Ryan Bingham - How Shall A Sparrow Fly Lyrics

Oh how shall a sparrow fly,
Or have the heart to sing?
If all she can do is cry,
About her broken wings?

Oh how shall a sparrow fly,
If weather sleeps in vain?
Or keep her feathers dry,
Under clouds of death and rain?

Oh how shall a sparrow fly,
And find her one true love?
If all she can do is lie around,
And dream of white tail doves?

Oh how shall a sparrow fly,
Or have the heart to sing?
If all she can do is cry,
About her broken wings?

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Ryan Bingham How Shall A Sparrow Fly Comments
  1. Chimera Aretina


  2. zziou9


  3. Beno Saradzic

    Such a special movie; but this song killed me. Too good, especially in the context.

  4. Lucky Strike

    Really nice song. Thnx for sharing. Hope somebody will do a acoustic guitar version. Not really into the banjo'ish sound. But nice nonetheless

  5. Ligrin

    Very nice song! Thank you so much! With love from Russian!

  6. Lyle Bear

    Thanks to Yellowstone for introducing me to Ryan Bingham

  7. Kyle Hutcheson

    ive watched Hostiles about a half dozen times since it came out. Such an amazing movie and the music is flawless. This song and the score in particular

  8. OnkelTulle

    Hey Ryan thank you for this !!!
    Need u to go to "hand maid" Toenderfestival 2020 im get bit old need to hear u b4 i go. and go hear u foks , some say its good in Tønder :) for musicens

  9. Slavko Cosic

    Very Nice melody<3...Light & Love...

  10. Karen Potter

    I love u... I love your voice!!

  11. SpiritOfTheWarriors 6,24

    When I saw this movie tonight and this guy how he played this song was so beautiful and how the lyrics was. I just couldn't believe he died in the movie. Rest in peace Sergeant Paul Malloy.

    SpiritOfTheWarriors 6,24

    God rest in peace with the rest of the fallen blues brothers and the wonderful native.

  12. Dorothy Kirtz

    Love this

  13. feint Cantu

    This my shit. Maga, yeah I know he's anti Trump but I'm Mexican and I love Trump

  14. Lourdes Munoz

    His voice!!!! 😍

  15. sabrina jimenez

    We stan

  16. gregz pepette

    I'm french...Your song , it make me sad because my wife died may 26 th and she liked your song, but you 're a real artist...

  17. Aeriel Bryson

    I'm that person that heard the song before watching the movie. In fact, your song will lead me to the movie 💙 much love Ryan. Keep doing your thing.

  18. J e r e m I a h - N a k o g e e

    “Malloy is dead”

  19. Lyle Bear

    Very good song

  20. eduardo navarro

    "I lost many friends...so have you"
    Chief:" They we're great loses to us both..but we both know death comes to us all"

  21. deathbeforepopcountry

    We are fans of Ryan.

  22. Nat Kam

    The movie was brilliant, but heart-breaking. Just as this song - hauntingly beautiful. I plan to buy Hostiles soundtrack this week. You are truly great artist Mr. Bingham, thank you for you art !

  23. Enders 1988

    Here else is here cuz of the movie “ Hostiles “


    Klause steiner yah man. Enjoying a hard evening with Tequila, regret, and beauty I cannot deny. Cheers from Winnipeg, Canada.

  24. bluegrassfan23

    A truly great job!

  25. edis online

    breathtaking performance

  26. Hanna Bury


  27. Verena Leininger

    Wunderschööööön 👄😍

  28. Todd Williams

    has anyone tabbed this out for the mandolin?

  29. Warpoet

    Wow, what a performance.

  30. Latrell Alexander

    Is this the same actor as hostiles???

  31. vestcoat

    What a great movie! Hard to watch but so beautifully done. This song was so touching. It is beautifully sung and played by Ryan. It touches my heart and soul. Thank you, Ryan!

  32. Linda Brown

    So like my life. My hope and success have been by the hand of God, who restored my wings. Great song!

  33. Jason Armstrong

    Bro!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing , crying and smiling at the same time! Thank you for sharing your gift!

