S Club Juniors - Automatic High Lyrics

Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic

You give me that special feeling, Boy
I've been awake all night
There's a beat inside my heart again
its working overtime

No-one's moved me in this way before
its all so brand new
You got me so I don't know where I am
or what I'm gonna do

And I'm ready anytime
Automatic High
And I'm walking over Cloud 9
Automatic High

When I hear you calling out to me
It makes me come alive

and all the fears seem to fade away
and I've kissed the past goodbye

And I'm ready anytime
Automatic High
I got one thing on my mind
Automatic High

Every step, every breath, every beat of my heart
coming on like a new sensation
Its just so easy

It's Automatic, Automatic High, High, High, High.
Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic.
Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic.

And I'm ready anytime
Automatic High
And I'm walking over Cloud 9
Automatic High

Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic.
Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic.
Automatic, Automatic, Automatic, Automatic.

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S Club Juniors Automatic High Comments
  1. Michael Sardina

    Who whatcing in 2020

    Lukz Creatz

    Michael Sardina Blast From the past

  2. sloshpot

    There all like 30

  3. chris fitton

    and Frankie Bridge from here to Joining Rochelle on Saturdays and having her own career

  4. chris fitton

    Rochelle Humes absolutely brilliant to see her career grow from this to The Saturdays and now a popular TV presenter

  5. William Rees

    ok but... is this song about wanking doe

  6. Helen Goff

    I like this song Helen goff

  7. Simon Tatievski

    shut up u vegan

  8. Emily Haugh

    I would die with excitement when this come on !

  9. Unanimous Ignoramus

    Dear world:
    We are apologize for this.
    Sincerely sorry.
    From Americans with taste in good music

  10. Leanne VandenBos

    Watching in 2019

  11. BNO97 !

    I was literally 6 when they were big and it was a great time

  12. David Israel

    A friend I made on a cruise loved singing this song at the time of release. I do like this, good pop song

  13. Clorox Bleach

    This is so adorable awww

  14. Matthew Baldwin

    Did boys really wear that much denim back in the day? I don’t recall ever wearing that much

  15. Alice Crawford

    gosh I had this song on repeat when I had the Now disc and the disc scratched because I had it on repeat that many times aha I was 7 when this was

  16. Joe

    Where are they now!!

  17. Rya Snowball

    2019 and this is still a tune

  18. Rebecca Maxwell

    2019 and still a tune!

  19. Gareth Griffiths

    Easy jet aeroplane landing 😂😂😂 big shout out

  20. Apollo

    Woah. 2008...

  21. Dahlen Santos

    Dude. I am so old right now. Man listening to this song again. Makes me feel like a kid again.

  22. Richard Pearson

    Watching in 2019 wow i feel old im 20 now

    Sam Rudland

    Same bro. Though back when these came out music was still decent

  23. K J

    Frankie wearing a thong in that age? What? 2:54

  24. amysadikh yague

    Love love 2019 ,,😍😍

  25. Sharon true crime

    OMG I feel about 100!

  26. aleex141

    omg this brings back so many happy memories 😓i swear i used to own the CASSETTE TAPE of the song!

  27. Russell Wylie

    The video is cute as

  28. Emily Bayley

    Watching this in 2018 and feeling really old 😂

  29. Rebecca Hughes

    I liked these

  30. J Asquith

    Has anyone ever met one of the, I have I meet Hannah she has three kids now two boys and one girl , I have only net her because her mum is friends with my dad

  31. steamyboy69

    2018 yet no HD version yet?

  32. Jimmy Kray

    This song is kinda weird when you think about it, talking about getting high and wanting to have a high and also they got one thing on their mind, don’t know who wrote this but meh

  33. SarahHannahVlogs

    Omg this takes me back

  34. MirandaK321

    Daisy is so adorable

    Kim Landro

    MirandaK321 agree

  35. Lydie claire

    Crazy to think that one of those singing is Rochelle from the saturdays!!

    S W

    And Frankie from the Saturdays!!!

