RY X - Always Remember Me Lyrics

Two by two, lovers stand
On the beach in Santa Monica
Pretty eyes, long hair
Smells so sweet
Like summer's in the air

Watch me as I fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as I sink
Into the sea
And always remember me

Come back, back to me
Back to where the mountains meet the sea
We'll build a house of driftwood
And keep it simple
'Cause simple is good

Watch me as I fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as I sink
Into the sea
And always remember me

Watch me as I fall
Into the water calling
Watch me as I sink
Into the sea
And always remember me

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RY X Always Remember Me Comments
  1. Tamlyn Adolph

    Been listening to this since I was 15. I am now on the verge on 25 and still very much in love with it.

  2. Eve

    he is amazing🧡

  3. Tyna Darco

    Can’t believe this is now Ry X! This is pretty and sweet but I am so glad he had a transformation. I wonder if this is more of a production company’s idea of what would sell rather than his true self? It just seems so different than what he does now. Mind blowing.

  4. Madalin Serban


  5. Isamar sucari maldonado

    1000 reproducciones son mías .

  6. momyrtle23

    2019 anyone???????

  7. ines chebli

    Just discovered it coz ma heart tells me listen to it I cant stop ma tears I feel that we deserve the best 2years ago I didnt meet u I remember u the 1st time I saw u nd yr body how happy was I😔we lost each other but we donnow wat is coming tomorrow love is above all

  8. Emmanuel The Key

    2019. love this beauty

  9. Daina Imperiale


  10. Hải Yến

    17/11/2018 who listening with me?

    rafael sabater

    Hải Yến 2019

  11. Ana Viana

    Watched it in private prátice a few years ago, and Still loving it. Some songs never get old.

  12. Hey Texas

    Two by two lovers stand on the beach in Santa Monica
    Pretty eyes, long hair, smells so sweet like summer in the airWatch me as I fall
    Into the water calling
    Watch me as I sink
    Into the sea and always remember meCome back, back to me, back to where the mountains meet the sea
    we'll build a house of driftwood and keep it simple 'cause simple is goodWatch me as I fall
    Into the water calling
    Watch me as I sink
    Into the sea and always remember me

  13. fAshSon

    Accidentally discovered this song, NEVER REGRET SINCE. Sara Bareilles is singing background.

  14. Iris van den Heuvel

    my favorite song ever I think

  15. Marlis Padilla


  16. momyrtle23

    2018 anyone?

  17. belinda munyeza

    Wow Ry. This is so different. Can't believe it's the same guy who is Ry X and in the acid

  18. NtotheEtotheStotheW

    It's funny the power music holds over you and your memories. I have always loved this song since it was released but now listening to it many years later it seems to have struck a chord. I've just said my last goodbye to someone I've grown to love, could be a number of years before I see him again. He said I will always have a place in his heart, I hope he remembers because I know I will.

  19. sathish j

    anyone watching this in 2017? :P

  20. robbieandbai

    Still watching 2017

  21. Pheven am

    y so sexul

  22. van goth

    this song was a song me and my best friend shared. But he left me without explanation

  23. Allen Ceballos

    Great song! If you get a chance, I just made a cover of it. Id really appreciate your feedback :)

  24. xx xx

    whos watching in 2017?

  25. Laís Schaedler Maurer

    I love this song so much <3

  26. Remayn Official

    Cannot believe this is the guy that became the artist, Ry X. Nothing wrong with this stuff, it's just so 'Top 40' compared to the music on Dawn. It's insane.

  27. Beth Dupont

    *Keep it simple*. *Simple is good* ○♥○

  28. Andressa Boorges

    Essa música é tão linda <3

  29. Ismael Beltran

    I did a 9/11 tribute contemporary dance to this

    Cake snake

    Ismael Beltran sameee

  30. Yule

    ry x. What a fabulous transformation.

    María Ríos

    yeah!, I also noticed his awesome transformation.

  31. Freitas

    nice song beaultiful

  32. Andrei O

    It's 2016 man.

  33. A G

    I miss this song. Glad i found it again. <3

  34. AnotherWeirdo

    Wow, his voice has such a different sound. Beautiful ;u;

  35. Lily Jane

    deep down I'm a romantic... I love that song.

  36. Gabriele Raubaite

    For me one of the worst crying is when you're lying in bed, with your hand over your mouth so you don't have to make a.noise
    the tears are running onto your pillow and your heart is breaking and you thinking what mistakes you done and wishing to say sorry, but you know that nothing ever gonna be the same.And you can't handle the hurt in your chest, it feel like you are dying from the inside.Like you are alive, but inside you are dying and screaming.And this song reminds you how everything was before..


    what you just said is sooooo true for me... I am literally crying right now and holding my cry without using my hand because I am using it to type.... so yeah, i really miss my past and wanted to change my mistake that I made

    Isaac %

    Gabriele Raubaite you have no idea how much i relate to this..

    Jonas Hütte

    Hey, just wanted to say how much I just loved reading this :)

    Cool 121

    on point bud...

    Mia Pointer

    Damn I felt that

  37. Lekaah Tog

    Damm foot fetish in the start.. now i know why he is having CUM in his name..


    ? are you 12

    Lekaah Tog

    Ye are you stalking me? :(

  38. Betty Jarrett

    yewwwww love this song ry yu rock

  39. Lone Wolf

    his voice is so much different here then it is now

  40. kymwho

    Those red shoes though.... Love them!!

    Loann Le Ny

    +kymwho they are beautiful in my opinion ^^


    I so agree!! Love them!!

