yeah, yeah, I've been living like I don't care (Yeah)
And yeah, yeah, I'll last longer than you both (Yeah, yeah)
And yeah, yeah, I got way more than just hope (Yeah, yeah)
And yeah, yeah, I've been living the studio (Yeah, yeah)

Anytime you feeling out of your mind
Just know I've been feeling this way for some time
However you feeling right now please believe me
This will pass just as fast as your life goes by
And yeah I know it seems easier to end it all now
But that's just the easy way out
You need to do the right thing
And keep fighting
One day you'll see that the only time is now

I wake up [?] thinking, "Okay what's the first move?"
Because time is flying
My daughter just lost her first tooth
I'm 'bout to get it, get it, get it like I never did
Don't second guess on me
Remember I'm the blasphemous
Kinda crazy lately that
You tryna call me lazy
Like I don't do it all myself
I've been slaving and paving
The way for me to do whatever the fuck I want
So I can really bless my babies, my girl and my mum
We almost lost track and I can't believe we're back home
But girl you know the reasons and I won't go back into that song
Cause now I'm moving forward for me and for you
Everything is temporary
If you believe it, it's true (Aha)
And I hate the fact that my mum hates her job
Actually I hate that my mum has a job
I feel like I am a failure
I guess that time is against you
It's the biggest weapon and you gon let it get you
Ain't you? (Nah)
Fuck the fate
Let 'em hate
Only great
Never bait

Until next time

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S-X Lies / Out Of My Mind Interlude Comments
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    If anyone knows ab the app SongFlip then can you put this guys songs on there none of them are on there and I need them 🥵

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    From the US and hope you blow up overhere

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    Fire Bro

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    OMG banger after banger class channel bro your music is LIT

  6. Samuel Parfitt

    s-x literally the best producer out there. are any songs free to use on videos if i give credit?

    FPC Fishn

    Every song is free to use as long as your not profiting off of it and you credit the artist

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    OH. MY. GOD!! THIS IS FIREEEE!!!!!!!!

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    sometimes is my FAV

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    Sick one again.... keep up the good work

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    Niceee when is it coming on spotify???

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    *Constructive criticism. Your beats and vocals are really harmonic and beautiful. but som bars rapping once in a while from you could really be appreciated. your songs can be a little bit predictable.. Still grow b!

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