RZA - Build Strong Lyrics

yo yo confused but yet wise my problem surrounds me
A lot of things upset me as my soul rejects me
enemy of my self physical.....listen, let me tell you about..
yo yo confused but yet wise my problem surrounds me
A lot of things upset me as my soul rejects me
enemy of self physically enslaved
by the luxuries of this world so I behave
like a man inside the grave
who's life is lost
I want the promised gold but can't afford the cost
or could I, I know the prescribed laws
any effect is a result of the cause
of lies and delusions to myself I have lied
burning inside wanting to open wide
and scream
the name of the supreme
but I'm trapped in this world
lusting for girls
therefore I imagine a genie and a wish
and searching for things that just does not exist
but in the midst there's the answer for which i have searched
cause from me springs divine prince rakeem
and that is me the master of equality
with the ability
to set myself free
but b.o.b.b.y
he don't want to die,
he don't want to die he don't want to try
so I'm forced to cry
and get trapped up for living my life inside a lie
these problems surround me
a lot of things upset me
as my soul rejects me
enemy of my self physically enslaved
by the luxuries of this world so I behave
like a man inside the grave
who's life is lost
I want the promised gold but I can't afford the cost
or could I, I heard of the prescribed laws
any effect is a result of the cause
of lies and delusions to myself I have lied
burning inside and wanting to open wide
and scream
the name of the supreme
but I'm trapped in this world
I'm lusting for girls
before I imagined a genie and a wish
and I'm searching for things that does not exist
but in my midst there's the answer
for which i have searched
cause from me springs the divine prince rakheem
and that is me the master of equality
give myself the opportunity
and set free and be all I can be
be all I can be
and not a nigga just trapped up in luxury

yo bobby digitial got to get knowledge of his self right now,
as we go through the struggle of life we got to go from boy to man
we start off as sperm to baby baby to man from man to dead man
and from dead man back to sand
all praises due to allah the most high word up
I got to be free I got to be free I got to break free
I got to break free I got to break free I got to break.....

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RZA Build Strong Comments
  1. Fabio Abboud

    thats right

  2. kasuno

    This is medicine.

  3. bobby digital

    Alot of us have bobby in us.

    Trully spirtually words.
    The struggle of his wiked side .

  4. Mike T

    The RZA is underrated as a lyricist.

  5. Tony Montana

    Damn rza really spilled his soul on this track

  6. Sylwester Jaroszewicz

    Prince Rakim.

  7. Sylwester Jaroszewicz

    To jest Piękna Modlitwa.

  8. Sylwester Jaroszewicz

    Dziękuje Rza za Braterstwo od Dziecka.Wu 4 Ever.

  9. Steve Zion

    Shit... Peace Rza....

  10. Gabe Story

    He not just rappin.... he talkin. WU TANG TILL I SLEEP FOREVER!

  11. Sheila Hoy

    The truth is in the lyrics like no other IT'S REAL

  12. alzaga rachel

    I remember listening to this as the last song on the cd . Just the right place. And when I’m sad I think it was #17 on repeat

  13. raG_Az


  14. raG_Az


  15. Johnny Espinal

    Biggups to the best Rapper RZA !

  16. Premium electric

    Still bumping this over 10 years now peace to the rza,, the woke wu tang clan... thanks for blessing is with this jewel

  17. Chris Williams

    Bob digi

  18. Myron Holland

    awwww maaaaan!

  19. 83s Baby

    u gots to hold on and be strong

  20. James Morrissey

    tuff ass track

  21. Luis Robles

    music will always live in us specially the ones that bring back flash backs RZA is a genius

  22. none of your business

    this song will always be relevant

  23. Jacob Collins


  24. SonnyBoi1978

    Such a deep song

  25. Joe Bosetta

    I'm 26 and first heard thus when I was 18 or so and its still the deepest song I ever heard. Wu Tang forever.


    Joe Bosetta same im 27 first listened to it 10 years ago and still hit the song so often

    oliver reyes

    Met Bobby and he wanted to smoke a blunt when we had that real kush. I just know he was really co. Love that guy.

