Ryan Adams - When The Stars Go Blue Lyrics

Dancin' where the stars go blue
Dancin' where the evening fell
Dancin' in your wooden shoes
In a wedding gown

Dancin' out on 7th street
Dancin' through the underground
Dancin' little marionette
Are you happy now?

Where do you go when you're lonely
Where do you go when you're blue
Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you
When the stars go blue

Laughing with your pretty mouth
Laughing with your broken eyes
Laughing with your lover's tongue
In a lullaby

Where do you go when you're lonely
Where do you go when you're blue
Where do you go when you're lonely
I'll follow you
When the stars go blue
The stars go blue, stars go blue

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Ryan Adams When The Stars Go Blue Comments
  1. Jean-Michel Pascal

    J'adore cette chanson !!!! D'ailleurs je la joue (guitare / Harmonica) depuis longtemps...
    I love this song, it's a good era of my life. I play it, guitar/harp...

  2. beanie

    Bruh I got a bluefsce song on Google play music and it had this

  3. Jess Raff

    Forever the best version of this song.

  4. Bite Me

    I remember this album, Gold, coming out when I was teenager and just laying on my bed listening to it, blown away by the beauty and poetry of it. Ryan Adams never seemed to get the mainstream attention he absolutely deserved. He fits into into artist/poet mold of Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen.

    This is my daughters favourite song now and it still lifts my heart when I hear it pouring from her bedroom.

  5. Dan Star

    Je ne vais pas renoncer

  6. Chris Booth

    Ryan may well be guilty of what's been put out there. I do hate the fact that his career has been ruined without due process. The rumors about the minor are bad if true but Mandy Moore repeatedly saying that he said mean things to her shouldn't mean much. I'll definitely miss hearing new music from Ryan.😞

  7. CrisXo

    Pedophile!!!!! Great song anyways

  8. Daisy Mae


  9. Devin Doherty

    I'm not crying, I just have something in my eye..

  10. Amanullah Faruqui

    2019 anyone?

  11. GFTNCF

    Here after all the accusations towards him and I gotta say I'm so fucking bummed.... He made beautiful music ...I day dreamed to this song... Me at my wedding its time for the couples dance.... Blue lights... Him spinning me around on the chorus WHEEEN THE STARS GO BLEEEEWWWWWWW

  12. Dirk Diggler


  13. john scialfa

    nice story megan...thanks for sharing

  14. mark fire

    sings like a pussy whats with the rip off version song.I am trying to find the original song WTF yt


    lol he wrote this song

    mark fire

    Then why there 100s of the same song but different

    mark fire

    I heard timmgraw wrote this song i guess everyone did

  15. Shubham gupta

    Those days were great when we used to enjoy the spring drove to nowhere

  16. Raquel Benham

    My friend and I have recently picked this up to add to our set list. Best moments of my life learning harmonies with him!

  17. mrs Macca

    “ I came here because of Stephen King’s “ Lisey ‘s Story”. One of THE ALL TIME GREATEST NOVELS.

    Anne Rathsam

    The prettiest book I've ever read by the best author I know


    Amo esse livro vou reler ele pela 3° vez apreciar essa história maravilhosa

    S.A. Hogan

    DMP: A King devotee, I like to think I've written a few of them myself. Check me out on "Amazon's S.A. Hogan Page" for my bio and a sampling of my work, especially my latest: the powerful, poignant, truly dark THE DEATH TAX.

  18. mrs Macca

    “ ✨

  19. leandro souza

    Love this Song! 🎶♥️

  20. Praben

    Jake Wells on The Voice brought me here. What a lovely song. I love it. I made an attempt at a piano cover last night

  21. Llys Dawg

    Made almost as long as Our anniversary but I know that you don’t remember it so I’ll play it in a different type two but I did tell you everything

  22. Katherine Walker

    Reading Liseys Story I just found this

  23. Phalguni Sakha Swain

    Wow, I thank Jake Wells from The Voice to cover this for hjs audition. Otherwise I would have never found this marvel and experience this masterpiece of a song!

