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No silence, no sound
No feeling, on and on and on and on...
Go under and go down again and on and on...

No pressure, no talk
No heartbeat, R-E-S-P-O-N-S-E
I go under and go down again and on and on....

Something is wrong, something is wrong
Something that was making me feel good is not
Something is wrong, something is wrong
Something that was making me feel good is not
Is not, is not, is not...
Nobody understands and it's all I got

No violence profound...
As violence, I act out against myself
When I go under and down again and on and on...

No wonder I fell
Nobody was underneath me there to catch me
When I go under and down again and on and on...

Something is wrong, something is wrong
Something that was making me feel good is not
Something is wrong, something is wrong
Something that was making me feel good is not
Is not, is not, is not...
Nobody understands and it's all I got

So liar, stand up
So liar, stand up
Stand up

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Ryan Adams No Comments
  1. Eric T. Satersmoen

    April Myers...😢

  2. Saigen Rose

    Ryan reminds me of Neil young, very awesome 🌷

  3. Quill Inkwell


  4. Irving Velasquez

    Not to sound like a total hipster but I remeber when this had like 50k views almost 3 years ago. Its at 1.3 million now. I knew it was an instant Ryan Adams classic as soon as I heard it.

  5. tonya bohanon

    This song sounds, USA legendary

  6. Agent Applebutt

    This reminds me of my Ex-Boyfriend. Hard to get over him and I’m still not over him and it’s been 1.6 years now, it’s my work and I’m gone 9 months out of the year and he can’t handle it. I miss him so much 😥

  7. Steven Toth

    Ryan Adams will forever be the music of my soul. ✌🏻

  8. Daniel Green

    I met 3 of my ex wife’s at Ryan Adam’s concerts, in 3 different cities, in 3 different states in 3 different countries.

  9. Todd Carr

    I think of my son Zachary Carr. Perfect song..

  10. Cat Lovers


  11. Candace D

    I KNOW !!! It must suck

  12. Chirp78

    A beautiful masterpiece

  13. G H

    You left me...I had no clue or warning. After 10 yrs of being with you...jokes on me I guess. I try to be without you...you shredded my heart and soul...why??? I don't even know where you are!!

  14. Marco Lucero

    What a song!!!

  15. Chris Beckham

    He sounds a little bit like Willie Nelson...something in his voice.

  16. Candace D


  17. Agent Applebutt


  18. rsmitch88

    This guy can really write songs!

  19. defgtuvw

    thank you WXRT 93.1 Chicago

  20. Perfect Sky

    love u man plz come back 😓😓😓

  21. mrhypnagogia

    This song is awesome

  22. Xyle Zentry

    I love that song so much. True love hurts soooo bad when its broken. Still feel her still knowing her knowing she with another man u can feel it. Its terrible. I'm sad right now.

  23. Hans Smith

    This is Ryan back at his best!! truly awesome!!

  24. Christian Guthrie

    We buried my older brother today, he liked Ryan Adams, this just melted my heart.

  25. Mary Pat Kelly

    Never get tired of this beautiful song..his voice,his words,the guitar playing..

  26. kittyfleas

    Beautiful, play LV, thank you

  27. todd sheehan

    Ryan Adams=Weirdo that makes fucking phenominal music Love this guy helped me through some heavy shit

  28. squintstwo

    Heavy beat, strong bass, crisp guitar, meaningful lyrics. Wonderful. Just wonderful

  29. Rin Rin

    Love love love..

  30. Gypsy_Rose144 SMILEY

    Love this song...so very sad and hits home when you have experienced major loss in your life.

  31. Robin Munroe-Conners

    Simply heartbreaking

  32. T. Logan Russell

    This reminds me of Ryan Adams. The dude from Jacksonville NC who has recorded 16 albums of pure musical genius. "I feel empty, I feel tired, I feel worn". 9 words. 9 is a spare in bowling but in this song, 9 is a strike. A slam dunk. All the other words of this song drain into those 9 words like water in a reservoir going through a spillway into its river, flowing free again or like water at the mouth of MS River flowing into the Gulf of Mexico, creating a delta (before man leveed off the river) where wetlands buffer the coast from storms and surges. Love is that river. Take me to the water.

  33. Monica Williams

    When your heart broken and hear this song it breaks harder
    I just want to give up on love

    Scott M

    Don't. If not for the hope of finding someone searching for you, what do you really have? Have faith.

  34. scott hargrove

    this one's perfect 😔💔🎤🎸🔊🎼😢💕

  35. diana gacesa

    wow and 1000000000 time wow <3

  36. sandra Ferrington

    Can not believe I haven't heard this before . Great song

  37. Emily staab

    My 12th grade psychology teacher showed me Ryan Adams and I will literally be forever thankful

  38. Ryan Bruns

    First heard this song on the radio thought it was Neil young now he’s my new favorite artist after Dave Matthews of course!

  39. alexandra stella d'maris

    it can take me awhile to get into his new songs/ songs i haven't heard. after i hear them a bunch, then suddenly - wow ! ok. at first they seem simple but there's so much depth to them.

  40. Bradley Groover


  41. Lavache Beadsman

    This sounds very similar to "everybody knows."

  42. MrSnappyJones

    Am I the only one who feels like this song got cut off right when it was about to groove? There should be like another 3 minutes of guitar at least!

  43. Marie DB

    Amazingly perfect

  44. M H

    Thank you Ryan! this song is my favorite. can't hear it enough. Thank you again and again

  45. ricjan58

    At 59,finding a new song that makes me tingle is rare indeed.This song gives me the shivers.

