Ryan Leslie - Golden Days Lyrics

Looking back on what we've been through
Looking back on what we've done
Seeing all the times we've fallen
And all of the victories we've won
There's a glow of happiness
And a melody of pride
As we start a new beginning in our lives

I've had the time of my life
And I can't believe what we've achieved
My how the time did fly
Filled with such precious memories
And now that we must go our separate ways
I pray we don't forget
These golden days

All the hearts that we have opened
And all the friendships that we've made
May these bonds be never broken
And may these memories never fade
Resting in the arms of God
With exuberance and faith
We can share this precious moment in His grace


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Ryan Leslie Golden Days Comments
  1. Raphael Jean

    What album is this on? I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. Suhayla El Bachiri

    Best fucking song ever....

  3. GodSon Elijah GSE

    omg my sister just went to her graduation ceremony and is making herself cry by listenin to this... Smh

  4. izzybuuuu1

    2012 graduation song.....best class EVERRRRR!!!! IMA MISS YOU GUYS. GRADUATION IN 17 DAYS

  5. Dessat83One


  6. Umm Wassim

    I love you boy <3!!!!!! :'(

  7. Shari765

    @kagome313 That's wassup! Never thought of it in that sense til I saw your comment.... the lyrics sure are beautiful for a graduation song :)

  8. Hope4Kids07

    Two people forgot their golden days

  9. Romell Almagro

    omfg this guy is amazing
    i watched his other vids on him makin the actual songs n he is just my idol
    y has this not gotten many views?
    its so good