Ryan Adams - Walkedypants Lyrics

I'm a Walkedypants
On your legs
Around your legs
Moving in the breeze

I'm going to Rhode Island on vacation
Can't find the hotel on the internet
Cause they haven't built it yet

Mister Walkedypants
Shake a leg, Mister
If I'm going down to green bean town on my own on the bus and I think I'm gonna ditch your sister
Mister Mister Walkedypants

Christian Slater
You did good in that movie True Romance

John Lennon walks into a bar
He orders a Scotch egg
Randy's over in the corner with a Def Leppard T-shirt
He says
Look at Mister Walkedypants!

Mister Walkedypants
Fuck you
And fuck that "beep", too

If you're going to get one you gotta learn to take a chance
Fuck you, Mister Walkedypants
Yeah, uh-huh
Mister Walkedypants
Oh yeah

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