Ryan Leslie - Carnival Of Venice Lyrics

I'm tryna see the best of things
Lace my girl, 5 carats in her ring
Get my moms a crib, my pops a new whip
When it's all said and done - stack a mil for my kids
Work hard, play hard, stack dough, live well
Get away
Stay on an island in my own hotel
Got my little sister proud - like, check him out
She happy I put a pool in her house - she love to swim
I'm known for my taste in ladies
Plus a Murcielago and a pair of twin grey Mercedes
Staties leave me alone when I cruise the expressway
Can't touch me the community loves me
I'm on the news shaking hands
Had to give back
Salvation Army get a hundred grand
And - I own a company of which I'm the chair
I'm the boss, El Jefe premiere
And I'm knowin' they stare
When they see me at the Rolex store
On the low - the rose gold cost a hundred and 4
That's a house on the arm, couple cars on the wrist
Yea - success served cold is a remarkable dish
When they see me, yea - they might stand around for a photo
Watch for a king, got a crown for a logo
Owe it all to God, so the greatest, I thank
The whole team gettin' green, celebrate at the Bank
Yea- that volcano flow slow burn thru your stereo
You know what the business is, you know the scenario
Black Mozart flow, hated like the Taliban
With a black fur coat made of astrakhan
Thick in the club, man, you know I'm a turn up
Money here to get, homie, you know I'm a earn up
Ace for the entourage, bring the Methuselah
Envy make haters turn green like arugula
Still make a fool of you - 'Pagne (pain) in a gold bottle
Stunt hard these lames need a role model
Shorty with the pretty face that's my plus one
Feature presentation - word to Suss One
Gold on the wrist - no time for the gimmicks
Living a self-made "Sweet Dream" Annie Lennox
Class in session, hope you all in attendance
Puttin' the mask on for the Carnival of Venice

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Ryan Leslie Carnival Of Venice Comments
  1. Azwol imperius

    Now is a day true talent never get recognized he is dope in any standard best I have ever heard
    Thank you for making music from your heart

  2. Max Ofer

    raps about a murcielago, shows off a gallardo in the vid smh

  3. charles anderson

    This is so much fire

  4. MeloSeason

    I still bump this in 2019 🔥💪🏾

  5. Bon Vivant

    yeah that volcano flow slow burn through your stereo/ you know what the business is you know the scenario

  6. Moe aka Dazz

    Dope beats 👑🔥🔥🔥🔥saloot

  7. O N

    Proud to be a Ryan Leslie's fun. Ryan you're always the best!!!

  8. Fatalis -954i

    Lourd mon ga 👍🏽

  9. Jimmy N

    Intro is way better than the album version

  10. Mitz Productions

    2017 and I'm playing this in Abu Dhabi

  11. GIMI Productions

    I'd love to work with Ryan Leslie!! He is a genius and a big inspiration to me! Respect!

  12. Sleazy Mansion

    Proud to say Ima Ryan Leslie Fan✊🏽 only artist I look up too 💯

    Dania Valcarcel

    Sleazy Mansion jkkhj,yuyhkoniuiulnnluilihpyyhohphphkojupilulinjliuhjhlkjhklhlohphkohujupujiulnnlij

  13. Badis Ben

    2016 still playing this 😌<3

    Sleazy Mansion

    Badis Ben 2017 now and I'm still playin it 🔥

  14. A Allen

    Pain in the Gold Bottle 🍾

  15. Дмитрий Боримчук

    beat is so dope...fucking genius!

  16. Victor G.

    Does anyone know what brand of sunglasses he wearing in this video?

    Roman P.

    +Victor G. Look like Ray Ban Wayfarer.

  17. Niklas Fst

    @yeudy Ezequiel Ocumares Christopher Ryan doesn't want to sell his music via a store like itunes as they take most of the money and the artists usually just get a very small part of the margin.

  18. yeudy Ezequiel Ocumares Christopher

    I do not understand this album is not selling in itunes or spotify, someone
      know why?


    +yeudy Ezequiel Ocumares Christopher Because he is selling it on his own platform so he can personally send you messages which is genius. Like he will call you up on your birthday to wish you a dope day and tell you how much he appreciates your pressence and your support. He is a damn genius!

