Ryder, Serena - Wild And Free Lyrics

I'm a diamond in the rough, a little crazy
I'm a lover but I fight for what compels me
There's a light inside my darkest shadow coming through

I've got a complicated animal desire
And I'm finding when I'm waiting to be higher
There's no part of me that could be apart from you

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the streets are never crowded

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the hungry wolves are howling

If' you're strong enough to let my love go
If you set me free then baby I will follow
I will be the love you want
And give you what you need

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the streets are never crowded

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the hungry wolves are howling

So hear this
You have to be so fearless
Wild and free

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the streets are never crowded

Stay with me
Wild and free
Where the hungry wolves are howling

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Ryder, Serena Wild And Free Comments
  1. Ava Moore

    Listening to this because of heartland


    Best friends who never waver
    Smart enough to choose you
    They are too amazing to explain, yet i get this just from a horse i only ride once a week. I unfortunately don’t have any to call my own. I have been begging for years, but it’s getting me nowhere.
    “In riding a horse you borrow freedom” -Helen Thompson

    Please, someone who has their own four legged best friend, tell me how it wonderful it really is, i need a glimpse of it.

    Thank u god

  3. Hana Fettinger

    I have been riding for 6 years now and I don’t know what I would do without it and Heartland is one of the shows that shows how much it means to people and how it helps people get through conflict and other things that bother them. A horse lends its rider wings that they lack. Riding is the best thing that you can do because you feel like you are flying and all of your problems are gone.

    Gun Storm SSO

    nicely said

  4. Jessica Smit

    I heard this song on heartland the episodes and i told my sister i wonder what this songs name is then i go and search it and i love it so so much❤❤❤❤

    Gun Storm SSO

    It was the perfect song to use in that scene on Heartland.

  5. Caileigh Bitsoi

    this needs to go on apple music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Gun Storm SSO

    New Season 13 of Heartland starts on Sunday, September 22, 2019... on CBC in Canada.

    Caileigh Bitsoi

    put this on apple music

    Kele Games

    Still have to wait for season twelve here in the USA.

  7. Thea Potts

    Wish this song was on iTunes. I just love listening to it. Just a beautiful song.

  8. Tyler Zech

    Fav song after heartland

  9. Jessica Clements

    Season 13 of Heartland premieres September 22nd 2019!!

    Gun Storm SSO

    yes, can't wait!

    Jessica Clements

    Gun Storm SSO Do you know when the trailer will come out?

    Gun Storm SSO

    @Jessica Clements hehe, I avoid all trailers, tv ads, you name it. I like to be surprised :)

  10. Valerie Gbrsk

    Sublime !!!!

  11. valery yuravak

    Song please get onto Spotify 😩

  12. Emina Osmanagic

    Dis is true moosic

  13. Stella Roserain

    This song made m cry, idk why, it just did :’)

    Stella Roserain

    Gun Storm SSO she doesn’t know what the past is and just continues to talk her small head off like it’s still that day. It’s hard to believe she’s even nineteen. She don’t act like no grown up

    Gun Storm SSO

    @Stella Roserain funny she said something about stalking, but she writes US and SHE was following me on instagram, I was NOT following her!!

    Stella Roserain

    Gun Storm SSO Ooof. And I’m getting on

    Stella Roserain

    Gun Storm SSO My mom caught me xd

  14. Don R


  15. world of horses

    Serena is one of my favourite singers now cuz I heard so many of her songs on heartland

  16. Jaycee Johnson

    I love heartland

  17. Rach Wilbur

    This is literally my favorite song ever, don't know why lol

  18. Sarah Reavis

    Why is this not on spotify!?

  19. Hayley Wright

    Wish this was on Apple Music

  20. world of horses

    Heartland anyone else

  21. SummerPlayzRoblox •

    I cant get this part of the song outta of my head
    "Stay with me Wild and free" 😍😍😍

  22. Jadyn Locklear

    Please put this on Apple Music and iTunes Store App

  23. Jaycee Johnson

    I like this

  24. Alyssa Carson

    just watched it lol and i paused the credits to search for it and now i'm absolutely in love!!!