  26. Leon Levels

    summerises so many people's thoughts/lives

  27. Mat Lachance

    May I Traduce to French ? Free the Style Way ... Nous Sommes Vous Etes et ils Sonnes.Retourne a la Vie et Re-pete Sucess

  28. Mat Lachance

    Forever Masterpiece

  29. Marcus Wyche

    another one dam music brings you back

  30. CaseysBeats

    I gotta break free... :/

  31. Legendary Movement

    listen too this over and over ..never gets old

  32. sofuckinndope

    Hey after this song, check this link, forreal: youtube dot com slash watch?v=_kbhgAx03UY

  33. A P

    Jesus, that poor quality makes me wanne puke my guts out

  34. amerikan dead

    yeah, i see on yt searching "Build Strong" is on the album digital bullet. i could not find it on my hd... but i have the cd xD
    thankz yt searching , and PEACE 2 DA GODS !   ! ! !
    and thanks for no more questions guys :))

    amerikan dead

    and we, the mankind, helped jah, doing. yes i am proud of you and of we

    Benny VW

    There is Only One GOD
    think deeper bro, look at the univers...
    i listen to the bobby digital music long time...
    and this does not mean that bobby digital is a perfect man...
    so listen to this song at 3:53 what he says by himself; All Praises due to ALLAH(GOD) The Most High

    Buylow SellHigh

    +Benny VW he means Allah as in Arm,leg,leg,arm,head= man

  35. amerikan dead

    my favorite RZA song !!
    greetdings from the Projectz, Colonia Allemania to all who know or will . ...

    Chris Lu

    @amerikan dead mr. projectz from Colonia ;D

    amerikan dead

    @itSBreezyBoii .D , aber es ist leider so, daß viele menschen geschichten erzählen können aus ihrem Leben die unglaublicher sind als jeder film und fast jedes Buch . . . und auch ich muß Leider genau jetzt vieles wegmachen und neu machen. ich habe seid ein paar wochen adrenalinschübe da ist mit schlafen nicht viel :(( aber  egal. ob unsere filme  nur in unseren köpfen ablaufen oder real sind . . . muß jeder selber entscheiden oder wieviel davon. denke ich, ich werde diese flecken Leider nichtmehr aus meinem kopf weg kriegen :(( 
    die Lösung mit der kugel für meinen kopf will ich eigentlich weniger ;(( erstmal in ruhe meine geburtsstadt verlassen, aber nicht weit weg :) und RUHE RUHE RUHE RUHE

    ^^ PEACE 2 MANKIND ^^

    Chris Lu

    ok mein freund das sehe ich ein. Teile deine Meinung. Jeder hat seine Probleme und die nehmen jeden unterschiedlich mit. Aber wir haben hier keine Projects. Das ist FAKT. Soziale Bauten bzw. Brennpkt. Hier hat man noch eine Chance raus zu kommen. Nicht so wie in USA AFRIKA ASIEN etc. sogar in Frankreich ist es schlimmer und das ist noch EU. But whatever- Teile deine Meinung du auch. Ich kann dich vestehen wünsche dir Kraft für dein Leben mein Freund. Auf dieser Erde sind wir alle Brüder und sollten uns nur Gutes wünschen, es wenigstens versuchen. In diesem Sinne also mein freund viel Kraft und erfolg. @amerikan dead 

    amerikan dead

    @itSBreezyBoii zu unseren projekten. ich nehme zur zeit, einige sprachen auseinander. ein beispiel, ich habe oben , eben "RUHE" geschrieben. so nun mein erster durchlauf ergab: (rückwärtsgelesen) eh u (you) r (are) zufall? eh you are , because i need quiet... also RUHE. aber ich darf nicht mehr reden, ich habe 15 jahre immer meine wahrheit nicht jedem aber vielen, auch ärzten erzählt. und die wissen alles was ich scheiße... nun meine neue order von was auch immer soll uns egal sein. ich vertraue. weil ... schweigen und am leben bleiben ...