  46. Justin Myslive

    sounds like John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young all rolled into one

  47. Dan Fugate

    had to listen to it twenty times before I paid one second to the lyrics the arrangement classic adams

  48. Dan Fugate

    can't stop my tears dropp

  49. belliott89

    Nothing really matters (M)an(d)y mo(o)re

  50. Don Hess

    Not sure what you got going on here, my man, but you sure got a big chunk of something special inside you to create this. Give us more, please.

  51. Alexis Reyes Escoto

    This sounds so much like Cerati's "Puente"

  52. jossy314

    jesus what a voice. I'm in love. Reminds me of that bell-like clarity of a young John Denver. Gorgeous voice.

    Justin Myslive

    jossy314 I agree with you about Ryan Adams sounding like John Denver. this song reminds me a lot of Rockey Mountain High

  53. The Brendon Kasa

    Its so hard to pee with out you...

    Justin Myslive

    Brendon Kasa don't ruin this

  54. Bobby Manners

    You've gotta love Ryan Adams - awsome as always 👍

  55. Petrina Simmons

    Seems very John Denver like feel good peaceful times to me so calming!

    Justin Myslive

    Petrina Simmons I couldn't agree more

  56. andyt1313

    Wonderful. His voice reminds me of Clint Black.

  57. Wildflowerfever

    Every single line of this song is exquisitely perfect. I have never found a song that encapsulates pure MISSING so well. The chords might be simple but it works, you know? When the anger dissipates and you're just bereft... Wanting to call her and trying to resist... The good memories that haunt you when you pass the places you went together... And then the image of finding her hairs still on the pillow, silver hairs, because you're not that young anymore, and missing everything about her, even that little sign of aging that society still considers imperfection... Goddamn, dude.

    George Madison

    totally agree. i can see the one i'm missing with every word.

    Xyle Zentry

    Thank you. I didn't understand those parts. I have a teary left eye and a knot in my throat.

  58. Anthony Poschet

    "Lying in the bed, you are so much to be without"
    Wow, those lyrics! <3

  59. Carolyn Gibson

    really good! great writing soothing voice

  60. Eddie Márquez

    I'm not Ryan Adams but I miss you so fucking much Mandy, so much!

  61. robinc0211

    God I love this kid!!

  62. DiscoBiscuit

    What a beautiful heartfelt song....I love it ❤️

  63. 336snake

    This song breaks my heart. Great tune.

  64. Kristine Whalen


  65. Tuan Jim

    Beautiful, aching, poignant song. Very real and heartfelt, you can tell. Anyone who has been through these feelings in their own life knows how real this song is in expressing it.

    Justin Myslive

    Tuan Jim truer words have never been spoken

  66. Jane Anderson

    I hear this on my sattelite radio, and quickly repeat the song as much as I need to. This makes me cry because I love someone who is not available and does not want to be. A wonderful man , so caring to the world, full of love.

  67. Melanie Jai Lovett

    i love love love this song !!!

  68. Kim Hart

    Beautiful song

  69. sharon cowles

    You touched my soul with this .You are very blessed.

  70. Astrid van den Berg

    Ryan Adams you are just totally amazeballs !!!!!!!

  71. John Fitting

    Believe it or not there is still real music being made today folks

  72. Dianna Word

    love this.

  73. Jason Douglas

    Damn.. so fucking beautiful.

  74. BloodyCheetah 1

    Luv how a lot of his great songs are short, simple, and perfect like this one. Like the great old school punk songs. Great shit

  75. Widyas Dee

    Love You Rod Ray 😢😢😢

  76. Isabel

    I really feel a connection to this song and I feel like he expresses exactly how I'm feeling. It's such a beautiful song.

  77. Lisa Propper

    Why isn't this song getting any play time on the radio. It sounds like an absolute chart topper!

    Justin Myslive

    Lisa Propper they play it on Sirius XM 60 Outlaw County. that's where I first heard it

  78. george strand

    great song

  79. tiger rarr

    The first time I heard this song, I heard so hard to "pee" without you

  80. Michael J Good

    Smooth.... like the song of a bird echoing through the forest.... impressed in Maine

  81. Toby Smith

    Soul telling lyrics, God givin talent. Absolutely beautiful . Not to mention right time......

  82. Emma Friel

    Neil youngesque

  83. Vivalaleta Godfrey

    I love someone deeply and he is old. This song always makes me choke up. It's exactly how I will someday feel.

  84. Judy Morgan

    I could listen to this over & over it's so beautiful.

  85. Pam Eggert

    I love, love love this song, Ryan Adams is soooooooooo amazingly perfect. What a talent!!!!!

  86. Gisele LaRose

    Love this :)

  87. David Dean

    The man is on tour. Do ANYTHING to score a ticket. The songs come to life with the heroic energy and daredevil singing of this great artist, LIVE, ONSTAGE, IN PERSON! You have no idea how great he is until you've experienced it live.

  88. roger221b

    Beautiful.. Drum beat a bit too strong though

  89. philip wilkinson

    For me nobody else comes close,God bless you Ryan and may your genius be with us for many years to come ,couldn't live without your music.

  90. Ryan Houston

    I heard this for the first time on the radio in SLC on 6/17. My phone recognized it as your song. I thought to myself that I should see you in concert next time you came to SLC. Looked the song up on Spotify and lo and behold you were coming on 6/18. Got two tickets and saw you live for the first time. :) Love this song.

  91. Sizzla

    it's his own song but I can't help but think of Gordon Lightfoot. Great guitar too.

  92. Sharon

    Marshall Tucker vibe all the way, so satisfying, could play it on repeat and never tire of it, the way it rides out you just want to start it over!

  93. DrPooPooPantsMD

    a true poet!

  94. Candace D

    Beautiful Gorgeous song Thank you Ryan :)

  95. Candace D