Ryder, Serena - Electric Love Lyrics

Don't want you in my dreams
Don't want to fall asleep
Don't want to miss anything
That you're gonna do to me
It's like a laser beam
When it's just you and me
And all our thoughts
They turn into energy

I know your shock is true
It's such a trip
You're plugging into me
High voltage chemistry

Our love's electric and now they're
So close to water that we'll never know
If there's a chance of surviving
If there's a chance, baby, we're gonna blow
Our love's electric, electric

You're in the heart of me
Every part of me
You've got the everything
I ever wanted it to be
It's perfect synergy
When it's just you and me
And when we touch
It turns into electricity

I know your shock is true
It's such a trip
You're plugging into me
High voltage chemistry

Our love's electric and now they're
So close to water that we'll never know
If there's a chance of surviving
If there's a chance, baby, we're gonna blow
Our love's electric, electric

You and me, we are electric soldiers
With the power of lightning in our eyes
Don't believe a single world they told ya
When they said that we would never last
We'll always survive

Our love's electric and now they're
So close to water that we'll never know
If there's a chance of surviving
If there's a chance, baby, we're gonna blow
Our love's electric and now they're
So close to water that we'll never know
If there's a chance of surviving
If there's a chance, baby, we're gonna blow
Our love's electric, electric

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Ryder, Serena Electric Love Comments
  1. The Game Knight

    ...Why do I think there should be a Synthwave remix of this song?

  2. Robert Long

    Did you pay by the triangle or did you get a bulk discount on the rendering?. I was joking but now I am also wondering lol.

  3. Mrs. Read

    I know that that many times since 2 years ago

  4. Bryn 13

    Seeing her in concert tonight!!!

  5. Keith Poehlman

    Nothing to do with electricity. But still an interesting video. :-)

  6. Colin Deutekom

    I grew up in Millbrook this women use to babysit me with my sister. I remember she had a school bus in her parents back yard they use to chill in and drink wine lol

  7. cory2146

    Over the top Illuminati !

  8. 506

    Just another artist expressing their love for the Illuminati.

  9. { Uraraka Ochako }

    This Song’s Very Catchy! And It’s By One Of My Favourite’s Canadian Singer’s!! ❤️🤗😊

    { Uraraka Ochako }

    Edit: And It’s By One Of My Favourite Canadian Singer’s {I Made A Mistake Srry It’s Supposed To Be *One Of My Favorite Canadian Singer’s!!*

  10. Third-Eye-Blind

    Energy is unstoppable !!

  11. Jayden Turgeon

    This is queer love anthem. I absolutely dig it!

  12. 506

    This has a mad Lady Gaga/Katy Perry vibr to it... Love it.

  13. Jos D

    Great song. Serena is amazingly talented.

  14. joel shaw

    Illuminati style

  15. Vince Teo

    Why isn’t she a household name?!? I remember hearing her maybe 15 years ago, my mom loved playing her music in the mini van taking us to soccer

  16. water . guns

    She sounds so much like Gaga

  17. ielya tehrani

    Someone made a video using this song as horror version his profile pic is Kai from Kung Fu panda 3

  18. Bob Purnell

    Fantastic song. :)

  19. stephan pashe


  20. Michael Chua

    Waiting on 1M... 😢

  21. Under_Taken

    Just to think last year for Canada day she came down here to Canada and sand this song. A bunch of people came down to Vancouver just to see her sing and for the fireworks. The funny part was she was having problems with the microphone xD


    Songs got a nice beat but the video sucks

  23. Bun800

    I just think the way the triangles were used in this video came out way better than the Ting Tings version

  24. David Morris

    Electric love is only for good people .

  25. archiveseeker

    I find this video to be satisfyingly trippy!

  26. Harley Mitchell

    but that one guy scares me.

  27. Harley Mitchell

    Pluging into me high voltage chemistry our loves elecrtric.love this song one my fave

  28. GlitcherKing

    My prof put this on our eclass webpage and labeled it as Electric Chemistry

    Zhuowei Fan

    Are u UA CHEM103 student lol

  29. Alda Rizzo

    love the song, but too many triangles, why are they pushing this, good music does not need them pushing mathematics

  30. ELO Akiel

    You are trying to be BORNS

  31. Budway moeller

    So which one is Serena? Asking for a friend.

  32. Depeche ModeForever

    yall should listen to "Two Words" by Retrofile ... another underrated Canadian artist! There are way too many of those honestly ....

    Édouard Murdoch

    I was not disapointed! Thanks!


    Bruh that was fire🔥

  33. MinionManDogey

    Is anyone else here from a Movie?

  34. ielya tehrani

    This song reminds me of Batman Spider-Man episodes destructive weapon hobgoblin battle fight with army giant sand huge robbery speed racing museum theft & swamp monster

  35. Alda Rizzo

    great unique sound, she rocks!

  36. Alaik fahri



    I'm shocked to find out this is Serena.
    I figured for sure it was some big name hundred-million-views USA pop tart when I was hearing it on the radio travelling to work.
    Cool tune.

  38. Kimberly Onook

    That chick with the red hair looks stale .

  39. malton0

    Reminds me of somewere we belong avichi you know the triangle.

