RZA - Bob N'I Lyrics

[Intro: sample]
Birth flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze drifting by, you know how I feel
It's a new dawn, it's a new day
It's a new life for...
Birth flying high, you know how I feel
Sun in the sky, you know how I feel
Breeze drifting by, you know how I feel
It's a new dawn, it's a new day
It's a new life for me

Who be the last man standin' when I cock back the cannon? (Bobby!)
And blast your ass in search for Michael Landon (and)
Abandon ship, you can't penetrate (and)
My solar eclipse, you dickhead y'all get pussy-whipped (and)
Sword of Conan, wind speed of Rodin (and)
Flow so cold, I freeze M.C.'s to snowmen (and)
Turn 'em up to the sun to defrost them (and)
Proceed with caution, you get your bean baked in Boston (and)
Slice of lemonhead, it's like John Lennon said (and)
Help, you need somebody and (and)
If you ever see somebody and (and)
Fuckin' with the Wu, you gonna be a body and (and)
By me, myself and Bobby and (sha na na) (and)
You superficial nigga, fuck it I'm a superhero (and)
My pistol will turn you to a super zero (and)
Make a fingetip griplock of Royce Gracie (and)
While I'm makin' this cash like Mr. Spaceley (and)
Or Coswell Cogs, I don't fuck with hogs (and)
Your dialogue is stuck, too analog (and)
Is you guns heavy enough? (and)
Is your gold chain truck Chevy enough? (and)
To fuck around with Starks, Rebel and us (and)
B-O-B-B-Y (sha na na) (and)
You superficial nigga, buck it I'm a superhero (and)
My super pistol will turn you to a super zero (and)
Lot of niggaz askin' us, some faxin' us (and)
How I gladiate, take land like Maximus (and)
You listerin', while this winds blisterin' (and)
I'm in the clouds like my man Calrissian (and)
Lando, bust shots like Marlon Brando (and)
You gettin' smacked like I'm playin' black Sambo (and)
Hambone, hambone, haven't you heard? (and)
Papa gonna buy you a mockingbird (and)
If that mockingbird don't sing (and)
Papa gonna buy you a diamond ring (and)
Watch out for the Killa Bee sting (and)
BZA-Bobby (sha na na)

[Outro: RZA]
You see that's what we called B-Boy freestyle!
You stupid muthafucka!!!

"and" "Bobby!" [repeated to the end]

"sha na na!"

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RZA Bob N'I Comments
  1. Boban Milisavljevic

    Reminds me of getting baked and doing kung fu training

  2. Blaze Munoz

    Fire rza is a legend


    Heaven Yes.

  4. Ali Qibla

    Got Damn wuuu we Rza went in on this

  5. Enemy Killa

    Rza Bobby Digital ahead of time.

  6. BossHoggThaJedEye


  7. R.L. Browning

    Who be the last man standin wjen i cock back the cannon?

  8. Fuzzy Dunlop


  9. Chase Money

    2018 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  10. Enemy Killa

    Still loyal in 2018 to the Sword Family aka Wu Tang Clan.

  11. Bogdan Bar

    ""Mały Książę '' RZA - Boby Digital WTC

  12. X Greece

    It is not that one cannot appreciate, It is that one cannot even attempt to appreciate, because one cannot appreciate something that can't be embraced due to its potency, strength, and intoxicating effects. An infant cannot indulge in a quality drink of Cognac and then appreciate and describe the effects let alone its body even process and digest it.

  13. Bogdan Bar

    Bogdan kojarzy się z księżniczkom , Moja kochana - a ty wypierdalaj

  14. Bogdan Bar

    Boby yhy yhy hhahahha WU- Benges

  15. Jacob Richardson

    one of my favorite albums

  16. Kevin Guthrie

    This album was good but bobby digital I thought was better........

  17. Johannes V

    Stupid Mothafuckaaaa - Hank Moody

  18. RollTide 334

    so underrated, real hip hop

    Cnn Pnj

    RollTide 334 this is not hip hop. This is rap.
    These day hip hop is now pop hop.

  19. Johdesmamba

    Great Song

  20. wunas96

    I thought this was gonna be a RZA album, not Bobby Digital

    Son Shines

    part Bobby (lower-self) the rest Rza (higher-self). he could've named it the elements of a or Man. TBMIG.


    i hate replying to old comments, but this is Wu and i always enjoy talking about them.
    i read an earlier reply stating you "prefer the spiritual side of RZA rather than his party side (Bobby Digital)"
    the name of the album is Birth of a Prince, and one might think it has some meaning of being reborn as a more spiritual person. but we both know he was first know as Prince Rakeem , and that pre-Wu character would be most similar to Bob Digi. so perhaps it was meant to be a Bobby Digital album?

  21. redkiller

    album is so fucking underrated

    Father Renekton

    @wunas96 depends. in some cases, yeah. in some other cases, nah. i think BD in Stereo is like very bomb and you just get pumped, where as this one is more spiritually, but i wouldnt know, im not a music critic. 


    @Father Renekton I didn't notice much of a difference. This one is supposed to by RZA but it appears it's still Bobby Digital except for: the birth,  a day to god is a thousand years and one other song I can't remember. All towards of the end of the album. I prefer the spiritual side to RZA rather than his party side (Bobby Digital).

    Father Renekton

    @wunas96 i can definitely see your point. hmm

    Wicked Ras

    Word, man.

    jeff illi


  22. OGHST

    Fucking love Freda Payne

  23. L DP

    also samples "super rappin"

    Jémine Emcee

    And!! Sha la laaa!!

  24. MrNeilbrower

    Funky Four + 1. Can anyone get with it?...

    Oddball Skull

    Pass the joint

  25. Jordan Boxill

    Really underrated album

  26. Ksavage2010

    Great song and Its birds flying high,not birds lol.

  27. MrNeilbrower

    My favorite joint on the album...ill shit.

  28. SkillD1J

    I've been looking for this song for years , was my wake up song. Happy morning agains thanks

  29. tkwk1433

    Great shit
    word up.