RZA - Sickness Lyrics

[Intro: RZA]
Yo, the great Digi
"What are you looking for?"
The World's greatest mind
Bob Digital
"Man with no mother"

Yo, try to cross reference, my epic preference
Fresh mint, tight lint, you get trapped inside the monkey wrench
Ain't no man lover ever gonna silk the sealer
I'm blessed like the seed who sucked the milk from Mahalia
You wishin' Shaolin Island could be swallowed up by the sea
Gobbled up, like the lost city of Moore and Atlantis
But I'm fierce as the cyclone winds that blew through Kansas
Have your clan stranded on the enchanted land of Gumas Azubar
Gem blue star, razor blade scar
Who dare wanna spar bar for bar? Allah U Akbar
I turn the most degenerate hood into a pop star
Bless the seed who prays the Most High, without askin' why
Flicks from ocean shore, kick like Marshall Law
I might strike with the eagle claw or tiger paw
On the shores of African beach, facin' the east
White sands stretched out as far as the eye can see
Found buried by the sea
The heat of Allah son will crack through Antarctica
We ride blue whales, you sell Nautica ships on the carpenter
We should send all these Devils back to Hell
You small as to die in my sentence, I speak with vengeance
Snatch up 17 million plus 2 million Indians
Your incorrect retrospect on the situation
You didn't know it was a Wu-Tang affiliation
Legs speak like twigs, you're forbidden like pig
You can't fuck with the Zig-Zag-Zig

[Break: RZA]
Raise your sword, and praise the Lord
Enrage the war on this wicked society
Raise your sword, and praise the Lord
Enrage the war on this wicked society

The village must be pillaged
The merciless, the Earth is damp from blood spillage
Cursed the ancestors and the seed of the assailant
Dissect his body like an alien
My seed must be spread
I bust sperm cells with Bobsleds
Then race to the egg and bring forth the
All you niggas out there who got money
better watch out for the money hungry
Straight up...
The most beloved from a region undiscovered
I've been hovered over by black buzzard walkin' through public
Imagine the feelin' of growin' up, ten children
Stuffed inside a shack, in the project buildings
Women, infants and coupons, one stole camel soup on
Stressed out with four kids, aborter
Next door the dope fiend neighbour tryin' to sell his little daughter
Poisonous, heat from the oven
The only way we had to live was survivin' off mommy's lovin'
Dead bodies found in the incinerator
Lights Out, somebody fucked up the generator
Talkin' welfare, cheese, franks and beans
Mud stains on mock-neck shirts and tainted jeans
Twisted up, how the fuck we get bended up?
And ended up in this four block radius where they enslaved us
Sweatin' from cheese ravioli with tomato sauce and anchovie
Spoiled, ah shit, my blood boiled
But fuck that, I'm ready for open hand combat
It's the tomcat, and my thoughts are unlimited
Inflicted fatal wounds and I'm immune, see a evil society

[Break: RZA]
So praise the Lord and enrage the war
Against this wicked society, society
Praise the Lord and raise your sword
Against this wicked society, society
Praise the Lord and raise your sword
Against this wicked society

There was a legend of a +Liquid Sword+
That was +Only Built 4+ niggas with +Cuban Linx+
Who +Entered the 36th Chamber+
and keep the true links, inherit +The W+ emblem
Movin' the muscle changin' and bone tendon bendin'
Science of 25 thousand year millennium
The sinners from the men who exiled the Indians from India
Who's times can't be measured linear
In all tribes on Earth who can't find a friendlier group of people
who shunt all evil, treat all men equal
Even though we see through your wicked intentions
We gave you land to experiment with your inventions
But you strive for global lynchin', extension
But it's yourself that will become extinct
You inherit this power to think and build things
The free wills of love, not hate or kill things
And when you went astray, we sent prophets to reveal things
And left scriptures behind to fulfill things
But you still wanna kill things, rob and steal things
So don't blame us when it's time to fulfill things and kill Kings

[Break: RZA]
Raise the sword and praise the Lord
On this wicked society, society
Raise your sword and praise the Lord
It's a wicked society, society
Praise the Lord and raise your sword
Against this wicked society
Rage the war
Against this wicked society

[Outro: RZA]
Yo, the +Sickness+
That's what I want
"What are you looking for?"
"Man with no mother"
That's what I want
"What are you looking for?"
"Man with no mother"

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RZA Sickness Comments
  1. kookaburra

    I love this man, RZA.

