RZA - Number One Samurai (Afro Season II Outro) Lyrics

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the one Samurai [x3]

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the number one one one

A brother strive to stay alive without killing no one
His swordplay exceeds the speed of your gun
He's stunned by the sliced, so pertrise, so concise
Dice your arm off before you even bring twice
Still old afro naughty king of a castle
Part of William statues for those who died in battle
Ninjas flow like a sparrow, twist up like a gyro
Trying to bring my father back through synthetic bio
Ceeo must be evil for outta for cathedral
To think she can go against the mighty Afro
Oh! no whether friend or foe
Until voted number one they all fall below

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the one Samurai [x3]

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the number one one one

[9th Prince:]
Yo, yo
Verbally I'm a beast released to the streets
Spit on the cross, choke the reverend
Fuck it I'm a kill the priest
9th Prince lyrical samurai
Cocaine cowboys lynch from here to Panama
Check out my double edge sword
Killarm woodlot my third eye is my shield
I choose to kill by will
Duckin parole, now I am on the run like track and field
The black Samson, keep a blade in my afro
Ask your hoe about the grandaddy flow
Watch me kill this bitch ass nigga in slow mo'
I'm from Staten Island but now I live in Harlem the city of Gotham
Who the fuck got a problem?

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the one Samurai [x3]

[Afro Samurai:]
He got to be the number one one one

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RZA Number One Samurai (Afro Season II Outro) Comments
  1. John Wayne

    Man I remember coming here when I first watched them b2b in 2009 lmao...thanks for keeping this up for all this time


    The Specialist😑🙂😁😎🙂😁😑

  3. Santafunk

    You will only die again my friend....

  4. MILKYbars100

    "Will it ever really end Afro?...yeah..probably not." *Hehe*
    "form the look on your face you had a hell of a ruff day... But you knew that along didnt you? You knew it never really ends." "I knew too...but I wont say nuthin Afro Samurai."

  5. Alex Fields

    Fuck it! Imma kill the priest !

  6. Alex Fields


  7. fang wolf

    been waitin a long time for u

  8. AfroThe8th


  9. Daniel Lopez

    Afro Samurai.

  10. Omar Moodie

    "DICE ya arms off before you even think twice"

    GET EM RZA!!!

  11. space

    toonami nostalgia

  12. The Impaler

    Only the number 2 headband can challenge the one!

  13. Jonathan Walles

    Only thing that ruins this track is 9th prince's segment. Rza's lyrics, the dark and somber feel of the beat all lend to the tone of Afro samurai and the chaotic bloodstained road he walks.... and then 9th prince comes in to talk about what a gangster he himself is -__-

  14. z32kcmoZ32187


  15. z32kcmoZ32187


  16. ta oma

    hell yea,i will be the number one

  17. RoboKing13


  18. White Star

    Klasika ty pičóóó

  19. Spider Panther

    this is my shit

  20. wumanism

    If his beats were more good like this , wu would be on top agin.

    Jovan D

    wu  is Always On Top  


    +Jovan D rza jus sold an album for 2 mill

    anti rehab

    Word , still ultimate respect for all of wu ,but to me the last 5 or 6 years Rza hasn’t been as dope

  21. Matheus Santos

    afrooooooooooo samuraiiii *-*


    then you don't hate rap, there is plenty stuff out there in rap. RZA has made many other great songs that I would say are a lot better than this

  23. MrChagers36

    Well I know who I am being on Halloween AFROO

  24. TB179

    i hate rap but i love this .........

  25. Thelizardking1

    The song is fight for you. but this was three years ago so whatever

  26. JohnatanWild

    Sigh, he answered to one question, hes not naming this vid. Youtube comunity amazes me.

  27. MsExplorer1999


  28. Kris Fox

    yh i knw what you mean, don't lose hope decent rap has just moved away from the radio back to the underground, people like Immortal Technique are still going strong

  29. gundam2600


  30. DrPoetry1

    I'm pretty sure Afro Samurai season 2 already came out.

  31. babab baba

    Wu tang is out of my time, but damn their music is sick as fuck idc about the rap bafoonary people like to talk down about I love all music and Wu-Tang Clan is the real hip hop by my experience in music before it got hijacked by the illuminati the realest rappers are either dead and gone or missing in action.. and where's paul wall? chingy? mike jones?.. they got replaced with poser heads like drake, bird man, and barnacle boy.. gtfo I wish I lived in the old school days.. sometimes

  32. SuccessMyAss

    One OF the Rawest instrumentals ive ever heard

  33. TheSqdf

    Are they really?!

  34. sweetz heart

    Their making season 2 when the little boygrows up and wants to avenge his father

  35. DrPoetry1

    how so?

