RZA - The Wolf Lyrics

Watch your hoe look at me, like I'm Leonardo DiCaprio
Wanna stick her tip of her tongue through my piss hole
You play the target, and I be the guiding missile
Oh, how they long this strong grissle
Yup, see that flesh is weak
But it taste so good, they want the recipe
The king catch the queen, don't mess with me
Kssh, yo, my niggas never grow up, drink til they throw up
Some sniff that cocaine til they fucking brains blow up
Drunk from that Brass Monkey, grass junkies
Walk around with the brain of a Crash Dummie
How dare you try to come and gas crash from me
You be in the House of a 1,000 Corpse like Rob Zombie
It's I God, inside your iPod
Cuz my squad, nigga, is die hard

[Chorus: RZA]
Who rock meaner, than the Gods from Medina
You numb skull girls, be caught and talking Tina

Bitch, suck a dick and die, forty five lit the sky
Fool, let the shit fly, split, right between your eye
Nothing like that little slit split in between her thighs
Sitting on the nine, applehead, bitch, let it ride
Hickory dickory, block, niggas is slippery
Glocks tucked down my socks, secures my victory
You like fourth period, son, you history
White girls with big ass, I check them suspiciously
Vanilla Pearline, had the saline
Stuffed inside her jeans, made the niggas day dream


Unbeatable, like the old Brooklyn A-Team
I'm wild like a Shaolin nigga in State Green
Jalopeno rocks, might drop from my nina
Then I'm back on the spot, without the subpeona

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RZA The Wolf Comments
  1. Rance Carroll

    Wu-tang for real. Who rock Nina?

  2. Soulabics ABORIGINATOR


  3. WuTangClan670

    @Phireburn digi snacks

  4. TheMysticMoor

    whats the album?

    Gabriel Sérgio

    Digi Snacks.

  5. whereisreggienoble

    my niggas never grow up, drink til they throw up, some sniff the cocaine til their fuckin brains blow up