Ryder, Serena - Saying Hello Lyrics

Life's gone, coming back and why?
Answer in the reason why
Love's not just for the night
Take a step back, you're gonna find
What you left behind

Put a little water on the fire, fire
Put a little water on the fire

Saying hello
Nice to meet myself again
Where did I go?
Nice to meet my long lost friend
Viva the dark, viva the light
Viva the wrong, I've seen the right
Saying hello

Patience, yeah
It's not hesitation, it's not just killing time
Trust not just in the mind
You can be broken and never know it
Sometimes it's just right

Put a little water on the fire, fire
Put a little on the fire

Saying hello
Nice to meet myself again
Where did I go?
Nice to meet my long lost friend
Viva the dark, viva the light
Viva the wrong, I've seen the right
Saying hello

Never gonna give up hope for a minute
Never gonna give up hope for a minute
Never gonna give up hope for a minute
(Put a little water on the fire, fire, put a little
Water on the fire)
Never gonna give up hope for a minute
(Put a little water on the fire, fire, put a little
Water on the fire)

Saying hello
Nice to meet myself again
Where did I go?
Nice to meet my long lost friend
Viva the dark, viva the light
Viva the wrong, I've seen the right
Saying hello

Saying hello
Nice to meet myself again
Where did I go?
Nice to meet my long lost friend
Viva the dark, viva the light
Viva the wrong, I've seen the right
Saying hello

Saying hello
Nice to meet myself again

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Ryder, Serena Saying Hello Comments
  1. Dirk Diggler

    Good Morning planet Earth. :)

  2. Dirk Diggler

    Beautiful. This video just made my day. :)

  3. Markos González

    Solo 366mil visualizaciones?

  4. Freigeist Mac

    Einfach genial. Bitte mehr aus der Zeit. Dankeschön und einen schönen Tag.

  5. Vinny Christensen

    What a terrific version!

  6. David Sproole

    Great cover of the original...love it!

  7. B.J. Mason Studios

    2019, anyone?

  8. alain miclette

    Took the time to watch and hear all the other renditions of this song and I think Serena made that song her own, musical arrangement and her vocals are simply the best. I would love to hear her have a go at other classic oldies like Georgy Girl for example, I think should would excell at many others as well...

  9. alain miclette

    She's my definition of the embodiment of a top Canadian artist; authentic, talented, beautifully warm voice, upbeat, and endearing natural lovely looks, this gal has it all, a gem for the world.

  10. Emily Camacho

    I play the song inquire Starshine at school

  11. Maximus Minimus

    She really knows how to sing.

  12. 0ero

    why did i like this i dont know

  13. Allan Holder

    A mark of Excellence! Well done Serena!

  14. doctor jones

    So many a-holes with negative attitudes bashing this beautiful young lady who is such a genuine spirit for these dark times' and a talented singer/song writer, she writes her own songs and when she decides to do a cover of a happy peaceful fun loving classic all these dogfarts can do is comment with negativity. Especially that bald middle aged quasimoddo white dude with the side burns😃😛 like he can write something and have it on air play' what a loser, probably still lives alone unmarried/no kids😛😀😆👎most likely gay to hiding in the coset😀😃😆✌👌

  15. loleeta irving

    ty beautiful;

  16. Ka Mac

    I thought of this today!

  17. silvio Souza

    Bom dia, estrela reluzente

  18. Kian Diab

    Completely killed the Broadway hit

    Vince Clark

    Kianzworld really! Pet peeve stupid people! Your taste is in your mouth!

  19. Kian Diab

    She ruined the original

  20. Paul Grewal

    "I don't bring you peace and love! I bring you...

    GOOD MORNING STARSHINE! The Earth says heeelllooooooooooo!"

  21. Sue Marie

    I like this version, but it doesn't compare to the original by Donovan in the 70's. Listening to it again after all these years, it's funny to think of the writers making up all those silly words for the chorus. It sounds like something my 3 yr. old grandson would come up with. LOL

    Terry Perry

    That was Oliver in 1969

  22. bignsmall6

    I love this better than the original version !