    Gillian Shaw

    I did the same thing :-)

  25. Talita Camargo

    Heartland always show me the best songs ♡

  26. G T G G

    Why isn’t this song available to buy

  27. G T G G

    I wish this song was available to buy

  28. a4c2s0THC

    What? I just watched episode 8 of season 11 on Amazon and have to wait until they release episode 9. Now I find out there on season 12 wtf Amazon I payed for up faith and family subscription to watch heartland cuz Netflix is slow. Where are u guys watching it? I wish I lived in Canada lol

    awkward artist

    I think we gotta wait till they air all of those episodes on CBC before we can see watch them. I have the same exact thing you watch it through. :/

    Gun Storm SSO

    @awkward artist In case anyone was wondering, Season 12 of Heartland finished on Sunday, April 7, 2019. The season was only 11 episodes long ofc, instead of the usual 18 episodes they always had before.

    awkward artist

    @Gun Storm SSO why is that? Is season 12 the last season?

    Gun Storm SSO

    @awkward artist Not really sure why they had the shortened season, but Amber Marshall announced in late March that there WILL be a Season 13

    awkward artist

    @Gun Storm SSO oh okay. Almost died! Haha thank you :)

  29. Dri Sousa

    HEARTLAND!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Jadyn Locklear

    Can you please put this on iTunes Store and Apple Music 🎶 .

  31. Amy O

    Just finished Heartland Season 11 Episode 18 and I loved the ending! So beautiful and the song goes so well! 😍❤️

  32. Jadyn Locklear

    OMG 😮 😮😮. This song is so beautiful

  33. Gun Storm SSO

    New Season 12 of Heartland starts January 6, 2019... on CBC in Canada.

    Alyssa Carson

    just watched it lol and i paused the credits to search for it and now i'm absolutely in love!!!

    Dorothy Bardy

    I accidentally came across this video a few days a go and I have to say that it's the most amazing song I have ever heard 🎵🎼🎶🎼🎤 I have listened to a lot of songs and both my family and I are music Lovers 😉👍 so when I was watching my show heartland that's when I wanted to download it I truly L💚ve this song thank you so very much for sharing I really appreciate it and I hope🕊 that you and everyone has a great day 🌤🦋🕊🍃🌸🍃🌼🍃🌸🍃🌼 God bless😇🌤💌🕊and t c from me here in Ontario 🇨🇦🙋‍♀️🕊


    Gun Storm SSO

    Season 12 is now on Netflix in Australia too!


    @Caitzee I accidently stumbled on Season 1 and fell in love and binge watched ALL of seasons 1-11 in a month, but can't find Season 12 in the USA yet..

    Stella Roserain

    Gun Storm SSO hey gun :’) guess who got a one day chat ban 😑🙂

  34. once_blink melanie

    I love and hate how heartland ended, i loved it because it wasn’t dramatic, it was peaceful and it ended with something very special (amy showing her daughter what she could do with spartan) but i hated it because it ended! It took me over 2 years to finish the whole thing because i didn’t want it to end, so i always took my time watching it. I wish this show would go on and on but it ended perfectly, yes i felt weird knowing it was over, but i felt happy that everything ended up happy, like my heart hurt if that makes sense? ❤️

    Gun Storm SSO

    But it hasn't ended!! Season 12 starts in January, just one more month to go before more new Heartland episodes. 🐴

    once_blink melanie

    Gun Storm SSO I know the show hasn’t ended, i mean like it ended but it didn’t at the same time

    Maya Tanner

    It didn't end. There's another season!

    Kayla Pearce

    They made a season 12 and are making a season 13 an it is supposed to be renewed for a season 14 too yah

  35. Dannii Morton

    I'm here because of the Heartland season 11 finale with Amy dancing with Spartan. Anyone else the same? X

    Ernesto Segovia

    Lol same!!

    Ava Moore

    Same😂 i already watched it twice from the very beginning😂😂

  36. eberst

    goosebumps. every. time.

  37. Brandy D

    I just finish watching heartland seasons 11 episode 18 and this song is amazing and I love it

  38. Snow Wolf

    I heard this song from heartland now it’s my favourite song

  39. eberst

    I kinda hate how heartland made a season 12. I mean im excited to watch season 12 but i mean they ended things so perfectly.