  2. Miguel Loya

    Rza the goat

  3. David Gallego

    True facts

  4. Miguel Loya

    I turn rhe most defermenthood into a pup star

  5. Miguel Loya

    Don't blame us when it's time o fulfill things and kill kings

  6. taigawoods


  7. Guile Spencer

    Analytical perception with precision!!!

  8. Federico Pendolare

    golden times for the east coast. I loved the productions of those times but I never liked it as a rapper. It's a matter of personal taste, metrically it never hit me. too repetitive

  9. Janos Wildman

    I was the 1K.


    No Doubt!

  11. Janos Wildman

    somehow I always find myself back here, hmm.

  12. K. R.

    Fuck  the bullshit!

  13. Jimmy Kay

    Legs weak like twigs, your forbidden like pig, you can't fuck with the Zig Zag Zig

  14. Cheddy Krueger

    Beckley, Wise Victory...Raise Your Sword! ☆ WTC

    Jean Balmir

    Fade to Black

  15. One Man

    How the fruck did we get end in this four block radius when thety enslaved us!

  16. One Man


  17. One Man

    it don't no more foreal than this song WUTANG FOREVER

  18. Sanusi Cole

    I need this RZA to come back

    Cymande Hayes

    Sanusi Cole EXACTLY

  19. ihor Pozdniakov

    "The heat of Allah son will crack through Antarctica
    We ride blue whales, you sell Nautica ships on the carpenter" sick



  21. Shakir Nelson

    my shit.

  22. thersten

    this shit gets me hype every time!


    +High Exalted
    *3:30** - **4:36*

    Lord Searius

    +MILEHIGHTREETOPZ I turn the most degenerate hood into a pop star! This is my joint for years



    Davinnie Vinci

    +MILEHIGHTREETOPZ shout out 2 da mile high! Park hill baby


    +Davinnie Vinci

  23. Rodney Atkinson

    wu tang forever

  24. Dustymac smlfry

    god is within us all, meditate and enter the astrals

  25. James Alexander

    the world greatest mind

    Gifford Palmer

    God body Supreme..

  26. sofuckinndope

    Hey after this song, check this link, forreal: youtube dot com slash watch?v=_kbhgAx03UY

  27. paulpierce9191

    This shit is fresh! Though I prefer not bumping it much because I'm not sure if he's preaching the Muslim religion, lol. Though I do like what he's saying but fucking hate Muslims and their extremist societies. (Regardless if it's Islam in a country that doesn't preach violence.)


    Extremist muslims are to the muslim religion as the KKK are to the Christian religion. Stop believing the bullshit you're TV spews. I would think that if you can appreciate RZA, you would be able to see through the bullshit propaganda on your television. Sorry but, hating every Muslim because a small portion of them are extremists is ignorant and xenophobic.


    @Smw44200 You know what I completely agree with your comment. My comment was posted last April and is extremely ignorant.. especially how I said I hate the peaceful non-extreme Muslims. I can definitely appreciate RZA and appreciate the culture of Islam in itself. Thank you for the wake up call


    No problem man. I'm glad your view on the world has opened up so much in the last six months.

  28. Sheila Colson-Pope

    someone signed my name in and posted a comment on this subject. First and foremost i am a transgender and have no opinion about this i am a christian and really could care less about all of this. so please stop sending me messages about it 

  29. OldD1rtBas1ard

    What are you looking for? Man with no mother......
    Don't know why that part of the song always popped in my head when listening to this album.