  23. aqueelah ashby

    Beautiful song sung by Serena Ryder.

    Truly, these days you hardly hear contemporary singers singing such peaceful, lovely songs that all age groups can sing along and enjoy.

    Really a gem of a song.

  24. Foxy Girl123 Foster-Williams

    awesome!im in school im doing this song

  25. SeanRyan1978

    i still like it no i'm just funnin ya

  26. marishana meyer

    I thought it was a guy when I first head this.

  27. shioban de la cruz

    song that reminds me Sarah from Stevie Nick, is divine. I just love it

  28. Darby Crash

    poor John Denver

  29. moodblue81

    This one sings in my heart every Saturday morning!

  30. Alge Borusas

    Great revival of a 1960's classic!

  31. canadianceltic

    What a perfect song for Autumn... gsb

  32. Mike Gendron

    Pretty, wholesome, girl next door, singing a happy song! If you are not smiling now, sorry there is no hope for you!!

  33. Doppelganger399

    I play this when I'm sad, its a great pick me up.

    & shes Canadian woot.

    Mr. F.

    The original song was also written by a Canadian.

  34. racketman2u

    Can you imagine explaining this song to non-english speakers?  
    "vot is this dooby ooby walla?  is not in my dictionary!"

    Tioz Cheng

    That is just an expression they use that time 😉

  35. KTMJani

    0:44  1964 Mercedes-Benz 230 SL.with pagoda roof.

  36. Marco A. Hidalgo

    Spring song.

  37. Said Sato

               Ella   pertenece   a   las   nuevas   generacion   de   cantantes,   me   gusta  -
    porque   tiene   ese   estilo   fresco,   propio   de   su   juventud,   y   demuestra   la  -
    plasticidad   de   la   musica   de   aquellos   tiempos   inolvidables.

  38. Andree Marechal

    je l aime au boute cette chanson

  39. rokennedy11

    Is it just me or do I see a reference to the Mary Tyler Moore Show in this video?


    it's blatant.the only thing missing is serena throwing her hat in the air.


    +rokennedy11 Probably so...but does that matter? A great song by a great artist.

    doctor jones

    Mary tyler Moore😃 another great canadian😀👍

    Terry Perry

    @doctor jones don't think so

  40. Rich Royalty

    Thank you for uploading.. this is a really wonderful song and it makes you happy and bright when you hear it....

  41. Cycle Ryder

    Everytime I hear this song, it instantly makes me happy.

  42. Joern Schmidt

    yOUAR    wELCOME  

  43. Well- Thats-Life

    Good Tunes Never Go Out Of Style.

  44. Sarai Zurita

    Buenos días a todos!

  45. LARRY B

    hey serena ryder is a real artist who brings back good music !!! love it .

  46. Benita Hansraj

    Good morning Eddie. You make stars shine.

  47. Ka Choo

    It REALLY does suck that the sound quality on the album that has this song is such poor quality.

  48. Norma Diaz

    I just love everything in this video!!

  49. Giovanni Salamon

    I like the way she expresses herself, so carefree and fun.  The type of lady I'd like to hang out with.

  50. Dawn Threader

    what a beautiful voice well done 

  51. ummcphe4

    Love Love Love!

  52. Mary Moore

    Heard it for the first time last night when we were picking up some wine for dinner. She does a great job. How refreshing. Such a pretty rendition of the original, if not better. It first came out when I was 12, and it's one of those tunes that stay with you.

  53. Sylvain Simard

    Absolutely great performance by Serena Ryder !

  54. Ken Maziarz

    Your reply had me listen to the original again and it does sound somewhat familiar now. I may have heard it when I was a kid. That was quite a while ago now:P

  55. QueerAndActive

    LOL you've never heard Good Morning Starshine?

  56. Geoff Euverman

    a great pick to redo keep it up serena

  57. Geoff Euverman


  58. Anti-theist

    Oh, so lovely - all of it!

  59. Rose Bailey

    What a beautiful voice. I love her.

