Ryan Leslie - Black Mozart Lyrics

I'm the Black Mozart
I lead these broads 2 by 2 like its Noah's ark
You know where I went to school, man, I'm so smart
Bra and panties on the stage that's where their clothes are

[Verse 1]
Deep tissue massages, 100 rack deposits
12 suits in my closet, fresh fruits in my pocket
LA to Miami
Nominated by Grammys
Lame dudes can't stand me, I only focus on family
My new chick is so hot thats why I like her
My ex-chick is so hot Diddy wifed her
When I pull up in that ghost I'm like a white blur
Your whole team wearing skirts Rowdy Piper


[Verse 2]
Look at me doing my thing - look at me getting it now
From the bottom I came, I made a milli somehow
4 apartments in Harlem man, I'm housing my team
Black millionaire you don't know how bout it I've been
Bought furs, bought homes
'93 I had a car phone
Sky page - call you back
Flatline Cardiak
'94, Ivy league
Fell in love with those ivory keys
Killed those, made tracks
No talent I hate that
Get with me


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Ryan Leslie Black Mozart Comments
  1. tiff-tiff

    He is sooo sexy

  2. Shyst Mon3y

    Great work 💯


    I'm late to this video but...You absolutely have to respect the versatility of this artist. He can do it all. A lot of people were upset about him rapping. A. If you've truly followed his career you'd know HE'S ALWAYS rapped. He was "Drake before Drake". Only thing is Ryan Leslie ACTUALLY could sing, write, produce, & play instruments. B. It's ok to step outside of your box & comfort zone. It's all about growth & re-inventing yourself. If this was Justin Timberlake, Justin Beiber or some white pop artist we'd be applauding this, instead we take it for granted because he's black & black artist are "suppose to do this". Shout out to this true MUSICAL GENIUS! Thank you Ryan Leslie aka Black Mozart.

  4. L. Sider

    What's the song/instrumental @ 3: 10 to 5:00 ish ? thanks!

  5. Taino Rosario

    This is the Donald Putrump of music. I'm disgusted that this idiot would compare his crap to Mozart.

  6. xsteffyyx

    I love Rles because of his beats! This is so scripted with the gurl also totally cringe somehow 🥴🥴🤣 okay we know u are genius pls show more of this side of yours

  7. Sbl Inventory


  8. Christopher Rose

    This documentary really show a musician creating quality music and the passion for the music. I love Ryan Leslie music and respect the documentary.

  9. hijosh

    8:10 - I think we just found out who took the laptop

  10. Rizzle Riz

    History here is legendary!

  11. diana allen

    I met him once at boys and girls hs. He's amazing!!

  12. CMOE2113

    2019 and I’m still coming back.... thumbs up if I’m not the only one. Les is More give us some new 🔥



  14. Wonga mas

    Ryan inspires the hell out of me

  15. Cootchill Creations

    Watching again in 2019, for the 1000th time. Anyone else?

  16. Go Nkosi

    This guy respect his craft 👊

  17. Mongz Motlhabi

    Please change the title of this upload. It's misleading in a hurtful way to the artist. This is not a documentary, it is a music motion picture.

  18. Mongz Motlhabi

    So who are the other 2 producers - the one who did "So We Take Them Higher" and the one with the dreads?

    Mongz Motlhabi

    Cardiak & Cadenza

  19. cliff ford

    I still watch this for inspiration in 2019 check me out
    Vizion - xombie town

  20. JohnWarren

    He never paid that million that he owes that guy

  21. Christopher Gaddis



    Ryan you inspire me bro. I promise when i get to where i want in life, im telling the whole world your one of the reasons why i kept going and believing. You control your destiny no one can tell you shit! Love that man

  23. Amine Ouariri

    808 views Haha

  24. SevynGaude Johnson

    Dude production is crazy i rock to everything i hear.

  25. TONYG

    Great experience and I wasn't even there but it felt like I was with imagination. www.tonygmusic.com

  26. Pascal Beck

    Black Mozart plays Chopin : Wiosna - Spring, Op. 74, No. 2 in the beginning

  27. Brianna Davis

    Still on repeat in 2018. Patiently waiting for new music ;)

  28. Tyler Will music

    I'm French producer and dj, I like your brand and your music! this is my last song Fendi, I sampled "me and you"

  29. WeBeEating Good

    no black women in this video AT ALL...smh.. typical

  30. melanie shellowprince

    Why is he slept on #puredopeness 🙌🏽

  31. Trei Wilson

    Wish the 1st song 44 seconds in was available. Split it fifty fifty profit.