    John Bowen

    It's from an old kung fu flick bro. Can't remember the name.

  30. Sheila Colson-Pope

    this not my name or picture btw 

  31. Sheila Colson-Pope

    allah see everything judge wisely lets send all these 85% to hell peace tha god jaquil allah 

    Shadow Mist

    the 10 percent deserves hell


    @Giorgio Sollazzo Allah means 'God' in arabic. Its what Christians in the middle east say. Chill out. 


    so tough over a keyboard. I am shaking from your pathetic insult.


    besides, you're the (fucked) moron for not knowing about Mid East cultural aspects. 

  32. Peace Love

    my father plays clarino plz listen to him...he is at aristotelous square and ask for 1 euro

  33. Fylly smith

    Rza is the wu

  34. Ezc Vids

    Ghost Dog brought me to RZA. RZA brought me to WuTang. Wutang brought me to RZA.

    Janos Wildman

    Ezc Vids been here since day zero son. enjoy

  35. Hinode

    Actually it is the first eye ;)

  36. Avvid-A

    im a wuhead since 12years or so ,,, im 26 know , and nothing is beter then the Wu , rip the one and only odb ...

  37. Josh Driscoll Beats

    got to appreciate the old school. somethings aren't better than their predecessors

  38. Fabulous Disaster

    The Worlds greatest mind Bob Digi!!

  39. gregbuzz

    Love this album, still listening today !

  40. Don L

    what a load of shit. Sounds like you've been tricked into the lie of attraction, a pseudo-scientific approach that's bought as a substitute for shit that can only be taught. bududududududududududud

  41. Healthily Sceptical

    my minds always been open. even society couldn't close it... i am a spirit ,hence the name"j whiskey"

  42. MrMonkeyjump

    Rza is the fucking man!


    im about to open the fist page.........



  45. William Tsatsulis


  46. CrippledScience

    Self refinement. Changing your inner negatives to positive. Fine tuning of patience, controlled emotions and proper channeling of energy. Man can accomplish what ever he wants to in life no matter how crazy the vision may seem.. Listen to that verse on repeat while you sleep. You'll wake up with a better understanding. Hidden life jewels my Man. You won't ever have to ask me that question again. trust.

  47. Larry Bird

    Beats sick

  48. Joseph Anderson

    Read "The Tao of Wu." by RZA

  49. CrippledScience

    THE LAST VERSE IS ONE OF THE GREATEST ALL TIME ... "Movement of changing and bone tendon bending. .. " talking talking about the transformation of man to GOD. Supreme Refinement. dissect and apply that verse .... your whole life will change.

  50. Josh Driscoll Beats

    grew up on the wu, can't get enough still many years later

  51. thersten

    i love this song. wanted to see what was being said about it in 2012. to me it portrays an idealized view of historical events like the colonization (fill in the blank). and the eternal struggle between good & evil & other things, it's all over the place. like i said, i love this song.

    -don't blame us when it's time to fulfill things, and kill kings.

  52. Moja Pro


  53. bigdre360

    You're prevented like pig
    you can't fuck with the Zig Zag Zig

    Allah Divine

    You're forbidden like pig!

  54. smokewagun w

    "Du,du,du,du,du,du,du,du...arm , leg, leg, arm, head....all you negros out there who got $, betta watch fo tha money hungry!"

  55. sofuckinndope

    @MzaMatthew see you don't hear people say that about other artists but i've heard a few people say that about wu-tang and i've seen one person that had one

  56. Cayter Jones

    doope a lope

  57. Sabrina Pinilla

    wu ! here comes my Shaolin styleeeeeeeeee

  58. MzaMatthew


  59. MzaMatthew

    i got a fuckin wu tat on my god damn hand... respect...

  60. Mussad

    old school...wu tang aint nuthn to fuck wth...