  41. Evan Sky

    lovely song :)

  42. AFMaay Maay Memes

    Anyone watching in 2017?

    Ann Nguyen

    Abdi Mahdi yes!

    Phillip Foucher

    heck yeah

    Alia Salvatore

    Troll Bob you’re 2017 but it say that it’s been posted 2 years ago.... am.. what is happening

  43. Charis Sijuwade

    Ry X before acid!


    +Charis Sijuwade before THE ACID

    Tommy Wilson

    +ER ZEIK I think that was the joke

  44. Joseph Johnson

    I can't listen to this without tearing up, because I can't help but let it remind me how much I still miss the first girl I ever fell for. I hope she is at peace

    Pedro Pereira

    +Joseph Johnson The same with me man! Almost 3 months have passed and my heart still races when I see her...

    Mohd Hairi

    she dead

  45. kajangga jangga

    I miss him :(


    kajangga jangga he's still making music under the name ry x

  46. DizzyD

    Wow, this is powerful and beautiful. Don't mind me I'll be in my feels. I love this song though!!!

  47. RehAdventures

    Is this appropriate as a couple's dance song for a wedding?


    yes, very much so

    Anon Unknown

    +iamanda211 Ry Cumming

    Appropriate for honeymoon, not sure about wedding...

  48. Isaac %

    for the last few months,i cant get this song out of my head <3

  49. Chrisxoing Gregkabo

    Always stay together with me lifetime kailce kx.

  50. SelleTV

    Música deliciosa!! Vim pela linda da Sange! 😍

  51. Uma Maria Aí

    Vim. Pela Sangerine, mto linda a musica!

  52. Walter Matute

    I love this song because of you.... I miss you my love!

    Yung Uno

    +Walter Matute I feel you man..

  53. jinsei人生

    Beautiful. (2015) ^3^

  54. Judah

    Any 1 watching this in 2015???

    Mariana Minhoto

    +Judah Mclelland 2016. \o/

    Agueda Balbastro

    2016 ❤

    Adriana Mihaela

    2017 ^_^

    Dalimar Peña

    since 2010 listening this song! 2017

  55. LydiaTheAmazing13

    This is the only song I have ever cried, I have just heard it for the first time and cried I'm only 13
    Is there something wrong with me?
    Or is this song just too good?
    I'm surprised it's not that's popular because I love it. How can people not love this music
    Well done Ry

    Walter Matute

    This song is so fucking good.... It reminds me my ex 😔


    So do you still like them? :/

    Walter Matute

    Yes @LydiaTheAmazing13


    :c oh..

  56. Falang Soviet

    i sang this song to my high school crush and it worked !!!!!

    man you are amazing.

  57. Tyler McGill

    Nahomie my love . Cali soon? .


    You bet your ass ☺

  58. mediamanny53

    Every single day
    Every waking hour



    oh.. listen to The day before the day by Dido :(


    @Bathna33 ok will do & thanks!

  59. sublime Af

    da fuck are you doing Jesse. Its time to cook. 

    guess wot

    no shit walt

  60. Carmella

    Nothing can be more beautiful than this.
    This is what i actually long for.

  61. Mr Elbow

    skip to 0:42 sounds like daft punks "get lucky"

  62. Chrome Skies

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  63. Nicole

    Im so happy I watch Grey's Anatomy. Grey's Anatomy brought me here 

  64. adéb Semmar

    Yes .. Great song .. i like it .

  65. Tiara Erlangga

    very like ,, ;)

  66. joeri1993remy

    @Jessica Dekindt
    I will love you 4 ever.
    We, i, rémy you are....
    Kisses, love and good luck my princes.

  67. Books For The Heart

    my god... this song :')

  68. EiMaS5200

    zaurei gera daina

  69. love Marie

    Yes is ry x

  70. love Marie

    I lovevthis song four years listening it love the violin sound the guitar song and video he is a truly artist!

  71. Father JohnBridge

    is he RY X ?


    @Juan Armando Puente Elizondo apparently yes. I had never noticed before!

  72. exedra

    fuck me

  73. vera vieira


  74. Ramiro Villagomez

    He's in a group called "The Acid" right now. Check them out. Their art is supreme.

  75. apags

    Love it

  76. Flavia Bocsan

    This song appears in a movie. You know that movie?

    Judy Kline

    i know it was on an episode of Grey's Anatomy a few years ago

    Lupita Cortes

    Leap year

  77. Ana Martínez

    I would love to be that girl !!

    Jean Swart

    Ana Martínez i would love to be that guy

  78. Holly Samphire-Noden

    Haley Webb 💕

  79. Δέσποινα Ανοιξή

    Haley Webb <3

  80. Silk Rhythms


  81. RobBobLoblaw

    What a beautiful woman, what a beautiful beach, what a beautiful day...fuck Im miserable. 

    André Alves

    hehe, very nice pictures indeed


    akjkajak si, si lo eres 

  82. Jenya Maddy

    Remember Me^^ <3

  83. Avinash Kharche

    we'll build a house of driftwood and keep it simple 'cause simple is good!
    amazing song writer!!

  84. Crowra

    Paz, armonía, calidez y buenas vibras. Eso es lo que esta canción trasmite.

  85. Raye:Creative

    Have never heard of Ry before - happened upon this by chance. I feel like a really bad Australian now. He's amazing!


    Esta canción me hace recordarte más :( ojalá todo pase rápido y vuelva a estar bien

  87. Dorothy Pang

    I love this songs so much <3

  88. carolandrade

    speachless and breathless after this!

  89. Iasmim Maíra

    Haley Webb ♥

  90. stem vs

    Simply the best