S Club 8 - Don't Tell Me You're Sorry Lyrics

You took me up, drew me in
Like a moth into your flame
Put your jinx in a deadly kiss
Your body locked me down in chains.
Didn't read the danger signs
'Til you crept into my mind
Made me believe you were so in love
I was mesmerized.

Fell Down to earth now baby
I heard my wake up call
You're not a high I can't get off.

Too little too late girl
Didn't know what you had 'til it's gone
(Don't tell me you're sorry now)
Too little too late girl
Can't get back what's already lost
Now you're alone

I still see your reflection in
A corner of my head
You're the tainted mirror image
That my heart has to reject
So I've gotta keep my distance
When you tell me you can't change
You can't burn me
With the heat of your love
Cos I've put it in the shade

Nothing you can do can phase me
Since I got my wake-up call
You can't do your damage like before


Can't turn back the clock
Can't make momentum stop
And every time I look at you
I hesitate
I get a trigger in my mind
That makes me rewind
And remember how you blew my heart away


Come dance with me

[Chorus x2]

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S Club 8 Don't Tell Me You're Sorry Comments
  1. Saffina

    Why do I always coming back to this video

  2. Vanessa Trueman

    back when you didnt need to be naked to sell album and it based on pure talent alone

  3. Ruth Cordle

    Like this 😀🤩

  4. vanessa zhou

    Here in 2019 ❤️
    They were such a big part of my childhood

  5. DrDarkShadow

    In this song Aaron shines more than the others and he sings

  6. フレイタスガブリエル

    I still loving this song! 2019 <3

  7. Mitzi Menchaca

    It's so funny how Frankie and Rochelle were the main vocalist here and when they joined The Saturdays, Frankie barely sang and showed vocal skills. Rochelle always slaying with her voice.

  8. Silvereyes 24

    Does Hannah not sing? Or is it just me? Cos I swear I’ve never heard her take a solo line

  9. Shaun Piper

    This version was so much better than the version on their album!

  10. DeeAnn Chow

    Love them <3 Daisy killing it with that hat :D

  11. greta kournikova

    Hey there ...s club 8 may have been a short lived band..they shouldn't be dimissed..this song sounds like a dance anthem to me and possibly could have knocked out s club 7 from the music chart ...no offence...this band should have stayed around longer...but when you are a band who suffers from a different matter of opinion from public critics who can be unfair and music managers who drop a band because they don't live up to their expectations..nobody will be given a chance..such a shame...s club 8..you rule.

  12. Mary Udoh

    Love this song used to repeat it many times in early teens!

  13. Samantha Deron II

    juLy 2018!! <3

  14. Diary Of a wimpy kid audio book

    Jay was more of my favourite

  15. add19455

    damn this song is really cool

  16. Amasloth

    They were so freaking cool!!

  17. DrKirstie

    Omg commented on this six years ago. This song is still fantastic.

  18. UTubeStar91

    ah I miss the early 00s. Used to watch s club and play GTA, twisted metal & sims alot on PS1-PS2 :( .. now I'm 25 & I keep wondering where are they now!?

  19. Deirdre Adams

    Always thought one day I'd find my own Araon one day. Still waiting.

  20. Natasha Kershaw

    Hard to believe they are all adults now, although most are younger than me ( I'm 28).

  21. Pacifica Northwest

    Great lad, Calvin. Shame about the stoopid surname...

  22. Ethan_Jones_124

    Calvin 😍😍

  23. Chris Mellor

    I still think frankie is hot still fancy her now they are all grown up lol

    Chris Mellor

    Follow TheLeader yep

  24. Mohamud Yusuf

    they make me proud

  25. Anjalee Burrows

    Used to proper fancy Calvin haha. Stacey was my fave though.

  26. DrDarkShadow

    ♡This song

  27. Purple Rose

    I've always loved Stacey McClean! 😉

    Purple Rose

    She was supposedly offered a spot in 'The Saturdays' but turned it down. :/ LOL ;)

    Purple Rose

    Yeah. I think so, too. Oh well. :/ LOL I've always found her super pretty. Anyways, I wonder if she kicked herself for a while after the group became relatively successful. ^_^

    Purple Rose

    LOL Yeah. Oh well. :/ Speaking of 'The Saturdays'- I certainly hope they reunite soon. ;)

    Sarah Lord

    It makes sense Stacey would be offered as Rochelle and Frankie are there xx

  28. Ruby’s Lifestyle X

    nice one. I like Rochelle's look. (her hair)

  29. Joshua Morgan

    Always been better than s club 7 just look a frankie I love her still do and I'm the same age as her so it's okay

  30. Callum Brown

    nice is this there only r&b feel type song?