  36. Jessiikamor


  37. Kimmy Wah

    Who’s still watching this in 2017?

  38. Emma Selwyn

    Am I weird for being reminded of AKB48 when I listen to these guys?

  39. holly pietrzak

    this has an early 2000s feel to it?

  40. David Robinson

    It is good that young teens do the acting & singing, but unfortunately paedophiles exist & this possibly may perpetuate that; keeps the police & justice ssytem in work though.

  41. H.T JR

    this era was poppin, everything back then was poppin

    Kieran Rokyckyj

    H.T JR like your spots 😆

  42. Natasha Kershaw

    Very sweet and cheesy that Aaron, Calvin and Jake let the girlies do most of the singing. Saves all the kids squabbling.


    Natasha Kershaw its Jay no jake

  43. TheThree Eds21

    What even...

  44. LaCurrone C

    I remember when i was in year 3 and i was singing this on the school stage in the playground. Memories.

  45. Jacob Pilmore

    the girls have grown up to be stunners.

  46. yellowfolder

    S club 8, the delight of convicted and aspiring paedophiles UK-wide! There's something for everyone!


    When they're past puberty its more along the lines of hebophillia

    Ruby Burns

    yellowfolder what are you on about

  47. Mimi

    I feel 5 again... xD

  48. kik

    the boys got zero lines lol

  49. abbystraightedge

    Chipmunk yey

  50. Heyitsfaye

    Ahh so much denim

  51. BBGrooves1

    Ooooh, nostalgia you've done it again ;)

  52. kenneth cusiter

    Lol love it so so so much 😂😇

  53. Laurenmhw2106

    I love this song ekk x

  54. Simon Threadingham

    This was my favourite S Club Juniors song, I hated One Step Closer. So cheesy and rubbish.

    Katie Thorley

    All their songs are cheesy 😂😂😂

    Simon Threadingham

    @Katie Thorley
    Hmm yeah that's true, but One Step Closer was somehow worse I thought


    +Simon Threadingham Where as THIS. THIS is not cheesy at all!

  55. Jay69th

    good to know one of them are still big :) spot the one in the "Saturdays"


    oh who's the 2nd?

    Sara Stilinksi

    @Jay Jolley Frankie and Rochelle :)


    thanks :) thought she looked familiar xD

    Caitlin Shaw

    +xClaireLouise1994 Actually Rochelle is still quite big now just not because of her singing


    +xClaireLouise1994 The Saturdays did pretty well. They had number 1's and many tours. They were successful for quite a while.

  56. Joseph Dunn

    Am I the only one who noticed the plane change into a different plane???

    David Moyle

    I did spot that myself.

  57. Natalie Barnes

    I wish that I could go back on time to this era. 😍


    +Natalie Barnes yh haha

    Liam Wood

    Why? It was shit lol

    J Spring

    Natalie Barnes u dun no xx

  58. shelley jeffers

    This is one of my favorite songs by them

  59. Stefan Siwiak-Jaszek

    Automatic hiiiiiigggghhhhh <3

  60. Sarah Jaundrill

    Watching this in 2015. LOL Age 27 hehehe LOVE IT x

    Rohit N

    @Sarah Jaundrill Same here ! Brings back old memories

  61. chileepengwin

    Was my favourite S Club Juniors song. Still remember all the words.

  62. TheDebski2222

    shit its a catchy tune lol

  63. Luisa Gill

    Nice song  

  64. Edward Crowley

    Nothing like a bit of S Club Juniors to bring the peado out in people!

    I consider myself a pretty serious guitarist and songwriter and quite a musical snob quite frankly

    but i have to say I secretly really liked S Club Juniors songs, happy, catchy, poppy and fun..... whats not to like!

    taylor mark

    Stacey is my cousin

    Edward Crowley

    ok??? and??????????


    Stacey is not my cousin

  65. Rachael Doyle

    watching this in 2014 !! feel ancient and i'm only 17 :P

    taylor mark

    I'm 12 and Stacey is my cousin feels weird seeing her like this !