  60. ummcphe4

    I've been a fan for about five years now. I sing this song to my kids to wake them up every morning just as my Dad used to sing it to me. When they are far away, as they sometimes are, I send them this video. I love her voice and her attitude! Hello World! Serena says HELLO and she twinkles like the STAR she is!

  61. Ka Choo

    LOVE her voice, just too bad the sound quality on CD I bought is soooo poor...../sigh.

  62. Alfonso Espina

    She gets plenty of coverage here in Canada, but now it's the time to promote her internationally. She deserves more recognition and exposure.

  63. Ken Maziarz

    Just noticed this was a cover song. I listened to the original and I prefer this one. By far. She's really influenced by the '60s and '70s.

  64. Ken Maziarz

    Beautiful. She and her music.

  65. Joel Thomas

    Canadian bus says "Sorry" :47

  66. Aileen McKeown

    HELLO -- the split screen isn't some overdone special effect, the video is an hommage to the Mary Tyler Moore show.

    AWESOME Serena!!

    dun dun duh... who can turn the world on with her smile.....?!

  67. Djura Bajkovic


  68. Jbubbah671

    love this song and love her..

  69. Emily Ma

    Serene is so awesome!

  70. brian collins

    I wondering where the video was filmed---Vancouver---cool---I have seen Serena twice in concert---beautiful and great singer!

  71. hotslikebots

    This was filmed in Vancouver, my home. Love it. :)

  72. Roberto Campos Aliaga

    hi, maybe She doesn´t need anything more ...

  73. westheman22

    Saw her last on stage With Bradi Carlie at Edmunton Eolk fesk Sound great may go and buy her cd

  74. Alex T

    I did! :)

  75. Bill tyler

    God I love this this woman,sings like a angel & looks like one also. Serena Ryder made this song better.

  76. Jose

    Ola lo de antes era una nbroma

  77. Jose

    Como me puedo descargar esta cancion para el movil preciosa ooooooooo te estoi aciendolo ooooooooooh

  78. bryce johnstone

    I am the little boy in the end!! :)

  79. David Lloyd

    She forgets the words at 0.47

  80. Jesse Blackmore

    I have always loved this song and Serena does an amazing cover! My two year old son and I like to crank up her version in the car after we drop daddy off at work and sing our hearts out - the BEST way to get our day going!

  81. WhiteWolf77

    the bloopy lo lo part cracks me up lol

  82. scaper47


  83. lakings13

    great version! who knew you could rock to this classic??

  84. moddyjay

    Love this new artist and the song but the video's over use of "picture and picture" and other effects takes away from the content of the song and the artist. This video doesn't celebrate this artist only the editor's ability to use effects.

  85. David Leonard

    she is very pretty, ilke her :)

  86. Natalie Mason

    Beautiful, better than the original.

  87. cybersuebee

    She's made this song her own.

  88. Amarikita

    anyone notice Steely Dan's intro to "do it again " at the end of the song ?

  89. Paul Erwin


  90. Toddipher

    Wow interesting adaptation of a very old classic. I love it!

  91. Lifestream27

    I get a high off this song :D

  92. Inmaculada Santamaria


  93. Chris Manthey

    hey this is vancouver! cool \o/

  94. Fran Ferraz

    simplesmente linda, sem pinturas, sem cosméticos ,lindos lábios, cabelos , face, eu adorava escuta-la e vê-la. que bom poder vê-la no you tube.

  95. Inmaculada Santamaria

    una canciòn que levanta el ànimo a el que la escucha,no sè còmo tengo que buscar el cd para tenberlo en cSA CONMIGO,SI HAY ALGUIEN QUE SEPA CÒMO CONSEGUIRLO,SE LO AGRADECERÈ...

  96. JeffLeChefski

    Fabulous vocals and interpretation of this song old MOR standard from the "Hair" soundtrack. What I don't get are the obvious video references to the Mary Tyler Moore show of the seventies.
    It works but still wtf?

  97. GracePanicMK

    She has such a wonderful voice ♥

  98. stimulater7

    sounds like sun worship 2 me

  99. Àngels Gómez Ayala

    mañanas de verano 2009