  24. joshbhoy

    I love Ryan Adams. Growing up my dad used to play him all the times and I've been lucky to see him live 3 times. Always wonderful even when the set lists haven't been great. When he is on form his songs are beautiful.

  25. Shubham gupta

    This reminds me of happy summer ☺


    Dancing little marionette, are you happy now?

  27. BruneSansFiltre

    His best album.

  28. David Bowers

    The guitar that kicks in after the first and last chorus is beautiful

  29. caseylm100

    Be a great end to an indie flick. Guy plays this while shooting up and dies alone

  30. Jorge Quintero

    What a marvelous song


    maybe my favorite song ever

  32. Kyle

    This song is better then tim mcgraws how?

  33. Jenifer Mason


  34. Frank Collins

    And then you go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like "Taylor Swift is as good as Shakespeare!"

  35. David C.S.

    Thank you so much for this song

  36. Jeff Janci

    Corrs and Bono did it way, way better!

  37. Chance Adams


    Karli LaRussa

    Chance Adams hahaha-I know what u mean!

  38. Tau Rean

    Ill never know y he cheated on me when it was all ok. the biggest pain in life :(

    d doyle

    here's the answer... it doesn't matter

  39. DJ São - Flash Back

    U2 & The Corrs me trouxe aqui

  40. Kimberly Pusey

    @Indy....don't expound on what you don't know....

  41. SkateTheRazor

    This is the original and I hate it, I just can't stand his voice. Don't get what people like about this guy it's like nails on a chalkboard for me. In my opinion tim McGraw did this song way better but everyone has their own opinion


    I feel ya, I don't like his voice here but I like it usually

  42. Timeless Piano Music

    Beautiful voice and I loved this song.

  43. Devin Templeton

    Tim Mcgraw did it better...

  44. HolyApplebutter

    Maybe it's because I'm not much of a country fan, but I guess I don't see what makes this original any better than Tim McGraw's cover. Especially when his voice wavers off-key. 'Makes me wince a little when he does it.

  45. mike you'd

    this song cleans your soul

  46. Thomas Richards

    I really like RA's version. Daniel Lissing and Erin Krakow (from When Calls the Heart) did a good job covering it, except the audio quality on the video was poor (they just recorded it in one of their trailers one night/early morning, after finishing taping the last episode of Season 3).

  47. Mark Zenzo

    Die Tim Mcgraw.

  48. CBCOFJ291714

    So many comments, Never seen One Tree Hil. Just know good music :)

  49. Mike Cadarette

    Bryan Adams is so much better.

  50. Nat

    the only version of this song (the original) that is sung with real feeling and that I think it express the essence of the lyrics

  51. Sauce and Sun

    "Dancin' little marionette
    Are you happy now?"

    Reminds me so much of my ex-gf. God I miss her and love her so much. This song is so beautiful.....

  52. Mike Kilbride

    I'm only here for the melody.

  53. Jessica Flores

    Tim McGraw is so much better.

    Jessica Flores

    Mark Jansen Van Rensburg no. all of these people tried to invalidate my opinion. I had discussions and gave my reasoning. out of all the adjectives you chose to represent stupidity. I know how the real world works, I live in it. these people got upset because my opinion didn't match theirs. have a nice day.

    Mark Jansen Van Rensburg

    The perspective you choose to approach anything in life is your
    prerogative. The point I'm trying to make is not everyone in life is
    against you. Don't be so defensive if you're going to say your opinion,
    especially on the internet. The only reason anyone got upset was
    because of your condescending "tone" after they tried to express their
    opinion. When Adam Curtis typed "Nope" you decided the best possible
    reply was, "Shove it". I cannot express how stupid that makes you sound.
    So let me correct you quickly, even after your obnoxious comment, there
    were still people who tried to have a decent discussion with you. Which
    you then swiftly shot down because your opinion is more correct. So let
    me reiterate, you clearly don't know how the real world works because
    if you did, there would've many people that would have "sent you on your
    way" by now. Either that or you're just a keyboard warrior who feels
    untouchable behind that screen of yours... Have a great day, take my
    advice and try to go make some friends today.