    Davina Naylor

    @Rachael Doyle im 17 too and i know how you feel:)

    Rachael Doyle

    @Davina Naylor I'm 18 now feel even older :) haha 

    Lauren George

    @Rachael Doyle i am with you on this one!

    Lauren George

    @***** It's so strange, when we are younger we wish we were older, then when we are older we wish we were younger! It's weird to think they've all grown up now too!

  66. Dayna Holgate

    I love this song

  67. Emily Norton-Pickering

    Still know all the words :O

  68. mark hartshorn

    is it me or this song full of hidden meanings?

  69. pyrostrike uk

    I remember singing this song when I was 14

  70. Art Roj-Ter

    Why 8? I think 5 would have been perfect, or even 6, but 8? Too much people imo

    ItsMe Bet

    There was originally 9 but a lad called Connor left. They also only wanted 7 in the band at first but called Hannah and Aaron back after the auditions :)

  71. Charlotteee89

    Still know the words & most of the dance routine... Awks. Frankie was such a beaut though omg! I always envied her flat stomach too.

  72. Connor Tulley

    christ i feel old :(

    pyrostrike uk

    i know the feeling, man
    it seems like it was only yesterday when i was 15 and walking into R.E. class singing Automatic High

    Connor Tulley

    @pyrostrike uk every primary school disco and the pop party CD'S they brought out these appeared.. that's talking about early 2004 christ :(


    @pyrostrike uk Whats r.e.? religious ed?

    pyrostrike uk

    @flukeman022 yep. I went to a Catholic school


    @pyrostrike uk ah, I see. Never thought about that thought it was private or public school. And thank you for your reply.

  73. Aaron Wilson

    They were like 12... what's this "one thing" on her mind?



    Sarah Leigh Richardson

    Getting home in time to watch the teletubbies 😂


    Exactly. Paedophiles rule the world.

    Liam Pinkham


  74. IndianaJoel93

    I heard a rumour that Opeth were doing a cover of this song.

  75. L. T.

    I wonder who kissed.

  76. Harry McSweeney

    the memories :')

  77. Gary Cronshaw

    Very special video and song. All time favourite of mine.

  78. Heather Davies

    Holy fuck still know all the words

  79. Maddie Howell

    I just wanna know if Frankie and Calvin ever dated

    chris fitton

    Well its too late now as she's now married to Wayne Bridge

  80. vicxcx1986

    for them just been kids there sang some canny songs..  even if there were younger than me at the time.. x

  81. esvhgvtr

    baby frankie and rochelle

  82. esvhgvtr

    brings me back to my youth.. i'm getting emotional

  83. esvhgvtr


  84. Jonathon Cushenan

    Why were the boys even in this group?!

    Liam Pinkham

    The question could be asked about s club 7 lol

    BNO97 !

    Jonathon Cushenan because it was meant to mirror the older ones who had 3 boys

  85. Sophie Duval

    i wonder what the boys are doing now as frankie and rochelle are in the saturdays.


    I'm not sure about Jay, but Aaron is now The Saturdays choreographer and Calvin's been doing acting :D

    J Lee

    Aaron actually Dances and sometimes Choreographs for the saturdays he worked with them on their most recent tour


    Jay is in the West End, as the lead in Motown the Musical!

  86. naomz10

    omgggg childhood memories!!!

  87. S O

    why did every girl but hannah get a solo

  88. Megan Hughes Narborough


  89. Megan Hughes Narborough

    they need to have a reunion tour like now

  90. Dustie

    I took me 7 years to realize that the plane at the beginning of the video is actually a completely different one in each take... lol

  91. imcalledolivia

    frankie and rochelle are in the saturdays

  92. Elly Wotton

    omg, watched this when i was 8, still love it to this day!xxx

  93. Hannah Elisabeth

    I'm 19 and still think this song is good haha

  94. Hannah Elisabeth

    A lot haha
    Look them up

  95. Jonathan Webb

    This was ma jam

  96. emily smart

    i wonder what these kids are doing now ...

  97. Amanda Luu

    I remember when I thought these guys were the bosses of YTV Hit List