Ryan, Kate - Nothing Lyrics

You are nothing without me

Damn you I'm falling in a trap
You're cool don't know where you at
Damn you I know it's all a play
You never used to act this way

I'm slamming doors
Trying to break the walls
I'm giving it more
But you don't give at all

You are nothing without me
Damn you
the way you're handling me
Right now I'm gonna show you
How I can be
As cold as you,
As loud, as proud as you
Tell me now,
Tell me what you're gonna do

I'm slamming doors
Trying to break the walls
When I look at you right now
I see a man who falls

You are nothing
I know how it's gonna be
'cause you can't live without me
'cause you are nothing without me

Watch me now I'm growing
Watch me now I'm glowing

You are nothing without me

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Ryan, Kate Nothing Comments
  1. Leia Goudeau

    It’s like a heavy metal song. 😋👍

  2. Michonne Luvs

    but who’s the deep ‘demon’ voice??

  3. Burning Elmo

    my favorite disney halloween movie

  4. Pauline GAROT

    When you have a cute voice but the villain does it better

  5. airhead 76076

    This house has a terrible cricket problem

  6. Nathaly Rojas

    me gusta más está versión Ojalá fuera un poco más larga ...

  7. Adri MG

    Lo mejor es cuando cambia la tonalidad de su voz

    Nathaly Rojas

    yo deseara que fuera un poco más larga

  8. fati lopez12

    Little Kat

  9. leftvsright studios

    Y'all can't tell me doesn't ooze sex appeal

  10. Gia

    My bisexuality was quaking from this scene

  11. Gia

    My bisexuality was quaking from this scene

  12. - Erika -

    Best part of the movie and we all know it

  13. Tadhg Linnane

    The raspy 'monster' voice is a singer called Stacy Wilde! Amazing voice and hella underrated

    Slm Nslsn

    The singer is not Johnny Gioeli ??

  14. rosacatful

    Those wondering who the evil voice is, I'm pretty sure it's Stacy Wilde after checking the IMBD page

  15. 1000 subscribers with any videos

    She changed into a whole ngga

  16. Caleb Brito

    Haha :) I didn’t know Mia Smoak was a singer

  17. Emily Robust

    i don't remember this episode of Shadow Hunters

  18. Chloe Turner

    this made me gay

  19. Martiwis

    Jace no va a estar contento al enterarse que Clary fue poseida, ups

  20. kaitlyn nicolleee

    0:00-0:08 i want moree

  21. ScampyKiid

    She’s THAT bitch

  22. Rob Nevin

    Like for a Reboot the Movie so they can make an extended Version.

  23. lili lili

    i love this alt/rock version but i do wish there was an original too LOL i also keep forgetting kat is in this movie

  24. Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba

    this is still Kat's best performance for me, sorry Shadowhunters and Arrow fans, I had more fun with her role as the posessed mean girl than with any of her other recent roles.

  25. Shian Kelly


  26. Fadil Shero

    She from ARROW CW 😞❤ miss ARROW

  27. Chloe Zermeno

    Ngl but oliva holt(how ever you spell her name) ruined the whole movie

  28. Victor The Disco Dancer

    This sing slaps

  29. Scavenger

    Who sang the guy part

  30. Sad boyz

    The "Now" part always hits different

  31. Prisila Rodriguez Cubias

    Ya but the monster clearly went in to her

  32. Molly Jennerflukes

    When the shadow hunter becomes the demon

  33. Kimberly Carcamo Henriquez

    Can you pls do a longer version ?

  34. Idk

    me when I take a sh!t in the school bathroom

  35. j 134340

    Im back here because I want to know who’s voice is doing the change of voice for her.🙂

  36. Joshua Lowe

    Who's listening in 2019???

  37. Kerbie L

    Everybody’s coming back and realizing the villains part is soo much better....my six year old self thought differently......

  38. Jasmine Joyner

    Y’all can some one please tell me who the boy is playing the piano

  39. santi gacha

    2019? yeah ^_^

  40. Aldair Chicken

    This version is so much better oh my god

  41. lovely fly sweet

    I want the hole version of the song. In her version

  42. Princess Pearl

    00:41 this part gives me chills such a great villain song

  43. wissal sarrhine


  44. ur mom

    Wow I remember singing this shit in the shower right after this came out🥺I miss being 8:(

  45. Burning Elmo


  46. BoneStudios15

    Now why is this version better than the original lmao 😂

  47. Tarn Nicholls

    Is it Cher who takes over 😂

  48. Majesty Productions

    * voice changes to Steven Tyler* I’m screaming

    Slm Nslsn

    Do you know who is the singer of the devil voice ?

