Ryan Leslie - Coke Can Lyrics

Only somebody you love could make you feel like this
Take it from somebody who knows

[Verse 1:]
I'm having dreams, my vision is so elaborate
Cause we went from not having to really having it
Now we having it - I can't believe it's happening
To think it all started from us talking and laughing and
I remember when we first met - what's your name?
Instagram snapshots in a picture frame
Now what's better than anything you can think of?
When we make love
Your Guiseppe high heels in a mink rug
Pinot noir in a glass as we slow dance
This is romance at it's best I'm dressed in Brioni
You had a salad I had the rigatoni
And you told me I'm your one and only
Had me feeling like a real Don Corleone
Clark Gable at the dinner table
And you my Scarlett O'hara
In that dark mascara baby smile for the camera

Only someone you love
Could make you hurt so bad, feel like you died for a minute [x2]

We hold hands then we slow dance
Thought we had a love affair but we broke plans
We wrote plans then we broke plans
Now your heart feel crushed like a Coke can
Hold hands then we slow dance
Thought we had a fairy tale but we broke plans
We wrote plans then we broke plans
Now your heart feel crushed

[Verse 2:]
So perfect in those Louboutins
Slow dancing with no music on
Please baby be my Newton-John
Cause it's Saturday night and I'm the new Travolta
You looking so right through that lens Minolta
Woman of style, class, grace, taste and culture
And blessed by genetics, I meant when I said it
Girl you can get it, feel good when you let it burn



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Ryan Leslie Coke Can Comments
  1. Charlie Moon

    Best track on the album.. classic

    CM- Charlie Moon 🌙

  2. Charlie Moon

    The last song he made that I liked....RIP R.les career

    Fly Lima Beats

    Charlie Moon Shut up

  3. Fenixx

    Best song of the album along with full moon


    Beautiful SONG

  5. George Coppola

    My love song... best song i've ever heard

  6. myamballas gianny

    damn it ...so fresh man

  7. Kant Standem

    Love him wish he could help me with my music.. it Be TOo Fresh..

  8. TOTCD

    Easily one of his best songs.

  9. Mario Peron

    Middle finger to the person give thumbs down... how can we hate that, that simply how the music gotta be ....

  10. Kevin Nkuna

    this is brilliant work man 👌

  11. Suhila Ahmed

    Just soo nice

  12. Zack Yong

    Not ashamed to say that kai greene brought me here. And god damn.

    Maxime Bobst

    +Zack Yong Haha how did he brought you here ? Did he mention it in one of this YT videos ? Cause that bodybuilder has a hustler mindset too

  13. Action 1Radio

    WOW....amazing track!! #goodmusic  

  14. Jose Baptista

    Best Track on the album!!!!!!!!

  15. Jean Pablo


  16. Jyunus Djack

    Best Track of the Album! <3