RZA - Drama Lyrics

[Intro: RZA]
I wanna dedicate this song to the young god, Kareem
The Genius... Digi...
Sing it 'em to real quick, yo

[Chorus: Thea]
Like to keep my head up to the sky
And ask myself, why, it has to be this way
I'd like to live my life in peace
And have, not to worry about
All the drama, I can't take
Cuz we strive for luxury
And try to feed our families
It always seems that someone seen our way
I'd like to live my life in peace
And have, not to worry about
All the drama, I can't take

[RZA (Monk)]
I met a young brother, about 28
Who seemed intelligent and rather quite straight
I greeted him, and struck a conversation
To see if the youngster had some self motivation
Peace brother, whats your name? How you be?
(I'm Rugged Monk and I'm all about the currency)
You mean gettin' paid?

[Monk (RZA)]
Yeah like my man's brother
Who has a condo, he shares with his baby mother
You know a condo beats my apartment
With no lights, no gas and backed up rent
No hot water or heat, infested with plenty rats
That'll eat up the average alley cat
(I'm like damn, homey, thats poverty, he's like)
Word O.G. that bothers me
Plus I'm about to be a new father, G
(We need to wise up and change the hood policy)


[RZA (Monk) {both}]
Yo, why you fear the devil, as a grown man?
Why you not out there trying to make your own plan?
See we are a victim, of a situation
Where a wicked man, separated the nation
And got us killin' off one another
Black on black, they pit brother on brother
It's gettin' hot, hotter than July
See the murder and crime rate is risin' to the sky
(For example, in my neighborhood it's so hot
I'm often woke up, from the alarming sounding of a shot, so I'm thinking what)
Is your neighborhood a trap?
{Could this be the place marked X on the map?}
(And I'm spotted like a target in a shooting gallery
So I strive to seek for a better salary
So I can escape from where? From this ghetto life area
{Cuz everyday it gets scarier}


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RZA Drama Comments
  1. Josh Owen

    all time classic

  2. C A

    I feel this shit.

  3. Wu Block36

    Word OG that bothers me! RULER-ZIG-ZAG-ZIG ALLAH!

  4. I tell you hwat

    I like to live my life in peace, in hell.

  5. Bartman61911

    Mmm so good Hip-hop with a guitar solo me gusta.

  6. Carlos Lopez

    holy shit im so stoked i haven't herd this track in a minute. brings back good memories of when i was coming up in my city

  7. Real Current Events & Trends

    2008...so far away

  8. Fred Breaker

    Even though I'm a metal head this song is dope for real


    Fred Breaker nothing wrong with liking hip hop. I love both metal and hip hop.

  9. Ian Ryan

    *in a british accent* I like it i like it a lot

  10. Harry C

    If your spirit doesn't rise on this song fuck you you heartless bitch this is light 

    AlephHe ZayinHe

    @Harry C Oh yeah, your spirit sounds extremely "risen".

  11. Dragonslayer

    Built for the human families.. 

  12. Albert Napoles

    To the young god kareem Original GZA lyrics ,cousin RZA just borrowed the lyrics and put it in a record ...props Wu forever

  13. Albert Napoles


  14. Maxmotion


  15. Maxmotion

    whats skrilelx one called?

  16. Ryan L

    ypu r a raisin

  17. Bort

    Your english is worser than AIDS.

  18. CockyR4

    stop it with the white race thing, i've seen white people with Wu tattoos and Wu's concerts filled with white people.. white Wu fans ain't nothing new lol

  19. Michael Watkins

    Dis is doper dan skrillex

  20. r3fresH


  21. Lar the AmStaff

    RZA <3 seen him live, fell in love...

  22. Mr.S

    White man jizz

  23. Ian Ryan

    im from ireland so im whiter than white Lol

  24. Ian Ryan

    feckin brilliant

  25. bartholomew bakelaar

    love the bird singing the hook !!!! I sing this in the streets like a maniac !

  26. JakePlourd


  27. Cptheadstomp420

    im white... is that ok? i grow some amazing pot if that helps

  28. daveyamudda

    Why the fuck does it matter what color people love Wu-tang? Grow the fuck up.

  29. daveyamudda

    It's cause the itunes album comes with a video it fucks up the order.

  30. ghost face _

    This is my everyday song!

  31. Ryan Hammack

    Haha the like bar looks like a Fresh Blunt

  32. marko sorovic


  33. Brandon Ngai

    this song is listed under the name "creep" on iTunes... -__-

  34. MCothern33

    Damn straight white people love wu-tang

  35. Niko Gonzalez


  36. Niko Gonzalez

    this songs tight fuck white people

    Daniel G

    Niko Gonzalez you got a white name homie lol

  37. Megawatt Bass

    "Why you fear the devil as a grown man"

  38. VDabLuv215

    @hosvos The vocals are Thea van Seijen singing


    one of the best songs from Digi Snacks......