    Anime Graveyard

    @Slm Nslsn Stacy Wilde

  49. Bun Alien

    I want a full song. Ugh it's so good

  50. Martina Flow

    I've found this so hilarious hahahahaha

  51. Dominus Molina

    This was my movie

  52. Ty Marie

    2019 anyone 💕 I miss monstober days

  53. Nakelia White

    It’s crazyyyy this gurl is on shadow hunters

  54. baba Aurhum

    Shadowenters clarie

  55. Destiny Rolon

    Who sings this song

  56. bubuchelo clin

    naaaannanbannaanananananannana not wachamychamny now jasjjajajj

  57. Picasso Marble

    It's always so sudden when she goes from Disney teen idle at the start to grown woman rocker the rest .

  58. Lilly Diaz

    I've always loved her outfit in this

  59. - Erika -

    This version is way better! Olivia makes it sound kinda lame but this is more interesting and I love the way her voice sounds much more! I wish there was a full version. :c

  60. Luis Gallego

    Time after, she turned into a Shadowhunter

  61. Ana Reyna

    I remember being amazed and scared abt how her voice changed

  62. Keila_Cookies

    This is the bop

  63. arlette gordillo

    so no one ever thought about how her voice changed

  64. Stefanie Feitsma

    Das ist doch die Stimme von Adam Lambert oder????ich auch das komplette Lied ,kann mir da jemand helfen????

  65. Rose Kitten

    I'm just thinking how the last part where she goes to the floor would be so cringy in rl

  66. Cory Smith

    I really wish there was a full version of this song

  67. Ange Blake

    nostalgia dude

  68. Chaimene Amri

    Best part 00:00-00:10 i reply this so many times ❤️❤️

  69. Vinicius De Almeida

    I'm in love with this version, can we get a full one? On spotify?

  70. Cory Smith

    Anybody have a full song version? This is LIT so much nostalgia

  71. was

    We all said “and I- oop” at 0:08

  72. alie

    She went from Britney spears to Kurt Cobain in a matter of seconds

  73. Keilani Shires

    So I’ve come back to this movie after a few years just to say that we need to make a petition to get the band who sings this make a full version 👌👌

  74. Lali Yeon


  75. Michel Menocal

    Tiene vos de hombre,,
    Amo esta peli

  76. Funsize Snickers

    Am I the only one who likes both this one and Olivia’s?

    Mla Luna

    No Nah Def Not! I Luv both equally

    Funsize Snickers

    Mla Luna I just saw ur comment! I’m glad I’m not the only one!

  77. Chelsey Thai

    It’s too weird realizing that she’s clary in shadowhunters that ended 🙃😅

  78. Zach Hill

    The rock part was sung by Antsy McClain and his band

  79. Itz Quin

    Disney always made Katherine McNamera be a villain on any show/movie she was on

  80. Christopher Evans


  81. Christopher Evans


  82. Music Girl

    Idk for ya'll but i like this version more than the normal one and if was full i would download it and listen to it all day ❤️❤️❤️

  83. Christopher Evans


  84. Lolilope Lolili

    Who listening the song complet

  85. nicolas hernandez

    I love you Clary

  86. Mun Kim

    Uhmm.... No

  87. Edna Mode

    What this song called like I like the demonic voice

  88. Jareth The Goblin King

    Why don't we have a sequel?

  89. Caoimhe Kelly

    Someone call Jace and kill the demon

  90. Daniel Vázquez Oropeza

    WOW I think

  91. Young_Lina 2008

    Omg yass I use to love watching this especially bc it had my fav charact ( Katherine ) and I also love her bc she was in shadow hunter

  92. yeet

    Yo this was absolute FIRE

  93. Kayla Khotsombath

    She’s so hot wth

    Ghee Weezy

    Kayla Khotsombath not gonna lie the person who was possessing her made her seem hot as hell

  94. K B

    2 things
    1) who was she facing?
    2) so nobody saw her eyes glow red

  95. sofi i


  96. Jack Lim

    I love this song

  97. macca Woodly

    Pretty sure this is what made me g a y

  98. airi people


  99. CaT V

    That was dope