RY X - Bound Lyrics

With our minds gone
We can only know the feeling of our bodies open
With our eyes in the salt
We can only find the meaning of a card laid open

Peel it off
Let me go
Hold our heart out
Let this feeling show

With our hands bound
We can only feel the rain upon our bodies so low
With our guise in tow
Only meaning of your voice is now a silent calling

Peel it off
Let me go
Hold our heart out
Let this feeling show

The fear
Let go of, let go of
We're here
For so long, for so long

The fear
Let go of, let go of
We're here
For so long, for so long

For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long
For so long, for so long

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  1. 11 22

    agnez mo brought me here

  2. Elis Lianah

    Here because of Agnez Mo. Who's with me??

  3. Kγη βlαcκ

    Ouvir sozinha em casa trás solidão

  4. Wisna Romdona

    I love this song by the way💜 it's an incredible song!!

  5. Wisna Romdona

    We are here because of Agnez Mo.

  6. Dafa Real


  7. Noper Pamula

    Agnez Mo brought me here

  8. Jefry Lero

    This song is courage me

  9. interNEZional

    AGNEZ MO brought me here 💎

  10. Rachmad Alfaridz

    Agnez Mo bring me here 🔥🔥🔥😂

  11. anzil official

    Come here and love this coz AGNEZMO 😍

  12. Soleyfeelings x

    AGNEZ MO gives me this song

  13. xxxMoonchild Fw

    AGNEZ MO brought me here

  14. SiBaldMan

    AGNEZ MO ‘s video brought me here 🏜 beautiful song ❤️

  15. Aji samudra

    Come here coz @agnezmo ❤️🙏🏻😇

  16. Danu Winata

    Came here because AGNEZ MO vlog,love this song...

  17. Agnezmo video

    Kesini karna backsoundnya #agnezmo

  18. Novia Sihotang

    Watching this, because @agnezmo

  19. sweet smile

    this brings me to feelings....can not describe.....tears are running in positive way ....OMG

  20. Eve

    gets you right deep into your soul🧡

  21. Anastasia Zakharova

    Magnificent💫 love 💕

  22. Евгений Белинский

    Мне нравится! Ставлю 👍

  23. Z Haris

    A contemporary great...

  24. Дмитрий Лешуков


  25. Mateus' Custódio

    This intro remebers me Feline - Vita and the Wolf. RY X, such a great artist. ♥

  26. nieodkryte__meandry


  27. Alex Dany

    <3 thank you!

  28. Irene Tolhuis

    This music is good for my soul, thanks RyX

  29. Stefarooh

    Never heard of you before but this is really beautiful

    S Simonov

    same here...this is magical!

  30. Music for the heart

    I love your sounds RY X!!

  31. mrwatertiger

    wonderfull Song! please learn from Massiv Attack using softer Beats

  32. Irina

    Super Beautiful .

  33. Eoryn

    The man, who writes music like this, has an eternal and gorgeous soul...

  34. Matteo Schreibner

    did anyone else come here after DRUCK? i love their soundtrack😍


    Matteo Schreibner Yes, was a great scene when he got the message from his mom...



  35. Löwenherz

    I always think of you....

  36. Zuzana

    I can’t stop listening to this song .... it sounds like a soundtrack to my life ❤️❤️

  37. Channa

    YouTube is magic for that

  38. Dominic Duffin


  39. hesh2

    Beautiful sir. Without music life would be a mistake! Your music is both spiritual and sensual at the same time.

  40. koerz86

    best track so far <3 .... i am looking forward to the Vienna concert!!

  41. Mary Cami

    Este hombre es algo increíble. Que voz, que me melodia ❤
    Quest'uomo è qualcosa di incredibile !!

  42. Lindsey Fortein

    Wow ,majestic ,beauty

  43. Никита Магнетис


  44. An k

    🥰 i‘m in love

  45. Marie Philippe

    This is a masterpiece.

  46. Jade Lionel

    *I love it so much*

  47. QueenLioness

    I'm a new person listening to this ❤

  48. Lou

    this needs more views!!!!

  49. patricia dufour


  50. Brandon A.

    0:25 and 1:30 The melodies of these verses alone has me coming back for more.


    I love your music , Greetings from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

  52. McKayla Cox

    This songs beautiful.

  53. Jackie Mendez

    I'll be flying from Miami to Chicago to come see you!!! Going alone, because your music was the only company I kept and trusted for 2018. Happy New Year to me.


    I'll be there in chicago to see ryx. We should meet for a drink! Thalia hall has great sound.

  54. Jaime T

    Bon Iver II maybe??

  55. amangogna68

    Amazing singer!

  56. Venus Gordeyeva

    Lordy, this is just beyond of imagination! Thank you!

