RY X - Shortline Lyrics

Rushing water
One keeps to corner
Turn cheeks and shout out
On a short line

Women willing
Undress your heart-string
Follow your thick thin boy
On a shortline

Lets run to shelter
From Violence
Hold our tounges and fill our lungs
On a shortline [x2]

On a shortline [x4]

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RY X Shortline Comments
  1. Sanja Savic

    🌹 2019 💖💖💖 lost found

  2. Eve

    my fav piece..no wait..i love all of his music🧡🧡🧡

  3. TheFuckingGrandpa

    2:44 & 3:00 AMAZING VOCALS

  4. Carley Stevenson

    I wish I would have found this song sooner.  So beautiful <3

  5. semplicemente


  6. Reiner Soares


  7. Mark Yxung

    2019 still here

  8. Andréa Fagundes Klein

    Você canta lindamente. You sing beautifully.


    I really really love this song! I'm finishing up a deep house remix of it right now. Would you mind if I uploaded it to my channel?

  10. A J

    Marvel's Runaways 🖤💗🖤💗 Nico Karolina

  11. S K

    This is what you call gifted 🙏🏽

  12. ComboverSoul tig

    Yuk the mega over processed vocals. Can see pantybrain yoga teachers playing this

  13. Israel Pratt

    An angelic voice and beautiful song.



  15. Amelia Ohmer

    So peaceful 😭

  16. Sound & Feeling


  17. Kris Tina

    Here because of Maria Pedraza

  18. Theo K


  19. Luanderson Fernandes


  20. juan barinaga

    this song gives me good vibes,its so relaxing

  21. Iúri Gravito


  22. Anigam3 Music

    i just came here after the episode of runways and i instant love this track so that i make a remix about it
    It is in my channel go check if you want <3

  23. TheDkapa1

    0:27 holly shit. chills

  24. Martin Svátek

    Macklemore brought me there

  25. Kattie Rivera

    I'm a loser

  26. K-Rayy G

    The vibe is too real on this one!!!!

  27. Nikole Vekich

    Here because of that black scratcher commercial lmao


    same 😁


    Me too!!! I couldn't find it though, my sister did. Link to the scratchers commercial: https://youtu.be/Ue2889TRYtw

  28. Linda Quintero


  29. Grace Carr

    1:36 - 2:11 gives me chills..so beautiful.

    Caya Bennett

    2:00 ❤

  30. Sean Dermont

    I was finally able to shazzam the lotto scratchers commercial. found the song.


    😅 yeah


    Sean Dermont exactly what I did haha

    Kattie Rivera

    Exactly what i did too😂 now im infatuated by him💘

  31. enrique galindo

    Came here to listen to that beautiful song from the commercial

    Genaro Diaz

    The lottery commercial ?

    Kattie Rivera

    Same lmao i had to shazam it😂


    Same. https://youtu.be/Ue2889TRYtw

  32. itimmy101

    This song reminds me of SIA- breath me!

    Michał Skowroński

    It's true!


    itimmy101 be my friend

    Dean Glanville

    very similar piano riff x

  33. luis velasquez

    Anyone thinks this sounds likes CIA'S breath me? Similar notes in lower key for sure!!!! Interesting

  34. BunBun

    If ur here coz the commercial well...skip da 2:00^^

  35. That bitch Debbie

    I heard this in a scratcher commercial and I was like I need to know that song . I looked everywhere for the commercial on YouTube and luckily someone knew the name and now I'm here and I'm so happy ugh

    Kattie Rivera

    SAME HERE !!!


    Same here

    Im Girl Revolution

    Me too I love these type of peculiar songs. Makes me feel free, like flying over a light house or jumping of a cliff from a light house. ( not for suicide, just freedom)
    This would be something I would put on a foggy day running in the rain,
    Or reading something also on a lighthouse. Sorry if it sounds weird but it's my association of my self to the song.


    were all on the same page

  36. Ginger Richmond

    the piano chorus was taken from "dorian" by agnes obel. Upsetting!!!!

    Frodo Bolsista BR

    I love her and that song particularly. She's so talented. I mean really talented as few artists

  37. Youmna Karim

    why do i feel like this song is the background music to my life

  38. Augusto Fedrigo

    Simplesmente fantástica essa música. Me passa uma paz, um sentimento de calma, relax... ❤️

  39. Juan Pizzi


  40. Kar Seb

    Anyone Shay Mitchell??

    H A

    Kar Seb yeees

  41. Bruno Carvalho

    Rushing water
    One keeps to corner
    Turn cheeks and shout out
    On a short line
    Women willing
    Undress your heart-string
    Follow your thick thin boy
    On a shortline
    Lets run to shelter
    From Violence, for us that haven´t
    Hold our tounges and fill our lungs

    On a shortline, on a shortline

    On a shortline, on a shortline
    On a shortline, on a shortline

  42. Wyve Music

    One of the best playlist I have ever listened to over and over again, thank you so much for this work so just, so beautiful, that plunges me into a deep sleep awake in which fascinating images abyssal and interstellar take life ! A very beautiful discovery!

  43. tarja de Vries

    So beautiful 🌹

    james fitzpatrick

    Howling !!! with excellence

  44. Kyler Curtis


  45. Dutch_Doggy

    2 Words: LOVE IT !!


    fucking beautiful

  47. BabyRielz

    #notorious brought me here

  48. Alanihatesyou

    I can't get enough of this song it's so good!


    look up C Y G N on soundcloud or youtube and listen to his song Shortline

  49. errorspending

    That piano reminds me so much of Adele's Hometown Glory!

    Antoine Bech

    And Breathe me - Sia !


    thank you!!

    Vivien Schlüter

    You're right! Love it!!!

  50. mrmystery

    There is such a depth and vulnerability to Ry's voice. Melancholic and yet laced with a sense of hope. A sort of Gaia goth!

  51. Raulina Romana

    that voice, Goddamn <3

  52. Ash

    A duet with Agnes Obel would be so amazing! :)

  53. Stewart Granger

    so damn nice <333

  54. stol

    It's missing the guitar though, that was my favorite part of this song


    original was good but that piano sounds soooooo nice on this one, i love it even more

  55. andy gosbee

    known about this guy for a while, he needs to be at UK festivals next year. How isn't he more well known!!!!!!!

    Batuhan Kayhan

    He has a tour in UK this fall.


    Tortured FragileMind when when when ??? Did i miss it

    Batuhan Kayhan

    It was November. I have been to London one. Now i see he will be back to London on April. Keep an eye on his website.