  31. Don Spartan

    Frankie was the one

  32. MHTubeing

    like if ur listening to this in 2k14 <33


    MHTubeing I’m from the future. I’m listening in 2019

  33. Prophet Ascending

    Is it me or is this a bit..."iffy"? Young kids, barely in their teens, singing about "broken hearts" and other pop nonsense, all dressed like adults, girls in make up, shorts skirts etc...I'm not a prude, I'm just a bit uneasy about how grown up they are being made to act when they are still children. I remember these guys growing up, though I'm older and they seem well adjusted, well the ones in the public eye (Frankie and Rochelle) so maybe it didn't destroy them?

    Crobatman I am the night

    Get over yourself this always happens.

    Prophet Ascending

    "Get over yourself...". Can you explain exactly what I need to get over within myself, you know, specifically? Because your comment is verging on retarded and I'm worried you are saying that I need to "get over" this because, unlike you, I found children being made to act like adults a bit...well I couldn't think of a word other than iffy. But unethical or exploitative would suffice too. You clearly see no problem. This makes me suspicious of your motives. I bet you say things like "I had a massive crush on the girls when this song came out". Only problem being you were 38 when these kids were performing. You see where I'm going? I'm not saying you enjoy watching children, but if the shoe fits. It makes perfect sense now why you have such a laissez-faire attitude to this. Do you think you can attempt suicide today? I'd appreciate it if you would at least try. Maybe jump in front of a train? I'll leave the details to you...die soon loser.


    @Prophet Ascending "kids, barely in their teens, singing about "broken hearts" and other pop nonsense, all dressed like adults, girls in make up, shorts skirts" - this was going on all over the place during the bubblegum pop boom throughout late 90s-early 2000s, and they hardly were an exception. Sure you do have a point, but these guys were really nothing unusual in comparison to many other acts of their kind back then.

    BNO97 !

    Music is way more sexualised now

    Queen Louise

    Have you seen what 16 year olds look like now. They made the 00s fashion look nice

  34. IluvMJandBrunoMars

    OMG, can't wait for S Club 7 reunion!

  35. Orla Kelly

    Anyone else wanted to marry Calvin other than me? lol dream......

  36. Rachel Rumbold

    They've changed since like "One Step Closer" . I mean how fast have they've grown since then?


    They've grown up a lot, well I know Frankie, Rochelle and Aaron have, the girls are in The Saturdays and Aaron is their choreographer :)

  37. D22queen

    why can't I buy this on iTunes?

  38. YuMae

    at the tiem it all seemed like a natural progression but after re-watchign ep 1 of the s club juniors search adn seeing this, they grew up so much from the little tykes in the first ep~

  39. add19455

    they look so cool!!! especially Aaron and Frankie

  40. Katie LouiseThorpe

    I love you guys so much !!! 😄

  41. sabrina chin

    aaron!!!!! *melts!!!!*

  42. kiera xox

    Rochelle and Frankie from the Saturdays!! :D

  43. mrjay400

    Hah oh damn... I remember this it was me that originally captured a lot of these videos lol :)

  44. R Wright

    Yes, oh green haired one...

  45. cableaccesslover

    lol. You know how old this vid is?

  46. R Wright

    All of the girls in this video are now mothers. What a waste, at such a young age...

  47. Kelly Yu

    they are awsome :) they are awsome :D

  48. elctrc74

    they're all so glamourous!

  49. Peter Clarke

    Aaron was so underused. He got better as the band got older (even though I loved him since). If S Club 8 continued for more years, he could of been an amazing member.

    Loved his duet with Stacey in the vid.

  50. Libby Beswick

    Stacey is amazinggggg!! I love her!!! ❤

  51. mathewSOMETHING

    we need scj back

  52. LoveKiller

    Rochelle reminds me of Jordin Sparks in this!

