RY X - Untold Lyrics

It's all in my eyes
Everything's spoken
Sold on my high
All of my fightin' done

Let it fall
Let it hum
Hiding soul
I need one

Why did this come
Heaven in hiding
Mind into mind
Hold us in light and the sun

You let it go

Let it fall
Let it hum
Hiding soul
I need one

Let it fall
Let it hum
Hiding soul
I need one

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RY X Untold Comments
  1. Victor Spoils

    People need TV to show them a decent song. Num Num.

    # T H E A C I D

  2. Angelica Renee

    Thought this was Sleeping at Last the first time I heard this. 😍

  3. anywa Y

    everyone‘s just here because of a remake from a Norwegian series...

  4. Sam Pangallo

    It's crazy how many people are here from watching Wu assassins when you hear real music we flock like birds but mainly we are sheep..

  5. Michael Duncan

    Wu assassin brought me here

  6. Alpaaca

    I'm here from Wu Assassins

  7. Travis St.Marthe

    WU Assassins brought me here.

  8. Max the Flash K

    Wu Assassin's Ep. 7: After Kai kills one of the hardest Wu's in the wood Wu. He then runs towards uncle 6 in the woods and stumbles upon his best friend that is about to kill uncle 6 and everyone freezes just staring at one another while this song is playing in the background. Man that scene was powerful! Favorite episode 👌🏾

  9. Abdul Khalid

    WU assassins anyone?

    Travis St.Marthe

    Yeppers... Script was sketchy at times but i found this hidden gem!

  10. TY AUG

    CONTROL brought me here 😀
    I'm glad I now know who you are.

  11. Jamaican Snuggie

    Wu Assassins brought me here..!

  12. Gist RoundUp

    Wu Assassins brought me here

  13. ywain20

    Wu Assassin

  14. Paddy O'Brien

    #NetFlix 's Wu Assassins brought me here!!! 👍 😉

  15. immakeepitrealwithyachief


  16. Angie

    Wu Assasins got me here 💪🏼

  17. BlackCat

    Who else came from wu assasin

  18. Vicious V

    Tf is a druck? Like a duck but drunk? Must be a cool show but Wu Assassins brought me here

  19. jelson95

    Wu assassins

  20. Greecosuave

    Wu Assassins brought me here. What’s #Druck?

  21. Tony Vasser

    Wu assassins brought me to this song I love this song I swear!!!

  22. PyrozPlayground

    Damn it, Wu Assassins is letting me find some new to me beautiful music!

  23. shallah777

    Wu Assassin EP7 brought me here

  24. alydar2

    Came here from "Wu Assassin" on Neflix.

  25. Χαράλαμπος Σταμίρης

    Wu Assassin brought me here!

  26. Tanvir Chowdhury

    WU ASSASSIN, man like Kai

  27. Wavykiddgaming

    Wu Assassin Anybody???

  28. Cassandra Santiago

    Wu assassin brought me here 🥰

  29. chrystal brown

    Wu assassin

  30. Dewayne Bohannon

    Wu Assassin brought me here

  31. Chris Hyatt

    Wu Assassin brought me here....Awesome song

  32. Edgar Go

    Wu assassins

  33. Vincent Man

    Wu Assassins squad 🙋🏻‍♂️



  34. Lennart Waßmann

    simply here cause of Wu Assassins, an epic show with even more epic music

  35. Roy Thompson

    Wu Assasins anyone?

  36. Dennis Wangira

    Wu assassins brought me here,, anyone else?

    Hans Kooistra

    Yes Wu brought me here...

  37. Victor Pereda

    Came here because of "Wu Assassins" ❤

  38. Felix Palmer

    Wu Assassin's brought me here. Who else?

  39. talei moce

    Wu Assassins episode 7 brought me here

  40. Kkn 128

    listen because soundtrack wu assassins? hahahahaha

  41. Apoorv Rathi

    Wu assasin!

  42. K1ller_ _Headsh0t

    WU ASSASSINS 😁👊 brought me here

    June Bug

    Was hoping someone else said it!!!! Wu Assassian!!

    K1ller_ _Headsh0t

    @June Bug yeah no love for the WU Assassins 🤔🤣

  43. D S

    Wu Assassins episode 7 ending brought me here

  44. Garvin Joseph

    Who’s here after watching Wu Assassins

  45. Vyneth

    Wu Assassins got me here!

  46. Shola Hanson


  47. Rose Red

    Chilltrax brought ME here.

