Ryan Leslie - Lay Down Lyrics

It feels so good to fly
The view is so beautiful from up here

[Verse 1:]
She told me come and get her in that white horse
Hotel menu we take the night course
Then I lay her down in a bed of roses
She parts like the red sea spread for Moses
Is that really so ridiculous?
Take my time, she say Ryan's so meticulous
Attention to every detail
I'm a God, you a goddess of a female
Now these haters screaming blasphemy
Let em talk cause these hoes never last for me
If you looking for a G, homie ask for me
I hold on to my lady cause she would blast for me
Fire shots - take a bullet too
That's why they hate us for our love man it's bullet proof
In the line of fire I'm a pull her through
And when she's tired I'm a tell my baby lay down

Lay down (lay down)
Lay down (lay down)
I can hear you now (Let that body talk)
I can hear you now (Let that body talk)
Lay down (lay down)
Lay down (lay down)
I can hear you now (Let that body talk)
I can hear you now

[Verse 2:]
I only count my wins, never count my losses
Late night G5 conversate with bosses
We travel to an exotic place
Damn right I put a smile on that exotic face
She help me through my daily regimen
Hold me down make me better than I've ever been
A superhero to these other men
They may test but they don't know what they up against
Where're my ladies that appreciate that good D?
You ain't getting that from your man, girl, you should be
Ask my exes they'll tell you the way it could be
Just keep it real baby throw me back that good V
And I'll show you the way we get along
Tell them niggas leave our shit alone
They'll be mad when they hear this song
But you'll be happy when I tell you baby lay down


And as I lay you down to sleep
Trust me baby all your secrets I'm a keep
Be my angel, I'll be your protection
I can see my future girl in your reflection
Fly so high that it's heavenly
A better you a better me
It's better than amphetamines


Can we wait a while
Can we wait a while
Can we wait a while baby
Wait a while

If you see me walkin' down the street
If you
If you see me
Can we wait a while baby
Wait a while

I'll do what you want me to, baby

You - you deserve a king
I deserve a queen my love, my love
You deserve a king
You deserve a queen
That you are
That you are baby

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Ryan Leslie Lay Down Comments
  1. Sport8

    I can listen to the beat ride out at the end all day!

  2. Louis York

    2020, still banging!!!

  3. Ms. S McCreath

    Low Key classic!

    Bruno H

    Ms. S McCreath HIGH-KEY

  4. Yolanda McCrary


  5. Twan Boogie

    2019 still hard af

  6. Yudi Muhd Saman

    Still rocking this in 2018😍

  7. Johnathan Young

    it better

  8. Johnathan Young

    hi bro that was amazing

  9. jzrit580

    Fabolous went nuts with this. They need to make an album together asap. Pls

    W. A.

    Shut up

    Michael Baidoo

    W. A. Stfu

  10. NASTI

    uups he made a mistake at 6.02 hahah

  11. KingKG

    I don't mind that this song is long as hell. The beat ride and R Les vocally just swagged out on this track without doin too much!!!

    P. Stephens

    Only1KevG exactly how I feel about this song.

  12. miz thatdude


  13. Crystal Covington

    This sounds so good. I like... :)

  14. powerz

    sounds like rick Ross wrote the verse.... or maybe ryan been writing for Ross now


    yo I've been bumping this album for a min and it never occurred to me that it does sound like Rick Ross flow. it's not far fetched if he wrote it.

    Mike Ike

    @Annanymous ryan prob wrote it for ROSS lol... and prob been writting for ppl for a while

  15. AManwalkinghisOwnPath

    The illest song in the whole album aside from Green, History, and Coke Cans.

  16. QtheBoss roughpatch

    Dope beat... Some how i hear J Cole and or Drake on this... 


    Listen to Fabolous's version of this song...he owns this track

  17. Rosalie Bell

    Happy Birthday Freddie...IDK if u will ever see this but I miss u and love u always... besos

  18. Rodi Sengmany

    Just pure dopeness...

    Nikki Wright

    Told ya! ;)

    Johnathan Young

    +Nikki Wright what up hi call

  19. Stephanie DiMaggio

    Beautiful! Love Ryan Leslie <3 He is the Dopest vocalist! Writes his own too! <3 

  20. Marquis Charley

    I want this song were can I get it

  21. Abdul Muhammad

    Wear can I get this beat

  22. Moos

    Gibberish babyyyyy

  23. Genti Koshi

    What is this high voice sayin?