  57. Sven Buschmann

    Ry X- I just love his sound. There is nothing more to say.

  58. ꌗIᑎᗴᗩᗪ ᕼᗩᖇᑎᗯᗴᒪᒪ

    ❤ 🙌 🙂•*¨*•..•.¸¸ ❤..ƸӜƷ..❤ ¸¸.•*¨*• , 🧚🏼‍♂️¸.•*¨*• ☆ 🙏❤

  59. Omar Khalaf

    With our hands bound
    We can only feel the rain upon our bodies solo
    With our guides in tow
    Only meaning of your voice is now a solemn calling

  60. Samuel R. Rodríguez

    Algún comentario en español, algún seguidor de este gran artista.... saludos desde la república dominicana...

  61. Lilpunk Ss

    Oh man this artistic thing that you do in your videos is amazing I can’t stop my imagination to take me faraway when I look to that and don’t forget the music it’s so beautiful 😍

  62. Zama Hlase


  63. wendy

    idk but this song is my absolute favourite of his and it doesn’t get nearly enough recognition for its beauty

  64. Sandra Zajac

    I just can't get over the fact how brilliant the new tracks are, and I can't wait for the album and concerts. Seriously, I think I've never ever in my life anticipated a music album to this level :D

  65. Supra2JZ

    i love everything about this

  66. Heidi Reid

    Cannot wait to see you again live in TO! The repetition holds a lot of the magic, it’s hypnotic and puts you in that place where you can absorb all the levels of sound Ry’s created; makes you feel like you’re a part of his art xx

    Rasel Mia

    bangla sobir gan

  67. Bhushan Jain

    I'm possessed by your creations RY X. Much love from India. I look forward to meet you, hear you and maybe work with you ❤️

  68. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Bound" debuted at #29 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  69. Monika M

    Przepiękne! I ani słowa więcej póki co, bo szkoda psuć klimat... <3

  70. Olivia Olive Zaharia

    Come to Italy, please

  71. Katie Stait

    💕 💕 💕 So beautiful

  72. Aaron Nguyen

    This is beautiful, bless RY X!

  73. Remayn Official

    Hi everyone! Ry is a huge influence on me and my music, I’d be very grateful if you’d give it a listen.

    Thank you. :)


  74. Ольга Сергеевна

    Gosh, it's amazing

  75. Keily Chaurio

    I don't know why his songs always makes me feel so peaceful with myself like if everything will be alright and positive... I know is weird but it's a fact lol

    ꌗIᑎᗴᗩᗪ ᕼᗩᖇᑎᗯᗴᒪᒪ

    ❤ 🙌 🙂

    Kang Emos

    Yeaaah i feel it to. I imagine i siting on the top of mountain and start rolling weed 🤣 how beautifull this world peace

  76. Bruno Lima

    Come to Brazil, meu anjão!

  77. Rohan Press

    Unfathomably ethereal.

  78. megan frey

    I'm not kidding when he started singing my heart stopped

  79. EDMFan Nick01

    Simply beautiful

  80. Darker Berry

    I went to bed with this on repeat. On my commute to work at the moment. It's on repeat, yet again. I can never listen to his music just once. Seattle awaits you!!! Bisou Bisou!!!!

  81. Joy Mary

    All the beautiful music is made for you...

  82. Otley LTD

    Like the music. Bu kind of miss the acoustic guitars. Feels like they're more leaning towards The Acid style, not Ry X

  83. Adel Fz

    Aaawn that's so amazing ! 😍 ✌️
    Love u so much 💖

  84. Nickyy

    How can people dislike this masterpiece???

  85. Roman Popov

    Beautiful song!

  86. Kai4723

    I'm so going to see him in Cologne next year!

  87. Shaurissa Borchard

    please come to South Africa.

  88. Miranda Marie

    RY X is definitely mt favorite artist. His music makes me feel so good. It makes me feel happy and at peace. Whenever I come home from a hard day at school, I listen to him and I realize that life is good. There is good in a world that seems uneasy, and hateful. His music helps people who have hard times, and I hope he realizes that.

  89. María Ríos

    I'm really excited that so soon I'll see him in live. I have been waiting for this for a long time. His music is awesome, in another level, calm, it takes you somewhere else, so relaxing.

  90. Yelis Knight

    Beautiful ❤

  91. Demoe J

    as painfully beautiful as this song is, @2:53 and on it gets to another level

  92. MineurDuSon

    More dates in France please...

  93. kostas mpourantas

    magical, thank you.

  94. Pompon

    Goosebumps - always when I hear you


    I love you're music. My heart always him. From Russia with Love🖤

  96. Juan David Fonseca Fonseca

    Come to Colombia please

  97. Suhleenahhh

    Can’t wait to see you in LA in March! So excited 🙌🏻