    Sean Isaacs

    Has the my favorite song so first off I heard it she's back in the summer 2001 2002 my twenties and I was definitely enemy of my self a lot of things upset me as my soul just me interview myself listen let me tell you about wealth dreaming of girls with a candle on top of her head when I pull it out and make a wish cuz I'm looking for the answers but I don't know where to look right down to left so I get for stuff and living a lie I don't want to die I don't want to die I don't want to die I don't want to try I don't want to try well its all supposed to be for real real reasons I could walk for you and half my life and yeah because that s*** you want to die 30 and I learned a lot it's made pain mysle trapped in this world looking for girls

  36. SeN Keating

    I remember y i was into wu. They want us to become self aware n prosper. Black. White. Red. Yellow. Blue. We are all kings that need to act like so. We check our bagcage at the door so we can do the right thing

    Ron Mercer

    Respect king.

  37. oliver reyes

    Rza talked to raekwon and raekwon dissed em.

  38. Shawn Reed

    Patron this PLaymaKer such sick order and combo of trax mathematiX

  39. manwevala1

    RZpektA real hiphop

  40. MtTm

    Now that many people are starting to realize that they're trying to pray to the same damned god, I feel comfortable doing so.

  41. thisfuckinsucks1

    no its short for resurrectionist  

  42. Gem stone

    Rza is short for razor

  43. shallah wutang

    RZA is not talking about the Allah in islam, but the 5% percenter terminology. RZA saying all praises due to the Arm Leg Leg Arm Head which is god body aka himself. The song is called build strong because as a God he could either get himself out of his situation or destroy himself in material things such as sex, money and drugs. I think people should learn about the 5% or just stop commenting on things they know nothing about.


    Peace .

  44. Father Renekton

    it stands for a lot of things. he gained rzarector by the gravediggaz. because he ressurect the mentally dead by bringing them back to life in form of bringing them knowledge

  45. noswineplease 777

    I lost a lot of things.. #allOfUs

  46. lolizorz

    "i dont know what to study.I dont know what to be." -story of my youth

  47. Father Renekton

    whaaat, rza and the wu tang are mad into arm leg leg arm leg, supreme mathematics etc etc. you cant be a fan if you dont know anything about it or wont learn anything

  48. Iman Pourhassani

    Check out my spiritual song Holy Iman - I Swear by Time.

  49. William Lessard

    we will says this is the best lyric ever
    A lot of things upset me as my soul rejects me
    enemy of self physically enslaved
    by the luxuries of this world so I behave
    like a man inside the grave
    who's life is lost

  50. Kim B

    dont be such a baby

  51. chaindog82

    there are so many stupid people listening to music and not understanding shit that it makes me sad. yeah, I'm talking to you....

  52. OustemOne Alphabeticalismz

    Peaze 2 Da Ahki,..One & Only,.. RZA...Salute...
    One Love brother..

  53. Jah Soul


  54. Josefa Cooper

    Take your hatred words elsewhere.

  55. Jahbriel

    No disrespect, but RZA even stands for RULER ZIGZAG ALLAH. You can't overstand hip hop without overstanding the 5%-Nation's influence to it, seen? Music for ArmLegLegArmHead. I truly respect that - and I'm praising Rastafari for I-self. Peace.
    (Positive Energies Activate Constant Elevation!)

  56. Hayden R

    If more people understood that the word "Allah" is just the word "God" in another language.


    Good orderly direction

  57. Dlezinye

    Youre an idiot! RZA is a poor righteous teacher,,that means he is primarily a subscriber to Islam above all other faiths. He has studied a number of religions but is above all a Muslim. Hence "All praises to Allah"...if you don't read behind the music you're missing out on half the experience...Do the knowledge before you do the judgment son!

  58. zero

    no one here listens. thats why u will never understand

    0nes And Zer0s

    Some of us do. But I probably still won’t understand until death.