    Jessica Flores

    Mark Jansen Van Rensburg What makes me laugh is the need these people feel to tell me my opinion is wrong. I never try to invalidate how they feel about this singer. Now, when people approach me in a condescending way such as "nope" I will be snappy. Again, I know how life and the real world works I have my few close friends who I can have mature debates with and neither of us has to "send them on their way". Have a nice day.

    curragh 42

    @Jessica Flores this guy??? Show respect. This is RYAN ADAMS

    Jessica Flores

    @curragh 42 😂😂😂

  54. Megan Tony

    When I was little my dad would play this for me and every time I hear it I remember being little and happy and secure. When ever I feel alone I go to this song first off

    corey ray

    Megan Tony it takes me back everytime I hear this, we sung this song in 6th grade graduation before we went to middle school, I'm 23 now.

    Marley Adams

    Megan Tony my dad did the same when I little too. That's how I discovered this song.

    Jeff Spiteri

    thats so beautiful im glad you have those memories

    Katie Tavis

    Man... That's awesome.. I know the feeling "happy and secure" .. love it!

    Katie Tavis

    @Marley Adams :))

  55. Zachary Thax

    Normally, I hear acoustic guitar and want to smash the fucker like John Belushi in ANIMAL HOUSE. As a rule, acoustic singer songwriters are major douchebags. but NOT Ryan Adams. This album was a major game changer.

    Wenger Knows

    nice logic



  56. David Marcoux

    The Corrs versions is good too.

  57. Kidkracker 69

    Tim McGraws version is way better! This guys sounds drunk

    Samuel Blair

    that's what makes it sound so uninhibitedably better

    Christopher Barrett

    Really? That twang fest McGraw did on this sucks. This a depressing song about a lonely man living in Nashville. It was written by a singer/songwriter, and not by the Nashville machine.

    Rich Thyne

    You're retarded

    Adam Curtis

    Kole Dupe do you enjoy being wrong?



  58. bruno1999100

    I only have one thing to say: The version of Bono Vox and The Coors humiliates


    +bruno1999100 *is humiliating.

  59. bruno1999100

    Bono Vox ;)

  60. Everson Tenani

    bela esta música.

  61. Aaron Hardin

    This right here is gold. Not the country McGraw tune. Ryan Adams has such a haunting voice, and the feeling of this song mixed with some booze creates an incredible feeling




    Never got to see him live. Hopefully someday. Funny thing is that he doesn't perform much in NC anymore, it being his home state. He's originally from Jacksonville NC but really worked Raleigh NC and Chapel Hill NC hard in his early years. I suppose he played the area so much early on that maybe it's a strange feeling to play there now, idk, but I do also remember thinking once that Ryan was better than Dylan. This was before I really gave Dylan a fair listen. Ryan has an amazing body of work and I can see how one can make a strong argument for him being better. Dylan maybe isn't as good on the surface or upon first listen but I feel that there is an extra layer to much of Dylan's stuff, and the time period and what he did for the culture, such as helping to inspire Ryan and the likes. All of that said, I love love love Ryan. My YouTube and Twitter names made years ago are all homage to Ryan but I found out that Dylan is Dylan for a reason. If you had said Jimmy Page or Cat Stevens, maybe even James Taylor, I would have let it slide. Anyways, it's all good music IMO and I'm happy that more ppl are listening to Ryan

    K m

    DEANNA CRABTREE shut that bitch mouth crabtree

    banjo playing bison

    Ryan Adams is country too, just a different kind



  62. Dev Theatomocbomb



    Yes. ♥


    No. :

    Christopher Henry


    mrs Macca

    Dev Theatomocbomb I don’t understand
    Do you mean it reminds you of that song, by U2, on THE JOSHUA TREE album?

  63. Joey

    one of my favourites! Even though its sad it makes me happy every time...

  64. Rev Eddro

    great singer-songwriter

  65. Kyria Wheaton

    I absolutely love Ryan Adams. very talented and sounds amazing live!!!

  66. Dan R

    i feel very lucky to be listening to songs like this, and that there is artists like ryan adams who draw on great influences and make a damn fine job of their own work.

