Ryan Adams - Do I Wait Lyrics

Do I want to say the things that I say
When I know that they are wrong?
Do I wait here forever for you?
Could you ask me to?

I've been waiting here all night
If you're not going to show
We're not going to fight
I could stay forever if I tried
Surrounded by things
Like a shadow in the light

Do I try and stay still for you?
And the clouds will part here
An emptiness of the room
Do you watch me from the corner of your eye?
Do we say goodbye?

I waited in the wings for you to appear
But you're never coming back
And we're never going to feel
Like we did
I waited all night
I tried to let you go
Like a shadow in the light
The light

Do I wait?
Do I wait for you?
Do I wait?
Do I wait for you?

Do I wait here forever for you?
Did you ask me to?

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Ryan Adams Do I Wait Comments
  1. D Cooke


  2. dinalouise

    No not anymore it's ok I grew up n moved on and learned on my own just like u told me to do I'm a big girl now

  3. myenergytrade

    Well written, and a heartfelt lash of emotion in the metal-tinged solo.

  4. Faiz

    Heartbreaker is in my top 3 albums of all time

  5. Lana G

    What a beautiful soul to sing music like this .This song and all his music belong in a museum,youre right.His music is so heartbreakingly beautiful and touching.IBreaks my heart every time and thats ok because his music also heals it .I feel his pain and I have alot of memories from his music.God gave him a beautiful gift.Sing to me beautiful music man I just love the way you melt my heart.💖

  6. Nayr Nosrebluc

    11 people didn't want to wait. How in bloody fucking hell could this song ever get 11 thumbs down?!?!

  7. Chris Whitaker

    I’ve Always wondered if this for Mandy.. it must be

  8. Sarah Berry

    I love you so much Sam come back to me

  9. Duane Westcot

    I don't think I know a sadder song. If you really think through his words better make sure you're stocked up on the zack. But strangely, they are therapeutic. Years from now they will remind me a difficult time and woman, and if im lucky feelings I don't wish to completely forget.

  10. Candace D

    Strong Love .

  11. Candace D

    You can still talk to her

    You can ask her what happened
    What went wrong
    or if just nature took its coarse that she didnt expect
    but this was like 5 years ago you've moved on and your good :)
    Im happy for you
    I wish one of you would say something I think you were so thrown by love for each other your just shocked its over If so why is she with someone else ....
    and your so unhappy
    Fix it .

  12. Candace D

    Pretty Record Ryan

  13. Candace D

    :.......( At least she didnt die right
    She's alive
    Im sorry

  14. Timothy Christopher

    this song will always remind me of Pain and loss that I NEVER wanna experience again.. That's the benefit I've gotten personally from listening to all his music.. Its helped me learn how to live and love simultaneously.. Ash, Im sorry. and i'll never forget you

  15. Kelsie

    "Did you ask me to?" ughhhh that verse.

  16. david mason

    this belongs in an museum

  17. undercoverlove96

    this is beautiful <3

  18. Rhians Nkn

    All things...ryan adams

  19. Cristina Alvarez

    Tear jerker…It always gets me every time. This is like The Notebook of songs. 

  20. Coral Jolicoeur

    Stayed up all night waiting for him to call or show up... wondering if I should go or keep standing here? Ryan Adams put how I feel to music. Listening to it on repeat and asking the question again and again.

  21. Jade Smith

    I found Ryan Adams 3 months ago, and have been addicted ever since.

  22. doorbell5

    I get moved every time...

  23. michael harrison

    fuck off mike chang

  24. roy ashman

    Dont know where to start with Ryan Adams the guy has written so many great moving songs...... cant say which one is best but just heard the aucoustic version of Iron Maiden Wasted years, spine tingling.....

    Duane Westcot

    roy ashman : he has a million great tunes but he seems go have a core few of his acoustic heavy weights....if i am a stranger for example that he always plays. The guy ls no one hit wonder.

  25. Gabriel Ross-Nash

    My discovery of Ryan Adams began in 2004...and it never ended.

  26. kosminevarle

    Learning to wait.

  27. Punky Brewster

    Tear ;'(

  28. Fred Flange

    what a amazing album ...wow... I am a Gram parsons fan try to find some tunes but wow !!!

    Shudhanshu Shekhar Mishra

    Come back listen to this song again✌✌

  29. johnny gnome

    the 2 people who downvoted this must be beiber fans or some shit FML

  30. annamusicaddict

    Haha, I thought so ;p
    Love it <3

    Duane Westcot

    annamusicaddict its Ryan. He does a killer job on the lead live. Austin City limits.

  31. Maximo Pisconte

    ryan adams my friend all him

  32. annamusicaddict

    I don't know who plays the guitar this freaking/fucking good. But it gives me shelter everytime again!

  33. Distortzz

    this song just wrecks me! thanks DRA!!! love your work!

  34. Eugene Wanderer

    I know right? Bryan doesnt even come close to this guys talent or depth.

  35. Eugene Wanderer

    Ryan adams is most definitly one of the most talented song writers the industry has ever seen. for his age he shows a depth that far surpasses that of artist twice his age.

  36. Science follows the evidence.

    My favourite of the album along with 'I love you but I don't know what to say"

    Brilliant album !

  37. Juan Frausto

    Ditto on Body of Proof, brought me here :P

  38. prenom nom

    encore un chef d'œuvre!

  39. Francesco Ciccio


  40. inkybinkyinkish

    heard this on the body proof and im loving it

  41. ISX

    awesome song

  42. eugejnr1

    best freakin song on the album!
    unreal man!

  43. Jesper Skaaning

    brilliant !

  44. GavinWilkinsMusic

    I'm a massive Ryan Adams fan! I think you may also like my music? I was wondering if you wouldn't mind having a listen to my new demo 'Yes I would' by my project 'Lets Make Movies Instead...' and let me know what you think? leave a comment etc...