  59. skasere1

    read my sentence carefully....F U C K A L L A H and every stupid religion out there....time to wake up idiots

  60. ik ben

    cause I CAN talk about it, when you open your big mouth all i hear is gag gag gag gag gag gag gag

  61. jeremy lopez

    May god have mercy on your soul vvv

  62. Hydro2oo9

    Yeah, fuck religion. Fuck off with that shit.

  63. Jacob Huerta

    Stupid piece of shits lol.

  64. Grimble Grumble

    All the prejudice.
    Just shut the fuck up.

  65. Jacob Huerta

    Fuck you!

  66. Fatmir Refik

    fuck u

  67. Castel Parke

    Bangers are bangers therefore let em bump

  68. Jacob Huerta

    Fuck Allah!

  69. doctorstrangesf

    I love the way RZA's voice breaks.

  70. googe

    the greatest song about youth in hip hop

  71. Danny Garcia

    You gotta go from boy to man...

  72. Tara Lazuka

    Religion is all the same fucking shit

  73. Emay

    lol dude clearly isn't listening to the music if he's responding like that.

  74. wahdncx

    Fucking emotion! Deep lyrics, a truly great song

  75. PunkyHipHopDude

    What the fuck. He was directly quoting the music you're listening to..

  76. gangstadread

    how can you say "dont bring religion into music"!!?? he is only repeating what was in the song anyways. Rza calls GOD ALLAH. and he says numerous times, all praises due to allah the most high. the religion is in the music already. even mainstream music has religion in it, subtle and symbolic, but its there nonetheless. you gotta understand the religion instead of tellin people not to mention it. understand all religion. ALLAH is the human. Arm Leg Leg Arm Head. all praises due to ALLAH most high

  77. Q Wan

    This is how I fell..n now days religion is nun but a fony!

  78. Fucked up

    would you say that to RZA, who says "all praises due to allah the most high" in the end, eh?

  79. Abacus Build

    Respectfully, the people who liked this comment need to learn about the Five Percenters. There's plenty of religious messages in this song. Rza himself is "bringing religion into music" so why is it not ok for AhmedAJ533 to do so?

  80. dizefx

    wisdom teacher.

  81. samyydeluxefan

    This song is so deep

  82. CADsAnonymous

    That spot in my heart for this trackkk

  83. kikkotheapostle

    This track here is just one reason why The RZA is the greatest MC of all time. When this album came out it was a confusing time in my life and this track broke me down like no other ever has. Took probably 100 times hearing it before I didnt tear up just listening to it. It struck a cord. And pulled me through to be a better man.

    Premium electric

    kikkotheapostle I can relate bro

  84. trapkiod lorrng

    every joint burned in my room, was burned during this song, shit I'm high

  85. MllK Regiment

    Sorry for your loss borther stay strong

  86. TraeJay's MemStash

    I feel sorry for you. The only truth in any religion is that there are no truths in any religion. To have been lucky enough to see from an outsider's perspective how silly and ridiculous the religion you were born into was, only to be sucked into another one. lol, now you're on youtube posting about how we've all been lied to. You've got irony blood my friend.

  87. Nannhay25

    Respect. And so much gratitude to true man who set the example =)

  88. samyydeluxefan

    I feel you. May god bless you and him.
    rollin one up for anybody who gone too soon

  89. Dlezinye

    Lets build God

  90. wahdncx

    White kenyan atheist budhist chinese ladsss happy new yearrt bellendsss

  91. Jahsan Taje

    85% of you have been lied too about religion,, I was once too growing up with out my father who is a GOD out in Love Allah (LA) I even have a huge cross on chest , that I regret now that I found knowledge with my father and uncles who are also Gods here in Love Allah,, when you find truth you will be enlightened also, I am only knowledge-build (18) I still have a lifetime of building to do peace to the Gods and Earths of the nation

  92. Juan Arias

    i´m "like" #2000

  93. Vish BH

    And I'm a British - Indian myself, if you though I was being racist.