    Ellie Mae Whittaker

    hamster rants they made a season 12


    Ellieplayz Roblox yeah i know

  40. Fernandez Prudencio

    👏👏👏 music beautiful

  41. Sophie Arthur

    I started horse riding after heartland


    Sophie Arthur me too xx


    Sophie Arthur

    I would love to ride a horse again!

    Tyler Zech

    Sophie Arthur I own a horse and life is fun hope you like riding

    Valerie Fredette

    I've been riding horses before I was even born and still do till this day do for 19 years. My favorite horse I've had is Foolsberry he was my jumping horse. I miss him so much. All the horses now and then I've had around 12 horses. And I've broken about 40 and trained about 100 people in riding horses. It's quite fun.

  42. Skyplays 0329

    Never heard this song but it's pretty cool! I really like the lyrics. Sometimes i wish i wasn't human. And that i could get away from all the cars and the stupid stuff people do. Then again i might just be getting WAYY to into animal books...eh still love it XDBut Srsly its a beautiful and awesome song!!

  43. damaxpowerway

    Wow Serena

  44. S.N.W Lyrics

    I have made a lyric video of this and walls could talk on my channel
    Plz go check it out

  45. Shaftell

    The Heartland finale seemed so peaceful with this song.

    Gun Storm SSO

    yes, they did another great job of matching music with the tone of the scene.

    J A S M I N E P L A Y S

    Shaftell it did 😭

  46. toni MJ

    Absolutely love this song Wild and Free ! Does anyone know where it’s available for download ? I can’t find it anywhere 😔

    Gun Storm SSO

    I actually made the video because I couldn't find it either on yt, other than some live versions

  47. amanda bartlett

    love this song I heard it at the end of the Heartland show.

  48. Kaija

    Finally found it! Another great find from Heartland 🐴 ♥

    Tyler Zech

    Kaija my fav song now

  49. Heartland Rules

    I feel in love with this once I saw it in heartland season 11 episode 18 at the end with Amy ty and lyndy

    Polly Swordcake

    Leanne Norris Yup, that's the song! ☺️

    Sophie Arthur

    Same this is a amazing song I spent so long trying to find it

    Com Estilo

    Haertland i love you ❤️


    Heartland Rules same here!

    Gillian Shaw

    heard this on heartland, had to look it up. love heartland SO much!.... and this song.

  50. Just your Basic dressage girl

    Nice job gunner 🙂 I love her voice and you edited it well 😄 I’m still trying to get my account back from suspended 🙁 sso is being stupid rn I’m over here like I didn’t do anything to deserve this

    Polly Swordcake

    Annie Summervalley Hiya Annie!!! That's really a nice compliment. I agree, all the hard work he puts into editing this, really shows. ☺️

    Polly Swordcake

    Annie Summervalley Oh, why do you have the suspension?? We're not pleased with SSO anymore either. 🙁

    Just your Basic dressage girl

    Polly Swordcake i dont know sso won’t even tell me I just mailed them again and yea he does put lots of work in his videos 🙂I’m still working with sso on why people are quitting I gave them PLENTY of reason why but still nothing is fixed I hope they actually start to care

    Polly Swordcake

    Annie Summervalley Awww that's horrible Annie. Yeah, their customer support sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. 😕

    Just your Basic dressage girl

    Polly Swordcake yea 😐

  51. Snowbowl Superbowl

    Oooh great video gun i loved her voice and the lyrics make it more exciting to watch and sing along to 😄

    Snowbowl Superbowl

    Gun Storm SSO yeah

    Polly Swordcake

    Sabina Softpaw Heya Softy!!!! How are you??

    Snowbowl Superbowl

    Polly Swordcake im great hbu?

    Polly Swordcake

    Sabina Softpaw Good to hear! I'm great thanks!! 👍 💜

    Snowbowl Superbowl

    Polly Swordcake np see u on star stable

  52. Polly Swordcake

    This song is so beautiful. I loved it as soon as I heard it. 💗

    Gun Storm SSO

    Yes, one of those songs that grabs you right away

    Polly Swordcake

    Gun Storm SSO I agree. Her voice is so unique. I love it.

    Stella Roserain

    Polly Swordcake I have chat ban