  36. PaPiRiCoSuAvE

    mmmm it would be awesome to see a match between ryu hayabusa vs afro samurai,ninjutsu vs bushido

  37. Azarias Daniels

    You gotta be the number 1 samurai AFRO!!!!!

  38. Peterson28

    This will be my 2nd 100k video on youtube : ).

  39. White Star

    This is illest!!!!

  40. Munkee D. Luffy

    @SilvernightStudios like you mama

  41. Munkee D. Luffy

    @watr12 a @SilvernightStudios FUUUUCK YOUUUUUU

  42. SilvernightStudios

    @guitarexpert11 lol shut up white kid

  43. TheBluMonsta

    im black bich and I luv dis

  44. SilvernightStudios

    @directedworld2 My point.. maybe? It amuses me, Im not the only one.

  45. Brandon Brown

    @SilvernightStudios Hater

  46. SilvernightStudios

    "nigga" lol half of you are fucking white idiots

  47. khalifa A

    yeh nigga

  48. Dari Loso

    AAAFROOOO Samurai !

  49. Anthony Martinez


  50. boondockschop30

    wu tang forever.

  51. Romael Simmonds

    2 people couldnt be the numba on samuria

  52. CrazyDave746 -

    man, since halloween is coming up, im gonna try to make a numba one headband, and after i do, im gonna walk out my door and see a big'ass afroed samurai ready to kill my ass.

  53. grohlman

    fuck meee this song e so fucking awesomeely insanee

  54. Rhotos 2

    afro samurai, you got to be the #1 samurai.
    i love this rap song

  55. StealthChilling

    from where can i downoad dis sound track?!!

  56. TheBlackMoose

    Does anyone know the sample?

  57. TheBlackMoose

    @bar174 do you mean RZA's brother by blood?

  58. Scubah Steve

    @massiv121 Wrong.

  59. Eriq Rodrigues

    hey man do you have that song of ressuction, that jino is coming to fight with afro in his house jino is with a custom moto?

  60. Ciprian Silion

    kick ass song XD

  61. Cody Blagg

    like like, theyre like when I like stuff

  62. Grouch

    where is the piano beat from?
    its on another song,, i just caqnt remember which...

  63. derrawhide

    pls som1 tell me how can it be the south is up when u can listen to this lovly music ?!

  64. combattf121

    sick shit :D

  65. TheBlackMoose

    Does anyone know the drum break.

  66. Peterson28

    Actually its not I own the soundtrack this appears on.

  67. Marc Madson

    the name of this song is fight for you

  68. Demo Rojas

    fight for you

  69. Mark Sparky MacDonald

    "My Brother's Keeper".

  70. genp

    this is tha numba one song!

  71. lionied2

    this song kicks ass all up and down on Afro Samurai

  72. Nick Z

    How fucking stupid.
    Nice wikipedia use Mr. Hood. Real cool.

  73. Nick Z

    what the fuck are the other four?

  74. santos6662

    good analogy

    twisted, but appropriate.

  75. Anthony Nava

    either way rap and hip hop are like family they mean as much 2 you as it does to she as it does to he as it does to US
    peace 2 the music ignits!

  76. smash44556677

    it is hip hop not rap r tards you would know if your a hip hop fan

  77. McExtravagent

    GOT TO BE THE #1


  78. undergroundhero91

    sick man

  79. Ardo Al-Jaf

    Not usually rap fan but the Afro soundtrack is siiiick

  80. vicktrickly72

    dis monkey will smash your head with his two hands

  81. CloudMeetsSky

    dude dont be such a jerk. he was jusgt asking a simple question no need to be hasty.

  82. du0t0ne

    whhoo... you hit me hard...
    i dont want to duscuss...
    comment shit and shut up...
    by the way... wrong music genre to judge cursin people...

  83. du0t0ne

    ignorant... go download music and give a fuck about the artists...
    fuck off

  84. du0t0ne

    you dont know shit about me...
    i defenatly try to COP any CD i wanne to have...
    i'm respnsible... i give respect to music...
    look what illegal downloading did to music??
    50cent??? lil wayne??? all of these cats are the product of illegal downloading... musik is ruined right now...

  85. du0t0ne

    its rumored they are recordin an album... they wait till sin is comin out of jail and he puts some lyrics on it...

  86. du0t0ne

    prodigal sun - Brutality....

  87. du0t0ne

    IN STORES.... you can BUY it in STORES...
    fuck that illegal downloading shit... you ruin the music...

  88. vicktrickly72

    i love that kinda old style beat

  89. GodisGood

    You got to be the Number ONE ONE ONE!!!

  90. EAZYED420

    dope beat awsome with afro samuri

  91. john miller

    hell yea i should smoke a blunt to this song