  32. Marlo Eugene

    He gets a lot of slack for his skill as an emcee. I'd say his voice doesn't resonate too much with me outside of R&B/romance. If he must rap...I'd prefer he stay in that genre.

  33. Beat Bendin Music !

    I really can't think of anyone that can fuck with R.Les..

  34. Hakeem Golden

    Oh My God!!! The More I Learn about him and listen to his music the more he becomes my favorite artist of all time!!!

  35. B. Shell

    This is truly one of the best things on the internet

  36. Rj Pompey


  37. RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    How are you a Harvard grad sagging your pants....

  38. Black Dynamite

    He was ahead of his time smh didnt get a fair shake but i think as a full time producer he will blossom

  39. Krazie B

    Im Like a Ryan Leslie minus the harvard,I Rap,Sing,Produce,Engineer,Direct Music Videos,Etc...But he's def true inspiration...#DopeDocumentary

  40. Bangaly

    Ima fan this nigga amazing

  41. Maurice Maingot

    Is this RLES life in 25 mins shit let me have 3 mins at least I will be grateful it's intense n fun not easy to sleep 3 hrs n break out with energy like that n produce good quality music that's a God given talent God bless u n ya crew RLES n them beautiful ladies u rope in u are smooth bro lol

  42. Plamen Georgiev

    Love it!! <3 Leslie & Flatline, killin it!! Great musicians around you too! Keep #Renegading

  43. Cool Cat

    The real Mozart is black

  44. Zabieru McCloud

    Lmfao... I think it's cool he has money but I wouldn't want to be him.

  45. Keona McAbee

    This was truly amazing to witness! Great Job Ryan!

  46. Deandre Holmes

    So talented 💯💯💪

  47. OD ASIS


  48. ILL REEL

    I know it feels good to have a team this dedicated to success.... Salute!!!

  49. BarNizzel Cole

    I knew you was wavy with making songs however you took it too another level u did ya thing much respect, I'm going to cop ya album soon

  50. fatBoi FRESHTV

    Look at Mufckin' cardiac going in

  51. D Sword

    He needs ghostwriters desperately! God, he's worse than J Dilla rhyming! Talented, tho...

  52. W. K.

    I only just found this video. Great way to end my 2017.

  53. The_VR _MD

    That’s a win Ryan

  54. thesmartsinger

    Why aren't great producers content to just produce? Ryan is a better singer than a rapper...and a better producer then a singer.

  55. CrackaLackTV

    Cardiak is a beast

  56. Tremayne Douglas

    Stopped at 1:22, that what i had to do, to switch over to my Samsung wide screen. That beat so hot, bro, when it dropped, bro, that heat melt my ice cream..

  57. Brandon Harris

    Check me out www.reverbnation.com/nobrandcarolina I have beats and songs on there

  58. Saughn Edwards

    5:15 a fucking problem 🔥🔥🔥

  59. Kool -C

    Below average
    Wanna-be Prince, Stevie Wonder, but you need actual talent. He's not operating within the constellations of real geniuses.

    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    He fooled me when I was a teen but now I'm older, I see through the BS clearly. "Black Mozart" .... this guy here lol.

  60. Coach Reed

    2017 almost 2018 and this man is STILL very underated to main stream but I got him tho!!! #RENEGADES

  61. Porto Fellaz Records

    Now that gurl fiinee likee a mofokah

  62. Fundamental Beats

    Man. You inspire me! I see you grinding like no one else.

  63. Richard Wang'ombe

    Ryan is dope but so corny at the same time.

    Mongz Motlhabi

    IKR?! LOL! But he's dope, hands down. The corniness comes from being a freaking nerd!

  64. noah jones

    The beats are 🔥 but the raps and his voice when rapping is ASS!

  65. B Hutch

    ryan.. took AL B sure to a whole other level. Rockin the mink!!! #smartassbusinessman. I like this dude!