  61. NarcoStep


  62. Pakn206bones

    @liquidgold Bobby Boulders

  63. Pakn206bones

    @liquidgold forgot about the best one! good call.

  64. liquidgold

    @Pakn206bones ruler zig zag zig allah

  65. Pakn206bones

    bobby digital-rza-prince rakeem-bobby steels-robert diggs-rzarector-bob digi-founder of the new age wu tang clan. worlds greatest hip hop creator. maybe even a minor prophet. read his books

  66. Ernie Griff

    such an under rated artist!!!

  67. undercoverbrother67

    Possibly my favourite bobby track... hard to choose one though as any wu head will know

  68. smokewagun w

    Rockin the,"W" tattoo until I die!...infinitie!!! plus 1.

  69. tramhed

    This shit is bananas!! RZA droppin' science!!

    All Praises Due To Allah!!

  70. ocas5000



    THIS dude got my THIRD EYE OPEN.........

  72. DrDevilish1

    @j98765432123 lol!

  73. j98765432123

    @DrDevilish1 fuck you


    @wutsthaPassWord geeeeeezzz thats all thats needid to be said break your brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbraapapapapaapapapapapapappapapapapapap

  75. patticakes4

    @intelect100 Whoa there, fatty, dont judge a book by it's cover or NAME (lol). I dont listen to lil wayne or drake, because i think they are fucking faggots. We have some shit in common, but as others are saying, it's too bad your a dumbass. you call yourself INTELECT100, that ironic, because your intelect is Z E R O. but i take that back, you have a little, enough to listen to RZA, thank goodness. please reply its how i get my laughs, and read this again and tell me i can't rap. please

  76. EyesToSee

    Wow that was wild. What I wanna know is did the girl getting hit blow that mother fucker's head to smithereens. I like when THAT happens.

  77. Big Worm

    @chaaoos the formula for the cure is a mix tape done my meth and gza for rza, this is originally from digi bullet

  78. Big Worm

    @intelect100 and me

  79. DrDevilish1

    Socialist garbage.

  80. sk84gs

    @ghostfacekillah911 the game?

  81. onblock7

    This song is HEAT!!!!!!!! FIRE! This album is his best IMO!

  82. Brother Shabbaz

    this album was sounding wu tang anymore very dissapointed by this one but prefer that shit compared whit lot of crapy ass rappers RZA is a good DJ producer, but not a very special mc or wonderfuls albums u should notice dat


    "your incorrect retrospect on the situation.. you didn't know it was ah Wu Tang affiliation"

  83. Valon Lushi

    WHo said that RZA is a part of the Illuminati, this song proves that he is against the Illuminati.

  84. Cero Ashura

    i cried 0.0

  85. Milk Toast

    you get trapped inside the monkeywrentch

  86. jerry12346


  87. jayteetv74

    @intelect100 Damn Bro I know this man aint tryn 2 say something short of close to the best about The Wu

  88. Delta 9

    "u wishin shaolin island cud be swallowed up by the sea,
    gobbled up - like the lost cities of Mu and Atlantis
    but im fierce as a cyclone wind that blew thu kansas"


  89. patticakes4

    @intelect100 youre not thinkin too deep if thats wat u think his music's for

  90. patticakes4

    @intelect100 That's the wrong way to approach his music

  91. Malik Knox

    @intelect100 RZA is pure Genius, i really dont know how to explain how good he is, i think the right words dont exist yet!!

  92. Paul Mawdsley

    "Who dare wonna spar bar for bar"


  93. brocklanders1973

    Pure Hiphop excellence....this "new" so-called hiphop makes me throw up on my feet like a vulture...lol

  94. hatem

    Revolutionary Zen Afro. . . cat

  95. durtypainter

    wu tang forever

  96. kingrafa212

    @KazuyaDragon just saying , razor is wrong, plain n simple , glad you a rza fan tho

  97. Simon Soukup

    You guys... tell me somethink about RZA! thanks.