    Thea van Seijen gives Chrisette Michelle a sure challenge.....

    Rza........Wu Tang.........What else is new?

  40. Flo sch

    @MothaFuckinRealGamer dÄto

  41. David Budimir

    So this isnt a sample? Can anyone tell me where the vocals come from? So good, leave it to RZA to continually up his production. What a GOAT

  42. 420Harlequin

    @hungryhungryaman im sam
    nice to met you

  43. hungryhungryaman

    im hungry

  44. Mike Zorich

    Mmm... Digi Snacks are my favorite kind of snacks

  45. Owen Perry

    Not the best song... but a dam good one off that album.

  46. The Nodfather

    @chumptochamp1 na...thea

  47. rimbi1

    @chumptochamp1 no it's a dutch woman called Thea

  48. David Zamarripa

    This isn't half bad


    @pjmason99 shut up man rza is still goin wit tha sickest shit

  50. huntedrasta

    @llking666 no it's a dutch white woman called Thea

  51. huntedrasta

    @chumptochamp1 no it's Thea

  52. Jake Clausen

    Yeah I thought of Eryicah Badu aswell
    (can't remember how to spell it lol) :)

  53. raye faye

    i was thinking more of Badu

  54. TheRealSaintB

    anyone else think thea sounds a LOT like macy gray?

  55. raye faye


  56. NickR1212

    The Birth Of A Prince quality album!!!!

  57. Carl Brashear

    dirtyy beat and lyrics

  58. Alex Wilson

    She sound like a human cat.

  59. bobdigi88

    The women on the track is quirky and different cause a clean typical sound, isn't what RZA is about. I'm personally not a fan of RZA tracks having a women singing the chorus. But if he's gonna do it, i'd rather this than using someone pop friendly.

  60. grt05

    the blade trinity soundtrack?

  61. rabidninja

    this chicks voice is worse than rihannas she sounds like an old lady or somethin haha

  62. FAG098

    Love this song, so lovely.

  63. Christian Lynch

    Blade 3 Soundtrack

  64. tazer5

    i like her voice too but alot of people are hatin dont know why guess they wanna hear rihannas bitch ass

  65. tetrak

    which one is GZAs version?

  66. tetrak

    they havent broekn up...

  67. Chris

    Good Night is the bump, but a lot of the joints have too much goin on. The musical framework is cool, but it has to be a foundation for the drums to ride and cats to throw darts. If he toned it down a bit, it would be that next generation 'Wu shit that I'm yearnin' for!

  68. walmartian555

    i like the singing dont be so hard on the rza hes not just spitting his full force here man
    hes trying to send a message here

  69. walmartian555

    damn hes evolved and his beats are fuller than ever

  70. hydroids

    Wow this song is straight garbage, RZA can do so much better than this. And he fucking recycled lyrics from GZA. Wtf????

    Nick Chemist

    Fuck off hater , this is a well done track . Very feel good song

  71. Christian Lynch

    Well from Digi Snacks(the new album), I like Drama, Creep, Good Night, and.. You can't stop me now, but in the past, i like The song "Fatal", and from when he was in Wu-Tang, I like Brooklyn Zoo, C.R.E.A.M., Tearz.. and a lot more, just too lazy to list em all...All you need to know is that Wu-Tang Clan was the best Rap Group In History, and that there are a lot of Classic Rap songs that they came out with

  72. Christian Lynch

    Creep is my favourite song from Digi Snack... Everything has started to slowly get worse after Wu-Tang Broke Up..RZA is one of the greatest, way too underated

  73. vltraplus

    man i love wu tang, for real....but i aint feelin this...

  74. Victor Goldfeld

    yes it is

  75. chumptochamp1

    is that chrisette michelle singin


    This is one of my favs on the album. They were straight spittin da real. And Thea has a very nice voice.


  77. Sean Landes

    this is classic rza shit. he talks about the realest shit

  78. Robert Connor

    Im sure that's a line Gza used in a track from Word Of A Genius,though Rza is talking about Rugged Monk as he answers him back if you listen to it.

  79. Amel10101

    Who is he talking about in the beggining of the song?

    "I met a young brother about 28 who seemed intelligent and rather quite straight."


    I met a young brother about 28 who seemed intelligent and rather quite straight.

    ill ill ill

  81. Byczko21

    very enjoyable...realizing i like all the songs on this disc

  82. marks589

    BobbyBobbyBobby-DigiDigiDigi. Word up.