  66. yangsta9

    All you haters who bad mouth Ryan about his rap and the entourage and life style fuck you all its all apart of the game and you all hating because you ain't never going to be Ryan Leslie so back the fuck a way and go and live your miserable life

  67. I Don't Reply Back

    This brother is a genius

  68. MarSsiah888

    Feeling this, Ryan!!!!! ♡♡♡

  69. JG-ThePresent

    wow. ahhhhh.

  70. Sola Ayodele


  71. Elevated Grind Ent


  72. RellyOhBoy

    Ehh...This is not a documentary, more like an extra long music video production. The ego-maniacal side of RLes.

  73. Bronny X

    more views fuck!

  74. Leslie Arnelle TV


  75. John '94

    You really lost me with the rapping Les. Which hurts to say about one of my favorite all time musicians...
    The real soul & RnB aspect of your music has been replaced with mediocre rap bars and played out swag.
    The true let down comes from the visuals though...before watching you create music was like a breath of fresh air.............I cringed watching every single song in this documentary. Not because the music was horrible..but because it was like watching a totally different artist.
    You changed R.Les...

    RIP Mac Miller, you helped me with a lot

    I'm glad others have realized this. He lost me when he made this crap. I see nothing much came from him since.

  76. Nicholas Verando

    yo can I get a subcriber

  77. Pharoah Zero

    Eye see you Les...
    Superb Work...
    Sun Love..Life..Health..Wealth & Future Success...

  78. Kurtio

    Hes good but his vibe is out there every song he has to say his name idk his old stuff was better

  79. Ant B

    M.U.S.I.C. overload!! Needed this!! "My Ex chic was so hot Diddy wifed her!" Real spill!!



  81. Mab ThelastOne

    I'm from The Gambia a.k.a the Smiling Coast a.k.a Land of Kunta Kinteh. I've known you following the release of Lollipop. I started following you since then. You are great at what you do. I wish I could be talented like you. You are what I define as an ARTIST. You are truly the Black Mozart. I wonder why people choose to overshadow your talent and great work with some crap. Keep up the great work because many people like me are out there following you and wanting to be like you. We are the silent majority that support you and great ART. Nobody can deny that you are among the greatest though the views on Youtube are not that attractive compared to other heavy junks promoted everywhere. You are a Legend. Keep your head up and stay blessed.

  82. Constant Throwing

    Why does he pretend to play the piano?

  83. Simeon Bogdanov

    still watching this for a high level of motivation!

  84. Nikelmas

    just be real B


    Whats the name of the song on the 13:40mibutes? can I please get a link n download it? ... Rayen... UR UNDERATED MAN...

  86. Alan Kellman


  87. Uncle Robb

    The tracks are hard but here Rick Ross all over shit..Ryan should be singing more and that's just my opinion.

  88. Damian808UKOfficial

    the track from 44 seconds is fire,........ never heard a release

    Jesus Zamora


  89. Markus BangBoy

    these beats to...

  90. Bear with me tv Bear with me tv

    Ryan is Harvard smart great creation from Bear with me

  91. Tameka Jones

    Loved loved loved the final song..<3

  92. Ian Johnson

    Still a favorite of mine to watch 2 years after my last comment. The music/concept is just great. Ryan Leslie is definitely a visionary. Green light and Coke can are my slow favorites. Take them higher is a banger. What bothers me is the fact that real creative music is overlooked today.

    Celedrick Brown

    I agree bro and yup that GreenLight joint is serious

    esc luis

    Ian Johnson couldnt agree more. just perfect

  93. Jazmine Dukes


  94. Its Adrian

    Cardiak war in Wien und ich habs verpasst -.-

    Eddy Ray

    du lappen :D

    Its Adrian

    Eddy Ray

  95. Ayanda Dube

    Amen to this.

  96. Paxz P

    this shit so corny lol

  97. John Fowler

    Yo! Ryan you are a musical genius in my opinion that was Dope. You are under rated. Folks sleep but keep doin what you doin King. Stay busy stay creating. 1

  98. Charlie Keyz

    Your are a musical genius and a legend!!! Stay blessed!!

  99. Greg Thomas

    this joint is crazy...dope son!