  40. joel shaw


  41. CFC - Content For Creators

    Illuminati confirmed!


    Its been out a couple Years now, and No one has made a "Lyrics" version of this song yet? Wow.

  43. Andrew Varcoe

    Another of my personal favorites. Smooth and empowering.

  44. zaguny

    I saw her irl

  45. Faith Pon

    Pyramid really? Are we trying to get The Illuminati's attention or what I mean the one song that I like he had a bunch of Witchcraft in it. When are people going to just walk away and be people again instead of adding and religion and globalist elitist crap. Unsubbed.... Sick of it all

  46. Vladimir Olujic

    I want to meet the guy at 0:55. Not a gay, though. He just has that smile and facial expression that lights up the room.

  47. yasmina ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    *me listening to this song like* 3:18 - 3:20


    WHY ARENT there any Lyrics vids made of this yet? sigh.

  49. Heart Out Of The Matrix


  50. Lily Brewer

    I keep hitting replay.

  51. makattak88

    This song is so good. And thats coming from a metal head!

  52. malton0

    Star of david ,good song.

  53. Josh Kayle

    Needs more triangles, I'm gonna be honest I'm extremely dissatisfied with the lack of triangles.

  54. MisterQuizzz

    This is so Illuminati...

  55. Chubby Buddha

    My feminist girlfriend brought me here.

  56. Sharon Neville

    Great new song Serena Ryder love it

  57. Sid Larry

    She love triangles

  58. patti Haley

    love electric love, listen all the time

  59. Veronika Silva_Ramos

    0:13 that guy is so beautiful 😍

  60. The Great Pyramid Erection

    I remember seeing you open for Burton Cummings before you made it big and I was blown away. I got chills hearing you sing Weak in the knees live for the first time.

  61. Eisley Zhang

    Better with +1.25 speed

  62. Sharon McKerracher

    Love the song ,,,,,,,,,,cranks it loudddddddddddddd in my car on the stereo <<<

  63. Aiyaly Videos


  64. QAmber KBenedikt

    R We clear now? Blow! :)
    We are back

  65. Connor B.

    I love this song but all I can think of is how horrified and confused a guy from the 1500's would be if you showed him this, because there's sounds and moving shapes and shit that they've never seen before.

  66. koos koos

    Serena Ur awesome come to thunder bay again

  67. Bob Purnell

    This kicks A $$!!!

  68. Kaitlyn Bossé-Jaillet

    Illuminati everywhere!!

  69. Helene Lavergne

    love this one, very good song ❤️👌

  70. The Truth

    How does this not have more views?!?!?!? Insane!!!! Amazing song.

  71. Tyler Bowen

    Triangles. I like them too.

  72. Lupis Oberon

    this video was sponsored by the illuminati :)

  73. Melissa B

    Im scared😨

  74. Crystal Caswell

    Am i the only one who heard this song and thought it was adam lambert on the lyrics? Lol love this song


    that. was. alot. of triangles...

  76. Historical Significance

    Why do I feel like they went to a local college and just picked a handful of liberal arts students for this video

  77. Gunship

    Heard this on the radio today, loved it.

  78. Paul Guille

    Our Love Is Electric.. We Thank You Serena Ryder

  79. Tr1pp L3A

    This is awful.

  80. Sebastian Kudos

    So cool!

  81. Ismahan Tahlil

    I love this song, I’m so glad I clicked the video ☺️

  82. Blue Frontier Ocean Sports.com

    "LYPH IN DARQUE PLAY6EX" Migh Gnue Aunt Aer Knotty Buke Eh Flailaboole Perrie Caraffe Buy Parrhea Girrough!!!

  83. Andrew Cleveland

    does this have an official video?

  84. Mason Plank

    why doesn't this have 5M veiws? at least..

  85. David Broughall

    Prefer to listen rather than watch.

  86. FelineHYPER

    Heard this song on the radio and had to go find it

  87. Yuri on Edge

    Hmm, this is suprisingly a pretty underrated song.

  88. Tabarro Taby

    Ma è bellissima questa canzone

  89. Monte8Carlo

    I love the blatant symbolism :D

  90. Jason Stark

    Google A Clockwork Orange and look at the cover art of the video!

  91. sandra valani

    This is an absolutely amazing song!!! I truly hope that it goes on to make it big all over the world!!! The beat is incredible and could get a dying person to spring back to life and wanna dance!!!

  92. Lilyana Park

    I love love this song

  93. Alan C

    Omfg your the same artist who sings Stompa? lmfao GAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEE.

  94. Alan C

    This song is so petty...are you really singing about relationships and referring to yourselves as "Electric Soldiers"? So fucking cringy XD. I'm sorry but this song is gay AF.

  95. Brian

    What a great song .. You Go Serena!!

  96. Chris

    This song is so much fun dude jesus.

  97. drummer boy 2000

    It's like a laser beam.... Cringey

  98. DiAnna W

    Serena... PLEASE... do a video for SANCTUARY!!! <3

  99. Kimberly Heys

    I just won 2 tix to see you in London Serena! WOO HOO - and I already have my tix for your Parry Sound performance - lol. CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ... AT BOTH!