RY X - Vampires Lyrics

I am the salt
You called me out
Lost in the dark
I fought your love
But I want love

Yeah our love is followed
By vampires and cold blood

I think I melted
And made me love you
Sinister heart
And naked thrills
Now make your kill

Yeah our love is followed
By vampires and cold blood

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RY X Vampires Comments
  1. Channing Parker

    In the end vampires win. But if you can, find a way to get them into the sunlight...

  2. Chee Rio

    😳 this is so beautiful! Nothing beats indie music. My heart is pounding while listening to this.

  3. BTS CL&GD

    Amazing voice👍👍👍

  4. Really ThisWorldToday


  5. Cecilia Mendez

    This is a bit like Radiohead, nice.

    martin acosta

    same feelings but way different

  6. Leslie Harlan


  7. Hot J

    I love RY X

  8. Kati Jones

    I like this kind of music when I'm reading😊👌🏼

  9. Raglan Sleeves

    I want this guy to sing me to sleep every night, his voice is very beautiful.

    Malwina Kobuszewska

    i agree with u , i love this guy too

  10. m phillips

    I'm mesmerized

  11. Liliana Prieto

    Does any one know where to find the lyrics to this song??

    Lucia Key


    Liliana Prieto

    yesss thanks

  12. Aðalheiður Rut Davíðsdóttir

    Love it!

  13. Miles Davy

    Touched by grace.
    So so beautiful !!!

  14. Thiago

    Música de merda, realmente somente Daniel Becker para me indicar tal "obra" se é que posso chamar isso de obra, tá mais pra pedaço de excremento seco, daqueles que vai junto com sua maconha quando você fuma um beckzinho seu saco de merda.


    Ninguém se importa

    Yasmin Neves

    se acalme

    Alberto esteves

    faz melhor huehuehuehu

  15. WholeSecret

    This is just unbelievably good

  16. Pooklepops8 POOKLEPOPS8

    Love this

  17. Bas

    Dat voice so op.


    haha, needs nerf?

    Lucie B

    @shreknos nah, they'll nerf the wrong thing as usual 

  18. Joshua Lam

    YES! I was looking for this one forever! 

  19. mm4203

     I visited the dumondumont (label) website and they say they are only 4 tracks on the Berlin EP, is it true ? if not, where can i find the others ? Thanks !

    ruben roca

    hi,yes vinyl and digital version is the some 4 tracks.

    Ollie Bradley-Baker

    Ry Cuming is the same guy, he released an album a while back, worth a listern but I prefer his new stuff!


    @Ollie Bradley-Baker yes I know, but it's not exactly the same kind of music, I prefer his EP . But thanks :)

  20. Catarina Rodrigues

    i just can't get enough of this <3