  19. I am love


  20. DevylProductions

    His voice sounds better than usual on this song. And the beat is fire!

  21. Edson Adrega

    The Bank?,a watch store??


    Edson Adrega club at the belagio in vegas

  22. Cr7pt0r

    I prefer the old Leslie...

  23. kschaubb

    cant rap at all breh

  24. KingfromKush

    It's ridiculous that he gets so little views compared to other artists who make such trash music


    Mumin Eltahir The way the establishment runs the music industry.. keep reapeting the same pop/trash'n'beats songs over and over about negativty, hate and drugs to put on a negative influence over the world

  25. ORV

    Why is this version not on the album????


    it is. i just became a renegade yesterday and it was there.

  26. Aaron Ankay

    @***** @Hicham Slimani La version original est du 2Pac "Baby don't Cry". En tout cas pour la ligne de bass et la batterie.

  27. Aaron Ankay

    The orginal sample is 2pac song "Baby don't cry".

  28. José Duran

    wow incredible

  29. jzrit580

    Why does the album version have that unfinished piano part at the end? I want to hear the full thing, sounds awesome!


    OMG i was wondering thesame thing. very frustrating

    Creative Works

    As well as the pitched down vocals

  30. macmilitant123


  31. Ainara Soria

    i love it ...

  32. Reckyz Rose

    Talent,Creative,Musical,Legend = @RyanLeslie


  33. edemir jlb

    Way better than the album version ...... dope

  34. Cass Lingo

    Beat is Crazy

  35. christian saldivar

    @SuperCharilieSmashm. Peep "Full Moon" and "Evacuation" off the album. #Realtallkrap

  36. Othman

    Black Mozart-The real shit is coming, we can do it!!

  37. Raja Sewan

    The most underrated artist in the world!!!

  38. Alex Faimon

    Ryan is back! Black Mozart is the most popular producer in his profession!

  39. Neli rama

    loving it

  40. Timothy Julien

    This Version is dope.

  41. Darvin Richard

    I like this one MUCH better than the album version!

  42. Micah Weston

    I got a lot of respect for Ryan Leslie no matter if he's singing, producing, or rapping.

  43. MrCptTacoss

    LOL. no.

  44. Akin Akinrinade

    1:21 'OWE IT ALL TO GOD' sick and tired people moaning you cant relate to it why he talking bout money the cars the houses blah blah when was the last time u thank God for the normal life u live now???? when was the last time Rick ross , drake , lil wayne nicki minaj did ??? but your probally gonna scroll up now and type there name in the search tab tut tut tuttttt

  45. Ossama Harchi

    WTF --' stop comparing a lengend to a new artist like drake, i'm a big fan of drake work, but Les is just beyond the amazing with his music.

  46. Sol Sinclair

    It's a shame that education and talent have nothing to do with wisdom.

  47. SuperCharlieSmashm

    Sounds clean but when you listen he isn't saying anything anyone can really relate to. Gimmick raps. Facade. I don't have that kind of life so this is just pointless.

  48. isaiah atalah

    R less should sick to sing smoothly

  49. stillrealtomedammit


  50. ohayo mina!


  51. Reckyz Rose


  52. Tony Waweru

    How did you know about the bass by Ryan? I couldn't even picture !llmind having the beat and just leaving that without the bass section.

  53. Tony Waweru

    Interesting fact.

  54. Tony Waweru

    lol you are taking the moniker a little too serious

  55. Tony Waweru

    !llmind on the beat.

  56. Eric Yocum

    when is this damn album coming out????????????

  57. ivandeutsch

    not released yet - Album: Black Mozart - commin soon #renegades

  58. AwesomeAndRandomStuf

    ill brb i need to go get some nice cold ice for that major burn

  59. Infamoustr85

    trying to be Jay z

  60. Edson Adrega

    Which Ryan album contains that track?

