RY X - Berlin Lyrics

Come down love
Berlin in the cold
All that fighting, all that snow

Sober nights
And Byron on my mind
Tell me I'm not going home
And I'll stop waiting by the phone

Bedroom floor
And silence in my blood
Sorry love I'm running home
I'm a child of sun and the stars I love

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RY X Berlin Comments
  1. T_ World

    Sam smith brought me here 😊

  2. FaZzeable

    I have a ‘Matt Corby - brothers’ vibe? Am I the only one?

  3. Thrawn anders

    Sehr emotional, ich liebe dieses Lied.

  4. Naima.x_ _

    Verdacht veel de stem van duncan laurence?🧐

  5. Tom Purcell

    I can't help but salute the Wehrmacht and Waffen SS fallen. I can't help but think of war's end, the Red Army terrorizing, raping and pillaging a people far more advanced technologically, culturally, philosophically, religiously, physically, and otherwise. I can't help but think of the lonely end of the war, particularly of the desperate state of Berlin. The abstract is wonderful, because it's a moment of peace and beauty, of art and romance, love and despair all in one, in few words. It's a moment in December, 1944 or January, 1945, somewhere near or in Berlin. Great song. Peace, beauty and tragedy - Berlin.

  6. A Walking Cliché

    Here from shameless, but because I recognized it from another song called Bedroom Eyes by Crywolf, you should check it out, it’s an absolutely beautiful remake of this song.

  7. Dhdhdh Djd

    Hai Mr iam join your acuont my channel name is xyz

  8. • ᴍᴀʟɪɴᴋᴏᴇ ᴄʜʏᴅᴏ •


  9. KotixMan Project

    Я не могу передать словами, ваша музыка такое блаженство, показывающая всю суть жизни, помогает в трудные дни и минуты, благодарю за ваше творчество.

  10. Lewis Wood

    I had an amazing opportunity and experience meeting Ry in London and he is incredible. His view on music his personality and his story was amazing. Much love

  11. Kiara Smith

    Great Song For Traveling As Well❤️

  12. ᴀʟᴇᴋ

    sempre volto aqui...

  13. Becca Kennett

    this makes me want to fall in love.

  14. Filip Płaczek

    since 2013 my fav song <3

  15. Ayşegül Örs

    This song hits harder when you’re sad

  16. Sol Jaden Leigh Bagunas

    I saw this song on fb just 6 sec. I can hear it but i'm so inlove with the song and i download shazam and that's it 💓💓💓💓💓💓 thanks for this song😗😗😗 hello i'm 14 nov.3,2019💘
    I'm really in love with the lyrics ( oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh) 😅


    I came to this after hearing Sam Smith's cover version on Radio 1 in session. Haunting

  18. ᴀʟᴇᴋ


  19. Tom Leng

    I’ve been looking for this song for years cos I saw it in an advert then all of a sudden out of no where my gf just plays it casually over the speaker I’m like ‘WOMAN WHAT IS THIS SONG WHAT IS THE NAME TELL ME NOW TELL ME NOOOOOOOOOOOW’ hahahahaha

  20. kino b

    For anyone curious about all the songs recommended in the comment feed for this song, I've made a Spotify playlist for all of them; "Melancholy in Montreal" - Also... Ry X; call me.

  21. Marco Luevano

    How can I continue to love her 😪 my love for you never left, i hope you’re doing good, i love you Alex...

  22. Natalia Ptak


  23. IsJust Eliza

    I’m salad again but this time... really sad

    Ps LOVE the freakin song

  24. Chloe Marinic

    Now THIS is beautiful music🙊

  25. A7XTributes

    I met him today. He was incredible ❤

  26. Misdirection Grenade

    What a fucking GREAT song!!! ❤️

  27. brownman350

    Can someone please get me the soundtract of the episode 7, specially the song when they where making love

  28. Unax Diez

    Hi tiktok😄

  29. Soierws

    Vim pelo konai

  30. Yikes C

    If you like this song i highly suggest
    Spectre - Radiohead
    Places We Won’t Walk- Bruno Major
    Last flowers- Radiohead
    Closer- Nuages

  31. Lea weidner

    Von Druck direkt hierher 😝

    Silvia Wolf

    Arme Mia und armer Axel. :(
    Und ich habe jetzt Hunger auf Tapas ;)

    Silvia Wolf

    Arme Mia und armer Axel :(
    Und ich habe jetzt Hunger auf Tapas ;)


    The last summer

  33. Gracy Waldon

    beautiful in every way

  34. fadi jaffar

    you are amazinggggggggggggggggggggg

  35. Bonnie Kunstfrau

    I love painting while listening to ryx

  36. Justine Tammaro


  37. Leianni Byrd

    Here from 2019 and still find myself crying at night to this song.

  38. Ire96

    Fuck 2013 was 6 years ago already wtf

  39. Zminte

    Everytime I hear this, I´m lying down with my girlfriend at the beginning of our now 6 year relationship. Heavy goosebumping!

  40. -Tilo -

    It's still Berlin?

