Ryan Bingham - Until I'm One With You Lyrics

Until I'm one with you
Until I'm one with you
My heart shall not pass through
It'll only be forsaken

Until I'm one with you
Our world is torn in two
Until I'm one with you
Our love will be mistaken

Until I'm one with you
My death they will pursue
Until I'm one with you
My life will be degraded

Until I'm one with you

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Ryan Bingham Until I'm One With You Comments
  1. alvinate

    Dido, always xxx

  2. Alan Scott TenBroeck Jr

    We are one. You have my Blessing. I Love you. Go get your ❤. Love Jesus.

  3. Manje Hannan

    I am huge fan of The Bridge .I love the opening song but have no idea who's the singer.. The bridge brough me here. I think I felt in love ❤ with this song. Lots of love From Magical island Langkawi Malaysia 🤘😇

  4. Juliano Sena


  5. Kev Che

    So love this cut and I was saddened when they cancelled The Bridge. Ryan Bingham did a brief stint on Yellowstone with Kevin Costner on the Paramount Network. The music, the lyrics = perfection...

  6. Marcio Bica.

    Like here from Brasil.

  7. spunkfish

    yngwie malmsteen said more is more but this proves less is more , what a masterpiece of guitar

  8. Zion Rion

    2019 still amazing song

  9. Bow Bow

    The Bridge to nowhere lead to back door I gave you to the Game. Not slap a ho.another 2chance for her to run I guess

  10. bill frost

    first thought was it was Neil diamond...good stuff brother

    Edith Savoy

    You're right, he sounds just like him. Good catch!

  11. Emily Flinker

    Love this song because of the tv show. Eleanor Nott scares the hell out of me. Do you want an acorn.


    Not reading the comments. Haven’t finished the series yet lol

  13. TRiLL TEX

    Really great show the bridge was. Pretty sad they ended it.

  14. Augusta Vaughan

    I love his song, "Yesterday's Blues"...

  15. Pham Son


  16. John Villa

    The sadness on the border...brought me here.

  17. John Villa

    The reason they cancelled the program,the U S goverment felt it was too truthful of what is truly happening on the US / Mexico Border. Corruption at its best........

  18. Patrick Smith

    Love this song, looking for songs similar to this feel. If someone could name some and let me know that would be great. Thanks!

  19. Stephen Hansberger

    All that matters is - that - I am one with Mother Earth !!!!

  20. Adam Blackshaw


  21. Starid Work

    Everytime i listen to this it takes me to another place in time, past and potential future, where my heart needs healing. That one you truely love.... that every new life you search for them....for an enternity

  22. Joel Fennell

    Sons of Anarchy, Justified, The Bridge, Good Times

  23. José Antônio Gonçalves de Castro

    Muito bom excelente!

  24. Brick Albert

    It`s a shame. One of the best shows last 5 years. Much better than Homeland imo

  25. Andrew Complex

    This song has me feeling like I'm missing a piece of my soul and that missing piece is God. :o

  26. AnyMan EveryMan

    To label this tune as "haunting" is an understatement...........

  27. Jennifer Wheeler

    Guess I'll miss the show in July, here, but there is always a fucking train.. "The fog, grey dullness that aches for emotion; transparent like silent tears washed away by numbing blindness. Feeling beyond the emptiness; the lustful indulgence, wasting time. "

  28. Jennifer Wheeler

    Left AK, somewhere in TX

  29. Steve Jensen

    im forsaken miffin 😢

  30. R.L. Trismosin

    A great show that was totally relevant to the times we are living in concerning border control and what life is like for those people in Mexico and what life is for them.


    Like like like this song...I first heard this song while watching one very good television show "The Bridge". A show that should still find some way to get BACK to the TV screen!

  32. clubmidnightsun

    F--king hot. Cuts me. Hits my core.

  33. ChaosSebastian

    Yeah don't read the comments. Spoiler alert.....

  34. SeamusWardowski

    Haunting, complex, intricate, yet simple love song. Beautiful.