  48. Sanfred

    Hi, I made a cover of Foreign Tides. You can check I out on my channel:)

  49. Ola Skowrońska


  50. Verena He

    Here because of Davenzis first kiss💭❤🌈 i love this mystical sound it fits perfect to their kiss❤

  51. Yasmin Reis


  52. s pow

    If I ever hear this somewhere public I'm so screwed emotionally

  53. 좋은꿈

    I got to know this song because of druck❤️ what does she say when this song begins? It doesn’t sound like an english word

  54. James Morris

    Idk if anyone's ever heard of lapalux hes a great fuckin DJ but his radio station on pandora actually brought me here

  55. Kamyla

    thanks druck, I love it

  56. Adrianne Currie

    This reminds sm of basic instinct by acid the video and sound.

  57. Whysofire

    Yo this song is crazy 🔥🔥🔥🙏🏾🙏🏾

  58. Cris Montalvo

    Amo la música de RY x pero alguien que me explique por qué en los comentarios ponen Mateo y David?

    Florencia Nuñez

    En la serie Druck, los personajes Matteo y David se besan por primera vez con esta música de fondo.

  59. E. R.

    Okay but this song was perfect to Matteo and David's first kiss 🥰

  60. March born

    Aahhh finally found it,, #druck David-Matteo💕❤️

  61. Psiakość

    matteo i david <3

  62. Lucia Dolgener


  63. Lettie Williams

    K but guys this is also an amazing song

  64. Diana H

    Look for Caetlyn Watson on Instagram, she danced beautifully to this song

  65. Frodo Bolsista BR

    Preciso me casar com esse cara. Tudo o que ele faz soa divino, imagine sexo

    Cris Montalvo


  66. bi mohn

    Davenzi’s first actual kiss, loved the way they teased each other last episode. Scared for episode 5 but the cuddling clip was adorable. Matteo is always happier with David ❤️

  67. Wiwi Archie

    Davenzi, anyone?

  68. Yasmina Schmitz


  69. frencesslabiba

    Druck power

  70. Stephanie Buendia

    Matteo and David's first kiss in Druck brought me here! 💞🏳️‍🌈 I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it in that show and now I'm obsessed! ❤️😭

  71. Indira

    i love all the druck fans

  72. BFlorenzi

    *Matteo and David* ♥️

  73. Yomira Pérez

    Sublime. No lo voy a superar.
    M & D.

  74. vanessa kaulitz

    Druck Davenzi 😍😍😍😍

  75. vanessa kaulitz

    Davenzi 😍😍😍😍😍

  76. ziggy papadacci

    druck brought me here ♡

  77. Shola Hanson

    skam deuk brought me here

  78. Ashley Holley


  79. the weirdude

    Such a good song for Datteo's kiss scene

  80. Malec LightBane

    #Datteo 😭💕

  81. Max Zorzi

    Matteo & David <3

  82. jaefsoul

    here for davenzi

  83. Diyura Sasitharan

    davenzi rly are that ethereal huh

  84. Birnida Nurissamawati

    why you are here ?
    me : druck

    Diana H

    Caetlyn Watson

    Alex Harris

    Wu assassin


    Wu Assassin

    Space junk

    Youtubes recomendations.

  85. nei vilde.

    Witing for the flooding of Druck Fans coming here



  87. Dylan Gerard

    Druck <3

  88. Lola Evans

    Matteo and David's first kiss.

    Verena He

    Yes thats exactly why I'm here💭❤ i love this moment between david and matteo and how this sound fits❤

    Judith Stein

    @jelson95 whatis DRUCK??? is that a tv-show or a movie?


    @Judith Stein ?

  89. burns

    Come here because of #davenzi

    Ricardo Milos


  90. franzis paradise

    Druck brought me here
    Thanks for an amazing song

    Ashley Holley


    Looking up At the sky


  91. Lucky Mi

    влюблена в вашу музыку

  92. Anett Barbara Botos

    Anybody knows that song/ music video where the visuals were the same... some pink dressed bodies were levitating in the air..on the sky.. and the whole video was kinda pink.. and so surreal and weird but a masterpiece.. im trying to find that song but i just can lt seem to find it. Like it was deleted from the planet....lol. Anyone?

  93. Nate Tass1

    ry x with a few others are genius both in visuals and music! showing the world that us Aussies that still make great music today!

  94. Konrad Graf

    this music sounds so honestly

  95. Emina Hist


  96. Máחṫra

    Я ОТ ВИЛСЫ, А ВЫ???)

  97. Máחṫra

    Я ОТ ВИЛСЫ, А ВЫ???)

    Nikolan_ Lav

    CRBメ RASSVET от Наташки.

  98. ffmdotcom

    Burial...is that you?