    Jade Smykil

    I completely agree

  67. Kunthea Seth

    I Love this version; it sounds quietely.  So beautiful.


    +Kunthea I well this is the original song it's not a version.

  68. TheAtomicImplosion

    People are saying this is good if you like whiny music I'll agree. Maybe I just like Tim Mcgraws because I heard his first.

  69. Katie Young

    Whenever I hear this I think of One Tree Hill


    Same here. :-)

    Pete Priestley

    Yes chris Keller put a thorn in hayley marriage

  70. belyla

    Esta es una de las canciones mas bonitas del planeta.

  71. SCOURGE 666

    i listen to this song in class

  72. San Dan

    Wow, I searched "when the stars go blue" and this was, like, the 5th option. Seriously? The Tim McGraw version before the fucking original?

    Tom Clark

    This is the original artist he actually wrote it.

    Richard Ober

    Who's Tim Mcgraw? Sounds like a baseball player.

    Ant D

    Wait a minute, say it again ? LOL This belongs to Adams in all its glory and aspects (effing millenials and the shit they speak) Directed at Indey .


    That right there is everything that's wrong with this world.


    Lmao originally by the corrs.... do some research dumbass

  73. makeupaddictxox


  74. William Lupro

    Love this song

  75. yasmin

    this forever reminds me of oth 

  76. Awa Cham

    Thank you ER!!!!

  77. Heather Jochens

    Went to his concert at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City last night-- it was definitely worth it. He and Butch Walker were phenomenal and hilarious. They played this song and people lost it. Those two are those rare artists who actually manage to sound good on and off stage and I was very pleased!

  78. Taïna Dmr

    such a pretty song but oth's version is better ;)

    Rhianna Barr-Beaumont

    @TaiinaD Ryan wrote this song. give him credit


    @Rhianna Barr Tim Mcgraws version is way better

    Gregory Beaumont

    @Rhianna Barr amen



  79. Nila Leslie

    Such a pretty song.

  80. samantha Greer

    Music feeds my soul and this song does it so profoundly...

    Mark Nicholson

    samantha Greer
    Music and my dogs were my only true friends growing up.
    Even now...

  81. samantha Greer

    Bono and the Coors do a nice version, but it is a bit contrived. Ryan Adams is straight from the heart; very raw, very honest. I cry every time I hear this song.  It hits so close to home...

  82. samantha Greer

    Beautiful.  Simply Amazing.  There are no words...

  83. Faux Falls

    Absolutely love this track. Our band is heavily inspired by the amazing Volcano Choir. Pines Of Balthazar Please check it out, would love some feedback and likes and comments! Thank you

  84. Robert Kiser

    One of the prettiest songs ever written, and this arrangement is so well done from intro to finish.

  85. Robert Kiser

    Seriously? Tim McGraw dared cover this song??? What a dufus. I've gotta look that up and listen for a laugh.


    @Robert Kiser McGraw's version can't touch Ryan's.  The range in his voice is so much better it's ridiculous!


    @spdodger At last...someone using their ears :)

    Tyler Allen

    +spdodger both are in the same key...

    Anna Bluhm

    Everyone has there own opinion. Im a country person so I think Tim McGraws cover was amazing.

  86. HooverphonicAddicted

    The cover by The Corrs brought me here!


    Me too.  The Corrs version is great but it could never top the original.

  87. jordanjmdjmd74


    I'm sorry for your loss

  88. Christina Dimaggio


  89. Christina Dimaggio


  90. Brandon North

    @TheLifeofaWarrior Imperfections are what make things beautiful my friend.

  91. Olivia Leonard

    such a beautiful song

  92. Caroline Tsao

    the other version of this song I know is by The Corrs and Bono, and I like both versions. (:

  93. Joshua Keith Pearson

    @jordanjmdjmd74pity it's the sucky version.

  94. Adeline Godsy

    @edwardsgirl8495 aww

  95. ciaran carr

    I moved to paris in 2002 and Gold was the only cd I had.(pre ipods kids). But what a soundtrack, Every mood catered for. Never had t listen to crappy french radio.