    It may not, necessarily be a love song. He lost his mother to alcoholism, and the song also isn't all that romantically suggestive


    Actually, it's overtly romantically suggestive, which is one of the most powerful things about literature in music, and in general, it can mean a multitude of different things to different people. But thanks for letting me know his mother died of alcoholism, that does open up more meanings to this beautiful song.

  35. Yohanan Mihal'

    gays where can i find that tune, without word?


    Семен Розман you mean guys where can I find the acoustic version ? Try typing that.

  36. Mike Dobson

    Twas a great show. Season one rivals anything ever on TV. I heard that the writers couldnt get along and some walked. Boom, show cancelled.

  37. Fran C

    I miss this show sooooo much. Waaaaaaaa!!!!!! Please bring back!!!!


    find the whole series , 1 and 2 on Pirate Bay.

  38. John Hoffman

    Bob Dylan meets Leonard Cohen! I really, really like this song. For me, it's like "Long, Hard Times To Come," from "Justified.

  39. rex69832

    One of the best shows I've ever run across. Was absolutely riveted by it. CIA has been doing this for years. There are many allegations of CIA drug smuggling when it suited their purpose. From opium in Afghanistan and Laos to cocaine in Arkansas. The Mexican drug war and the Contras. And it goes on and on. Panama. Venezuela. And these are the only ones that have leaked out. The movie, "Air America", hinted at some of the CIA's indiscretions. It is too bad they cancelled "The Bridge" so early. Probably getting a little too close to the truth and the government was starting to get nervous. Gary Webb wrote a very interesting book on it called, "Dark Alliance". If you can still find it it's a VERY interesting read. Webb's death was ruled a suicide with TWO gunshot wounds to the head.

    Watchur 6

    Yeah, don't forget Barry Seal, and the Arkansas connection.When I heard Tom Cruise was playing him, I Knew they weren't going to touch the truth with a 10ft. pole and give the sanitized hollywood version.
    His testimony,had he lived to tell it, could've been the pivotal crossroad that might of changed the course of history in this country.
    Loved the show and Ryan's music sent me here.

  40. Gary Anderson

    Missing this show...getting harder & harder to find good stuff on TV...not just acting and writing...but too much political agenda...

    Oscar Arruel

    Gary Anderson the new snow fall show on FX is really good and so is Atlanta

  41. Felipe Formiga Cantor

    linda voz,linda música

  42. slavamedvedenko

    Miss this show..but "Narcos" was a solid replacement for me to watch

  43. LaRael Tunson

    Love this song!Its so beautiful!Sad they cancelled "The Bridge"

  44. KLAbe

    Gutted they canceled season 3.

  45. Tracy S

    Miss The Bridge, gritty, very un-PC, deep characters, beautiful music...

  46. Mikelodeon27

    I bet my left ball they cancelled it because they show all governments true colors.

  47. brel3274

    The story arc was over 26 episodes, and apparently told the story that the writer wanted to tell.

  48. Janet Cooper

    Oh how we miss hearing this beautiful song each week. Bridge come back. Where can I buy this song?


    Just rip it.


    get a youtube downloader and get it here.

  49. Mjulane Gandee

    bc if its not watched at first airing, not dvr, like i do with all shows,covert affairs, same thing. always a pissing contest between 2 jerks, nack when ppl didnt see out as soon as a breeze ruffles their shirt.

  50. Whitehawkvisionfilms

    Ryan is constantly pushing the edges of the genre of music that is the Bingham Genre... amazing.

  51. Grey Wolf

    Unfortunately, the American public isn't ready to see the truth of what happens on our border with Mexico.  This show reflects the real tragedies of real life and is basically swept under the rug by the main steam media.  Wake up and pay attention.

  52. Dirtroad Games


  53. Janet Cooper

    OH no, canceled.  One of best shows on TV.  Please come back.

    Pedro F

    +Janet Cooper Yes, come back, but with a little bit of illumination would be interesting... I didn't see anything.

