RZA - Blood Thicker Than Mud ''Family Affair'' Lyrics

[Intro: Sly Stone]
Afro Samurai...

[Chorus: Dionna Nichelle]
It's a family affair
It's a family affair

Blood, is thicker than mud
Even gangstas and thugs'll prove family love
It's a family affair, no colamity there
It's humanity share, who's the rightful heir

[The Reverend William Burk:]
With sword style so retarded, it leave enemies
Dearly departed, and we nearly cold hearted
But, down for the fam, mad rivers of blood
It started pouring on land, this be a warrior's clan
Without a friend in the world, they find you in the end
But I'm loving my girl, cause she fight for the win
Will sport a sinister grin, when blowing smoke in the wind
Committing menacing sins, all in the name of the kin
With pinpoint precision and a 'fro's that's wild
Cold razor sharp style again, we killing them down
Stay defending on ten, never depending on men
Living the samurai code from a hundred on in

[Chorus x2: w/ Sly Stone ad-libs]

[The Reverend William Burk:]
Will keep blades even sharper than Hattori Hanzo
And be the last man standing after the last blow
Slice with one swipe and like a shovel, the gensu
And swarm like the Wu, when the planet come blitz you
A wise samurai who's aliby is this high
Humble as a butterfly, but a killer inside
Strong family ties, will keep equality prize
Solidy rise, to each other, honestly we can fight
In tune on the attack, platoon up in the back
With room, taking no slack, we zoom in the format
Typhoons, kabooms, and full moons when we combat
Killas for contract, with ninjas and all that
And if you ain't family, we barely gon' interact
Love is for kin folk, a bond is a killer's pack
We strike too quickly for the enemies to react
Blood thick as mud, and a heart is a road map

[Chorus x2: w/ Sly Stone ad-libs]

[Sly Stone:]
Oh child, oh child, grows up be
Somebody, just a little blood
And ah, blood child, grows up to be
The one who just loves blood
My love, supposed to build, see it's in the blood
Refuse to love, blood's thicker than mud, just stand that

[Chorus x2: w/ Sly Stone ad-libs]

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RZA Blood Thicker Than Mud ''Family Affair'' Comments
  1. Madness

    Great show and great music

  2. Phlebiac Clown

    wish my power level wasnt so high all the time man

  3. Hellish-Hero Animations

    Will forever and always love this song💓🎧🎵✊

  4. clifton parks

    i appricate while i dig

  5. Jakub Kotian

    the music Realy recallin me some other track but i cant remember which ! omg i need to know

    J. Ekberg

    +Jakub Kotian it is a cover of Sly & The Family Stones song "Family Affair"

  6. travis phillips

    AFO blood is than

  7. DreamedLint

    Did you forget you already posted that?

  8. ShaDHP23

    1:26 Keyblades sharper than Hotari Hanzo

  9. DreamedLint

    Combat, Bloody Samurai, and Dead Birds.

  10. MrDanChandler

    What other songs on here you think are dope?

  11. khalifa A

    this rap really smooth .. good for fucking

    W G


  12. Blackfang19

    i gotta get this song! this is sick!!

  13. Jack Francis

    exactly but Im loving the chinese urban background rythem

  14. crash22201

    ill means good LOL

  15. NHKvictim

    Yeah, some are not as good as they could be.

  16. lohengren

    the song is ill

  17. Sensaye25

    Very nice. One of the few strong joints on this album truthfully.