  53. Rachel Pinku

    What am I doing?

  54. mevish

    I hate the fact they aren't together anymore, they were my childhood.

  55. mevish

    Calvin omg<3

  56. Derrick Jayy

    And still is tbh. same goes for Aaron Renfree. :L You should see Aaron now.. He's a backup dancer for the Saturdays. xD

  57. Hannah Liu

    he also choreographed for x factor and dances on the voice now !

  58. tjomirs

    I wouldn't necessarily say "poor Aaron". By the looks of things on his website (he has a website :D) he has an extensive portfolio and is high demand. He also danced back up for The Saturdays "All fired Up" Tour. A mini reunion with bandmates Rochelle and Frankie :)

  59. Kayleigh Natasha

    Yeah I did

  60. Theo XD

    they are very good but s lcub 7 were much better!!

  61. philipcwong

    Mmm before Zayn Malik, there was Calvin Goldspink...world's most inappropriately fanciable pop star.

    BNO97 !

    philipcwong gay

  62. OhThatsElla

    oh yeah soz

  63. Steven Harper

    the one with curly hair is stacey

  64. Justin Sangha

    Heyy Jay rocks!!!!

  65. OhThatsElla

    Calvin <3!

  66. OhThatsElla

    SO CATCHY! Rachel (curly hair) is so pretty now! Thumbs if you're watching this in 2012!

  67. Lavitsmore

    i totally agree with you.. but my most fav. is the New Direction..

  68. sandro108

    I´ve been "Wilkered"

  69. tjomirs

    Crept, crept...LOL

  70. tjomirs

    She's also in The Saturdays with Frankie :D.....totally unrelated to your comment, I had just found out about The Sats and they are awesome....Just like Rochelle following you on twitter :D

  71. tjomirs

    I think the vibe of this song is very "S Club", more like 7 towards the end. :)

  72. Stephen WonderPants

    It's from a childrens pop group. They were like 14! Don't really think adult style RnB was their goal. Twit

  73. 071118 boomers

    bài này chẳng hay không ấn tượng bài này nhưng mấy cô ả chỉ được một cô nổi bật daisy evans còn các chàng trai người nào cũng được nỗi bật nhất vẫn là aaron còn calvin lại rớt hạng

  74. Paradise Cymru

    well more mianland Europe style R'n'B which is still developing, this is poor for UK R'n'B

  75. Paradise Cymru

    this isnt R'n'B its more Europop

  76. xpinkykabx

    I recognize all the auto-tuning they used.. I was in love with this band when I was like 8!

  77. Anna Dorrian

    0:15 'Didn't read the danger signs you crapped into my mind!' ...O.O...the hell?

  78. rishfordforever

    This is so RnB and FUNKY! Underrated song and album!

  79. Safah

    this used to be one of my favourite songs ever, listening to it now, and still love it!


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  81. MrBlazerking101

    wish they comeback together agen like steps have.

  82. add19455

    This is my fave song by these guys!! Aaron looks amazing

  83. TheDudeNextDoor

    Even the 90s bands had spin-offs of 90s bands. Hahaha! This is like Jonas and Big Time Rush

  84. beckydoodle4321

    it shows that girls fashion changes but boys dont

  85. Chrissy Leggs

    WOW....so many memories

  86. lisa cavannagh

    Omg god calvin u stunner<3

  87. Alejandro Salmuera

    aaron waas the best in this vid

  88. Sean Wilson

    love this song

  89. Justin Sangha

    hey Jay Rockks!!!!!!!!!

  90. Felix Lopez

    they cant remake S Club 7!!!!!!!! boo!

  91. Lottie Nee

    @goawaywithmex I think everybody does! oo'

  92. kamwrites

    So...we have the Hannah knock-off, the Tina knock-off...the Bradley knock-off......

  93. Claude Exarcopoulos


  94. Juken16

    @TIforever05 we are living it this was like 8yrs ago

  95. Alejandro Salmuera

    @jmoisesamaya1 since I said this before I've been listening to them continuosly, how life turns out! I love them now...so cathchy

  96. Alejandro Salmuera

    never seen their music or videos be4! they sound nice but too much plastic for me

  97. AnotherGemmaH

    Gosh they thought they were so cool bac then ahah