  54. Suzanne Wheat

    Because viewership dropped 42% at some point. Its all about money, not quality.

    Hum mel

    +Suzanne Wheat
    I read that too. I bet the stats are made up by some officials. I go with the comment about the political agenda. Sad thing.

  55. 1234IZM

    The Bridge. Really liked the show, too bad it was cancelled.

  56. Sand Flea

    cancelled because it does not support the current political agenda. It probably hurt someone's feelings. Can't have the sheep in the US become aware of the truth!!!!.

  57. Leigh Brown

    Such a beautiful song wow love that voice!!!!!

  58. muhammad dentist

    success doesn't stop with distance or differences...From Syria ..Ryan is one of the elite..his voice,lyrics,senses,guitar all are a combination of a great singer

  59. kasey canada

    i listen to a lot of Bingham, have for years, and this is one of his deepest. It's not deepest in a way of deciphering the words, but you can hear his emotions from down deep through the song. He is one of the most real artist out there and i fukin love it!

    president camacho

    +kasey canada what other songs of his can you recommend

    kasey canada

    +president comacho there are so many.... "hallelujah", "the weary kind", "the best of me", "bread and water", "sunshine"

    president camacho

    @kasey canada thanks man

  60. Space Hippie

    Good Song

  61. James Osterhoudt

    Actually, the original Danish program was better, but then Danish TV is the best

  62. Carlos Martinez

    Muy buena rola¡¡¡¡

  63. Jamilah Khalil

    Fitting song beautiful but sad. The show was a real eye opener.

  64. Big Monk

    Until I'm one with you goes deeper than we can possibly imagine.  Until I am one with my source, I screw up anything I do because I am coming from my ego.  The same with my relationships I have with others:  If I come from selfishness, the relationship is perverted.  I can only come from the deepest part of myself to experience the True Love that is talked about, and made legend. . .

    Vea Perl

    Dean Antilla wow. ..that was a very profound comment. ..hadn't thought this deeply about the meaning ...but your right. ty for your insight. Now I love the song even more.

  65. Joseph Dufour

    I think that this song is so much more than a saga about the U.S. and Mexico. I think it's about a man who grieves about a relationship with his true love that can never be and because it can never be, it is not a "they"who pursue his death, but an "I". I think that Mr Ryan couldn't bring himself to use that pronoun. Just one man's opinion. .. beautiful guitar and words.

  66. Dana Orlando


  67. Matthew Raiche

    FX has a lot of good shows. FX also likes to cancel those good shows. It's only a short matter of time before FX becomes overrun with reality shows. Mark my words.

  68. Julia Fuello

    This song has became a new big favorite.

  69. cromeo187

    This song really is perfect for The Bridge!  I miss that show.  Such interesting characters!

  70. Daniel Lozano

    Love the show The Bridge
    Detective Marco (Damien) is a good ass actor and it has a really good story im sad they ended it

  71. Agathos Deamon

    A gunslinger, high up on the cross. Ryan Bingham, burning the candle at both ends....

  72. alvinate

    Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeit, so damn good, love it 

  73. MemphisConservative

    I'm pretty sure this show was cancelled due to the "negative light" in which some perpetually victimized schmucks thought it portrayed Mexicans. Chairman MaoBama no likey negative depictions of what his regime now calls "Americans in Waiting", aka "Future Democrat Voters in Waiting."

  74. Lania Conteuse

    Belle voix, très. Une découverte appréciée

    Lania Conteuse

    C'est dingue ça, je partage ce chant qui m'a ému sur fb et je le retrouve sur mon Google+ : je me marre et finalement je comprends la réalité : les réseaux sont de fausses connexions qui s'appuient sur nos boîtes e.mail. Du coup on se regarde à travers nos contacts. Amusant. Ce must de modernité me fait penser aussi à cet enseignement fabuleux donné aux enfants "tu ne dois pas parler aux gens inconnus" au lieu de réfléchir avec eux sur le plaisir de dire bonjour et aux responsabilités qui peuvent être prises : d'où le grand pouvoir et bienfaits du Petit Chaperon Rouge. Du coq à l'âne... me fait penser aussi aux formules données dans les écoles pour amener les enfants à se taire et à faire le silence ainsi ils ressemblent à des petits robots qui n'utiliseront pas le silence parce qu'ils ne savent pas ce que sait, parce qu'on ne les programme pas pour l'écouter. Ecouter le silence, pour comprendre ce que le silence est. Oui, le silence se fait, encore faut-il savoir le faire et dans quel but. Ecouter, une inutilité ? une vertu ? une richesse ?