  34. Justshooting

    “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”


    Yah man.

  35. TheMarclan

    No doubt a great lyricist, a great singer and guitar player but ladies and gentlemen this man is a socialist hiding behind a cowboy facade. He’s no friend to this great country. I’ve seen him in concert and read his lyrics. He’s a blooming communist. Don’t be fooled. He’s an anti-gun and an open border snowflake wearing a cowboy hat. It’s all in his lyrics. You don’t win a Grammy or break into Hollywood without first selling your soul to the liberal agenda.

    Wesley Bynum

    C Pegg 🧐🤦🏼‍♂️


    "He’s no friend to this great country." Please don't embarrass yourself.


    You should see the movie, you'll understand why it was never a blessing to have weaponns

    Death Savage

    TheMarclan eat a snickers

    Beno Saradzic

    Oh shut up.

  36. Barington

    Первый русский комментарий. Великолепная песня! Очень душевно! P.S: RUSSIA

  37. Jacob Tetmeyer

    yall should hit like then hell I will

  38. gary grasser

    Learned it before it was over.

  39. Carlos Vázquez

    Came from the film. What a song!

  40. bluegrassfan23


  41. Hiphu Wangsu

    You're the best

  42. Евгений Ященко

    it`s AWESOME!!!! hello from Ukraine)

  43. bluegrassfan23

    A truly wonderful song! Thank you for posting.

  44. 3rd Street Pictures

    Brought a tear to me eye, thanks Ryan.

  45. Patricia Navarro G.

    love your songs --from Chile

  46. PowerSeven Radio

    So deep, wonderful music.

  47. Outlaw Gentleman

    Paused the movie and here listening to this on repeat..

    maty tas

    same here ☺

    Till Christopher Kamradt

    Maaaaannn, same here, what a song, what a movie...

    Buster Holmes

    Yes, me too. Awesome song.

    German Hunter

    Outlaw Gentleman, you described exactly what i just did lol 😂


    Outlaw Gentleman так же сделал, нашел, скачал и дальше смотреть.

  48. Dalton D.

    Does anyone know the chords to this?

    gary grasser

    Dalton Decaprio yes


    garygrasser share pls

  49. mitt lloyd

    This songs haunts me ...Corrie Lloyd

  50. Corey Wayne

    Dude it was such a nice surprise to hear you bust out with this in movie Hostiles! I hadn’t realized it was you til I heard your familiar voice. Good to see you acting. Talented chap!

  51. Bob M

    Ryan is doing a Good Job on this tune because a Broken Sparrow can't Fly and that Mandolin is ringing a haunting catching Melody. Good Tune, Good Vibes and Moving. Just like we have come to expect from our friend, Mr. Ryan Bingham. I like it. You did Good "Hoss" Sounding Top Shelf..!!!

  52. Roshelle 91

    You can feel his music in your soul when this Man sings!! Such a unique voice😇

  53. daniel 01

    What kind of hat is that? I want one!

    Charles Gerhardt

    daniel 01 it's a standard felt cowboy hat

  54. Ambassador321

    Another amazing tune - and very cool seeing you in Hostiles! Nice work, sir.

  55. Piper Draconi

    This one made me teary-eyed. You're amazing, Ryan!

  56. Clay Cooper

    You never cease to amaze me . I'm very proud for and of you. Your way. lea county misses you

  57. Olga Shudofsky

    cant wait until the movie is out here in Holland :-)


    Olga Shudofsky Nederlander. Prost Kerel.

  58. philippe tassart


    mitt lloyd

    You keep growing - this song haunts me and brings tears and chills to my soul

  59. Rodney Riddell

    Awesome job Ryan !!!

  60. Red pendergraft

    Dudes as under played as townes. Best singer songwriter out today

  61. Annalisa Deal

    This is beautiful! I love all your songs. They are so powerful.

  62. Jimi Rosales

    Great tune man I can listen to this with an open fire and glass of bourbon all night.

    gary grasser

    Jimi Rosales you spelled 18 year old scotch wrong bro.