  61. shilo storm

    have you ever heard of poetical licence? its not a comparison to mozart, its a description of a musical genius...only a writer or someone that has a literal mind that can understand the term black mozart, no need to call him an idiot

  62. Aly Aboushaca

    Ryan Leslie you idiot you're not the black Mozart. You're Ryan Fuckin Leslie. There's no new to try to compare or draw a parallel. Make it a point that you're Ryan Leslie. Make em know YOUR name. Enough people know Mozart.

  63. Ali The King

    leslie goes in!!.

  64. Dessat83One

    you're right Trey, he isn't a good MC...he is a fuckin' genius! ;)

  65. trey grant

    So many R LES haters I see he can't rap he's a bad mc 1 word HARVARD

  66. Hunde söhne

    Where can I buy black Mozart?

  67. Paul Johnson Jr.


  68. Alexis Roy

    Great musician.... horrible mc.

  69. jgreeekz


  70. jgreeekz

    If your a musician yourself you would understand what talent he has. and repect him.

  71. jgreeekz

    You MUST be in USA lol I am too but everyone knows that EVERYbody loves this man overseas. He is famous. He is just not on your radio. HE is more repsected than your average superstar even by true musicians. Most great musicians are not. Whether they be the writer or producer. You don't know the true musician behind the scenes. These superstars are just a face and barley a voice. THIS MAN is pure talent!

  72. youngB

    this shit so dope .....

  73. Mindcircus

    this beat was produced by illmind but the bass is leslie :)

  74. Renegade Robby

    Attention Renegades: Those of you who follow and are fans of Ryan Leslie are aware that his new album the Black Mozart will only be available through his website which is by invitation only. If interested you can email me at [email protected] Be sure to state why you are interested in becoming a #Renegade.

    Sales and Marketing Team

  75. Carlotta Moore

    Part of growing is seeking out those gifts and testing them a I believe in him not many can say there self made he is he has been in the game since the 90's he is very good at what he does he is a (superstar a Miguel )he has written more song then u can count and mostly all or the majority of artist have gotten famous off his written skills and music writing. HE IS THE BEST UP THERE AND BEHIND THE SEENS !!!!!!! DO UR THING R.LESLIE

  76. TeRrOrRiStU

    he actually is pretty famous

  77. hecklerh

    looking unpopular probably isn't what hes going for. r les is a boss.

  78. Evan James

    Because he's a independent entrepreneur with no big overhead distribution deal but that's the problem with our society today. Because everyone is to lazy to do research music they think lex, swiss beats and kayne is god??? Or there watered down music is lackless? I guarantee you handed them there own piece of sheet music and they wouldn't be able to read it. It's sad #educate #yourself cause this man is a one of a kind musical brilliance.

  79. beatz04

    Why is every single R.L. video made like he was the huge superstar that he simply isn't ?

  80. creed007100

    R LES!!!!

  81. Simsim

    Excellent producer, average rapper, dull lyricist. Wish he would stick to producing.

  82. G0ttaBeFresh

    wait this isnt venice..."carnival of las vegas"?

  83. SIEKICK Productions

    Yea I NEED some R&B r.les... Songs still dope tho

  84. Duradonno

    It's delayed , later this year.

  85. benyamin coco

    damn boy where is the ryan leslie i knew in the days of rescue you... ur lyrics are crap now

  86. Rabia Şengün

    Damn boy love you so bad!

  87. Jonathan Dirar

    ?? he flashed a picture of his album lol

  88. IMBeatzProduction

    he sounds even better than usual on this one #BlackMozart

  89. Submersed24

    Lyrics suck but the songs awesome and the vids awesome lol

  90. hahahaha

    watch for a king,got the crown as the logo...roley (dope)

  91. iu surag

    how has this not his sevral million views!

  92. TheArtMan51




  94. qunanda3

    wash up

  95. Andrew Simmarano

    BEST TRACK BY FAR BY LES!!!!! #disgusting

  96. DEVGRU13

    lez & Kanye should collab

  97. TRR

    aint no one touchin this dude. period.

  98. MegaMarcBeatz

    zero dislikes R-Les is undeniable.

  99. Tariq Gonzales

    is it me or does R Les have a double for security purposes 0:06

  100. Selda Bogaci

    The Beat ...