    Lania Conteuse

    qui m'a émue - désolée

  75. Christopher Marshall

    Okay, to the guy in the advertisement I watch for every other video: first, Lamborghini doesn't even offer a towing capacity for any of their models, so why should I be impressed? Second, why are those bookshelves in your garage? I imagine you have multiple walk-in closets of ballet slippers. Maybe you could condense or throw out some. Third, please send me your mailing address. I'd like to buy you a socket set or perhaps some other hand tools and have them shipped to your house.


  76. Stephanie Martin-Ward

    Wish there was a real video for this song!

  77. Julio Cesar Alvarez

    If the shows is good this sound track rock, wanderful music and lyrics. Congratulation Ryan!! Thanks for your music and dedication. God bless you!

  78. Norma Acosta

    Majestic song!!!!!!! Sad, just the way I like it!!!!!!!!

  79. Linda Nolan

    To cancel a great show like The Bridge is a slap to those of us who like a TV drama that is dark and edgy.  What are we suppose to watch - The Bachelor type programs?  Oh Puleezzeee!


    Linda Nolan I almost got mad but then realized it’s been 3 years and I haven’t even finished what’s on Hulu so I don’t think I can really say shit lol

    Joao Cercas

    I already asked myself that...
    I've followed the series in Portugal, one of the best ever been on TV.
    Many times I asked, why did they stop transmitting.
    Now I understand it's not only in Portugal they stopped


    You said it well.

    Freya Fernweh

    The original “The Bridge” is from Sweden/Denmark...I genuinely think it’s better, amazing story, characters and all around show.

  80. Abdurahim Haklıkul

    ezgotik bir ses muhteşem müzik alıp götürüyor sizi bilinmeyene...

  81. A Fultez

    Beautiful and passionate.

  82. josé freitascruz

    Hauntingly beautiful, mystical almost... like a sufi poem

  83. G.Press Galrão


  84. SERROT

    Beautiful song. Reminds me of my daughter. Happy New Year 2015

  85. Colin Hardeman

    He sounds like a really old Neil Diamond with congestion.

  86. IB70

    Farewell to the bridge... I think FX should put this guy on the payroll.

  87. Pandoran Age Chronicles by Dante D'Anthony


  88. Joe Rico

    I always thought Ryan sounded like Marco from the show. It wasn't until last week until I looked for the song writer in the closing credits. Just got the 2 newest Ryan Bingham releases and they're really good from what I've heard. Truely underrated artist. This guy should be getting Grammy nominations.

  89. Ray Lazarus

    awesome song !!!!,awesome show !!!!

  90. Neil Kelly

    For those who may like to know, the song is played in drop C. CGCFAD  - like drop D down another tone. Sounds like some sort of Gibson acoustic, possible J-45, sort of ghostly doubling on electric (Telecaster?)  beautiful haunting performance.

  91. Emma Ankli

    me encanta esa voz ronca!

  92. 775rod

    I love The Bridge. Can't wait for 3rd season.

  93. 775rod

    I love The Bridge. Can't wait for 3rd season.

  94. Cynthia Carlson

    Great song, kind of reminded me of Chris Rea.... had to watch the title at the end to catch the name.

  95. Ugo Grandolini

    I love this song, its the perfect intro for The Bridge series...
    Thank you Ryan!

  96. Bobby Frego

    total rockhead,motown,blues lovin dude basically just love music. wish  i could play. but this song really touches me its just

  97. tazem81

    Looooove it.