  41. -Tilo -


  42. alexx

    Tiktok family here

  43. fivefeet apart

    Thanks tiktok

  44. Ne Moze

    I feel so lost, empty and sad, I hate this feeling.

  45. Kaia Dimarco

    Anyone else here from tiktok of saying slow it down to hear James Charles?

  46. Ryan-Playz

    I remember hearing this song one time, can’t remember where from though, but I knew I felt good when it did play.

    Loris Bekaert

    Ryan-Playz Advertisement for a TV screen long time ago maybe


    Loris Bekaert I thinks it’s from a film... it’s actually torturing me haha

  47. Damian Opiela

    Duncan Laurence 2

  48. Olivier

    Sometimes song hit your life in a perfect match. Winter 2014 I decided to leave Berlin after a hard turning point in my life. Whenever I listen to it reminds me the melancholia and nostalgia I have for this city. Für immer in mein Hertz Berlin ❤️

  49. Nadia Kleinschmidt

    Here because of Shamless. Beautiful song.

  50. Bawa dThe

    The meme brought me here

  51. andrea sg

    Why this make me sad ?

  52. Stana Lysander

    This song is truly beyond beautiful but after 6 years of hearing it I still don’t know what the song is about :( could someone please explain if they have a clue? ❤️

  53. Seth Roy

    there's not nearly enough people talking about this hirsute shirtless daddy of a man laying on the floor stroking his own body

  54. ernesto muyale

    I've just discovered this artist and even when primary I'm a rock/metal listener i find this music great and specially because of all the empty garbage we find on these days

  55. Squidward tentacles

    No one cares who brought you here, just listen to the song and enjoy it

  56. julia

    i finally found this omfg

  57. Preston Ryan

    Who is this Girl??? Epic.

  58. Rob Nunes

    vim pelo Konai

  59. Paiffer

    Alguém veio pelo Konai?

  60. Maju Nogueira

    O Konai do Konai

  61. Farid Rivaille

    i love you music

  62. elvis alejandro uribe cruz

    July. 2019 <3

  63. sansblazeqlf NDA

    Quelques artistes dans ce genre/ artist like that :

    The Irrepressibles
    Ben Cocks
    Ben Howard
    Lord Huron
    Patrick Watson
    The Cinematic Orchestra
    Lana Del Rey
    Amber Run
    Two Feet
    The xx
    Troye Sivan
    Message to bears

    Let a comment if you want some good song of one of these artist.
    Sorry for spelling fault, I'm french.

  64. David Perquin

    Kifffffffffff c

  65. H3rmqn

    Listening to this while playing Minecraft is very relaxing

  66. Lusterium

    Somebody else?

  67. Lydia Surfleet

    1:42 chills ❤️❤️

  68. Tia B

    I’ve been here before. It’s such a distant memory! Hello comments section from another time :)

  69. Jorge Carvajal

    "Dark" season 2

  70. Just Kirsten

    1:42-1:56 is what I hear in the edits all the time

  71. Katsuki Bakugou

    I like listening to this on a nice rainy day(or night) and cry about someone who doesnt even fucking care about me

  72. Clique Army

    Brings back so many memories...

  73. Guilherme Keller

    Vim parar aqui por causa do vídeo internet 2009

    Muito obrigado por isso video :)

  74. Ellie Forde

    RY X is honestly one of my favourite artists, he hits hard, love his music.

  75. vicky kry

    why am i listening to this song while i’m playing minecraft?

  76. Wiliana K.

    commercial songs are the best i swear.

  77. You really Stink

    This song idk what it does to me bro but it makes my chest and stomach feel hollow😶

  78. Darude - Sandstorm

    I dont know why but that reminds me of Elbow

  79. Andy Kantorovich

    I like the moments he actually sings.

  80. Only by gods grace

    So beautiful

  81. Harry Potter is life

    *Noora Saetra accepted your friend request*

  82. flobie1kenobi

    Make America Great Again.. love the hat! Was he getting a blow j the first half ot the song?

  83. Danii Loo

    In 2019, anyone listen to this masterpiece?

  84. I am PIEK

    Hi everyone, here's the club remix I did of this amazing song:
    Enjoy :-)

  85. OuterSpace

    Druck use this for Davenzi reunion challenge

  86. tou xiong

    he have a voice of an angel

  87. elvis alejandro uribe cruz

    I love, 2019 <3

  88. Gia

    God thank you tik tok for showing me this song I’m in love ❤️

  89. Leah Julianna

    Big thanks to Skam bc I've known a lot of beautiful songs thanks to it. The TVshow is amazing and so as his soundtrack ❤

  90. Elie Koré

    parce que j'ai vu cette vidéo aujourd'hui elle fera 10.000.000 dans quelques jours

  91. Yourboiskinnyrick

    This is actually beautiful 💖

  92. D. Soloviev

    Karlberg the best!!!

  93. Ben O'Brien

    Here from Teeza

  94. proteus03

    You're welcome!


    Thank you :)

  95. david dos santos


  96. hellodarknessmyfriend ́

    Isn't berlin an german city? I live in german and there is a city names berlin 😱

  97. mrryanocerus

    Email me for guitar tabs for this song. [email protected]